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Grille trident on the Maserati Ghibli Cup
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Mehmet in Turkey

"Hi Enrico,


Kind regards,



Cengiz Artam, the father of Turkish racing driver Can Artam.
Maserati sweep the board

It was a clean sweep for Maserati in Istanbul on Sunday, as the team took the first three places at the Istanbul Park race track in Tuzla. The Bartels/Schneider combination finished first, eleven seconds ahead of Babini/Biagi in second and Bertolini/Wendlinger in third.

The winning Bartels/Schneider Vitaphone Racing Team Maserati MC12 at Istanbul Park
From Mehmet in Turkey

With the next round of the FIA GT Championship due to take place in Turkey this weekend, it was nice to receive these photos fron Mehmet of one of the JMB Racing MC12s being displayed in the Ferrari/Maserati Showroom in Instanbul.

Instanbul 18 Sept 2005 - Andrea Piccini, in the GPC Sport Ferrari 575 Maranello, claimed pole position for today's 8th round of the FIA GT Championship, right at the end of the first qualifying practice session. The GPC Sport will share the front row with the #16 JMB Racing Maserati of Philipp Peter, Christophe Pillon and local hero, Can Artam. They will be followed on the second row by the two Vitaphone Racing Maseratis of Babini/Biagi (+90 Kg) and Bartels/Scheider (+50 Kg). The other JMB Racing MC12 of Bertolini/Wendlinger, carrying an extra 100Kg in ballast, was back in 8th position.

Thank you!

"Hi Enrico,

This MC 12, 17-18 September Istanbul Park racing, Drivers CAN ARTAM...

F O R Z A MC...

Kind regards,


From AGI (Agenzia Giornalistica Italia - Italy)


(AGI) - Rome, Sept 13 - Maserati has scheduled the construction of a slimmer and cheaper sports car than its current Coupe', Maserati CEO Karl Heinz Kalbfell told reporters at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new car is tentatively priced between 75,000 and 80,000 euro, which is between 10,000 and 15,000 euro less than the cheapest Coupe'. "We want to broaden our potential customers," said Kalbfell, "but our cars will still be top class."

What this means for us: Can't afford £60,000-plus for a new Quattroporte? Look for a smaller, cheaper Maserati in the next few years that we still can't afford.

And what about that GM Northstar V8 engine

"Cadillac have announced a new more powerful V version of their XLR roadster. The high-performance XLR-V will have polished wire mesh upper and lower grilles; unique nineteen-inch, ten-spoke aluminum wheels; a hood bulge; and four stainless-steel exhaust tips. The naturally aspirated XLR is hardly underpowered, with 300 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque, but the V's supercharged and intercooled 4.4-litre, 32-valve DOHC Northstar V-8 engine makes an exceedingly healthy 440 bhp and a tree uprooting 425 lb-ft of torque, enough, so says Cadillac, to push the V from 0-60 mph in less than five seconds.

But will this engine ever power a Maserati?
The rumours are getting stronger!!!

"Following Separation from Ferrari, Maserati Plans New Alfa-Romeo-Based Model.

From a product-planning point of view, the dissolution of Ferrari and Maserati's partnership in the aftermath of the Fiat/GM debacle was the best thing that could have happened to both marques, as it was becoming obvious that Maserati was beginning to step on too many prancing hooves. Not only are the Enzo and the MC12 too close for comfort, but the proposed V-8-engined Maserati Coupe/Spider replacement also would have threatened Ferrari in terms of price and performance. But that car, seen below in an artist's interpretation, is now history, banished to the corporate graveyard.

Instead, thanks to the economies of scale provided by new owner Alfa Romeo, the Alfa Brera will form the basis for the next Maserati Spider in 2006 and the next Maserati Coupe in late 2008. After that, a stylish, Alfa Kamal-based Maserati crossover (the Kubang?) should enter production in 2007." -

From Olivier in France

Dear Enrico,

I'm a French Maserati enthusiast and I would like to congratulate you for your web site because it is simply the best all round in the world!

My personal car is a Bora AM 117890, 4,7 liters metallic grey and dark leather, beautiful. Actually I'm selling the car.

I did buy on Saturday an Indy FIRST OWNER in Switzerland with only 43 000 Km from new!!!

After the sale of my Bora I'm looking for a great Mistral or a great Ghibli or Khamsin.

Why Maseratis?...Good question!!!..I use to have three Ferraris some years ago, 2 365 GT4 and a 412. Today interesting Ferraris are really TOO expensive. The same for Lamborghinis such as 350 GT's for example.

So I discover Maseratis, I think they had a better build quality and a design more "traditional" (Mexico and Mistral for examples) so they had more discretion. For me the Ghibli is undoubtedly the most beautiful car ever made.

Also the V8 (4,2, 4,7 or 4,9 liters) is very strong with plenty of torque. Masers are much more reliables than the other ones.

And of course they are much less expensive than Ferraris. Also, you can find all over the world some projects. So people can buy and restore the cars with a long term project.

Your "For Sale" department (!!!) is also great.

I also send you the pictures of my green Indy.

My congratulations again,

My best regards,


Luca Cordero de Montezemolo at Frankfurt

Dopo fine accordo GM "ciascun marchio ha trovato sua identità"

Torino, 13 set. (Apcom) - "C'è ancora tanto lavoro da fare e bisogna guardare avanti. Ma se consideriamo dove eravamo due anni fa, in questo stesso salone, è tutto completamente diverso: l'atmosfera, i prodotti, i marchi. E' tutto completamente diverso". Così ha detto il presidente della Fiat Luca Cordero di Montezemolo parlando con i giornalisti al Salone dell'Automobile di Francoforte.

"Due le cose che mi fanno piacere- ha aggiunto - e la prima è che con Marchionne avevamo detto, subito dopo l'accordo con GM, che uno dei vantaggi sarebbe stato quello dello 'spacchettamento' dei marchi e oggi vedo cinque marchi di un gruppo ciascuno con la loro diversa identità, posizionamento, clienti, immagine, prodotti e logicamente management diverso".

"Ferrari è una cosa, MASERATI è un'altra - ha spiegato il presidente della Fiat - Alfa Romeo, Lancia e Fiat sono cose diverse. All'interno di questo 'spacchettamento' quindi vedo dei marchi ciascuno con una forte identità singola e una propria missione".

"La seconda cosa che mi fa piacere - ha detto ancora Montezemolo - è vedere nei nostri stand prodotti ricchi, nuovi, molto orientati al trend dei gusti del pubblico e di grandi contenuto."

Following the end of the agreement with GM "each marque has found its own identity"

Turin, 13th Sept. (Apcom) - "There is still much work to be done and we must look forward. But, considering where we were two years ago, at this very Motor Show, everything has completely changed: the atmosphere, the products, the marques. It is all completely different". So said the President of FIAT Luca Cordero di Montezemolo talking to journalists at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

"Two things have happened that have pleased me - firstly that just as Marchionne and I said, immediately after the agreement with GM, that one of the advantages has been the 'separation' of the marques and today I see five marques within one group each one with its own different identity, situation, customers, image, products and logically seperate management".

"Ferrari is one thing, MASERATI is another - explained the President of FIAT - Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Fiat are different things. Inside this 'split' therefore I see marques each one with its own strong identity and its own goal".

"The second thing that has pleased me - added Montezemolo - is to see on our stands new lavish products aligned to the trends and tastes that will appeal to the public in general."

From the Biturbo Club Italia


16° Raduno Biturbo Club Italia
2° Raduno Internazionale Biturbo
Turin Meeting - 24th and 25th September 2005

"Hello Enrico,

Here is the provisional programme for our Maserati International Turin Meeting.

Could you kindly display it on your website?

All types of Maseratis are welcome, you can even turn up on a Maserati motorcycle!!!



"Ciao Claudio,

My wife and I will be joining you for this one! We'll be flying over on the 20th and will join you at the at the "Carlo Biscaretti" Motor Museum in Turin.

Good luck with the event. I would have liked to have joined you with the Maser but my doctor doesn't think I'm quite up to driving across Europe at this time.



Programme of Events:

Saturday 24th September:

9:00am - 10:30am - Arrival at the "Carlo Biscaretti" Motor Museum in Turin.
11:00am - A visit to the old Fiat factory at "Lingotto" with visit at the private Agnellis'
12:00am - Lunch at the ristorante “Al Pastificio”, situated at Lingotto.
14:00pm - A visit to the current Fiat factory "Mirafiori" (TO BE CONFIRMED).
16:30pm - Transfer to L'Istituto Tecnico Industriale 'Amedeo Avogadro'
set up car display followed by a welcoming drink.
17:00pm - A visit at the Cinema Museum in the Mole Antonelliana and scenografic view
of downtown Torino from the Mole.
19:00pm - Return to the hotels.
21:00pm - Gala dinner at "Mandracchio" restaurant in Rivarossa.
23:30pm - Cocktails around the swimming pool with music.

Sunday 25th September:

9:00am - Arrival at the Motors Park Torino di Lombardore racetrack.
Free laps and races.
13:00pm - Final lunch and farewell.

Price of subscription (excluding hotels): 265 euros for two persons

Several Hotels will be available for the Friday and Saturday night accommodation at varying prices.

Friday night, 4 and 5 star hotel accomodation from 90 to 150 euros.
Saturday night 3 and 4 star luxury hotel accommodation from 77 to 99 euros.

To enrol and join us for this exciting Biturbo Club Italia Meeting please contact:

Claudio Ivaldi
Tel: +39 335 5811336

From the Frankfurt Motor Show

Maserati Gransport Spyder Opens Up In Frankfurt

Maserati has launched the GranSport Spyder, the open-top version of its range topping GranSport Coupe, at the Frankfurt International Motor Show today (12 September 2005) combining the thrilling drive and excellent performance of the GranSport Coupe with the pleasures of roof-down motoring.

Set to arrive in very limited numbers in Australia and New Zealand during the middle of 2006, the Maserati GranSport Spyder shares all the styling, engine and chassis modifications that have lifted the GranSport to the top of its class. This includes the 4.2 litre V8 engine that delivers 400 bhp accompanied by a deep, full sound that is all the more enjoyable with the roof down, 19 inch alloys that rest at the end of up-rated suspension and styling that has been made more aggressive on the outside and, with Bright Tex fabric, cutting-edge inside.

Also debuting at the Frankfurt Motor Show are two new versions of the remarkable Maserati Quattroporte, the Executive GT and Sport GT, offering new levels of luxury and performance respectively. Like the GranSport Spyder, the new versions of the Quattroporte will arrive in Australia and New Zealand in mid-2006.

Alitalia, Maserati and Alfa Romeo launch 'WIN WITH STYLE'

ROME - "Alitalia, Maserati and Alfa Romeo are to join forces in inviting you to choose Italian. A new campaign 'Win with Style' will target those who love the quality, design, performance and security of travelling associated with Italian style. From the 21st September to the 20th December, flying with Alitalia will give you the opportunity to win a Maserati and Alfa Romeo Coupè. To promote this new initiative, Alitalia, Maserati and Alfa Romeo will launch an advertising campaign via the Italian press, on radio and the internet starting on the 13th. For the duration of the campaign, Alitalia flight attendants will distribute entry forms abord its aircraft.



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