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Grille trident on a 1954 Maserati Tipo 250F
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From Koishiro in Japan


I am a Japanese Maserati Fan, my name is Koichiro Nomura.

Recently, I found the only one of the world Maserati 5000GT Convertible in Germany.

According to the Auto-Salon-Singen, the 5000GT was converted from coupe-bodied to the convertible.

I would like you to introduce the 5000GT Convertible.

Please visit the following web site.

Sincerly Yours,

Koichiro Nomura."


My sincere thanks to Auto-Salon-Singen for granting me permission to publish their photos and text.

1961 Maserati 5000 GT

At the end of the racing season in 1957 the FIA in Paris decided to limit engine capacity for the coming year from 4½ litres to just 3 litres. This decision meant the end of the famous and successful Maserati 450S race car.

So it was a bonus when the Shah of Persia asked Maserati junior boss Omer Orsi to build him a unique automobile, powered by the 450 S engine, capable of a top speed of 280 kph. Maserati's chief engineer Guilio Alfieri increased the capacity of the 450S race engine from 4½ litres to 5 litres and at the same time decreased its compression ratio making the brutal race engine more stable and suitable for road use.

Bertone in Torino and Touring in Milan made suggestions for the design of the body. The Shah opted for the design of Carlo Anderloni, who worked for Carrozzeria Touring. His vehicle was finished on August 21, 1959. A second car was exhibited at the 41st International Automobile Salon in Torino.

Although no series production was planned, the car immediately caught the attention of High Society, and from 1960 to 1965 a small series of just 34 models came into being. Beside the Shah of Persia, Aga Khan, Rita Hayworth and the German star architect Engelhardt drove a Maserati 5000 GT.

The bodies were delivered by: 22 x Allemano, 3 x Frua, 3 x Touring, 2 x Monterosa, 1 x Bertone, 1 x Ghia, 1 x Michelotti and 1 x Pininfarina.

In the eighties the coupe 103.020 was rebuilt into a Spyder with a folding top and is thus world-wide the only open Maserati 5000 GT. However, this 5000 GT spyder comes with its original roof so that it could be restored to its original state if required.

The current auction results also make the Maserati 5000 GT a very interesting investment. A Maserati 5000 GT with Frua body achieved $283,250 at Monterey in August 2003 and a delapidated 5000 GT DM 767,000 at Brooks, Monaco in May 2000.


This car is currently for sale at Auto-Salon-Singen in Germany Tel. No. 0049 (0)7731 995544.


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