The January/ February 2002 issue of Quattroruotine has an excellent article on some of the fabulous Maserati models displayed at this exhibition.

The January/ February 2002 issue of QUATTRORUOTINE has a 33-page article on this extraordinary, and probably never to be repeated, exhibition.

If you are unable to obtain a copy of this informative article, with text by the renowned collector Walter Gualdrini, you can contact Quattroruotine direct by telephoning their foreign sales department on 0039-02-82472529.

Modellismo Maserati
The First World Concours of Model Maseratis

in collaboration with


My sincere thanks to Sign. Pamela Guarnieri of the Maserati Press Office for her permission to publish this information.

In September 2001, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Maserati launched their new long-awaited Spyder. To commemorate this event, the 13th September saw the opening of the International Competition and Concensus of Modellismo Maserati, a competition reserved exclusively to Maserati models and Maserati related works of art created between 1926 and the present day.

The exhibition was held at the Sala Ercole of the Palazzo d'Accursio, in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna until the 15th October 2001. The Palazzo d'Accursio was selected for its location, suitably situated in front of the famous Statue of Neptune, the inspiration behind the Maserati brother's unforgettable Trident.

Juan Manuel Fangio's 1957 World Championship winning Tipo 250F

Displaying their models and works of art were important collectors from Italy, France, Germany and England. Also showing their work were many important modelmakers and craftsmen from this field, who displayed some rare examples which can no longer to be found today.

A jury of experts deliberated over the models and awarded a prize in each of the six categories, and then selected the overall winner of the special "Quattroruotine" award.

Also on display, in it's original state, was the famous Juan Manuel Fangio 1957 World Championship winning 250F Grand Prix car.

If you visit the Official Maserati Web Site you can now download a short video of the exhibition. It takes around 30 minutes to download but it is well worthwhile and gives you a nice souvenir of the event.

Here below I have posted some of my images for you to view!

The special issue of Quattroruotine

The Official Catalogue

Welcome to Modellismo Maserati!

The Sala Ercole of the Palazzo d'Accursio, Bologna

Tipo 250F by Tony Dennis - CLICK HERE!

The 2.5-litre engine in Tony's model - CLICK HERE!

Each model numbered and labelled.

Bernardo Di Fiore's 4CL - the 'Special Award' winner.

The 'Quattroruottine Special Award' winner

A rare OSCA 1500 Simpson Special by Fadini

Replicars' 5000GT 'Scià di Persia'.

Campana's beautiful ½ scale 'Eldorado'

The 'Little and Large' of Birdcages!

George Lipperts' beautiful cutaway prints by Rens Biesma

My contribution, "Moss' Day in Havana" by Andy Danks

Maseratis at Le Mans - a miniature history from the JF Blachette Collection.

Two rare 3500GTs by Mercury

A beautiful Tipo 8CM by Carlo Brianza

A Tipo 150S from the Maserati Collection

An aerodynamic 250F from the Maserati Collection

16th October 2001 : The Prize Giving Ceremony

A short time ago I saw a small 1:43 model of a Tipo 61 'Birdcage' for sale in the window of a model shop for the reasonable price of fifteen pounds. I bought it. On the box was written, 'Not suitable for children under twelve'. Well, as a child of nearly sixty, this 'Toy' fitted the bill!

Since then my continued interest has been both a pleasure and an education, for it's only after reading articles on model Maseratis, which I confess to previously passing over, that I realised just how detailed some of these models are.

When I read about this exhibition on the Official Maserati web site, I telephoned Maserati and asked for permission to publish details of the event. This was my first contact with Sign. Pamela Guarnieri of the Maserati Press Office, who kindly sent me an application form. It is to Sign. Guarnieri that much of the credit goes for the success of this exhibition.

My contribution to the exhibition consisted of twenty models, mainly Tipo 60/61 'Birdcages', from my collection and a painting by Andy Danks depicting Stirling Moss driving the Tipo 61 to victory in the Cuban GP entitled "Moss' day in Havana".

I travelled to Italy on a short break anxious to see my humble contribution on display. I drove down to Bologna to view the Modellismo Maserati exhibition expecting to see some rare exhibits and was not disappointed. Some of the models on display were more a work of art than a model. Here under one roof, some of the rarest and most valuable Maserati models were on display. There were so many interesting models I didn't know where to start. Before my eyes was the complete history of Maserati cars in miniature.

Pride of place went to the 1957 World Championship-winning 250F which greeted you as you entered the hall. Parked majestically, nose to tail along the centre of the hall, were three child-size models: a Camoradi Tipo 61 'Birdcage', a beautiful example of the Tipo 420M Eldorado by Campana, and the eventual winner in this category, a shiny red Tipo 4CL which I wanted to jump in and drive off! Unfortunately it wasn't made for a child weighing 260 pounds. E vero! Si Mangia molto bene in Italia!

I had taken many photographs and thought I'd covered everything. That is until I returned to England and had the films developed. It was then that I realised that my trusty Olympus had developed a mind of its own and the 'Auto-focus' had locked into infinity mode and ruining all my close-ups. Needless to say it now resides at the botom of my rubbish tip. I am now thinking of going digital!

I arrived at the prize-giving ceremony to find the hall filled with exhibitors, collectors and enthusiasts from as far afield as France, Germany, the UK and Canada. I was offered a glass of Prosecco (you can see one of the bottles with its Maserati trident on the image on the top of this page), which I could hardly refuse, to wash down the tasty selection of canapes on offer. As I mingled I met Chris Davis (whose sculpture of a rampant 250F was on display), Tony Dennis (a master modelmaker whose model of a 250F was my personal favourite - I shall be devoting a page to Tony's models at a later date) and Peter Radcliffe of Merrymart Models (who had sent in part of his beautiful collection, including several models by Tim Dyke, another master model maker).

Before the prize giving ceremony Sig. Antonio Ghini, Director of Communications at Ferrari, introduced the distinguished panel of judges which included Ermanno Cozza, the Official Maserati Historian, Ing. Carlo Maserati, Bianchi Anderloni of 'Touring di Milano', Stefano Ioli, and Raffaele Laurenzi, a Director of Editoriale Internazionale Milano which publishes Quattroruottini. One of the original judges, former racing driver Sig. Odoardo Govoni, was unfortunately unable to attend.

Sig. Ghini then gave a short speech stating the enthusiatic response to the launch of the new Spyder and the important part played by this exhibition in its launch. Some of the world's leading motoring journalists had already visited the exhibition and enthused over it. He thanked all the contributors and announced that the factory might start their own permanent model exhibition by asking collectors from all over the world to display their collections at the factory for a limited period. Sig. Ghini then praised the contribution made by Sign. Guarnieri in organising the exhibition and she rightly received a generous round of applause.

Now I've heard it said in recent months that, under Ferrari control, the De Tomaso era has been largely forgotten. This couldn't be further from the truth, for in his speech Sig. Ghini singled out the contribution of Alejandro De Tomaso in the survival and eventual success of the company after troubled times.

I have listed below the winners, who were each presented with a magnificent silver trophy, in the various categories.

Category  Winner  Model
1.  Mass-produced
 Replicars.  5000 GT 'Shah of Persia'.
2.  Hand made models.  Benedetti Luciano  (Modelmaker).  250 F. 
3.  Models in kit form.   Sandro Meglioli - SHMR Models.  A6 CS Zagato.
4.  Works of Art.  Eugenio Lenzi.  Low-relief.
5.  Dioramas.  Onorio Campana.  Work at Carrozzeria Campana.
6.  Special Award.  Bernardo Di Fiore  (Modelmaker).  4 CL.
7.  Special Prize
     by Quattroruotine.
 Steven Barnett - W Gualdrini Collection.  Tipo 61 Birdcage.

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