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From Hisato in Japan

"Dear Enrico,

A Happy New Year !

The last week was a new year holiday in China, so I stayed in Japan. I have now already returned to China.

We had a new year dinner with Maseratisti in Nagoya on the 6th and then MCJ (Maserati Club of Japan) new year touring on 7th February.

Due to almost double booking, fewer Maseratisti from Tokyo came to join the dinner on this occasion.

We gathered at the Pizzeria "Cesari" in Nagoya to enjoy the number one Pizza which the Neapolitan pizza world champinon serves, together with a good Lambrusco.

We always drink till midnight at New Year dinner, but I didn't because we decided to join MCJ Touring the next day.

I left my house at 7 am to drive 370 km to Miura Peninsula near Yokosuka (Tokyo area). Three Maseratis drove togther without the stress of traffic jams, driving through to beautiful Mount Fuji was nice !

When we arrived the Italian restaurant, Maseratisti from Tokyo had already arrived and the parking lot was full with Maseratis.

We enjoyed the organic vegetables and fresh Italian sea food and had a good time.

The restaurant has a good view with mountain and ocean, and the best view was the Maseratis just below the restaurant.

It was very enjoyable day touring with a four hour drive, two hour lunch and a four hour drive back home.

Best regards,



The world's No 1 Pizza !!!

The specially prepared Trident desserts

Touring from Nagoya

Touring from Nagoya

Mount Fuji in the background

The parking lot at the restaurant

What are you all looking at ?

The Maseratis are over here !!!

Vignale meets Zagato in the parking lot !

Maseratisti chat after lunch

Maseratisti chat after lunch

Maseratisti chat after lunch

Maseratisti chat after lunch
From Enrico in the UK

Coming under the hammer at an Important Coys Auction of Grand Prix, Competition, Touring and Rally Cars & Collectors Items during the Racing Car Show at the NEC, Birmingham, UK on the 16th January 2016 are two interesting Maseratis.


LOT 345 - 1988 MASERATI BITURBO 222 E.



ESTIMATE £60,000-£75,000.



"One of the greatest names in the history of motor racing was to be seen on major race circuits after a period of 25 years, when a Maserati Biturbo competes in the 1988 British Touring Car championship”- Press information. Maserati. 1988 When Alejandro de Tomaso acquired Maserati in 1976, he had ambitious plans for the marque. His plan was to combine the prestige of the Maserati brand with a sports car that would be more affordable than the earlier high-priced models that had traditionally made up the Maserati range. In fact, Maserati ceased making supercars like the ones developed under Citroën ownership altogether, like the Bora and Khamsin.

In 1988, with the coupés being restyled, the Biturbo name was dropped in favour of 222 — meaning 2-door, 2-litre engine and 2nd generation. The car carried all the visual clues of Gandini’s first facelift, with a more rounded grille and bonnet, different wing mirrors and rear spoiler. The engine size of the 222 E export model grew from the Biturbo’s 2.5- to 2.8-litres. A mixed velour-leather interior was standard on the domestic models, while export markets got leather upholstery as standard.

Purchased new by Trident Motorsport Ltd., this Biturbo was used to Launch Maserati’s return to Motor Racing at the Maserati Showroom, Berkeley street, London on the 20th April 1988. Indeed, testament to the cars originality and provenance, even the press call, press information from Maserati and selection of press photos in Berkley square accompany the car within its history file.

The original sales invoice within the car’s file confirms the car being sold from Maserati as a works car, along with the FIA papers with valid homologation from July 1987, and an RAC production car specification sheet.

Internationally regarded and respected driver Nick May competed in the car during the 1988 British Touring Car Championship, where the car displayed some excellent potential! After the season finished, the car was put in to storage. Most remarkably, it is offered today by the same owner who bought the car new! Chassis HB 117119 has been left to rest in the same collection for the last 30 years. This is first time the car has been offered on the open Market. Offered for sale with a host of bills and receipts, the Biturbo also comes with its original Maserati Handbook and even its original door key, and most importantly all the ECU settings, and the ECU itself.

One of only 5 Maserati Works built and supported cars- this wonderful piece of Maserati’s history is now eligible to compete in a wide selection of historic race series’, and would make an excellent passport to an array of UK and worldwide events. Unique and offered with a realistic reserve. The car also comes with a small spares package."








"Built between 1989 and 1996, the V8-powered Shamal supercar was the ultimate expression of Maserati’s long-running Biturbo family. Maserati’s mainstream model throughout the 1980s, and the first series-production road car to employ a twin turbo-charged engine, the Biturbo saloon debuted in 1982. Intended to challenge BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the luxury sporting saloon market, the unitary-construction Biturbo featured all-independent suspension, disc brakes all round, and an interior boasting sumptuous leather upholstery and plentiful wood veneer trim.

Designed by the Maserati Design Centre in collaboration with ex-Bertone stylist Marcello Gandini, a man with an enviable selection of the world’s most desirable cars to his credit, the Shamal was powered by a compact 3,217cc 32-valve V8 engine producing 325bhp, good enough for a top speed within a whisker of 170mph. To fully utilise all this power within a relatively small, rear-wheel drive package, Maserati turned to class-leading technology in the form of electronically controlled, driver-adjustable active suspension, developed in conjunction with Koni.

This Shamal was delivered to Enineer Caliri who was part of Maserati´s development division. This Shamal´s engine was, according to the seller, used for engine tuning experimentation for the forthcoming One-make race series and it pushes out as much as 435 horse power as opposed to the standard Shamal´s 330. It has been in a private collection since 1995 in Italy. A rare chance to acquire one of the last classic Maseratis ever made."


From Maserati Club Italia

Maria Teresa de Filippis at the wheel of a Maserati 250F.

"Cari soci,

È con dolore che vi diamo questa notizia: la scorsa notte si è spenta Maria Teresa de Filippis. A Novembre aveva compiuto 89 anni.

La figura di Maria Teresa non ha bisogno di molte descrizioni, in quanto è conosciuta in tutto il mondo per essere stata la prima donna in assoluto a pilotare una vettura di F1 in gara: una Maserati 250F.

Molti di noi hanno però avuto la fortuna, in questi anni, di conoscerla anche di persona, venendo a contatto con la sue straordinarie doti umane, con la sua impareggiabile carica di simpatia ed affabilità.

Infatti Maria Teresa negli ultimi tre decenni aveva ricoperto dei ruoli di primo piano nell'associazionismo Maserati, dapprima come Vice-Presidente del Registro Maserati negli anni '80 e '90, poi nel Maserati Club di cui è stata Presidente dall'anno della fondazione (2004) fino al 2008, e Presidente Onorario dal 2008 al 2011. Dal 1997 era anche Vice-Presidente del Club Internazionale Anziani Piloti di F1.

Maria Teresa era molto legata al marchio Maserati, di cui è sempre stata un' appassionata ambasciatrice nel mondo. Aveva guidato vetture da corsa anche di altre marche, ma per lei la Maserati veniva prima di tutte.

Unendoci al dolore della famiglia, la vogliamo ricordare con questo recente, ed emozionante, filmato:

Maserati Club Italia.
9th January 2016"

Dear Members,

Sadly, Maria Teresa de Filippis passed away last night. She was 89 years old last November.

Maria Teresa, needs no introduction, for she was the first woman in the world to drive a F1 racing car: a Maserati 250F.

In recent years, many of us, had the good fortune of meeting her in person, coming into contact with her extraordinary human qualities, with her unrivalled qualities of charisma and affability.

During the last three decades Maria Teresa had held leading roles in Maserati associations, first as Vice-President of the Registro Maserati in the 80s and 90s, then as President of the Maserati Club at its foundation in 2004 until 2008, and then Honorary President from 2008 until 2011. From 1997 she was also Vice-President of the International Club of Senior F1 Drivers.

Maria Teresa was very close to the Maserati brand, of which she has always been a passionate ambassador in the world. She had driven racing cars also from other marques, but for her Maserati was always her favourite.

On this sad day, we want to remember her in this short movie:

Maserati Club Italia."

I recall a very special moment back in 2007, when a friend and I, made the trip over to Spa Francorchamps in Belgium to attend SpaItalia 2007. It would be a special event for us as we are both passionate about Maseratis, and Maserati was the featured marque.

When I discovered that Maria Teresa de Filippis was to be "Guest of Honour" at the event, I brought along a book about her that I had recently added to my collection, "La Signorins F1" in the hope that I might ask her to sign my copy.

The trip was extra special for me as we would make the trip in my friend's white Quattroporte III, and what an impressive drive it was. I was surprised at how well the Quattroporte handled in spite of its size.

As I had hoped, Maria Teresa visited the area designated for the Maseratis, and I took the opportunity to ask her to sign my book, which she kindly agreed to do. It was then that Julian Appels, the then president of the Belgian Maserati Club introduced me to her husband Theo Huscheck, who then jokingly accused me of being to blame for his loss of sleep, and citing my website as being largely responsible.

Then came the special moment as Maria Teresa proceeded to explain to us all, in detail, the story behind every photograph in the book. You could see the joy in her eyes as she relived every racing moment. Oh! If only I'd had a recorder with me to store this special moment. Thanks to her, I still have that extraordinarily pleasant moment to remember.

Maria Teresa de Filippis, her husband Theo Huscheck, Julian Appels and my goodself.

Maria Teresa describes the action in the photographs...

...from the book "La Signorina F1".




From Newspress in the UK

*  One of the world’s toughest sailing challenges to start 26 December

*  Soldini and his 14 strong crew continue training

*  Challenging weather conditions forecast for first part of the event

23 December 2015 - There are now just three days to go to the start of the 71st edition of the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race. One of the most important and historic international events on the sailing calendar, it is renowned for the gruelling conditions both boats and crews must face as they grapple with the notoriously challenging seas of the south.


Maserati preparing for the Sydney-Hobart yacht race

Maserati preparing for the Sydney-Hobart yacht race

Maserati preparing for the Sydney-Hobart yacht race

Maserati preparing for the Sydney-Hobart yacht race

The VOR 70 Maserati and her 14-strong crew will cross the start line at 13.00 local time on December 26 and then race against 109 other craft from 20 different nations on a 628-nautical mile route that also crosses the fearsome Bass Strait.

Aboard, skipper Giovanni Soldini will be flanked by Italians Guido Broggi, Corrado Rossignoli, Matteo Ivaldi, Francesco Malingri and Carlo Castellano; Spaniards Carlos Hernandez and Oliver Herrera; Pierre Casiraghi from Monaco; Brit Sam Goodchild; Australians Elizabeth “Liz” Wardley, Drew Mervyn Carruthers, Trevor Brown and journalist and “special guest” Nick Vindin.


Maserati preparing for the Sydney-Hobart yacht race

Giovanni Soldini

Giovanni Soldini

Pierre Casiraghi

Soldini and Maserati have been training in Australia for several months and are now carefully monitoring weather developments for the coming days with models and forecasts often contradicting each other. However, what is becoming increasingly clear is that a front will be arriving on the day of the start.

Soldini explains: “This morning’s models confirm that a front will be coming in during the first few hours of the race. It will be followed by south-south-westerly winds of around 30 knots, maybe even higher. Today’s model, however, sees the front moving away fast and so conditions should improve. For the second part of the route, there should be light easterly winds, tending to north-easterly. Right now, the second half of the race looks trickier and we’ll really have to work hard to get to Hobart. We can’t wait to get going!”

For additional information please visit:

About Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race:

Organised by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and the Royal Club of Tasmania, the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race was first held in 1945. The current record was set in 2012 by Australian yacht Wild Oats XI (the winner of eight of the last 10 editions) which completed the course in one day, 18 hours, 23 seconds and 12 hundredths of a second.

Text courtesy of Maserati

Photographs courtesy of Andrea Francolini.

From Hisato in Japan

"Dear Enrico,

Long time no see you. I believe everything well for you.

The air in China is very polluted now and I do not go outside...(not only polluted, but cold too !).

It is already past event, but I would like to send some pictures from Trofeo in Suzuka and Maserati Day in Japan.

The Trofeo was held at the Suzuka circuit. It was first time the Trofeo race was held in Japan and it will also be the last time.

Maserati Day was held at same time to Trofeo this year.

The first day of Maserati Day was to enjoy Trofeo in Suzuka and second day was to enjoy short driving tour over country road near Suzuka.

Unfortunetely I was late due to a personal issue and missed the race. It sounded very exciting to watch.

I arrived to Suzuka just before the parade run and see Torofeo cars, well-known drivers and many Maserati friends.

The parade run was to drive Suzuka full course and it was vey nice view that a lot of Maseratis are on the grid of Suzuka.

At the end of the parade run, all the Trofeo drivers are waiting us and make wave around the course !!

The second day was very nice day with blue sky. (I miss the blue sky in China !!!).

The colourful Maseratis were very beautiful in the blue sky.

Best Regards,



Maseratis parked at the Suzuka circuit

Maseratis parked at the Suzuka circuit

Maseratis parked at the Suzuka circuit

Maseratis parked at the Suzuka circuit

Maserati Day at the Suzuka circuit

The drivers greet the guests

Hisato with the Trofeo drivers

Maserati Trofeo MCs in the pit area

The front subframe

Trofeo mechanic adjusts the front suspension

On their way to the parade lap

Awaiting the go ahead !

Awaiting the go ahead !

La Piccola Maseratistina !

A Quattroportre V on the parade lap

The Trofeo drivers greet the Maseratis on their return !

The Trofeo drivers greet the Maseratis on their return !

A Biturbo Spyder ends his parade lap

Preparing for a short drive along country road near Suzuka

Preparing for a short drive along country road near Suzuka

Preparing for a short drive along country road near Suzuka

Preparing for a short drive along country road near Suzuka

Preparing for a short drive along country road near Suzuka

During the short drive near Suzuka

The Maseratis and their owners take a short breather !

We arrive back after the pleasant short drive !
From Newspress in the UK

The final round of the 2015 Trofeo World Series took place at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit last weekend, bringing the sixth and final season in Maserati's single-make series to a close. This, however, will not be the end of Maserati's sporting activities: the GranTurismo MCs will be back on track in 2016 competing in the international GT4 series run by private teams.

Over 20 cars across 10 different teams have confirmed their participation and the teams have already taken delivery of their cars and have begun to make the necessary modifications to bring them into line with the new category's regulations.

The return to the GT4 category comes after a debut season in the 2009 European GT4 championship and as a result of the positive feedback from three 'test races' in 2015, at Road America, Laguna Seca and Misano. Next season, Maserati will be battling on two fronts: in the European GT4 Championships and the US Pirelli World Challenge.


The modifications required for GT4 homologation concern the engine and aerodynamics. The car's overall technical make-up will remain unchanged: the 4700cc engine, electro-actuated transmission with paddle-shift commands and a kerb weight of 1410 kg will stay. The fitting of an air scoop will reduce the car's power output to 430 bhp from its current 488 bhp while a newly-designed rear spoiler and modified diffuser will bring the car's performance into line with that of the other GT4 cars.

The GranTurismo MCs final set up will be established during the official pre-championship Balance of Performance (BoP) tests where the GT4 SRO homologation standards will be completed.


Maserati will provide technical support and replacement parts for the private teams competing in the championship, using the experience and knowledge built up over six years in the Maserati Trofeo Championship.

“The Pirelli World Challenge, and the new European GT4 series, is an excellent opportunity for Maserati and all those teams and clients who want to race with a marque steeped in character and history. The budget is accessible and the series highly competitive and professional,” said Roberto Bozzi, Sales & Marketing Motorsport Manager for Maserati.


Maserati will be tracking the performance of the teams competing in Europe and the USA and will shortly provide details for a special award for the best Maserati driver and team.

"It is an incentive and recognition for drivers and teams that will again lead Maserati's fight against top competition in the form of Porsche, Aston Martin and Chevrolet," said Roberto Bozzi.

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati




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