Dear Barchetta Owners,

Your assistance is needed. If you have any photos that will help to complete or add to this Galleria.

I am especially looking for any photos taken during the Grantrofeo Barchetta race series.

Thank you.


Galleria Barchetta


Rear subframe

Front subframe

Engine number - Indentity protected

Chassis number - Indentity protected



Front suspension

Central hub with front and rear subframes attached

The cockpit laid bare

Bodyshell with primer coating

The backbone chassis of the Barchetta

Barchetta with front and rear body panels removed

The rear-mounted 2-litre V-6 engine.

The front brakes

The front wheel
The 1994 Cannonball Run

This superb 1000mm x 700mm poster was kindly given to me by Kai Mysliwiecz

Maserati Barchetta - Winner of Category One, "Exotic Supercar",
in 1994 Cannonball Run driven by Alex Danilo and Craig Brown.

The Barchetta

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