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From Antonio in Italy

Passionate About Maseratis


"Hallo Enrico,

I am Antonio from Rome, I send you some days ago an email with the data of two my GHIBLI; I like send you also some photos of the Maserati that I have had; I ask you to find a little space in a page of your website, if it's possible, for their publication; if it isn't possible there is no problem. I send you some emails for technical reasons, in every email I'll write for a model with my observation on and some photos of the model that I had or that I have.

Nevertheless I like that you see all the cars that I had and that I have now. So, in 1991, I bought a 2.24v., red that was my initial approach to the brand Maserati; I was kept immediately by this car (classic interior with race external disposition); I remember also now the acceleration of this car and the glances of the people that saw the car; when I see a 2.24v. I remember the mine and the trips in every site of Italy that I made with it. I send you three photos of this car of mine.


Antonio's Maserati 2.24v.



"In 1995 I sold the 2.24v. and I bought a 1993 GHIBLI, blu; a very nice car that is very underrated, as you wrote. This car is very powerful, its acceleration is very hard, and, as you know, the power of is engine (306 Hp) is also the most high for a 2 litre engine.

As I wrote you I love to much this car for its classic coupè design and its classic interior. With this car I made numerous trip in Italy and Europe. I had this car until 2006."


Antonio's Ghibli 1a serie



"In 2006 I bought a 3200 GT, another powerful 'biturbo model' of Maserati. The design of this car is very nice and the powerful engine is very nice to drive. This model was blu with interior of leather and very fine.

With this car I had no problem of those that I read in some website or in some discussions on this car. Only the check engine light on dashboard was illuminated on occasions, the check control made by my mechanic straightened this out."


Antonio's 3200 GT



"In 2007 I bought a 1996 GHIBLI GT, black another powerful model of GHIBLI, perhaps less hard that previous 1993 model, but with the some charm and elegance.

Now I have this model of GHIBLI, that I drive also in running track. I send you some photos of this car."


Antonio's Ghibli GT



"After selling 3200 GT, I bought in 2009 a GranSport 4200; also this car is very nice to drive, there isn't the classic turbo lag of biturbo engines, it is a very very extraordinary car to drive on road and on the race track; it is very different from 3200 GT as the engine, disposition and handling of driving.

I hope that I don't bore you with my words, but being fond of Maserati, when I can speak with another person fond I don't know stop."


Antonio's GranSport





"Finally, I like send you also a a phoho of mine while I am driving the GHIBLI GT on a race track; I like to send this photo because I like to underline you also the race characteristics of this car. For all these reasons I like too much this car."


Antonio takes to the track in his Ghibli GT

"My best regards I hope to see you at some Maserati meeting.





Rare Maserati to be crushed as part of Cash for Clunkers program

In Colorado a man traded in a rare 1985 Maserati, with only 18,000 miles on it, as part of the "Cash for Clunkers" program. But like all "Cash for Clunker" trade-ins, the car will soon be crushed. The man said the engine frequently has problems and he's been trying to sell it for months. By trading it in, he got $3,500 for it, roughly the same as he was trying to sell it for.

"Probably half our deals right now are Cash for Clunkers," Billy Mills, general sales manager for Go Subaru, said.

Most of the clunkers Go Subaru has taken in through the program are predictable. Many are large SUVs and pickup trucks. Some are in pretty bad shape.

"Ninety-nine percent of them are clunkers," Wes Guthrie, a salesperson at Go Subaru, said. "I took somebody's car in the other day that their door wouldn't shut anymore, and they were using a bungee to shut the door."

Then there was the "clunker" a man drove onto the lot that surprised everyone.

"I was like, 'Wow, that's a cool car,'" Guthrie said of the 1985 Maserati Biturbo.

The Italian sports car is in near-mint condition with its odometer reading a mere 18,480 miles.

"It is kind of one of those cars where you go, 'Wow. Can't believe that one is a clunker,'" Guthrie said.

But it is. It qualified for the program and the owner received $3,500 for it that he used toward a new Subaru Impreza.

The interior of the Maserati is pristine, with all leather, suede and wood trim. The issues with the car were under the hood.

"He said that he could drive it down the road for about 10 minutes, and then he had to call his mechanic," Guthrie said of the owner's experience.

The Maserati owner had been trying for many months to sell the car without success. His asking price for the car was roughly the same as the $3,500 he got from Cash for Clunkers.

"So he got what he was asking for it," Mills said. "He just got it from the government instead of a customer."

While the Maserati stands out in the lot full of clunkers, it will suffer the same fate. The car will have its engine destroyed and the car will be crushed.

"Its one of those cars where you go, 'Wow, I wish it didn't have to be crushed, but unfortunately it does,'" Guthrie said.





From ABC Brianza in Italy



Two new 1:43 scale models from ABC Brianza of Italy: the Maserati Tipo 420M/58 'Eldorado' that raced at the 'Indianapolis 500' and '500 Miglia Monza'.


From Johann Stegny in Austria



Two new 1:43 limited edition scale models from BBR of Italy: the 'Solar Direct' Maserati MC12 by edo Competition, and three 1:43 scale models of the Maserati A6GCS by Jolly.


From Motor Sport magazine in the UK

Available at your local newsagent on 28 August 2009



At the tender age of 79 (soon to be 80 in September) Sir Stirling Moss started his first desk job today at Motor Sport magazine’s riverside offices in London. It is only for one day, but we are very honoured to have him join us as our guest editor. Sir Stirling says “I am pleased to be guest editor of “Motor Sport”. Motor racing has been my life; it still is. “Motor sport” covers the modern sport and also does a tremendous job of covering the past. It doesn’t forget the past because the past is still with us.”

Sir Stirling is editing the October issue which is dedicated to him and celebrates his motor racing career. He remains the most famous racing driver in Britain today, even though he hasn’t raced at the top level since his retirement over 50 years ago.

The issue highlights his most memorable racing moments and the fact that he is still as busy as ever, competing in historic events and narrating the highly successful children’s cartoon Roary the Racing Car.

The Stirling Moss issue coincides with his 80th birthday in September.

Sir Stirling came to our offices and sat in the editors chair while thinking up headlines and reminiscing over his triumphant career.

Motor Sport was founded in 1924. It is the most established and perhaps best-known motor racing magazine in the world, with a reputation as the true voice of the sport. We tackle the matters of the moment in Formula 1 and beyond and, as Sir Stirling has graced many of our pages over the years, it feels only right to offer such a personality his own special issue. Motor Sport recently celebrated its 1000th issue and we are also pleased to announce the first Motor Sport Hall of Fame event which will take place at the Roundhouse, London on February 10, 2010.


"Dear Maserati Enthusiasts,

Motor Sport magazine’s October issue has been dedicated to Sir Stirling Moss to celebrate his 80th birthday. To make it even more special the issue will be available with one of four very special Collectors’ Edition front covers. Each features a racing car which is synonymous with Stirling’s career, from Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin and Jaguar. You will be able to reserve your Maserati front cover issue, or all four, in a few weeks’ time. Please look out for an update on the website and inside your September newsletter.

We were very honoured that Sir Stirling recently visited our Chelsea offices and sat in the editor’s chair while recalling his most memorable racing moments. He says: “I am pleased to be guest editor of Motor Sport; motor racing has been my life, it still is. Motor Sport covers the modern sport and also does a tremendous job of covering the past. It doesn’t forget the past because the past is still with us.

The Stirling Moss issue coincides with his 80th birthday in September and it is published on August 28.

Best wishes,

Louisa Skipper
Motor Sport Magazine"

From Uno in Sweden back in 2007

The whereabouts of #AM101*1453* ??


"Hi there,

I just been watching your homepage and saw all those beatiful 3500 GT Vignale Spyders. Since I had one of those wonderful cars when I was younger, I´m now anxious to find out where in the world it now resides.

Do you or any of your contacts know where it is today?

My wife and I, plus her big German short haired pointer had so much fun with and in that car for more than 15 years, always with the top down. Most of the time she drove the car and I was enjoying the sound from the specially made exhaust system that we had a specialist manufacture for us.

Her specialty was driving sort of slow in second gear, and then she would throw in the first gear an rev it up before she let go of the clutch. Boy, did we take off and was that exhaust sound unbelievable.

Do you think you could trace it for us?

On the German Maserati Club site #1453 was sold at Bonhams. But where did it go?

Please let me know if you could give some hints of the whereabouts of that car.

Sincerely yours,



"Hi again Enrico,

Here are two photos of my Italian companion, taken during the summer of 1971, after an exciting spin around Helsinborg and to Malmo in south of Sweden.

I'm the one with the leather cap. Two of the other companions that came along on our trip along the highway to Malmo are not in the picture. They were tough and endured the ride in the backseats, at speeds surpassing 200 Km/h, with the top down. After that we returned to normal condition on a ferry tour to Elsinore from Helsingborg enjoying a Danish beer, that I recall.

The AA signs are the old type of registration numbers, indicating that the car came from the Stockholm area.

The original sunsheds were destroyed by the fire and these ones come from a Volkswagen convertible.

You can notice the specially built exhaust system that were sited under the car instead of in the room at left side.

Nowadays the car probably look a bit different. Looking forward to hear further news from your search.

Regards from Uno."



From eBay in the USA in 2009



I would like to thank DriverSource of Houston, Texas for granting me permission to publish these photographs for us all to enjoy!

This rare late-production example features a 5-speed transmission, Lucas fuel injection system, disc brakes, and the highly desired Borrani wire wheels. AM101*1453* was originally delivered to Antonio Turati of Milano, Italy painted in Nero (black) with champagne leather interior. The second registered owner was Carlo Cavallini of Milano, Italy who enjoyed the car briefly before selling it to Ital Bil, the Swedish Maserati importer. Upon arriving in Sweden the car was sold to Uno Lingmark who registered the car in Vallentuna.

It is believed that Lingmark enjoyed his car for about 17 years. The next lucky owner would be Ferrari Specialist Terry Hoyle of London. Under Terry’s care the car was serviced and painted a period correct silver grey metallic and a new red leather interior would be installed. In 1988 the car was sold at auction and then registered in 1990 to Jack Levy from Devon, United Kingdom. Levy commissioned Maserati expert Bill McGarth to perform a restoration on the car before selling it in 1995. It was registered once again in 1996, and later sold in 2004 to a private collector.

Today the car is part of the DriverSource collection in Houston, Texas. It remains in good driver condition and has been serviced as needed. The new owner will have the benefit of having an extremely rare model of the marque and can enjoy the car on the road and on the field.

You can find further details at


The Maserati 3500 GT Spyder Vignale

An excellent example of classical elegance!



















































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