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From Club Peschiera Motori in Italy
© Club Peschiera Motori



Ore 9,30: Ritrovo equipaggi presso la Ditta FLOVER in Via Pastrengo n 14 a Bussolengo (VR).

Parcheggio riservato alle nostre vetture, iscrizioni presso la Segreteria del Club, cappuccino e brioche per tutti gli iscritti, berrettino in omaggio ad ogni iscritto. Quindi visita della FLOVER definita dagli esperti il PIU’ GRANDE ED IL PIU’ BEL GIARDINO FIORITO D’EUROPA.

La FLOVER, si trova 2 Km. fuori Bussolengo, sulla destra, percorrendo la strada che porta a Lazise sul lago di Garda.

Ore 10,50: Tutti in vettura per raggiungere il centro di BUSSOLENGO per la visita alla FIERA DI SAN VALENTINO, PATRONO DEGLI INNAMORATI . Parcheggio vetture riservato.

Ore 12,50: Di nuovo in vettura, SI RACCOMANDA LA PUNTUALITA’, per raggiungere il premiato Ristorante “AL CONFINE”, TEL. 045-7570098, adiacente alla grande rotonda di Cavalcaselle, dove si terra’ il pranzo. Grande parcheggio riservato per le nostre vetture.

Ore 15,30: Brindisi di commiato.

L’iscrizione al Meeting per Auto d’Epoca, tutto compreso, (Cappuccino e brioche, berrettino, pranzo ), costa:

Pilota + Vettura: EURO 30

Per ogni accompagnatore: EURO 30

Le nostre vetture si sa’ che sono sempre molto in ordine, pero’, per qualsiasi problema lungo il percorso, chiamare il Club al n. 348-2640775.

Per una migliore organizzazione dell’evento, si prega prenotare telefonicamente al Club Peschiera Motori ai numeri: 045-7553700, oppure 348-2640775., indicando il tipo di vettura ed il numero di persone presenti.

Molte grazie.

From Enrico in the UK


Members of the Maserati Club in Italy have just received their copies of the Maserati Club magazine, edited by Claudio Ivaldi.

The beautifully illustrated magazine covers such topics as;

The Kubang - Maserati's latest offering

The 'Serie Speciali' - the limited edition models of today and yesterday

Maserati in Racing - the Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC and The Quattroporte's victory in the Superstars Series

Tridentitis - Ermanno Cozza's 60 years at Maserati

Maserati Classiche - Maserati's new department providing historical assistance to Maserati owners

The International Rally 2011 - the Annual Meeting of the Maserati Clubs of Europe

Calendar of Events for 2012

Maserati Club Events and Meetings held in 2011 - IV Trofeo Maserati Club
- III Maserati Club Elegance
- Monte Carlo; The Summer of San Martino
- Abruzzo
- Sant'Agata Bolognese
- The Concours D'Elengance of Barone Franchetti

The 30th Anniversary of the Biturbo

Contributions from Maserati Club members

Understandably the magazine is in Italian, but oh how I wish there was an English translation. Particularly the article 'Tridentite' (Tridentitis) by Sig Ermanno Cozza, relating his 60 years at Maserati, and the 'Trident virus' that kept him there. It's wonderful stuff from a very special person !!

My congratulations and appreciation go to Claudio for his hard work in producing the magazine, well done !!

Major changes in the Club's structure are in store for next year and I will keep you informed.

From Christopher in the UK

"Hi Enrico,

Hope you are well. Here is a piece of information that I thought I should share with fellow Quattroporte IV owners.

Last week after not using the Quattroporte IV for a few weeks, I was horrified to find around two inches of rain water in the driver's footwell, this in turn had run back and made the offside rear foot well damp also. I had assumed that there must be a leak around the door rubber, but couldn't see a problem around that area.

After sponging out as much as I could, I put a clean sheet of paper on the floor, closed the door, and poured water over the car. Whilst I couldn't see any drips appear on the paper it soon became wet from underneath which led me to believe that leak was from the bulkhead area and running down.

Sure enough when I pulled the carpet back I could see the water running in like a tap. There is a hole in the bulkhead on the far right above your right foot with a cable gland that is unused and then sealed from factory with silicone, this small piece of sealer had aged with time and come away leaving a hole. Behind the hole is a void in the bodywork way out of sight under the servo. I don't know if this is exclusive to Evoluzione models or not and whether it is just with right-hand drive cars. Unfortunately the water from the drain in the plastic scuttle cover goes straight to that area, indeed why is there a drain hole in this plastic part that leads in to the bulkhead ?

I dried the area thoroughly and fitted a new blanking grommet coated with silicone, problem cured.

Another problem that seems to be present on all Biturbos is that the hinge area is lower than the middle section of the scuttle that contains the drain tubes and as a consequence there are always puddles in the corners. This water only dissipates when the car is used due to the water coming forward whilst braking.

It is worth putting plenty of cavity wax in these areas and periodically checking for water which on my 228 and Quattroporte IV requires the removal of the scuttle cover but on most Biturbos is more visible. I hope this is of some help to somebody.



Reply from Jim in Scotland

"Hi Henry,

Happy New Year !

I hope you and yours are well and just thought I would drop you this image which may be of use in fleshing out Christopher's e-mail on page 229 regarding the unused gland leaking in his Quattroporte IV. This is obviously from my Ghibli which is RHD and all glands are used.

Not exactly what he was talking about; but in the same garden...



From Paul in the USA


And a Happy New Year to you..!

I spotted this car locally, pretty good deal I think...

Cheers Paul."

A gorgeous 1970 Maserati Ghibli #AM115*1606*, red with black interior, air conditioning, ultra rare automatic transmission.

An original California car, older paint but very presentable with some minor bubbling on lower doors, mechanically sound.

For sale at US $59,500.

We welcome all international buyers. We can help with shipping quotes and arrangements.

If you have any additional questions please email Sean at


















































































Photos and text with the kind permission of Beverly Hills Car Club

From Philippe in Belgium

Philippe has recently advised me of a very interesting Maserati, a 3500 GT with coachwork by Frua, due to come up for auction by Gooding & Company at their sale 'The Scottsdale Auction' on January 20 and 21 January 2012.

I immediately contacted Gooding & Company and was delighted and grateful when they gave me permission to publish details and photos.


LOT 142

Formerly the Property of John Bookout

1961 Maserati 3500 GT Coupe Speciale

Coachwork by Frua
CHASSIS NO. AM101.1496
Estimate: US $300,000 - $375,000 (Without Reserve)

SOLD FOR US $302,500

One of Only Two Built and Likely the Sole Survivor
Well-Documented Ownership History
Offered with Certified Maserati Classiche Documents
Restored by a Marque Expert
Bodied by One of Italy’s Most Influential Coachbuilders

3,485 CC Inline DOHC 6-Cylinder Engine
Triple Weber 42 DCOE Carburetors
220 BHP at 5,500 RPM
5-Speed ZF Manual Transmission
Hydraulic Front Disc and Rear Drum Brakes
Double Wishbone and Coil Spring Front Suspension, Live Axle and Leaf Spring Rear Suspension

This Car

This 3500 GT Coupe, AM101.1496, is one of only two similar cars bodied by Frua in 1961. The other, 1494, is believed to be lost. Finished in May 1961, the car left the masters at Frua finished in red with a special-order light brown Connolly leather interior and Borrani steel wheels. According to extensive research carried out in Italy and Switzerland, the Coupe was delivered through the prominent Maserati dealer Martinelli & Sonvico of Lugano, Switzerland. It was first registered in Bern in June 1961 with the license plate “BE 999997” to Jacques Bordier, who is thought to have kept the car for several years.


The magnificent Maserati 3500 GT Coupe ...

... with carrozzeria by Pietro Frua

No record has been found of precisely when the Maserati came to the US, but by 1976 it was in the hands of auto-brokers DeBickero & Hach. By then, 101.1496 was missing its distinctive curved rear window glass and the original engine. Sometime in 1976 or 1977, Dr. Harms of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, purchased the Maserati from DeBickero & Hach. From his ownership, the 3500 GT passed to noted Maserati personality and founder of Maserati parts source M.I.E. and the Concorso Italiano, Frank Mandarano. In 1988, Mr. Mandarano sold the car to Doug Speer, and it is believed that 101.1496 was then purchased in 1993 by Jerry Wood.




John Bookout was 101.1496’s next caretaker, buying the car in 1996. In his hands, an extensive research project was undertaken to determine the exact identity of the car and to establish when the original engine was replaced. It was eventually discovered that the interim chassis number of the car, 101.1070, was derived from the replacement engine, which was from a standard production 3500 GT. It was only through international queries by leading Maserati experts in Europe and the US, including Dr. Adolfo Orsi and Stefan Dierks of the Registro Pietro Frua, that the true identity of 101.1496 was recovered. This work, which lasted from May 2001 through October 2003, confirmed that this car is indeed 101.1496.




In 2007, Mr. Bookout sold 101.1496 to the consignor, a well-known marque enthusiast who is known for his thorough restorations on Maseratis as well as rare Alfa Romeos. When the consignor acquired the car, it was in a state of partial restoration and largely contained in boxes. After taking a thorough inventory of all the components, the exacting restoration work began. The restoration was completed in late 2010, with Pebble Beach Best of Show-winning restorer Chris Charlton of Oxford, Maine, performing the body finishing and painting, while the mechanical work was carried out in the consignor’s own facility. The final assembly was completed in time for the car to debut at the 2011 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. During the restoration process, it was discovered that the engine was in poor condition and it was therefore replaced with a freshly rebuilt un-numbered 3500 unit, a fairly common practice among engines of this type.




The car comes with a certified copy of the original Technical Data Sheet and a Certificate of Origin for AM101.1496, provided by Maserati Classiche on August 24, 2011. This fascinating set of documents includes copies of the handwritten build record and the original shipping notice.




Although this Frua coupe was originally delivered in red, during restoration it was given a lovely light blue metallic finish, a choice that elegantly complements the brown leather interior. With its deeply angled grille and four imposing chrome-surrounded headlights, the dramatic nose gives the car a very aggressive appearance. In contrast, the sides are sleek and clean, with the flat panels showing an excellent fit and the side exhaust grilles hinting at the power of the engine. At the rear, delicate lights placed high on the fenders invoke the great 5000 GT and the Coupe abounds with marvelous detailing such as the delicate chrome edging on the roof and the small trident emblems at the top of the C pillars.



With the style of the legendary 5000 GT at a much more accessible price and a chance to own a car unlike any other 3500 GT ever built, this is an opportunity any admirer of Maserati GT cars should seize. Restored to an impressive level by a marque expert, it would be a welcome addition to any concours lawn and a definite conversation starter wherever it goes.

Text and photos coutesy of Gooding & Company
From Philippe in Belgium

© L'Automobile Magazine
Respect the fundementals

Norihiko Harada loves little French cars. As a child, in the Sixties, he drew Rene Bonnet, CD, Alpine, Citroën and Panhard. He so loves the Chevrons that when he arrived in California to become a designer, after studying philosophy in Japan, he bought an SM. "A dream, recalls the current director of Zagato design. When I left for Europe, alas I had to sell it ..."

Whilst taken on by the turinese styling house IDEA, he met Ercole Spada, creator of some of the Zagato collection, who brought him to the Milanese coachbuilder in 1995, "Here, I like the minimilistic style approach, with its historic aeronautical background since the creation of the company, this constant quest for lightness and aerodynamics.

We work for genuine enthusiasts. They are very attached to the basic aesthetics of Zagato, like the double bubble roof, the racing style wheels and sharp lines, even if today's safety constraints complicate our task. Working for such a house is to be constantly inspired with his creative spirit, concludes this "fanatic" of cars, whose daily drive is a 1995 Maserati Quattroporte by Gandini. So, not so ordinary !

From L'Automobile Magazine.

From Kelvin in Indonesia

"Hi Enrico,

I need your help, My 3200 GT's battery is dead....and now I cannot open the trunk.

Is there a way to manually open the trunk ? I bought the car without owner's manual.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance for the help!



"Hi Kelvin,

You should be able to open the trunk/boot with your ignition key, that's what it says in the 3200 GT Driver's Manual.

A few photos of your 3200 GT would be nice.

All the best for the New Year,



Thanks so much for your reply

Indeed, the car is in the workshop and the folks there told me that it will not open with the ignition key.

So few hours ago I went to the workshop and tried formyself...and it opened. Thanks for your kind help.

Please find attached some pictures of my 3200 GTA...year has only done 3,200 kms.


Kelvin's splendid Maserati 3200 GTA




I'm from Jakarta, we all hardly drive these kind of cars on the weekdays with all the traffic jams...they get out of the garage on most weekends.

Appreciate your email reply and hope you have a wonderful new year.



From Jeff in the USA
During the 'Biturbo Era', a number of four-door saloons were produced; the 2.0-litre Biturbo 420 and 420i, 420 S and 420 Si and later the 422, 4.18v and 4.24v. (for the home market), the 2.5-litre Biturbo 425 and 425i (for the export market), and finally the 2.8-litre 430 and 430 4v (European market only). None of these models were ever given Maserati's prestigious 'Quattroporte' name.

I once owned a Biturbo 425, it was my first Maserati, and apart from the odd electrical issue, faound it to be a very comfortable and above all enjoyable drive. It was fasr, very fast, and hadthe road holding qualities associated with a sports car. It was a true sports saloon.

The last model, the 430, had every right to be named Quattroporte; it was elegant, beautifully finished in the finest leather and wood veneer, in what I still consider to be one of the nicest dashboards ever designed, and fast, very fast.

When I recently saw this 430 advertised for sale, I wrote to the seller asking for his permission to publish his photos. Jeff's detailed photographic coverage of this model have given me the ideal opportunity to publicise the true merits of this under-rated Maserati. A true foor-door pocket rocket !!

"Hi Enrico

Sure. No problem.

Great site. In "My Bookmarks" now.

I am writing to you because I have a very nice 1989 Maserati 430, with automatic tranmission, and only 66,701 original miles for sale.

As you can see from the many photographs, it is in fantastic condition.

This 'Hard to find', one owner, unmodified, in its original condition, rare beauty has automatic transmission, power brakes, finished in Ivory White with contrasting combination black Canali leather/ gunmetal grey Alcantara interior. Among the many features are; power seats, windows and central locking, fog lights, power sunroof and climate control air conditioning and Tape / AM / FM.

It rides smooth and solid. If you are looking at this car, you already know what it is, and you also know that it is very hard to find them in this perfect condition! With this original low mileage, it is obvious that this car has been driven and maintained with great care.

THe 250 HP engine is in good shape, does not smoke, does not leak, nice and quiet.

Transmission feels perfect, shifts without any problems, without delay, and without noise. This car has Ranger limited slip differential.

Suspension is in excellent shape, car tracks nice and straight.

There is 'No Evidence' of any electrical problems.

The exterior is in excellent shape for a 1989 car - ( !!! Check out the pictures !!! ) - there is absolutely no rust anywhere on the car.

Leather seats, carpet floor and glass are all in great shape.

Interior of this car is 'Nice and Clean!'

This car has 4 matching tires, with over 60% of tread left, that are mounted on good straight rims.

It will be sold with a clear title and it will be sold as-is, where-is.

Car is located in Staten Island, New York, USA.

Interested parties should contact Jeff at

Jeff's Maserati 430

Chassis No: ZAMBN1106*KB328573*
































































































































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