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Trident on the rocker cover of Maserati Tipo 6CM
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Zeljko in Slovenia

"Hi Enrico,

Good spirits to you!

This may be of some interest to you. I have had my Quattroporte IV V8 'Evoluzione' converted to LPG.

Best regards!

Zeljko." It runs very well, I don't feel any difference to petrol except in my wallet. It has a 100 litre LPG tank in place of the fuel one and another 60 litre petrol tank in place of spare wheel. The battery has been moved to left-hand side coener of the trunk/boot.

It consumes 16-17 litres per 100 kilometres on the highway at high speeds and a few litres more during city driving.

Best regards!









More from Zeljko in Slovenia

"Dear Enrico!

Thanks for quick response. Maserati is popular here even though there are only a few dozen of them here. Mine is the only such here.

The LPG conversion cost me around EURO 3,000 and was carried out in Croatia by Mr. Novosel Elvis (can provide address and e-mail if you wish), and that's the Italian system BSR, Model Sequent 56. No special problems have been reported by the installer.

I bought this one and it's a jewel and is only to be driven occassionally. I purchased some parts from a non-Evo model that were removed in Evo models and installed them in mine (all wooden parts, seats, air inlets, clock, steering wheel switches, door handles - inner and outer ones)...

Attached are more images along with images from factory when it was made (Lucky Strike - downloaded from Website).

Let me know please when and where the images will be put on display.




The 3.2-litre V8 engine

Gas nozzles for left-hand side cylinder bank

Gas nozzles for right-hand side cylinder bank

LPG control panel in centre console armrest compartment

The LPG delivery fuel lines

LPG tank in place of petrol tank

LPG tank in place of petrol tank

Petrol filling nipple in trunk

Driver's cockpit









From Warren in Australia


Please find attached photos of my Mexico, I have owned the car three and a half years now. The car is located in Perth, Western Australia and is a rare sight over here. I think there are only 2 in Western Australia.

I have had a lot of work done on the car by Leon Magistro at Autodelta and it runs superbly.

I have had new wire wheels made and they are ready to fit on the car in the coming weeks and that should be the spending for a little while.

I had the gearbox rebuilt and Alex Bahme in Switzerland who had photos of his Mexico restoration on your website was very helpful locating spare parts, thanks Alex.

My car number is #AM112*832*, a 4.2-litre version.

Keep up the good work, you have the best Maserati website and I have been a regular visitor over the past 4 years.






From Jacques in France

"Salut à tous,

On avance, on avance....

Doucement. Mais le résultat en dépend. La Ghibli est (était) en apprêt lors de ma dernière visite italienne. Etait, car, récemment au téléphone, j'ai appris qu'elle était peinte. Presque: il ne manque plus que qq. couches sur les 19.... Donc, encore un peu de patience...

De la peinture originale MASERATI, 40 ans, 12 kilos. Cherchez pas: y en a plus !

On a religieusement ouvert une boîte, comme on le ferait pour un très vieux cognac:

Oro chiaro metalisato. L'aspect fini sera plus clair que celui visible sur la photo. C'est un coloris qui va très bien à la ligne de la Ghibli.

Restera l'ensemble intérieur en cuir (vert sombre), les moquettes (beige clair) et.... tout remonter ! Circuit électrique neuf et TOUT le reste...

Mon cadeau de Noël ?

A suivre,



"Hello everybody,

We progress, we progress.....

Slowly. But the result depends on it. The Ghibli is (was) being finished at the time of my last Italian visit. Was, because, recently over the telephone, I learned that it had been painted. Well almost: it still needs another 19 coats of paint.... So, a little more patience is required…

19 coats of original Maserati paint, 40 years old, 12 kilos of it. Don't bother asking for some: they don't have any more!

We reverently opened one tin, as one would a very old cognac:

Metallic light gold. When painted the car will appear lighter that the colour in the photo. It is a colour that suits the line of the Ghibli.

There will remain only the leather interiior (dark green), the carpetting (light beige) and.... then put it back together! The new wiring loom and ALL the rest...

My Christmas present ?

Till the next time,



Twelve litres of pure gold!!

Oro Chiaro Metallizzato - CV 226!

Opened with the reverence due a very old cognac!!

Jacques Ghibli Spyder coated in primer!

C="enthusiast103/warren-mexico-03.jpg" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="225">
There's still 19 coats of that....

"very old cognac" to be applied!!
From Pierre in France


I'm glad to say that my Indy's engine is finished, and yesterday was the first time I have driven it since its restoration. A great day and there's more to come!!

This engine is very nice to see and to hear.

Best regards,

Pierre from France. PS: This is my Indy near the Castellet close to where I live."





From Gert in The Netherlands

"Hi Enrico,

Yesterday I went to Auto Moto Italia in Holland. A lot of Maseratis turned up for the time of the year!

Of course the nicest was the GranSport MC Victory, what a car!



PS. I'll send you two e-mails because of the size.


GranSport MC Victory

430 - 2a serie





Ghibli Cup


Quattroporte III

Quattroporte IV

Quattroporte IV

Quattroporte V8 'Evoluzione'

Sebring - 2a serie

From George in Austria

"Dear Enrico,

I've just bought a Maserati Mexico 4200, AM112.214 and I would like to have some more informations about the car's history, technical features, colour / codes, interior trim and option?

The car seems to be a French car; it has yellow coloured headlamps. The actual outside colour is some kind of silver and the interior is black. The car was first registered in France December, 14th, 1967. The last two owners were also French and the car was last registered from 1985 to 2005.

The car is in very poor conditions and some minor parts are missing but I want to bring it on the road again.

This is the Maserati as I got it from France 3 weeks ago. The car is now in Austria. There are a lot more photos but I do only have a 56KB internet connection for the moment. If you want some more photos or some more informations about the car, please let me know.

Best regards,



"Hi George,

Maserati Mexico #AM112*214* was produced with a 4.2-litre engine in December 1967.

Colour: Argento Auteil Metallizzato (Metallic silver).

Interior: Black leather.

Sold to agent in Paris.







From Zsolt in Hungary

"Dear Enrico,

I am in Budapest, Hungary (EU) and I want to sell my rare Ghibli Primatist.

Please could you put my car on your website?

Thank you,












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