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Trident on the vintage sign
in the Giuseppe Candini workshop
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Very sad news from Italy

Andrea Pininfarina dies in a road accident in Turin

TURIN - 7th August 2008

Andrea Pininfarina, the 51 years old head of the famed Italian design firm Pininfarina, was knocked down by a car whilst riding his Vespa motor scooter. The entrepreneur died instantly. The accident happened this morning, a little after 8 o'clock at Trofarello, in Via Torino. He was probably heading towards his office at Cambiano, a district around three kilometres from the historical centre of Turin, where the Turinese coachbuilder has its centre.


Sent in by Philippe in Belgium

From Maserati at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium

Maserati MC12s claim a great win and take three out of the top four places!


Another Maserati MC12 win that perpetuates the legend

Spectacular conclusion to the 61st 24 Hours here at Spa Francorchamps. The great Ardennes classic has given Maserati and the Vitaphone Racing Team a fabulous double win and the third victory after its fourth participation in this race. Three MC12s ended up among the first four places, almost attaining an incredible triple win.

The long Belgian marathon started at 4pm on Saturday under grey skies. After the first valid marker to assign the first set of points after six hours, MC12 no. 1, driven by the great Andrea Bertolini, Michael Bartels, Stephane Sarrazin and Eric van de Poele team took first place and earned its first 5 points, shadowed only the 1"848 of Maserati no. 2 with Alessandro Pier Guidi, Miguel Ramos, Alexandre Negraõ and Stephane Lemeret. A bit later, at the 152nd lap, two of the most dangerous competitors, Mike Hezemans on the Corvette and Karl Wendlinger (Aston Martin) collided and ended up in the gravel in Les Combes. During the night the two green Maserati's sped confidently and when points were assigned the second time after 12 hours, Andrea Bertolini was first with a one-lap advantage over the second Maserati.

In the end Belgian Eric van de Poele drove the MC12 through the finish line in front of everyone and followed by the second Maserati driven by Alessandro Pier Guidi, while the third MC12, driven by JMB's gentlemen drivers Ben Aucott, Stéphane Daoudi and Alain Ferté secured a spectacular 4th place, thus completing a glorious day. It was only right that Eric should be the driver to take the chequered flag, as last year the team were cruelly robbed of certain victory when he spun on the slippery surface during an especially heavy downpour when leading by a lap just 58 minutes from the end.

Bertolini and Bartels remain solidly on top in the Championship while the Vitaphone Racing Team leads the Team's classification. It is an extremely important victory that is added to the 2005 and 2006 wins, creating a cycle that places the Tridente as a benchmark car make in the world's GT competitions.

The next challenge will come up on 24 August along Bucharest's city circuit.

Andrea BERTOLINI (Vitaphone Racing- Maserati MC12 #1): "It was an incredible victory, easy only if analyzed superficially because up to the middle of the race we fought against fast, aggressive adversaries. I can't tell you if this success is better than the one in 2006, all that matters is that my name is in this race's honor's list. I thank the team and Maserati for the opportunity I was given and I dedicate this success to Roberto Ronchi, who is leaving Maserati, and I welcome Harald Wester who is joining us now."

Michael BARTELS (Vitaphone Racing- Maserati MC12 #1): "It's difficult to find the words to comment such a result. Nevertheless I'd like to say that we made all the right choices in this 24 Hours, starting with the drivers that were brought here, and then the hard work preparing the vehicles in Germany and in Modena, Italy, after the Oschersleben race. We've won three times in four years with the MC12, and this means that the team works well together and knows how to face great competitions."

Stephane SARRAZIN (Vitaphone Racing- Maserati MC12 #1): "I believe I did a good job during the night stints when we had to catch up with Maserati no. 2. I felt immediately at home with the car and the team. I have to say that to me, winning the 24 Hours is a dream and I have to thank Bartels for calling me and the team for their great work." Eric van de POELE (Vitaphone Racing- Maserati MC12 #1): "This victory effectively blots out last's year's bad memories, when I threw away certain victory. Being the driver who has had the greatest number of victories here at Spa 24 Hours (5) gives me great satisfaction. I was able to achieve this thanks to Bartels and to the work of the entire team. I want to dedicate this victory to Paul Frère, a great driver and reporter who passed away in February. He could be considered the spiritual father of all Belgian drivers."

©Maserati/Studio Mazzi

The winning Vitaphone Racing Maserati drivers on the podium
©Maserati/Studio Mazzi

Vitaphone Racing - 1st place:
Bertolini - Bartels - Sarrazin - Van De Poele
©Maserati/Studio Mazzi

Vitaphone Racing - 2nd place:
Ramos - Negrao - Lemeret - Pierguidi
©Maserati/Studio Mazzi

JMB Racing - 4th place
Aucott - Ferte - Daoudi

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati Media Center

Check out the Maserati Corse web site at for more spectacular photos.

From Patrick in the UK


I was in the process of trying to find out about a great uncle of mine, when it was mentioned that he used to drive for Maserati.

I've searched through a whole load of your web pages but found nothing.

His name was Eduardo Paschal/Pasquale (sp?) Milano. We've not been able to find out anything about his pre-war life, as apparently during WW2 Mussolini had his family from existence for some reason we've yet to discover.

So I was hoping you may be able to shed some light on whether this is just a family story to impress the kids, or whether there is any record of him at Maserati. He was brought up in a big house on the edge of a lake(?) near Milan. His father was a count and very wealthy. He was a fighter pilot during WW1 (again this might be a family story but it's a persistant one) and at one pont lived in Monte Carlo.

Any help or pointers would be a great help.

Thanks in advance,


From Enrico in the UK

"Hi Maseratisti,

I was working my way through the Maserati related items on, when I came across this collection of photographs advertising a 1984 Quattroporte Tipo 330, item number: 150277445596.

I've rarely seen such a comprehensive selection of photographs of any Maserati that leave any prospective buyer in no doubt about the condition and state of the interior and exterior of the Maserati on sale.

I emailed the seller seeking permission to publish their photos. BC Automotive Inc. very kindly granted me permission.

This Quattroporte III was sold to the highest bidder at only US $4,059. That's what I call a real bargain!!

It may interest you to know that the Quattroporte III, as it is more popularly known, was one of the Maseratis most often seen on TV and cinema screens in recent years:


Der Kommissar (Holland 1969-1976)
Miami Vice (USA 1984-1989)
La Piovra 4 (Italy 1989)
Diamant (Holland 1993-1994).


Innamorato pazzo (Italy 1981)
Rocky III (USA 1982)
The Dead Zone (USA 1983)
Moving Violations (USA 1985)
The Fly (USA 1986)
The Running Man (USA 1987)
K 9 (USA 1989)
New York Stories (USA 1989)
The Godfather: Part III (USA 1990)
Rocky V (USA 1990).


























































From Andy in Japan

"Hi Enrico,

Something a little different: Kyosho has just launched a range of 1:64 scale Maserati models that you can pick-up in 7-Eleven and other convenience stores around Tokyo.

I've attached some pics of the Tipo 61 Birdcage model. They're good quality and very detailed for the price - the only problem is that you don't know which model you're going to find in the box! Leads to quite a few duplicates if you want to acquire the whole collection....




Maserati MiniCar Collection by Kyosho

#5 - Winner of the 1960 1000 Kms Nurburgring

Three Tipo 61 models available

Tipo 61 road version




From Paul in the USA

"Dear Enrico,

I am asking once again for you and your reader's help in trying to track my father's old 250F Maserati.

My father [Peter Martin] bought the car in pieces from Cameron Millar, it was CM2.

I worked on the car with him in the late seventies and eighties and watched him enjoy many victories over the years. We had to sell the car in the late eighties, and I would love your help in trying to track the car down, as I would love to reunite my older and weaker father with this car!

Here are some more pictures of my Dad's Maseratis [250S and 450S] and an old one of him in an Aston Martin Spa Special at Silverstone!

It would be my deepest wish for my father to see the car again. He is a big Maserati historian and collector and now lives in Southern Spain. He has owned a 300S, a 250S, an A6G, a Mistral, a Sebring and a Khamsin, and a 450S!!!

The 250F was his passion and he raced alongside Fangio in many historic races including Nurburgring and a special race in Dubai in the 1980s. He began vintage racing in the 1960s! I feel the car is part of my family. My father also had the grace and permission from Scuderia Centro Sud to race under this famous team's name.

Thank you so much for your interest, my father is pictured in David McKinney's book.....he was great friends with Cameron Millar....

Yours sincerely,

Paul Martin -"




Peter with 250F CM2



Peter's 250S






Peter in the Aston Martin Spa Special

"If you can help Paul, drop me a line at and I'll pass on the good news.

Thanks Enrico."

From Uldis in the USA

"Hi Enrico,

I've just spotted an interesting, once-in-a-lifetime Maserati that was available on eBay. It is item #320277642362.

Elvis himself had the Centerlines fitted, I believe, but did he also have the front of the Ghibli dressed up? Are any photos extant of the car as originally owned by Elvis?


1970 Maserati Ghibli #AM115*1528*

"Classic Maserati Ghibli 1970. Car is stated to have been owned by Elvis Presley, "King of Rock and Roll".

The car when originally sold was registered to Priscilla Presley. Included in this sale, are three notorized letters from previous owners stating the car was previously owned and registered by Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley.

I acquired this car from the third registered owner in Clements, California. He had bought this car in Hollywood as a result of and ad in the Los Angeles Times. The Maserati was on display in Lodi California at Gino's Auto World on consignment. The owner decided to keep the car.

It went to a shop in Sacramento for a tune-up where the car was stolen. The car was missing for four years when it was found and returned to the owner that we bought the car from. As a result the motor and transmission where missing and the car had been painted.

The original color of the car is metallic blue with white leather interior. The car is missing the motor/engine and transmission. The front bumper is missing and the original headlights have been modified. The original headlights were flip lights and is now modified into the front grill. The car is now red. The leather interior is in original shape with no rips or tears. The original wheels are also missing. The rest of the car is in original condition with the speedometer showing only 57,781 miles. We took the door panel off and you can see the original blue underneath.

All of the glass is good. Back bumper and tail lights are there and original. It has the original spare wheel. The car is very straight and seems to be rust-free. More pictures can be sent on request by serious lookers. The motor was a 4.7 litre. The car is missing the driveline and the radiator and one passenger side sun visor.

Car was sold in "as is condition" on at US $23,600."

Location: Oroville, California, USA.

"Hello Enrico,

You can publish them if you like. We have a few other photos with the wheels off and more of the interior. I would have to take some more pictures.

Thank you for your interest.



































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