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Trident on the bonnet of
the Maserati Tipo V4
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!

From eBay in the USA

I spotted this Quattroporte I on eBay:


Unfortunately I have to sell my 1967 Quattroporte #AM107*1448*.
If anyone is interested you can find it on eBay No: 260245527856.

Thanks Rob."

"This is a rare and well looked after Quattroporte 1 model (2a serie) which when new was hailed as the world's fasted saloon car (147mph). only 660 of these hand-crafted cars where ever built and very few roadworthy models remain. This particular example has only 34,000 miles on the clock. It was brought out of storage in January of this year and now has had four new Pirelli P4000 tyres fitted, new spark plugs, points, condensers, wires, cap. Rebuilt brake master cylinder and many new brake lines.

Another item that makes this particular car interesting is the fact that instead of four Weber 38DCNL carburettors it is fitted with four Weber 42 DCNF carbs which have all just been rebuilt. The powerful 8 cylinder quad cam engine starts first time every-time and runs strong and smooth. Compression is 170 +or-5 on all cylinders. The ZF gearbox shifts smooth through all 5 gears.

Overall the bodywork is straight and solid but does have some paint bubbling on the lower doors and some slight rust on the rockers, nothing that is irreparable. The paint work is presentable with some scratches and dings one would expect from a 40 year old automobile. All the stainless steel trim shows bright with the exception of the driver's door handle which was broken and repaired and the rear bumper which has a dent on the right side, I was able to get a bumper with a dent on the left side, the idea being to cut the two in half and weld the two together to make one perfect bumper and as they are stainless and not chrome it is a relatively simple thing to do.

The interior is finished in red Connolly Leather which although in need of some repairs, shows very well. The seat-belts have been upgraded from lap belts to period correct shoulder belts. The original black Wilton carpets are in great shape as well as the dash and instruments. Overall the car is a great driver as is or an easy restoration."

Car is located at Stuyvesant, New York in the USA, and bidding ends at 19:03:18 PDT on 4th June 2008.

Interested parties can find out more about Bob's 1967 Quattroporte by visiting:









From 'Terra di Motori' in Italy

Terra di Motori: circuito di gallerie dedicate alle auto d’epoca in Emilia Romagna

Dodici gallerie di proprietà privata si sono unite e aprono al pubblico sotto una stessa immagine.

Nasce da un progetto della Regione Emilia Romagna, in collaborazione con la Provincia di Modena e Apt Servizi, Terra di Motori, un circuito di musei privati dedicati alle auto e moto d’epoca che aprono al pubblico sotto la stessa immagine.

Alcune di queste gallerie fino ad ora erano rimaste chiuse perché collocate all’interno di dimore di famiglia, ora hanno parto i cancelli e mostrano pezzi rari e curiosità.

La Nigelli di Monte San Pietro ospita l’unica collezione di clacson di ogni epoca in Europa. All'interno del Castello di Panzano a Castelfranco Modenese c'è la collezione Mario Righini, con la 815 del 1940, la prima macchina costruita da Enzo Ferrari e l'Alfa Romeo 2300 di Tazio Nuvolari. A Modena il Museo dell'Auto e Moto d'Epoca Umberto Panini mette in mostra quaranta Maserati, il Maranello Rosso Collezione a Falciano di San Marino oltre venti Ferrari e una quarantina di Abarth.

E ancora, la Collezione di Moto Battilani, la Collezione Parmeggiani, il Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini, la Collezione Vespa, il Museo dell'Automobile, la Collezione Salsapariglia, il Museo dell'Auto Storica Stanguellini, il Museo Nazionale del Motociclo.

Il progetto pone attenzione oltre ai pezzi delle collezioni anche al contesto storico in cui sono anti, dando uno spaccato della storia d'Italia e dell'Emilia Romagna.


Terra di Motori: a tour of the museums dedicated to the classic cars in Emilia Romagna

Twelve museums in private hands have united and opened their doors under the same banner.

The Emilia Romagna region gave birth to a project, in collaboration with the province of Modena and APT Servizi, and Terra di Motori, to stage tours of private museums, dedicated to classic cars and motorcycles, that will open their doors to the general public under the same banner.

Some of these collections have until now remained closed to the public because they are located within the family's private dwellings, but now they will open their doors to display their rare and curious examples.

The Nigelli di Monte San Pietro houses the only collection of claxons and horns from all ages in Europe. Inside the Castello di Panzano at Castelfranco Modenese lies the collection of Mario Righini, with the 815 from 1940, the first car built by Enzo Ferrari and the Alfa Romeo 2300 of Tazio Nuvolari.

At Modena the Museo dell'Auto e Moto d'Epoca of Umberto Panini has on display forty Maseratis, the Maranello Rosso Collezione at Falciano di San Marino over twenty Ferraris and around forty Abarths.

And again, the Collezione di Moto Battilani, the Collezione Parmeggiani, the Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini, the Collezione Vespa, the Museo dell'Automobile, the Collezione Salsapariglia, the Museo dell'Auto Storica Stanguellini and the Museo Nazionale del Motociclo.

The project places one's attention beyond the exhibits in these collections and into the historical context with which they correspond, giving a glimpse into the history of Italy and Emilia Romagna.

From Gert in Belgium

"Hi Enrico,

I have been searching the internet for information about the driver's airbag fitted to some of the later Ghibli GTs. I can find nothing in the Ghibli Electrical Systems Workshop Manual, do you have any information on this?




"Hi Gert,

Thank you for your email. To the best of my knowledge the Ghiblis from 1992-1998 were never fitted with a driver's airbag. The V6 Quattroporte IV was fitted with a driver's airbag as was the later Quattroporte 'Seicilindri' and 'Ottocilindri', but I'm not sure about the later Ghibli GT, unless it was fitted upon 'special request'.

I will however ask around and see what I can come up with.




"Hi Enrico,

I also looked for some photos on my personal PC. I believe it was an option on the last Ghiblis together with the 3rd rear brake light.

It is not the ugly Lancia airbag system we know from the Thema, but it is even worse!

Anyway it was available but I believe it is very very rare!!!

Please see the attached a few photos illustrating the 'strange' steering wheel containing the driver's airbag as fitted to some of the later Ghiblis.




The Nardi steering wheel with 'SRS' driver's airbag fitted on a Ghibli GT









From H.P. in Switzerland

"Dear Enrico,

On page 144, Gert was wondering about the Nardi steering wheel with Airbag on a Ghibli.

I bought my '95 Ghibli 2.0-litre, with the same wheel, so there must be some cars that were equipped with Nardi Airbag wheels at some time. Until today, I thought my car was the only one, or that one of the previous owners had fixed the Nardi wheel.

Anyway, I took off the Nardi wheel and replaced it with a "standard" wood-rim Ghibli steering wheel. This looks much better. I do not care about the Airbag. I bought the Ghibli for driving, not for crashing!!

Best regards,




If anyone out there can shed some light on the subject of the driver's airbag fitted to the later Ghibli GTs, Gert and I would be delighted to hear from you.


Enrico -"


Whilst searching through my photographic files I came across this selection of steering wheels fitted to the Ghibli II, including some fitted with an airbag!


The steering wheel fitted to the Ghibli MY94 and later

The steering wheel fitted to the Ghibli 1a serie

Ghibli 1a serie wood-rimmed steering wheel

Ghibli 1a serie wood-rimmed steering wheel

Ghibli 1a serie wood-rimmed steering wheel

Ghibli 1a serie leather-rimmed steering wheel

Ghibli MY94 and later wood-rimmed steering wheel

Ghibli MY94 and later wood-rimmed steering wheel

Ghibli wood-rimmed steering wheel with airbag

After-market steering wheel on a Ghibli GT

After-market steering wheel

After-market steering wheel

After-market steering wheel

Ghibli Primatist with standard Ghibli steering wheel

Ghibli Primatist with standard Ghibli steering wheel

Ghibli Primatist with Ghibli airbag steering wheel
NOTE: the Ghibli Cup black carbon fibre effect trim panels

Ghibli Primatist with Ghibli Cup steering wheel
NOTE: the Ghibli Cup black carbon fibre effect trim panels

Ghibli Cup leather-rimmed steering wheel

Ghibli Open Cup suede-rimmed steering wheel
From EDO Competition in Germany

Maserati MC12


Performance specialists EDO Competition in Germany have announced their new performance parts for one of the most powerful and exotic cars in the world - the Maserati MC12.


Engine V12
Power (estimated): 700 bhp (514 kW) at 8200 rpm
Max. torque (estimated): 715 Nm (527 ft-lb) at 5800 rpm

Top speed: Over 370 km/h (230 mph)


0 – 100 km/h (0 – 62 mph) (estimated): 3.5 seconds
0 – 200 km/h (0 – 124 mph) (estimated): 9.5 seconds
0 – 300 km/h (0 – 186 mph) (estimated): 22.0 seconds

Power increase of 70 horsepower thanks to new exhaust headers as fitted to the Ferrari FXX
Highflow catalytic converter with performance muffler
Modified intake system with new carbon fibre airbox as fitted to the the Maserati MC12 Corsa
High-flow air filters and ECU recalibration

Stainless steel muffler with adjustable remote-controlled butterfly-valve - new exhaust ail pipes
Exhaust sound level adjustable at the push of a button
High-performance ceramic composite braking system with 396 mm (15.6 in.) front discs and 360 mm (14.2in.) rear discs
Special brake pads front and rear
Wheels may be custom-painted on request
Tyre pressure monitoring system displaying air pressure and tyre temperature for each wheel
Makrolon headlight covers
Appearance modifications, for example different exterior colour
Air intakes in carbon fibre
Weight reduction of 100 kg (220 lb)!!
Special lightweight wheels fitted with Michelin tyres front: 10 x 19 with 265/35 ZR 19 and rear: 13 x 20 with 335/30 ZR 20
New high-performance clutch - Extremely lightweight (choose from two different friction compounds (strada/pista)
New fully adjustable rear wing

New transmission control unit - Same shift times as on the Maserati MC12 Corsa.

























Further information available from:

edo competition Motorsport GmbH
Zeche Westfalen 1
D-59229 Ahlen

Tel: +49-2382-940520
Fax: +49-2382-940568

Web site:
FIA GT Monza: Gillet Vertigo race report

FIA GT Monza: Pole Position and victory for the Gillet Vertigo

Belgian Racing has won it's first race of the season by winning the G2 class in the FIA GT Championship.

Renaud Kuppens: "From the very first laps this weekend we were faster then the two Moslers, in the rain as well as on a dry track. I would like to thank Pirelli for the excellent service and wonderful tires this weekend."

The Gillet Vertigo .5 with Maserati engine started the race in 21st position just in front of a Saleen with two other Belgians, Greg Franchi and Vincent Vosse.

Bas Leinders: "Thanks to the new Maserati engine we were able to keep a lot of cars behind us in qualifying. After we made a reasonable gap with our most important opponents we slowed down the pace and were able to control the race.

Nice to know, a Belgian team won in GT1, GT2, G2 as well as in the GT4 class this weekend. Who dares to say that Belgium is a small country...

Next race in Adria on the 21st of June 2008.



Peter here in the UK has sent me these photos of the Maserati-engined Vertigo .5 taken during practice for the Tourist Trophy at Silverstone.

©Peter Wood

Belgian Racing: #101 Gillet Vertigo .5
©Peter Wood

Belgian Racing: #101 Gillet Vertigo .5

©Peter Wood

Belgian Racing: #101 Gillet Vertigo .5
©Peter Wood

Belgian Racing: #101 Gillet Vertigo .5

©Peter Wood

Maserati V8 engine of the Gillet Vertigo .5




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