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– Vento di Passione ...
20° Anniversario della Maserati Shamal – Venti di passione…

Almost a year ago Mr. Kogure, from Team Shamals in Japan, together with a few close friends, drew up plans for a very special two-day event to celebrate the Maserati Shamal's 20th anniversary - “20° Anniversario della Maserati Shamal – Venti di passione…”.

Team Shamals are not only active on the race track, they often organise "get togethers" with their Ghibli brothers and Quattroporte sisters. Known locally as “Gandini Touring”, this group meet up for short trips into the countryside and visits to places of special interest, and are usually joined by a maximum of 5 to 6 Shamals. However to celebrate this special occasion, the Team set themselves an ambitious target of assembling over 20 Shamals !!

Team Shamals and their friends made strenuous efforts to contact every Shamal owner in Japan, by making full use of their personal internet network including; event homepages, blogs, e-mails, etc. and through the Maserati service dealers network.

Having done their level best, the number of owners meeting up at the Nippon-daira Hotel in Shizuoka to participate on Day 1 ( the party staged on the eve of the event ) stood at 16, so the success of the event depended largely on the other 6 cars due to take part on Day 2.

SE Shamal-2/Day_one-012.gif
DAY ONE: Maserati Shamal owners at the party on the eve of the event ( note the Shamal table water )

An overcast sky, with a strong breeze made conditions a little chilly outside, but that morning in the background, Mount Fuji also celebrated the event by showing its beautiful and awesome snow-covered peak through the clouds.

20° Anniversario della Maserati Shamal – Venti di passione…
Maserati Shamal owners in Japan meet to celebrate the Shamal's 20th Anniversary

The organisers, on the other hand, were a little more apprehensive, worrying about the numbers for day 2. As it turned out there was no need for them to be concerned, for they had exceeded their target with 22 Shamals in attendance, making it one of, if not the largest ever gathering of Shamals at a single event to date!!!

SE Shamal-2/Shamal_20th-02a.gif
                               A RARE SIGHT INDEED: A procession of 22 Shamals make their way to the photoshoot

One of the highlights of the event occured later that day when, as the Shamals made their way to the venue for the photoshoot, they formed a most memorable line of supercars !

SE Shamal-2/Shamal_20th-02g.jpg
SE Shamal-2/Shamal_20th-02j.jpg
SE Shamal-2/Shamal_20th-02bcd.jpg
SE Shamal-2/Shamal_20th-02h.jpg

For the photoshoot of this unique occasion, the cars were arranged in a number of formations, the first was very natural without any guide, followed by two patterns in fan-like formation, followed by a coloured theme in straight lines.


Shamal by headlight !!


The Shamal Campana Prototype of Mr. Ikeda


Mr. Ogawa’s Shamal - Winner of the 2009 Maserati Trophy


The Black Shamal of Mr. Kogure

Note the front and rear diffusers !

A rare Shamal in Blu Sera



Amongst the cars taking part were the Shamal Campana Prototype owned by Mr. Ikeda, Mr. Ogawa’s Shamal with the GT wing ( he was the winner of the 2009 Maserati Trophy, beating two Trofeo race cars in the process ), Mr. Kogre’s black Shamal ( note its front and rear diffusers ), and a rare example finished in Blu Sera.


The commemorative jacket, and gifts from Mr. Kogure's "Welcoming Pack"

A specially designed "Shamal" jacket was produced for the occasion, and for all participants, Mr. Kogure also organized a special "Welcoming Pack" containing many special and commemorative gifts, whilst Mr. Okuyama arranged some special small hand-made scale models for the owners, which were made to look exactly like their own cars.


The participants with their Maseratis

Among the guests invited to join in the celebrations were the Ghiblis event organizers and friends from "Gandini Touring", and our special thanks must go to Mr. Kashima, who came with his white Quattroporte, for providing us with some very beautiful photos.

Shamalisti and friends enjoy a sumptuous lunch and a video presentation of the Maserati Shamal

Through this unprecedented event, the Shamal community in Japan has become an even tighter and closer unit, and its network even broader. More importantly, it means that they are ready to celebrate yet another anniversary in the future!

SE Shamal-2/Shamal_20th-200a.jpg

A presto!

Shamal Forever

20° Anniversario della Maserati Shamal – Venti di passione…
The Japanese website celebrating the Shamal's 20th Anniversary

You can now visit the event web site at

"Dear Friends and Shamalisti,

As humble observers, we would like to congratulate all those responsible for the organisation, and indeed the participants, for making this event possible. It was a truly magnificent achievement to assemble such a gathering of these magnificent machines, which are a credit to you all.

We would also like to thank you, on behalf of all Maseratisti, for allowing us to share in the atmosphere through your wonderful photographs.

Grazie mille, and if we may be permitted, "Shamal Forever!"

Enrico and Maurizio."

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The Supporting Cast
"Ghibli Brothers and Quattroporte Sisters"






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