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The legendary Il Tridente on the old factory building
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From Reg in the UK

The Biturbo of Reg Palmer's 'Scuderia Palmeri' race team was in action again this weekend. The scene of the action this time around was at the Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire for the 'Castle Combe Sprint' organised by the Bristol Motor Club.

Reg had written to me that he was competing again so I took my camera along to see what I could snap. Castle Combe circuit is locally known as the 'friendly circuit' and all events there are well attended. By the time I got myself together I had already missed Reg's first practice run but entry was FREE, so I didn't mind!

Reg's first practice run was timed at 105.86 secs thanks to a slight detour at Quarry where he made an unscheduled excursion into the inner field. Undeterred, our resolute driver, having removed the grass from his Biturbo, went out for his second practice run. Richard and I drove over to Quarry so see if Reg would repeat his mishap but this time he kept to the tarmac and recorded a creditable time of 84.15 secs.

The morning practice over, Reg, being delighted with the performance of his car and his own efforts, very kindly invited us all for lunch at the 'Tavern Clubhouse' where I enjoyed an excellent Chicken Tikka Massala. Thank you Reg!

After lunch, and a quick check over the car, Reg prepared for his first run proper. It was around this time that we were joined by David Askew who I am sure will be familiar to many of you. Richard, David and I dashed over to 'Bobbies' to check out the car's handling through the chicane. Reg passed through very cleanly posting an improved time of 83.41 secs. Reg seemed delighted with his time until he spotted that Lee Slatter in the 4-litre Triumph TR7 V8 had recorded a time of 81.65 secs, nearly two seconds faster!

Reg was not amused and for his final run was determined to get closer to his opponent's time and judging by the way he came through the chicane at Bobbies it was hardly surprising when we saw his time. Reg had recorded the excellent time of 80.95 secs!!!

These times represented a great improvement on last year's, so I asked Reg what he put the improved performance down to:

"Well Enrico, apart from the ever helpful Pat and his workshop, and the mentor 'Mad Plum", the credit for this car going so much faster goes to David Askew. Dave supplied me with the very effective LS Differential and the later Si wheels on which are fitted Kumho 50 x 225 x 14 list 1B tyres. A whole host of parts from David rapidly despatched at very good prices. Do enough Maserati enthusiasts know of his excellent service? The Differential, wheels, tyres and the negative camber on the front tranformed the car's handling and grip onto another level altogether.

Then onto Bill McGrath's work and I can only thank Paul and Andy for the fine work on the engine set up particularly. Any money spent with them was well spent. It came back from them prior to the Castle Combe sprint going like stink.

Richard Bridge has supplied special parts from his interesting on line shop and I can vouch for the service there too.

Last season the car was 16 seconds off the pace against the Imprezas and Misubushi's (average cost of competitive car around GB £40K?) and now the old coupe is around 11 seconds faster pro rata. It was quick enough to beat a TR7 4.0 V8, that came on a trailer, caged.

I only wish more Maserati enthusiasts would take up the sport with their Biturbos as they're so much fun to take around the circuits. Is any one out there going to take me on in another Biturbo? Only time will tell, but I know a couple of very knowledgeable people who might just come and join the fun! In the meantime I am eager to see how much faster I can go at the sprint at Colerne next month."


The Scuderia Palmeri 2.5-litre Biturbo and crew ...

... Pat, 'Mad Plum', Dave, Reg and Richard




Reg Palmer's dramatic spin at Quarry

Entering Quarry on his second practice run

Reg negotiates 'Quarry'

Leaving Quarry

Reg prepares for his final run!

Lining up in the paddock

Under the Avon bridge to take his place on the grid

Reg's barnstorming final run!

In ...

... and out ...

... of the 'Bobbies' chicane ...

... and accelerates all the way to the finish!

Reg Palmer's practice times!

In ...

... and out of ...

... Quarry on his final lap!

In ...

... and out of ...

... Tower on his final lap!

Closing in on the action ...

... as Reg produces a Stonker of a lap!
My sincere thanks to David Ward of Digital Photography Inspired for permission to share these photos.

Under the bonnet of Richard's Biturbo 425

The Aquamist water injection system

The water reservoir mounted behind the plenum chamber

The dump/pop-off valve

The re-positioned air filter housing

Forced-air intakes for the twin intercoolers

The twin intercoolers ... left-hand side ...

... and right-hand side

High pressure race version of the pump

The manifold and solenoid operated valve

One of the water injectors

Close-up of the plenum switch

The new instrument layout indicating fuel and boost pressures and the air/fuel mixture
From Maserati in Italy

An international event involving historical and new Maseratis, from all around the world.

The Classic cars will span the history of Maserati in a parade across Italy that will end in Rome together with the new Maseratis before the President of the Italian Republic.

The programme for the Classic Maseratis:

Friday 17th September - MODENA Meet in Modena
Visit to the renovated Maserati HQ
Departure for the Mugello circuit
Dinner and overnight stay

Saturday 18th September - MUGELLO 'Trofeo 90° Maserati' regularity trial
Departure for Rome
Gala cocktail party
Overnight stay

Sunday 19th September - ROMA Great Parade with the 'decorated' Maseratis
Grand finale before the President of Italian Republic

Taking part in the parade will be 90 very special new Maseratis, each one decorated with an internationally known image representing an historical event in every one of the 90 years in Maserati's history and decorated with the flag of each of the 50 countries where Maserati is represented.


1957 - Maserati win the F1 World Championship

1969 - Man lands on the Moon

This event will be limited to 300 cars: 120 classic and race cars, 90 'modern' cars and the 90 specially decorated cars.

From Repartocorse in Italy

"Non so se ti è già arrivata segnalazione, ma a Chieti è stata rubata una Maserati Ghibli model year 94 nera del 1994. La Targa BN 520NM.

Chi ne avesse notizie o dubbi su qualche vettura messa in vendita cotatti il Biturbo Club Italia per avere più informazioni.

From Robin in the UK.


This is what it's like living next door to a Maserati enthusiast!


From Kai in Australia


Some pictures I scanned this evening from our Concours d'Elegance and Picnic at Vancluse House Gardens back in April.



The entrants - from a Quattroporte I (2a serie) ...

... to the latest Coupe

I'm sure I left my XXXX here!!!

A relaxed family atmosphere

'The Wild Bunch' visit the concours, and mean business!

"Please may I have some more?"

Checking under the bonnet of a 430

The judges discuss the V8 engine of a Quattroporte IV

New Spyder

430 and Spyder


Quattroporte I (2a serie)

Winner Class 1

Winner Class 2

Winner Class 3
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