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Trident on the hub of a 1992 Barchetta
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!

From Jacques in France

"Hi Enrico,

Back from: - Very great show.

Other pictures will follow.















Lancia D50

"Rien a dire - le Maserati MC12!!"









From Olaf in Germany

"Maserati Sebring owners, I needs your assistance!

To collect as much information as possible, I ask for you to please complete the following data sheet to help with the completion of a Maserati Sebring chassis number database at

If you have photos of your car or a car that you know, please send an email to

Many thanks to Fréderic Doniot, Denise & Rich Heinrich and Marcel Zwanefeld for their kind assistance with this list.

Fréderic Doniot owns the original data sheets for all Maseratis first delivered to Thépenier, the French Maserati importer. If you own one of these Maseratis and require any information, or a colour reproduction of the complete original file, you may contact Fréderic Doniot direct at Please note that you will incur a small charge for this service."

From Enrico, now back in the UK

"Amici e Maseratisti!

Having just returned from the highly successful and enjoyable 4th Marco Turci Memorial Meeting at Mantova, Fiorano, Modena and Mirandola, I would like to thank event organiser Davide Zaccarelli, Maserati stalwart Walter Gualdrini and the Marco Turci Family for making the event such a special one for me. I took back with me so many fond memories of a great time spent with friends old and new.


Enrico being presented with the Marco Turci Trofeo by Davide Zaccarelli and Walter Gualdrini

Those who were fortunate to attend know only too well what I mean, and those who couldn't make it this year should REALLY try to make it next year when the event promises to be even better!!

A full report will appear in the next few days when I have fully recovered from the festivities!!



From Uno in Sweden

The whereabouts of #AM101*1453* ??


"Hi there,

I just been watching your homepage and saw all those beatiful 3500 GT Vignale Spyders. Since I had one of those wonderful cars when I was younger, I´m now anxious to find out where in the world it now resides.

Do you or any of your contacts know where it is today?

My wife and I, plus her big German short haired pointer had so much fun with and in that car for more than 15 years, always with the top down. Most of the time she drove the car and I was enjoying the sound from the specially made exhaust system that we had a specialist manufacture for us.

Her specialty was driving sort of slow in second gear, and then she would throw in the first gear an rev it up before she let go of the clutch. Boy, did we take off and was that exhaust sound unbelievable.

Do you think you could trace it for us?

On the German Maserati Club site #1453 was sold at Bonhams. But where did it go?

Please let me know if you could give some hints of the whereabots of that car.

Sincerely yours,



"Hi again Enrico,

Here are two photos of my Italian comapanion, taken during the summer of 1971, after an exciting spin around Helsinborg and to Malmo in south of Sweden.

I'm the one with the leather cap. Two of the other companions that came along on our trip along the highway to Malmo are not in the picture. They were tough and endured the ride in the backseats, at speeds surpassing 200 Km/h, with the top down. After that we returned to normal condition on a ferry tour to Elsinore from Helsingborg enjoying a Danish beer, that I recall.

The AA signs are the old type of registration numbers, indicating that the car came from the Stockholm area.

The original sunsheds were destroyed by the fire and these ones come from a Wolksvagen convertible.

You can notice the specially built exhaust system that were sited under the car instead of in the room at left side.

Nowadays the car probably look a bit different. Looking forward to hear further news from your search.

Regards from Uno."



From Jacques in France

"Bonjour à tous,

De retour d' Italie, j'ai le plaisir de vous montrer quelque photos de 1,16m tout juste revenue et déballée de chez FERRARESI, sellier à MODENE qui a entièrement refait l'intérieur de la Ghibli et réalisé la capote (doublée à l'intérieur s.v.p. !).

Rien que les housses de protection des sièges sont une merveille !

La prochaine étape sera la "cromatura" puis l'installation du nouveau faisceau électrique, enfin, le remontage moteur-boîte et autres accessoires....

N'ayez crainte, vous recevrez d'autres photos avant les dernières séances de lustrage !




"Hi everyone,

I have just returned from Italy, and have pleasure in showing you a few photos of "1,16m" that has just been returned and unpacked from FERRARESI, the car trimmer/upholsterer in Modena who has entirely re-upholstered the interior of the Ghibli and made the new hood (complete with a double lined interior, thank you!).

Without their protective covers, the seats are a marvel!

The next stage will be the "chromework", then the installation of new wiring loom, and finally, the re-assembly of the engine and gearbox and a few other accesories ....

Don't worry, you will receive more photos before the final polishing !

Until the next time,













From Marc in the USA

"Dear Enrico,

As promised, here are some photos from the Lime Rock Park Vintage Festival. The event extends over three days with racing on Saturday and Monday and a concourse on Sunday (racing and noise are not permitted on Sundays).

Rolex exhibited the Maserati 450 that Jean Behra and Juan Manuel Fangio drove to victory at Sebring. What a superb car!

Present on the track were a 1955 300S and two Tipo 61 (1959 owned by Anthony Wand and 1960 owned by Jonathan Feiber).

There was a good showing of Italian cars (over 50) including a beautiful yellow Maserati Bora and my Ghibli.

The event was blessed by superb weather, excellent racing. In the early, pre WWII, race we were treated to the sound of the 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C-35, the nemesis of the Maserati brothers’ racers. What a thrill!

If you have a second, please let me know about the obligatory things to do in Modena as I will be visiting there in November.

Best regards,



The Maserati 300S and Tipo 61 'Birdcage'

The 450S

Cockpit of the 450S

The Tipo 61 leading a 1969 Peyote Mark II

The Tipo 61 leading a 1969 Peyote Mark II

The intricate chassis of the Tipo 61

Tipo 61 #2458

The Tipo 61 'Birdcage' is being warmed up by Rob ...

... one of the instructors at the Lime Rock Racing School

The motore of the Tipo 61 'Birdcage'

The volante of the Tipo 450S #4503
From Enrico in the UK

"Amici e Maseratisti,

On a recent visit to Italy, I was fortunate enough to find time to visit the Museo dell'Automobile "BONFANTI-VIMAR" at Romano d'Ezzelino, near Bassano del Grappa in the province of Vicenza.

This year the museum have staged an exhibition entitled "MASERATI - 1957-2007 - 50 ANNI DAL MONDIALE DI F.1" that features a magnificent collection of Maserati race cars, engines and related memorabilia from the original Tipo 26 engine, #001, to the fabulous MC12 of today.

The present exhibition started back on May the 5th and ends on the 21st October 2007, so, if you get the chance to visit, you really should!

One of many Maserati race cars on display was the magnificent Tipo V5 re-creation of Sig Igor Zanisi. A truly remarkable piece of workmanship!

A brass plaque on the side of the car bears this inscription; "This car reproduces the Maserati V5 that raced at Tripoli in 1934, driven by Piero Taruffi, and was destroyed in an accident. Dedicated to the Maserati Brothers in 1999. Igor Zanisi, Gianni Torelli, Ermanno Cozza and Alberto Procovio."

Full details of this and forthcoming exhibitions can be found on the Museo Dell'Automobile "BONFANTI-VIMAR" web site at

Unfortunately at the time of my visit, the MC12, the Tipo 26B, the 1955 A6GCS Berlinetta by Pinin Farina, the Ligier Maserati JS2, the 1954 A6G-2000 Coupe by Zagato, the 1954 Maserati 250F and the 1963 Tipo 63 'Birdcage' had been rermoved, but were replaced by some suitably delicious machinery!

A fellow Maserati Club member and I will be travelling to Italy again in October to attend the 4th Marco Turci Meeting(Mantova/Modena/Fiorano/Mirandola), and we plan to visit the museum once more during our stay. With a bit of luck some of the missing cars may have been returned by then, let's hope so!!

I would like to thank Sign. Rosanna and the Museo 'BONFANTI-VIMAR' for their courteous hospitality, and for allowing me access to photograph these magnificent machines.




"MASERATI - 1957-2007 - 50 ANNI DAL MONDIALE DI F.1" at the Museo Dell'Automobile "Bonfanti-VIMAR"

The Ground Floor Exhibition Hall

The Ground Floor Exhibition Hall

The Maserati Tipo V5

5-litre V16

The Maserati Tipo 26 engine #001


The Tipo 8CL engine


1938 Maserati Tipo 4CM


1936 Maserati Tipo 6CM

1961 Cooper Maserati T51

The Maserati Tipo 8/F1 engine


The original steering wheel from the 250F driven by
Juan Manuel Fangio at the 1957 German Grand Prix

Maserati A6GCS/53

Maserati A6GCS 'Monofaro'

Electric-powered model of a Maserati Tipo 60

Electric-powered model of a Maserati Tipo 250F

The Maserati Tipo A6 Coupe by Pinin Farina


A tribute to Maria Teresa de Filippis


Maserati models

Maserati trophies

The chassis of the Maserati Tipo 60/61 'Birdcage'

The chassis a Maserati Tipo 4CLT/48

A strange 'Birdcage-type' car ...

Maserati Tipo 450S #4501

Maserati Tipo 200 SI

Maserati Tipo 150S

Maserati 3500GT


1957 Parson Maserati Tipo 150S

WRE-Maserati 4-cyl 1990cc

Maserati Barchetta


Maserati Ghibpi Open Cup 'Evo'

Maserati Coupe Trofeo

The Lower Floor Exhibition Hall

Brochures, photos and specifications

The Lower Floor Exhibition Hall

The Lower Floor Exhibition Hall



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