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Trident badge on a 1932 Maserati 4CM 1500 #1120
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At COYS recent Important Auction of British and Continental Sports & Touring Cars, Toys, Models and Automobilia, the 'Spirit of Motoring', this nice old hand built 1:12th scale tin and steel bodied model of a 1929 Maserati Tipo 8C-1100 Grand Prix car sold for £340.00.


A hand built 1:12th scale metal bodied model of the 1929 8C-1100 No.15 Grand Prix car, in the red livery and sitting on solid rubber 'Cord' tyres around wired metal wheels. A very detailed example of the car, the model comes with active steering and finely replicated suspension set up. The hinged twin cowling lifts ro reveal an engine in miniature and the attention to detail carries on in the sprung brake cabling, material covered steering wheel, studded faux leather seat, Hartford shock absorbers, hand brake, drum brakes and fully decked cockpit interior to include visible drive shaft and gear box and water reservoir. The screwed on body panels sit on a real metal chassis with squared off twin exhausts.



Photo courtesy of Coys


On Page 16 of your site, under 'Coys of London', you show the photo of a 1/12 scale model of a 1929 Maserati 8C 1100. This model was made by Protar and is in fact the Fiat Type 806/406 GP car equipped with Sur votre site,à la page 16,Coys of London vous fait parvenir la photo d'un modèle au 1/12 d'une Maserati 8C 1100 de 1929. Le modèle est de la manufacture Protar et représente La Fiat Type 806/406 GP équipée d'un moteur 12 cylindres en 2 blocs de 6 accolés, 1484 cc, compresseur Rootes,187 CV. Pietro Bordino dénomé"Red Devil",la fit participer une seule fois,au GP d'Italie à MOnza en 1927, où il fut vainqueur. Vitesse maxi : 240 km/h. J'ai le modèle en construction. C'est tout de même une belle italienne,presqu'aussi belle qu'une Maserati de course ! Salutations et un grand bravo pour votre site. Alain Larive

NEWSFLASH: For immediate release 8 October 2003


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From Maserati Classico Belgio

A souvenir poster

From Rossano of Reparto Corse

The 2003 Biturbo Club Deutschland Rally

4th October - Lago di Garda, Italia.

"Ciao Enrico,

Ora posso dirti come è andata al raduno sul Lago di Garda. Raggiunto il West Garda Hotel si è provveduto all'iscrizione, 25 auto più una giunta al ristorante, 6 sono della delegazione Biturbo Club Italia il resto di quello tedesco. Assegnati numeri e road book si parte da Padenghe sul Garda alla volta di Iseo per il pranzo, passando per un punto panoramico sul Monte/Castello, poi Salò e via via su e giù per le montagne alla volta di Iseo, considerando che i nostri amici tedeschi vengono in Italia per divertirsi sulle nostre strade è stato molto difficile riuscire a seguirli, infatti il gruppo si è ben presto sgretolato, a mè come al solito è capitata la fortuna di restare in compagnia di un Tedesco che guidava veramente forte e mi ha fatto sudare per stargli dietro, a parte che per mè la sua spider nera del 91 era potenziata perchè faceva un rumore strano, ma lui non lo ha voluto ammettere, comunque dopo questi faticosi 85 chilometri siamo giunti un po alla volta al ristorante le Palafitte sul Lago di Iseo ove abbiamo pranzato abbondantemente

Now I can tell you all about the Biturbo rally on Lake Garda organised by Arno Teschinsky and the Biturbo Club Deutschland. We met up at the West Garda Hotel, Padenghe sul Garda, to register for the rally, 25 cars in all, 6 from the Biturbo Club Italia the rest from the Biturbo Club Deutschland. At a brief meeting we were assigned our numbers and a road books for the trip to Lago d'Iseo for lunch. We stopped at Monte/Castello to take in the magnificent panoramic views and then the picturesque bay of Salò. From there we 'cruised' up and down the mountains on our wat to Lago d'Iseo. We know our German friends come to Italy and enjoy driving on our roads and it was very difficult keeping up with them. So, although we started in a convoy, it wasn't long before the so-called convoy seperated! As luck would have it, I found myself behind a very quick German driver, who had me all of a sweat trying to stay with him. I had an idea that his '91 Spyder had been modified because it made a non-standard sound, but he wouldn't admit to this. However after these 'laborious' 85 kilometres, we arrived at the Ristorante Palafitte, Sulzano on Lago d'Iseo, where we ate really well!

Poi il programma prevedeva di ritornare all'hotel seguendo un altro percorso, ma noi del Biturbo Club Italia abbiamo preferito prendere l'autostrada a Rovato ed andare direttamente a Sarnico per visitare il luogo intanto che nostri amici tedesci vagavano per i monti Lombardi.

After lunch, the itinery included a return journey to the hotel via an alternative mountain route, but we members of the Biturbo Club Italia preferred to take the autostrada at Rovato and went directly to Sarnico in order to visit the town while our German friends continued to enjoy the mountain roads of Lombardy.

In autostrada si viaggiava bene 160Km/h, con punte anche sopra i 200 ma i nostri limiti sono 130, giunti a Sirmione abbiamo atteso l'arrivo del Biturbo Club Deutschland visitando bancarelle.

On the autostrada we travelled comfortably at 160 kph, at times reaching over 200, but our speed limit is 130 kph. We arrived at Sirmione and visited the market stalls while we awaited the arrival of the Biturbo Deutschland Club.

Al loro arrivao si è preso un aperitivo e poi si è andati a cena nel Ristorante Piccolo Castello,dove finita la cena si è votata la vettura più bella, ha vinto Claudio con la sua Ghibli apprezzata per il suo colore verde e per le condizioni, ha solo 12000 km, ha vinto con grande maggioranza davanti alla shamal ed alla 3200gt.

On their arrival, we had an apperatif and then went to dinner at the Ristorante Piccolo Castello in Sirmione. After dinner we voted on the best presented car. The winner was Claudio with his Ghibli for its colour, 'Verde Inglese Met' (Metallic Forest Green) and condition, it has only done 12000 km. He won with a large majority over the Shamal and the 3200GT.

Ti segnalo che trà l'altro è intervenua anche una Karif che è del luogo, altra vettura particolare che non è facile trovare, proprio un raduno con tutte le versioni costruite.

I have to tell you that among the others taking part was a Karif, another car you don't see too often. It was a rally with almost all the Biturbo models constructed taking part.

L'organizzazione di ARNO ha lasciato molte libertà imponendo solo gli orari dei pranzi, dobbiamo anche dire che nei 70 euro dell'iscrizione(pasti esclusi) era compreso uno splendido orologio realizzato appositamente con il quadrante riportante il tridente e la scritta Biturbo in basso.

Arno's itinery and timetable left us free to do more or less as we pleased, with only meal times being compulsory. I must also mention that included in our registration fee of €70 (meals not included) was a splendid commemorative watch with a trident and the word 'Biturbo' on the dial.

Una splendida giornata passata in compagnia di appassionati Tedeschi con cui si apprezzavano le vetture pur non sapendo una parola di tedesco, se andava bene ci parlavamo in inglese, Arno ti saluta e ti aspetta ai prossimi eventi.

It turned out to be a splendid day, spent in the company of German enthusiasts with whom we were able to share our appreciation of these wonderful cars without knowing a word of German, when necessary we spoke in English. Arno sends his best wishes and will be expecting you at the next events.



Maseratis parked at the West Garda Hotel.


Adriano's splendid Spyder. Note the Modena number plate!

Biturbos en route to Lago d'Iseo.


Monte Castello.
The cars rest, while the owners take in the view.

'Little Red Riding No Hood' - the elegant Spyder!


The Shamal is the Shamal!

'Red Devil' - the brutal Shamal!


Claudio admires Arno Teschinsky's Biturbo S.

'Black Beauty' - the aggressive Racing!


The 240 bhp 2-litre engine of Rossano's Biturbo Si.


"The Racing is the best sports car of the Biturbo series, 230 (Maserati had planned to produce 250 cars, but production was stopped at 230) Racing were built . It is unique because it has an engine that delivers it's power at low revs. Its 285 bhp are available at 3000 rpm, compared to the Ghibli which delivers its power at 4500 rpm. With this type of engine, a weight of 1280 kg and sports suspension, the Racing is the Maserati dedicated to racing and the sporting driver. It's not a compromise, it's a 'wild car'!

I've had the chance of driving the Racing and I can assure you that it is a quite spectacular car; loads of power with instant delivery. At 2500-3000 rpm it is very responsive; its combination of turbochargers and torque catapult you forward, much like a "kick up the backside", up to 6000 rpm when the car demands a higher gear. This power delivery, together with its sports suspension and weight distribution, makes it a stable and enjoyable to drive. The Racing, unlike the Ghibli which is more of a Granturismo, is racey and when cornering goes exactly where you aim it; a bit like driving a go-cart.

Only the Biturbo Si has this type of engine and sporting characteristic, and mine only developes 240 bhp!

When you come to Italy, I'll let you try my modified Si which, although only developing 240 bhp, has the same type of power delivery and can't be compared with the standard 2.24v which I can leave standing both in terms of acceleration and pick-up! Driving a car with such a surge at low revs is very entertaining."


The castle at Sirmione sul Garda.


Members of the BCI outside the castle gates.

Wedding Bliss! A Quattroporte III wedding car at Sirmione.


A Spyder and a Ghibli from the Biturbo Club Deutschland.

The Maserati Biturbo watch presented to all participants.


The rare Karif, seen here at Iseo.

Voted best presented car!
Claudio Ivaldi's Ghibli in 'Verde Inglese'.


4th gear, full throttle, 200 kph, my 'cruising speed' on the autostrada! By the way, the official speed limit's 130 kph!
From Craig in Zimbabwe

The 2003 7th Annual Italian Car Day in Atlanta.


Just purchased a Maserati Ghibli (AM115*830) in Harare Zimbabwe, where I live. The car is in pretty good nic, no rust here. Will need to do my own servicing here as there are people who know how. Where can I get technical information on this car. I do not even know what year it is? I assume early seventies.


Craig's Ghibli. Note the 1955 Aston Martin DB 2/4 in the background.

Kind Regards,



Reply from Enrico

"Hi Craig,

Thank you for your e-mail and the photo, looks like a nice car. Is the chassis number AM115*830 ? May I publish the photo and the text of your e-mail in my Enthusiasts' Page? I will only mention your first name.

When you say technical information, do you mean official parts manuals and workshop manuals? If so, your best course of action is to join the Maserati Club here in the UK. They can supply you with photocopies of the Ghibli Parts Manual and the Driver's Manual at a reasonable price. Attached are the manuals supplied by the club to its members. I am not sure if they published a workshop manual but I will find out.


PLEASE NOTE: These manuals are available to Maserati Club members only!

If you want to join, you can contact Dave Smith at


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