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From Marc-Antoine in Switzerland
"Hi Enrico,

What a great site I found superbe !!!

I am an owner of 2 Maseratis but from a newer generation of your website :-) a Coupé GT and a Quattroporte.

Do you by any chance have a .PDF of the owner's manual of a 2004 Quattroporte in English or French ?

Mine is in German and I don't understand a word :-(

Very best regards,


Marc_Antoine's Quattroporte

Marc-Antoine's Coupe GT
If you have a copy, or know of a link where one can be downloaded, please email me at, and I'll pass it on.

Thank you.
From Marcello in Italy
"Ciao Enrico,

Un mondo di Maserati ed Osca - Old Time Show 2012.

Here are a few photos of the Maseratis and OSCAs on display at the recent "OLD TIME SHOW 2012" at the Fiera di Forli.





1932 Maserati Tipo 8C 3000


1935 Maserati Tipo V8 RI


1935 Maserati Tipo V8 RI

Maserati Tipo 26M

1933 Maserati Tipo 8CM


1951 OSCA Tipo GF1



Maserati Tipo A6GCS

Mserati A6 1500 by Pinin Farina


Maserati A6 1500 "Panoramica" by Zagato


Maserati Trofeo Light

Maserati 3500 GT and Spyder Vignale

Maserati Mistral Coupe

Maserati Ghibli Spyder

OSCA S 750

OSCA 1600 GT by Zagato
Excellent video clip by at Just make sure you turn off the sound !
From Jacques in France
"Hi Enrico,

I have just come from the Monaco Motor Show, and there were two cars that may be of interest to your visitors.

The Maserati Boomerang by Giugiaro and an oh so sweet OSCA !

Last picture is the starting grid of the Monaco GP...

Fisker Karma



Rolls Royce Phantom I

OSCA 1600 GT by Carrozzeria Touring










Giorgetto Giugiaro's Maserati Boomerang














Monaco Motor Show 2012



The starting grid of the Monaco GP
"...and finally, you can add "SOLD" to the photo of my Ghibli. See pictures....

Best regards,




From Philippe in Belgium
All photos by Studio83

All photos by Studio83

...Maserati challenges Alfa in the Italian Championship !
All photos by Studio83

Biker Ezio Gianofa, Italian champion in the 125cc class,
looking at the greatly improved engine.
All photos by Studio83

Also new are the brake discs.
The bodyshells, some in preparation, will be much more rigid .
All photos by Studio83

The Biturbo of German Armin Hanhe the pits.
Team Principal Tony Palma in his Modena office.(Photo Studio 83).
All photos by Studio83

The interior of the Biturbo race car.
Hytten, another driver whose contact was not renewed.


Translated from an excellent article by Maurizio Masini for the 1988 issue of the Italian magazine "Autosprint".

From early November on the outskirts of the Modena, just a few hundred yards from the ring-road, in an area of 4,000 square metres, Pro Team has set-up its new technical base. Here a group of technicians led by William Sala and Gianni Neri are working on the Maserati Biturbos that will form the backbone of the team in the forthcoming season beginning in late March. In a 1,000 square metres workshop, complete with offices and reception area, Pro Team has arranged the building to be as independent as possible and in which are utilised all the experiences gained last year. Certainly creating a specialized workshop from scratch, and at the same time working on cars, by investing a large part of its 1988 budget, with the aim of completely reviewing the suspension, brakes, chassis, roll-bar and cooling system. From here comes confirmation of their participation in the Group A European Championship and the use of professional drivers, considered superfluous to the needs of the more accessible Italian Championship. Still a mystery, perhaps even more so than last year, is the support that Maserati will want to give the team. In Via del Canaletto, a few hundred yards from the Maserati headquarters, Tony Palma pondered over all the possible responses:

"We will provide the engines." ?

"We have not yet opened the new technical division." ?

"As soon as possible we will invite Sig De Tomaso." ?

These are some of the replies that come to mind from the desire to gain, first of all, some results without giving weight to past controversies and current rumours that would suggest Maserati could be setting up a pair of Biturbos for a Swedish team. To Giampiero Lauro, the team's sporting director, goes much of the credit for having organized the Romano-Modenese factory: "After having trusted the cars to a third party last year, today Pro Team has a direct organization with highly qualified technical staff. In doing so we have created a permanent structure that can prepare and assist any type of car on the track at any time. Today we are working on the Maseratis, tomorrow it could be the cars for the National Championships or a Formula 3000."

- What are the actual problems ?

"The technical problems are many. The cars will go on track with a series of radical modifications which haven't yet been totally resolved. The standard car being already quite complex, but by solving three or four key points it can become a winner."

At their Modena workshop, surrounded by bodyshells in preparation, William Sala, assisted by his sons Wilmer and Werther, and Gianni Neri are trying to complete the first vehicle for track testing by the end of February. "At the moment, time is our greatest enemy," declares Sala, "with Neri we have completely rebuilt the front and rear suspension which will now allow for infinite adjustments, and we have redesigned the hubs. For the bodyshells we have followed two different routes to avoid the flexing that the car has always suffered from. Finally, we have addressed the overheating problem by installing much larger intercoolers and radiators, which should ensure a better heat dissipation. The craftsmen, specialists and specialized workshops in Modena have given us great support in this work. Unfortunately, we could not draw anything worthwhile from last year's experiences, and must not repeat those same mistakes. That's the reason for the delay." This passion for mechanics and his friendship with Sala and Palma has infected Neri, connoisseur of the best machine shops in the area. "The complete overhaul of the suspension is what has taken most of our time. Having gained nothing from the experiences of last year and having no time for testing, we have had to devise a system that would adapt to any conditions and any type of tyre."


This year, the engines will once again be the mysterious object of these Maserati Biturbo? "The car - Sala points out - has always had far too many problems that quite honestly, if necessary, we will have to think about the engine later. In terms of power we think we are only second to a few, if anything, we must try to sweeten the torque. The acceleration is so brutal and that the car is difficult to drive under those conditions. The complete rebuilding on our part of the intercoolers and radiators, resulting in excellent water circulation, should guarantee us excellent reliability."

- What do you expect from the 1988 season ?

"I have something to add," it is Sala who replies, "namely that the Biturbo has significant potential and the same can be said of the team. We are not a large team, and we lack neither the enthusiasm nor will to succeed. We work at it day and night, and eventually the rewards will come."

- But what has Sala been left with from the experience of the second half of the I988 World Touring Car Championship ?

"I wasn't new to this environment, even though I have been away for several years. However, I received confirmation that the technique of the car runs so inhuman, staying still for a month is like losing a year. Working hard but you can sometimes get there too quickly. They are all very fast, although I would not bet on the regularity of certain cars that would need to be checked with more thoroughly."

MODENA is almost a challenge, one that the Roman team manager carries forward between curiosity, admiration, criticism and the smiles of the usual few pundits always ready to shoot down any courageous initative. "At the presentation I gave last year," Palma declares, "I pointed out that our first year of racing was experimental. No one was expecting any results, on top of that, for half the season we had to use carburettor engines that gave us a even more problems. 1988 on the other hand is our year of truth, there are no excuses." - What did the first year of racing leave you with ? "The experiences of 1987 has taught us that a solid, clear and transparent organization both technically and logistically is essential. With these assumptions we are building suspensions that don't resemble gates, bodyshells that do not flex, and cooling systems that make practical sense because the flow rates have been measured in anticipation of the eventual rise in temperature. At this time we want to talk less, and look for the results. By that time even De Tomaso will be better placed to decide whether to support us or just consider us to be simple customers."

- Why did you choose Modena as the the technical base for the team ?

"Sala and Neri, to whom I have entrusted the technical side, are from Modena. But beyond that we would like to convince Sig De Tomaso that Maserati could have its own racing team which, while not excluding others, can be expressed by giving us some tangible help. Supporting the activities of Proteam at that point would not be considered charity, but aiding an activity that can bring positive returns to Maserati."

- What are the team's plans for 1988 ?

"By the time of homologation on the 1st March, we should have a copletely new suspension and some updates to the gearbox, roll-bars and brakes. We will be competing with at least four cars in the Italian Championship and a few of the better European races. At the moment, the Italian Championship seems to offer the best opportunity for its revival."


TONY PALMA: is from Rome, but Sicilian by birth, the team manager of Pro Team has behind him a great experience of motor sport as the driver of a number of saloon cars with which he competed all over Europe and the United States. In 1982 with an Alfa Romeo GTV 2.5 he raced in the 24 Hrs of Spa winning the Coppa del Re with Lella Lombardi and Marcello Gallo. In the following years he raced with Brancatelli, Lella Lombardi, Naddeo and Gasparri gaining many notable results.

GIAMPIERO LAURO: was born in Turin, following a great experience in motor racing, will put the fruits of his knowledge of the many European circuits and his excellent grasp of the English language, devoting himself to his position of coordinator, responsible for everything that happens in the team. Within Proteam, Lauro has the delicate task of gelling, with his typically "German" organisation, the best way for people to work in order to achieve the success and expectations of the team.

GIANNI NERI: was born in Bomporto, just outsida Modena, and until last year, a partner in a machine shop started 40 years ago with Ing Bellentani who had worked with Ferrari and Maserati. La passione per l'automobilismo e la conoscenza con molti tecnici della Maserati ha portato Neri nell'officina di Via del Canaletto ove spesso e al tavolo da disegno per abborzzare cio che domani dovra essere montato sulla vettura.

WILLIAM SALA: born in Modena, on finishing his technical studies, Sala specialised, whilst still a young lad, as a car repairer so he was adopted by Maserati to prepare the cars for the sportier demands of some of its customers. He then started his own workshop in Maranello where he was discovered in 1973 by Palma, who convinced him to prepare a Ferrari Daytona with which he competed in the Giro d'Italia together with Merzario. Following this, he continued by preparing many De Tomaso Panteras. After a long break, once again Tony Palma brought him back to motor racing entrusting him, together with Neri, with the technical management of Pro Team.

From Glenn in the USA

"Hi Enrico,

Can anyone please recommend at good Maserati Service Center in or near Nashville, Tennesee ?

Thanking you in anticipation,



"Hi Glenn,

Have you tried this official dealer ? It's about 20 miles south of Nashville.

Maserati of Nashville
225 Comtide Court
Tennesee 37067.

Tel: 888.771.1364

Best regards,


From Giovanni in Japan

"Hi Enrico,

Check out these exciting Maserati models from Yow Modellini here in Japan.




The Maserati Quattroporte II by Bertone

The Maserati Boomerang by Giugiaro

The Maserati Simun by Carrozzeria Ghia

The Maserati Tipo 124 by Giugiaro

The Maserati Medici I by Giugiaro

The Maserati 320S by Giugiaro

The Maserati Buran Concept

The Maserati 75th Birdcage by Pininfarina

The Maserati GSZ by Zagato

The Maserati A8GCS Berlinetta Touring

The Maserati Auge Castagna
From Erik in The Netherlands

"Hi Enrico,

Hope you're doing fine...

I noticed that my friend Jacco got in touch with you. Like me he is a great lover of everything that has a Biturbo engine in it (provided it is a Maserati).

Recently I noticed that the former breaker's Righini in Emilia Romagna (who have now mainly switched to selling classic cars) are selling a Quattroporte II. As you know these are quite rare and I thought it was a miracle one came up for sale in the UK. However now an example has popped up that requires a modest restoration. Judging by the plates the car was brought in from Spain (Canary Islands to be more precise, I think).

Thought you might like to pay some attention to this on your site.


The Maserati Quattroporte II by Bertone












Further details may be found at

By the way, have you spotted the funny Merak on Pistonheads? They call it a 'Surini Special - Merak', but looking at the headlights I think it is a (or 'the') 'Saurer' Merak which has been offered for sale in Switzerland by various sellers over the last few decades. I would think that only one was made (the white one) which has now been slightly modified back to standard spec (see tail lights) and resprayed to make it more sellable.


The Maserati Merak by Saurer


Note the trident-shaped rear lights !




All the best from Amsterdam!

Best regards,


From Franjo in Slovenia

"Hello Enrico,

Can you tell me if my Hellebore steering wheel was originally made for a Maserati, thanks.

I am a restorer of vintage car parts, mostly Alfa Romeo; stainless steel bumpers, steering wheels, front grilles, centre hearts, potmetal parts, etc.


Franjo -"


The Hellebore steering wheel








"Ciao Enrico,

This steering wheel would fit a Mistral and I have also seen them fitted. However, the boss for the one in the pictures is not a Maserati one as it has a key way, rather than the required spline. So I guess this particular wheel was previously fitted to an Alfa or suchlike. If the correct boss could be found or made then it would be OK.



From Zlatko in Croatia

"Hi Enrico,

A few days ago I bought Maserati Ghibli GT, made in 1995. Any good address for spare parts ( like headlamps, housing for air filters, etc. ) and some more. I have sent mail to service in Bologna, Italy where I travel a lot and often, they replied but did not get any prices. I live in Croatia so another problem is that we do not have here Maserati dealer nor service.

The main reason why I have contacted Autofficina SAURO is that my sister lives in Bologna and I thought if it becomes "hairy" with the language she could help me. They sent me a list of available parts, of course in Italian of which I understood only two words, ( so that was the reason why I spoke to them knowing this will happen and then she could tranlate it to me ).

They WILL NOT work on my car, I just want to collect all the neccesery parts and my good friends and I will work on this "projects". Two of them are serious racing mechanics with great knowledge of turbocharged engines, body work is covered by another serious guy, the original alloy wheels are practicaly new, inside repairs are also covered.

I want to restore this car to perfect condition because it was my dream car from my first driving experience and I have always liked it. I know some things will cost a lot but I don't care, there is only one life.

I have few more serious cars but this Maserati will be the ONE. Thanks for the links, should I talk to these CANDINI guys about parts or any other suggestion? I will buy all they have in Bologna, but it is not everything.

One of the turbochargers was changed, but the car has not been driven for almost 2 years. My intention was to change fuel, engine and gearbox oils, brake fluid, and all of the filters and belts with tensioners before even starting the engine to avoid any damage. It will be done very soon, in next few days so I will let you know how it works.

All of the people (mechanics and bodyshop) told me that car has potential to work on it because it is in quiet good condition visually, but needs a lot of cleaning and very serious service work to run properly. Can't wait to start working on it, I will let you know what is going on.

I also think that one of the previous owners contacted you ( sadly he died a couple of years ago, Mr Boris Jerbic I think was his name ) and it seems that car was serviced at Candini in Modena. Do you suggest me to try and ask them about parts ?

Sadly I did not know Boris, but lot of people told me he was very good person and that he kept car tidy and properly serviced. Owner after him was a different story.

Once again thank you, and I hope that I will also meet you once.

Best regards,



Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

Zlatko's 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...

...awaits its total restoration !

The ex-Boris Jerbic Ghibli GT in happier times:


Boris' 1995 Maserati Ghibli GT...


Boris attacks the driving course...

...and completes it in the fastest time !

Boris collects his trophy for gaining
first place in the driving test
From Adrian in Australia

"Hi Enrico,

I am after some information if you have it....I own a Maserati has been in the family since I was born (34 years)......

The car is complete and original but needs restoration.... Can you tell me what year model and engine it has....? 4.7L or 4.2L...

It has the Borrrani wire wheels and is silver in colour....

Please can you help me with some information....

Greetings from Australia.

Kind Regards,



Adrian's Maserati Mexico...

...Tipo AM112*???*.

















"Hi Adrian,

Your Mexico.

Produced in December 1968.

Colour: Argento Auteil Met (for colour code CLICK HERE !).

Interior: Pelle Nera (black leather).

Engine: 4200 cc.

Manual 5-speed transmission.

Options: Wire wheels.

Your car was first produced as a left-hand drive car and must have been altered to right-hand drive at a later date, as often happened with cars imported into Australia.






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