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Grille trident on a Maserati Tipo 250F
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Lee in the UK

"Some pics of my 1998 RHD 2.0-litre Ghibli.




From Mehmet in Turkey

Mehmet, a great Italian car enthusiast who owns two Maseratis, a Ghibli II and a Quattroporte IV 'Ottocilindri', has just sent me this delightful presentation of the latest addition to his wonderful collection of motoring literature, the Archivio Maserati.



Mehmet's Den!

The Archivio Maserati is a magnificent 'portfolio' produced by Maserati for the supreme enthusiast. It contains a number of facsimiles of important bills of sale, technical drawings', sales brochures and Maserati literature from the archives of the 'Casa del Tridente'.

Produced in a limited series of 1998 (Mehmet's is number 786), of which only 498 went on general sale, it is now regarded as a collector's item. If you're lucky enough to own one, hang on to it. If you don't have one, try and get hold of a copy, they are as rare as 'hen's teeth', but it's well worth looking out for one. You can expect to pay in excess of 200 for a copy, and even at that price it's cheap. They originally sold for around 300!!!

Produced to commemoratre the launch of the 3200GT, Maserati SpA and Giorgio Nada, the editor, are to be congratulated for their foresight in the production of this beautiful 'Faldone'.


The beautifully bound 'faldone' of the Archivio Maserati

Archivio number 785

1898 - 1926

Bill of sale for Tazio Nuvolari's Tipo 8CM

Top right: The A6 wins the Momte Carlo Concours d'Elegance

A view of some of the content

Drawing of the A6 chassis

Brochures for 150S, 200SI, 300S, 450S, A6GCS and A6G

Brochure for A6G 2000

Test report for the new 250F engine

Drawings for the A6GCS

Drawing of the 'Birdcage' chassis

The 5000GT by Allemano

Specification for Tipo 8CTF #3032

Specification for Tipo 8CTF #3033

Original drawing of the Trident logo

Drawing for the Tipo 26

Bottom right: Early brochure for the 'Automobili Maserati'

Drawing for the Tipo 4CL 1500

Brochures for Maserati's electric trucks

Drawings for a 1500cc single-seater
My new Maserati!! A 1998 Quattroporte V8 - MOLTO BELLA MACHINA!!!
From Bob in the USA

"Hi Enrico,

I'm just passing along a couple of pictures my wife took at this year's La Bella Macchina d'Italia event In the Pocono mountrains in Pennsylvania.

That's me with the white helmet getting a ride in Tom Hollfelder's 450S # 4510.

Then there's a picture of my Ghibli Open Cup next to another 450S # 4508.

I was just hoping for a little DNA cross transplatation. OK, oK mostly from the 450S to my car.

But, later I passed that same 450S going down the straight!

I've included a picture but it's not very good.

Kerry McMullen is the passenger in the 450S as I "blow on by".


From Emanuele in Italy

"Hi Enrico,

Please I need your help! I'm doing a very interesting work (obviously I will put every photos in your site):

I'm installing in a 1996 Ghibli GT, a V8 Quattroporte Engine (3.2 litre) but I have some problems about modifying my original fuel/injection system to control the new engine, so I need the electrical diagrams, maps and everything you have about that kind of Quattroporte.

Please give me an help! Thanks a lot.

Here you some photos of my Modena Yellow Ghibli GT, I will send you others if you want! Please tell me what do you think about.




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