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Trident badge on a 1932 Maserati 4CM 1500 #1120
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Satoh in Japan

"Dear Mr. Enrico,

Are you fine? Sorry,I had neglected to write for a long time, and my English is awkward as usual. ("I wish I could write Japanese as well as you can write English!!!!")

I got new Ghibli recently. That is a Ghibli Cup, similarly the color is Nero Sideral. In this way, I am very happy about what can be reported.

The CUP with 6-speed manual transmission is very fantastic. The former Ghibli also carried out skilled of the wonderfullness of Maserati, but the Ghibli Cup is a different thing completely.

It acts as an adult usually, but if the throttle pedal is stepped on when the Ghibli Cup dashes forcibly like a wild chaser. The indicator of the boost meter goes into a red zone simply. Therefore, I hesitate to continue stepping on the pedal when I recognized (this is real MASERATI). It was just pursuing.

It is exactly a fortune that I got the Cup. Because, Ghibli Cup are only about twenty exist in Japan and mileage of the Cup is less than 10,000 miles. Please see the attached photographs. The engine room is new car completely.

Moreover, a report will be put on my Home Page.

Please look forward to it.

See you later.


From Rossano of Reparto Corse

"Ciao Enrico,

I send you a photo of the print in my house!


From Gert in Belgium

"Hello Enrico how do you do?

It looks like my trip to the Frankfurt will cost me some extra ... the 'Polizei' has made a nice photo of me and my new car ... got something to frame now!

This weekend I'm going to a new show: Auto-Moto-Italia I hope it is worth and I don't get flashed again!


"Hi Gert,

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate impromptu photo session, but I can assure you things are even worse over here in the UK. These speed cameras are everywhere even on our race tracks!!!!

To prove my point, take a look at this photo I took at the Castle Combe race circuit over the weekend!

From Castle Combe Circuit in the UK

Back in the Fifties and Sixties, the Castle Combe circuit saw many Maseratis tearing round its track, the most prolific racer being Roy Salvadori in Gilby Engineering's 250F and A6GCS. But alas we don't see many Maseratis there now, so when I visited the Combe last Saturday to attend the Pegasus Motor Club's Annual Sprint Day, I was delighted to see a Maserati Biturbo taking part!

Maserati Club member and enthusiast, Reg, had brought along his 1984 2.5-litre Biturbo (series I) "for the joy of competing with a Maserati". This early Biturbo, (standard save for an MIE suspension package and twin intercoolers), that originated from the USA was hopelessly outpaced in the over 2-litre road saloons class. However, Reg assures me that he has now "caught the bug" and to be more competitive, will be making some modifications to his car in preparation for next season. More information on this soon!


Note the chrome trim on the wheel arches and belt line


2.5-litre engine with US emissions controls removed


The arrow pointing to where the steering wheel should be!

The series one instrument binnacle

Reg and Pat pose for a photo session!!

US emmissions control information

Reg has added these two large intercoolers from a 430

This adjustable valve controls the boost pressure required to open the waste gates

Also there to support Reg was Richard who owns a very interesting 425. Richard and Reg have very kindly sent me some interesting information about their cars.

From Reg in the UK

"Hello Henry,

Thank you for your kind remarks. Much more serious next year, 225 x 50 tyres like the Subarus, LSD supplied by David Askew etc.

As you can see from my practice time, there is still much work to do!! When the track was cold and slightly damp in the morning, I felt the car was needing better front brakes, the rear tending to lock up.

I bought the car from Bill McGrath Maserati needing some considerable re-commissioning after several years off the road. It was sold new in the US in 1984 to American specification, "Europeanised" when imported to the UK in 1991. Massive service history, came into my hands February 2002. Fitted with MIE handling kit and Momo steering wheel by the first owner. During my ownership it has acquired 430 intercoolers and NACA ducts in the bonnet and a mass of work, parts and advice from the following people who could not have been more helpful and professional. David Askew, Mike Jones of Corley Motors, Andy Heywood & Paul at Bill McGrath Maserati, Pat Butt [coachwork] and my good friend John Rose.

I plan to do a test day at Castle Combe to see how well the winter modifications have worked and am expecting the car to be substantially quicker.

My own bit of racing goes way back to 1972 in a Jaguar XK120, Albert Betts' MkI 3.8-litre Jaguar and then in the 80's & 90's having a good run of wins with a Ford Mustang, a Ford Zephyr and a Jaguar 340. In 1990, I won the Classic Saloon Car Championship with 9 consecutive outright wins.

Hope this is OK. Henry, please get back if other details are needed. By the way it's been a pleasure without exception meeting Maserati people, not always the case in some one make clubs.




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