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From Matthias and Werner in Germany

"Hello Enrico,

Another year has passed and a new Maserati event in the Klassikstadt of Frankfurt has come to an end.

The 5th Maserati Day was a great success. On Sunday, July 22, 2018 we welcomed more than 120 Maseratis from a total of 6 European countries (England, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Germany).

In addition to the current model range presented by Maserati Germany and invited to test drives, vehicles from almost all series were represented. So were vehicles such as a 3500 GT, Khamsin, Indy, Karif, Biturbos all model series, Ghibli II, 3200GT, 4200, GranSport, GranTurismo, Quattroporte III, IV, V, VI and Levante. Eyecatchers were a rare Ghibli Open Cup from Switzerland as well as a GranTurismo MC Stradale in Martini livery.

The "Maserati Day" has established itself in its 5th year as an annual meeting place for Maseratisti from all over Europe.

The location in Frankfurt's classic city offers an ideal setting for the event. For the first time on the previous day there was the opportunity to participate in a prepared Maserati exit, which was gladly accepted by the participants.

We look forward to a repeat in 2019. We are pleased to announce the next appointment early enough, hoping that many new faces will attend Masrati Day next year.

Everyone who would like to be included on a mailing list to securely receive information on the Maserati Day, you can contact:

Best regards,

Mathias and Werner."


Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale in Martini livery

Maserati Ghibli Open Cup

Maserati Ghibli IIs

Maserati Ghibli IIs

Maserati Spyder GT and Coupe GT

Maserati Sebring 1a serie and Quattroporte I 2a seie

Maserati 222 E and 222 4v

Maserati Quattroporte V and VI
From Hisato in Japan

"Dear Enrico,

Long time no see you. I hope everything fine for you and your family.

I came back to Japan after 6 years stay in China. I can see and drive my Maseratis everyday now.

I joined 3200GT Touring "to confirm 3200GTs are still alive well in Japan".

My Maserati friends came gather at the Yoro service area of highway (gifu prefucture in Japan) at early morning.

Three 3200GTs (Nero, Argentine Blue and Bianco Birdcage) with my Quattroporte IV drove together towards the contact point of touring at the south of Biwa Lake which is the largest lake in Japan.

Eight 3200GTs, a Quattroporte IV and a Ghibli II came together and enjoyed driving and good lunch.

There is a beautifull load with Meta Secoiya trees at north area of Biwa lake. We took pictures on the load and then went to "L'Hotel du Lac" which is located by Biwa lake.

The lunch was very delicious and Maseratis are parked in the lawn garden which can see Biwa lake and Take island.

It was very confortable and relaxing on the lawn garden with our Maseratis.

Best Regards,



"The Odd Couple" - Quattroporte IV and a Ghibli II
























A future Maserati owner ?
From Newspress in the UK

On 29th June 1958, Europe’s first sponsored single-seater racing car took to the track at Monza, with Stirling Moss behind the wheel.

Modena, 29 June 2018 – Some cars have gone down in history for legendary wins, for the innovations they introduced or for the drivers who piloted them to glory. Others, meanwhile, have become veritable icons for what they represented: a unique story, a turning point in history, a social phenomenon, an event that rippled beyond the stands of the race track to ultimately define an era.


1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

One such case was the Maserati “Eldorado”, which became famous in 1958 as the first single-seater car in Europe to be sponsored by a brand not linked to the world of motorsport. The brand in question was Eldorado, an ice-cream manufacturer. This was the first example of modern sponsorship, where the car was painted in the colours of the partner company, abandoning the traditional colour assigned to each country by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). This was a real revolution for the day, of vital importance to the future of motorsport, which from that moment on opened its doors to new financial backers.

Maserati was commissioned to build the car by Gino Zanetti, owner of the Eldorado ice-cream company. Determined to promote his brand on the international stage, Zanetti turned to the House of the Trident to create a single-seater car to compete in the “Trofeo dei due Mondi” (Race of Two Worlds) at Monza. The Automobile Club d'Italia had organised a 500 Mile race at the circuit based on the Indianapolis 500, with top American and European drivers lined up to race.


1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

The Maserati 420/M/58, chassis number 4203, was thus finished with a cream coloured livery, instead of Italian racing red. The name Eldorado was emblazoned in bold black lettering along the sides of the car, with two additional smaller logos on the nose and below the small deflector that acted as a windshield. The logo with the face of the smiling cowboy was positioned in the centre of the nose and on the sides of the rear fin. Below the two Eldorado brands on the sides, in bright racing red was “Italia”, denoting the nationality of the sponsor as well as that of the racing car manufacturer.

The long silhouette of the “Eldorado” also bore the name of the driver chosen to race it in the “Monzanapolis”: Stirling Moss, one of the greatest drivers in the history of motor sports, and a former Maserati driver.


1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

The previous year, in 1957, the Modena-based manufacturer had won the Formula 1 World Championship with Juan Manuel Fangio, before deciding to withdraw from competitive racing and build racing cars on commission only for private customers, also providing them with assistance. This was precisely the ideal situation that Zanetti was seeking, and the reason why the Italian entrepreneur turned to Maserati.

In the space of a few months, the engineer Giulio Alfieri created the “Eldorado”. The engine, derived from the V8 unit mounted in the 450S twin cam models, had its displacement reduced to 4,190 cc, generating 410 hp at 8,000 rpm; both the engine and transmission were offset to the left by nine centimetres. The aim of this decision was to ensure a more balanced weight distribution, taking into account the anti-clockwise direction of travel on the high banked corners at Monza.


1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

The gearbox had just two speeds while the De Dion rear axle had no differential. The tubular chassis was derived from that of the highly successful 250F, although it proved oversized compared to the latter, also as a result of numerous reinforcements introduced to enable the car to withstand the mechanical stress generated by the concrete track at Monza.

To reduce the weight, Halibrand magnesium wheels were used along with Firestone 18-inch braided tread tyres inflated with helium. With these measures, the car weighed in at 758 kg. The aluminium bodywork, hand crafted by Fantuzzi, was characterised by an aerodynamic vertical fin behind the cockpit and a front carburetor scoop.


1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

On 29th June 1958, at the Monza track, the race was held in three heats to decide the final points table. This strategy was aimed at enticing European car manufacturers to enter their own cars, which had not originally been designed to compete in such a long race, and one that was so mechanically arduous.

In the first heat Moss finished 4th whilst in the second he crossed the line 5th. In the final heat, however, his steering broke and the Maserati slammed into the guard-rail, dashing the English driver’s hopes of finishing the race in third place overall.


1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

Taking into account the three heats and the total number of laps completed, Moss nonetheless took seventh place in the end. He walked away unscathed from the crash and, all things considered, the “Eldorado” too suffered only limited damage, proving the value of its solid structure.

Despite the success in terms of spectator numbers and entertainment value, the 500 Miles of Monza did not become a regular event on the racing calendar. Based on the findings from the race, the “Eldorado” was modified by the Gentilini bodywork shop, which removed the rear fin and reduced the hood scoop, after which the car was entered in the Indianapolis 500 in 1959.


1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

This time it was finished in red, the colour denoting Italy in competitions, but still emblazoned with the Eldorado sponsor’s name in white lettering on the sides, as well as the cowboy logo in a white circle on the nose and tail. The inexperience of the gentleman-driver, Ralph Liguori, meant that the car failed to qualify, as it set the 36th fastest time, with only the first 33 qualifying. With a professional driver behind the wheel, it would have been a very different result. But that is a whole other story.


1958 Maserati Tipo 420M/58 "Eldorado"

The Indy 500 race was a favourite for Maserati, taking victories in 1939 and 1940 with the driver Wilbur Shaw behind the wheel of an 8CTF. Shaw almost made it a hat-track in 1941, but was forced to withdraw during the penultimate lap while out in front, victory denied by a broken wheel. Maserati is the only Italian car manufacturer to have won on the Indiana race track and the only European brand to have triumphed on two consecutive occasions.

The Maserati “Eldorado”, perfectly restored in its original white livery, is part of the Panini Collection, housed in Modena.

Main technical specifications:

Indy type single-seater
Engine: 90° V8.
Displacement: 4,190 cc
Power: 410 hp at 8,000 rpm
Transmission: 2-speed manual
Chassis: tubular structure, aluminium bodywork
Weight: 758 kg
Top speed: over 350 km/h

Text and photo courtesy of Maserati.

From Nicolas in Belgium

"Dear Enrico,

As you probably know, in October 2018, it will be 20 years since the Maserati 3200GT has been presented to the "Mondial de Paris".

We organise with our club (French website Maseratitude) an event in october to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Maserati 3200GT.

The first gathering of Maserati 3200GT from all over Europa, in the Bade Wurtemberg region (Germany) to enjoy the beautiful road through the black forest, from October 12th till 14th 2018.

The idea came up two months ago on the French forum and we started looking for the perfect place to held the event. The german Bade Wurtemberg, specifically the Black Forest, looked promising and it was decided to organise the meeting there.

The 3200GT is relatively unknow to the general public, and such an event could shed light on a well deserving car. Imagine tens of 3200GT driving together, it will be quite an event !

And, maybe, if some of us are able to finish the trip without incident (who knows ?), it will put an end to the bad reputation of our car. Joking aside, you'll find below the details of the complete programme and the reservation form.

It's a non-profit organisation, the cost is the true cost.

Could you please advert this event on your website ? Of course, I will provide you with a full report of the event in October.

We already have 17 cars registered from all over the EU (Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland and the UK).

Best regards,

Nicolas Di Cristofaro."

From Franco in Italy

"Buongiorno Enrico

volevo completare il registro Maserati della tua pagina. Sono proprietario dal 2014 di una Quattroporte 2.0 del 1997 con telaio n: ZAM337B00*00331326*, di colore grigio silver metallizzato, interni pelle nera e cambio manuale 6 marce; motore tipo AM573.

Ho comperato quest'auto nel 2015 con documentazione ma demolita per espatrio. In realtŕ utilizzo motore, la trasmissione e il differenziale per competizione, installando questi componenti su una Maserati biturbo S, al fine di fare qualche competizione a livello provinciale e divertimento in pista.

Sperando di fare cosa gradita, allego foto dell'insieme.

Saluti Franco."


"Good morning Enrico

I want to complete the Maserati Register on you site. Since 2014, I am the owner of a 1997 2-litre Quattroporte 2.0, chassis number: ZAM337B00*00331326*, colour grigio silver metallizzato, interior in pelle nera with a 6-speed manual transmission; engine type AM573.

I bought the car in 2015 with documentation but scrapped for export. In reality I am using the engine, transmission and differential for competition use, installing these components on a Maserati Bitubo S, with a view to competing in races at county level and enjoy on the track.

Hoping that you will be pleased, I am sending you photos of the Biturbo S.

Saluti Franco."


Franco's Maserati Biturbo S on track

Franco's Maserati Biturbo S in the pit lane

Franco's Maserati Biturbo S

Franco's Maserati Biturbo S

Franco's Maserati Biturbo S

Franco's Maserati Biturbo S

Franco's Maserati Biturbo S

Franco's Maserati Biturbo S

Franco's Maserati Biturbo S

Franco's Maserati Biturbo S
From Enrico in the UK

Hi Maseratisti,

Thought you'd like to know how I've been progressing with my photographic register.

If you would like to make a contribution to my photographic register, please send photos and details to Thank you !




255 cars listed so far *

3500 GT

72 cars listed so far *

3500 GT Spyder Vignale

106 cars listed so far *


33 cars listed so far *


112 cars listed so far *

Quattroporte I

138 cars listed so far *

Mistral Coupe

39 cars listed so far *

Mistral Spyder

155 cars listed so far *


358 cars listed so far *

Ghibli Coupe

57 cars listed so far *

Ghibli Spyder

199 cars listed so far *


133 cars listed so far


245 cars listed so far *

Merak and Merak SS

152 cars listed so far


37 cars listed so far


124 cars listed so far

Quattroporte III and Royale



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