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From Maserati Corse in Italy

14/10/2011 - Vallelunga


A stunning double win on the Vallelunga track in the International Superstars Series gave victory to Swiss Team's Andrea Bertolini in his Maserati Quattroporte EVO.

Copyright Mario Chiarappa

Andrea Bertolini takes the chequered flag in the Swiss Team's Maserati Quattroporte Evo

The Modena-born driver adds another trophy to his cabinet almost a year after winning the FIA GT1 World Championship in the Maserati MC12. Proof, if it were needed, that Bertolini and Maserati have a winning partnership. It is worth noting that over its long and award winning lifetime, this is the first racing title captured in the Maserati Quattroporte, placing it amongst the historic ranks of Maseratis which have triumphed both on road and track.

Bertolini seized victory in the Superstars Series in the very last race of the season (on Sunday 9 October), staging a glorious comeback against Luigi Ferrara (Mercedes AMG C63) and Alberto Cerqui (BMW M3 E92), who enjoyed advantages of 20 and 9 points respectively on the eve of the race at Vallelunga. But Bertolini soon bridged the gap with his double win, notched up after taking pole position in the qualifying rounds on Saturday afternoon.

Everything went Bertolini's way in the morning sunday race, which saw him take the lead from the first bend. He also recorded the fastest lap, earning another crucial point for the standings. Maserati's domination was made even more emphatic thanks to Alessandro Pier Guidi, Bertolini's Swiss Team team-mate, who took second place.

In race two, Bertolini had to fend off Gianni Morbidelli (Audi RS4), who made a last-gasp attempt at victory, challenging the Modenese driver for the lead. Also on the podium was the other Swiss Team Maserati driven by Pier Guidi. Luigi Ferrara, who encountered mechanical problems during the trials, failed in his attempt to defend his position, while Cerqui and Biagi, the other two drivers vying for the title, failed to give the Maseratis any real worries.

The result was nonetheless suspended for several hours due to an appeal lodged by the CAAL Racing team against the Modenese car. After the necessary checks, the race officials confirmed Maserati's win as legal, only for Luigi Ferrara's team to make a further appeal against their decision. At this point, the National Court of Appeal must decide on the matter, which will thus be investigated in the near future. Bertolini is champion of the International Superstars Series 'sub judice', pending appeal.

Andrea Bertolini: "It's totally amazing! I live for racing and my aim is always to win. It's almost a year since I won the FIA GT1 championship and this season I've changed team, format and car. I spent the winter working hard, focusing on one thing only: doing everything I could to win this championship. Now I've succeeded, but it's down to a huge team effort. I always dedicate my first wins to my family but this time I want to add Guido Bonfiglio too (Swiss Team manager) and the whole team. It was a tough championship for us because we raced one weekend fewer than our rival teams. It's true that there were some difficult moments, but we managed to remain focused throughout. We did really well in terms of managing the situation and putting pressure on our rivals. We're used to risking everything for victory in the last race, which is why we didn't make any mistakes. Now we have to put this win behind us and start working towards next year's championship, where all eyes will be on us".

Alessandro Pier Guidi: "I joined Swiss Team with the championship already underway, nonetheless I'm really pleased with the results we've achieved and I would certainly draw up a positive report. I had some lucky and some not-so-lucky moments, but what matters is that we never for a second failed to be competitive. I'm happy for Andrea and for the team, for the title we've taken. I'd like to thank Maserati and Swiss Team for their hard work and support. Next year I'll try to do even better".

The prize-giving ceremony is scheduled for the next motorshow in Bologna, on Sunday 4 December.


1 Andrea Bertolini - Maserati Quattroporte EVO
2 Alessandro Pier Guidi - Maserati Quattroporte EVO + 3.992
3 Alberto Cerqui - BMW M3 E92 + 5.409


1 Andrea Bertolini - Maserati Quattroporte EVO
2 Gianni Morbidelli - Audi RS4 + 0.538
3 Alessandro Pier Guidi - Maserati Quattroporte Evo + 5.150


1 Andrea Bertolini - 178 points
2 Luigi Ferrara - 165 points
3 Alberto Cerqui - 163 points

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati Press Center

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Andrea Bertolini
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Andrea Bertolini

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Andrea Bertolini
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Trofeo SuperStars

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The Champagne - Veuve Clicquot of course
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The Podium

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The Podium
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Andrea Bertolini

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Andrea Bertolini/Alessandro Pier Guidi
Copyright Mario Chiarappa

Alessandro Pier Guidi

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Andrea Bertolini
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Andrea Bertolini

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Andrea Bertolini
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Andrea Bertolini

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Andrea Bertolini
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Andrea Bertolini

From Maserati Corse in Italy
TROFEO MASERATI - Pier Guidi and Bertolini close out the Trofeo Maserati 2011

02-10-2011 - Mugello: The 2011 Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC ended with victories for Alessandro Pier Guidi and Andrea Bertolini.

The titles had already been assigned at Vallelunga, with David Baldi taking the Trofeo crown and AF Corse, courtesy of Cedric Sbirrazzuoli and Alessandro Chionna, sealing the Team series.

Mugello did have some say in the final standings as second spot went to Nicolò Piancastelli and third to Gaetano Ardagna. The two, along with Baldi, have enlivened the entire season and as well as filling the final podium spots of the season. The final order was Piancastelli, Ardagna, Baldi. In the end, the Tuscan was able to celebrate his title in front of his home fans despite a hitch in the morning race, when he had to retire with a tyre problem and, in Race 2, when he was hit with a drive through for not respecting the pit exit lane.

The points for the two Mugello races went to Ardagna and Piancastelli as Pier Guidi and Bertolini raced as guests. The two are appearing in this season’s Superstars championship in the Swiss Team Maserati Quattroporte Evo. In Race 2 Bertolini was testing solutions that will appear on the 2012 car and he finished third overall despite coming up against entrants from the Italian GT Cup. The result highlights how competitive the Modenese car is even when racing against cars from a different category. The Mugello race format mirrored the one used at Vallelunga, with the Maseratis sharing the track with GT Cup cars. The race time was extended (with more points on offer) and each driver had to make an obligatory 45 second pit stop.

Adrian Newey, Technical Director of Formula 1 Red Bull Racing, also took part in the final round of Maserati’s single-make series. He crossed the line seventh overall (fourth in the Trofeo) after going at it with Francesco La Mazza and other Italian GT cars. His team mate and friend, Joe Macari, who disputed Race 2, classified twelfth.

Saturday evening saw the awards ceremony take place with Mathijs Bakker (Trofeo over 50), David Baldi (driver with most Trofeo category wins: 6), Nicolò Piancastelli (Trofeo under 30 and driver with most Trofeo pole positions: 6), Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (most Team wins, 7, and most Team pole positions: 5) taking the honours. Of course, the champions David Baldi (Trofeo) and AF Corse with Cedric Sbirrazzuoli and Alessandrio Chionna (Team winners) also received their awards.

The 19-20 November test sessions were also announced. These will take place ahead of the Trofeo Maserati JBF RAK Middle East, a six-date series with races scheduled for Bahrain (3 December), Bahrain (7 January), Yas Marina (27 January), Losail Circuit (17 February), Dubai (3 March), Yas Marina (23 March).

David Baldi: “Regardless of my winning the title, it was a superb championship. Maserati managed all these cars splendidly. My compliments go to the mechanics as none of us ever held back. I would like to thank Maserati for organising this single-make series, the only one that offers drivers a back-up car, and for giving me the chance to compete on some of the finest circuits in Europe. I am really proud to have taken part in this Trofeo and to have such magnificent people alongside me”.

(AF Corse): “Alessandro Chionna: “Everything turned out well during the season. Things were already looking up in March at the Imola tests. Cedric, my team mate, is a true professional and I knew I would learn a lot from him. The race programme and the circuits were excellent. We won the title with a race to spare”.

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli: “We got off on the right foot and the 2011 season went brilliantly. I managed to win seven out of eight races in the Team series and five overall. I really felt at home in the car and the Trofeo atmosphere is great too. I would like to thank AF Corse and Amato Ferrari, who pulled out all the stops from the beginning of the season to the very end”.

Race 1 - Trofeo

1. Alessandro Pier Guidi 24 laps 50’47.143 *
2. Andrea Bertolini 24 laps 50’56.671 *
3. Gaetano Ardagna 24 laps 51’02.349
4. Nicolò Piancastelli 24 laps 51’07.440
5. Manuel Villa 24 laps 51’35.353

Race 1 – Team

1. Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (AF Corse) 24 laps 50'57.039
2. Olivier Doeblin (Scuderia Jolly Club) 22 laps 50'55.745
3. Franco Gallina (Gallina Franco) 22 laps 50'59.089

Race 2 - Trofeo

1. Andrea Bertolini 26 laps 53’15.359 *
2. Nicolò Piancastelli 26 laps 53’15.589
3. Alessandro Pier Guidi 28 laps 53’20.814 *
4. Gaetano Ardagna 26 laps 53’20.890
5. David Baldi 26 laps 53’32.289

Race 2 – Team

1. Olivier Doeblin (Scuderia Jolly Club) 25 laps 53'02.346
2. Davide Durante (Swiss Team) 25 laps 53'04.219
3. Alessandro Chionna (AF Corse) 24 laps 53’13.071

* guest drivers who do not pick up championship points

Trofeo Classification

1. David Baldi –164.5 points
2. Nicolò Piancastelli – 153 points
3. Gaetano Ardagna – 145.5 points

Team Classification

1. AF Corse (Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna) – 216.5 points
2. Swiss Team (Grassi/Durante) – 129.5 points
3. Scuderia Jolly Club (Olivier Doeblin) – 95.5<

Driver interviews, photos, videos and in-depth articles on Maserati’s single-make series are available on the Maserati Corse website (

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati Press Center

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Maserati GranTurismo MC
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David Baldi/Nicolò Piancastelli

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The Podium
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David Baldi and Andrea Bertolini

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Andrea Bertolini, Cedric Sbirrazzuoli and Alessandro Chionna
Copyright Mario Chiarappa

Nicolò Piancastelli

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Gaetano Ardagna
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Adrian Newey

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Adrian Newey
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Adrian Newey

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David Baldi

From Maserati Corse in Italy
TROFEO MASERATI - Pier Guidi victorious. AF Corse claim the Team title.

17/18-09-2011 - Vallelunga: Alessandro Pier Guidi has won the first of this weekend's Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC races. The Vallelunga round is the seventh in this season's calendar.

Pier Guidi, from Tortona, got the better of his team mate Andrea Bertolini, someone he competes with in the International Superstars Series driving the Maserati Quattroporte Evo fielded by Swiss Team. The two are appearing as guests here and so do not pick up any championship points. This means that the overall win went to Cedric Sbirrazzuoli, from Scuderia AF Corse. Thanks to this result, Sbirrazzuoli secured the 2011 Team title along with his team mate, Alessandro Chionna.

Behind the Monaco based driver at the chequered flag came David Baldi (fourth overall) who secured another podium finish in the Trofeo to move closer to the title. Baldi made the most of the fact that his closest rivals retired: Nicolò Piancastelli pulled out on lap 16 after suffering a problem with his car and Gaetano Ardagna threw in the towel following a pit lane clash with his fellow Venezuelan, Justino Riveroll Azcarate.

Completing the Trofeo podium was the returning Manuel Villa with Andreas Segler up next. Over in the Team series, Emanuele Smurra took second with Swiss Team's Matteo Grassi in third.

Vallelunga saw the introduction of the new Trofeo format, one that will also be employed at Mugello for the last round. The set up sees the Trofeo drivers competing alongside entrants in the GT Cup with races extended and more points on offer. As well as this, each driver has to make a 45 second pit stop.

Baldi wins the 2011 Trofeo

Second spot in the Trofeo was enough to see David Baldi crowned the Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC 2011 champion. This was the outcome of the Vallelunga meeting and means that, buoyed by a brilliant victory in Race 1 on Saturday evening, Baldi takes the title with a round to spare.

So, the Tuscan celebrates victory in a series in which he led from start to finish. Since the opening race at Imola, he has battled long and hard with a determined Nicolò Piancastelli and Gaetano Ardagna. A win this afternoon was not good enough for the Romagna driver to deny Baldi but it did see him overhaul the Venezuelan in the overall standings; Ardagna took a solid third today.

Race 2 was won by Alessandro Pier Guidi in a repeat of yesterday's result. Pier Guidi also kept up his amazing record of always winning when he has been in the Maserati GranTurismo MC. The Tortona driver was a guest this weekend and so didn't win any championship points, nor did his Swiss Team companion from the International Superstars Series, Andrea Bertolini. The two are turning out this year in the Maserati Quattroporte Evo and both tested new technical solutions that might appear in the 2012 Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo.

Things were also settled in the Team series at Vallelunga with the title going to AF Corse thanks to the efforts of Cedric Sbirrazzuoli and Alessandro Chionna. In Race 2, the category win went to Davide Durante, from Swiss Team, who finished ahead of Chionna and Scuderia Jolly Club's Olivier Doeblin.

The two journalists taking part, Massimiliano De Giovanni and Massimo Arduini, finished sixth in their respective races in the N. 18 Radio Monte Carlo car.

The Vallelunga weekend was held under new rules with the cars competing alongside entrants from the GT Cup. Races were ten minutes longer (with more points awarded) and each driver had to make a 45" pit stop.

David Baldi: "I am astounded; I can't believe I have won the Trofeo. I am really, really happy. I won the title after collecting six wins and managing drop to the points at Spa, my unluckiest round, as the regulations allow. I would like to thank Maserati for giving me the chance to race on some of Europe's best circuits. Today at Vallelunga I was in a back-up car and still managed to bring home the result. This proves how the GranTurismo MCs are the same for all the drivers. This is one of the single-make series' important factors. I will be much more laid back in the last round at Mugello as it is my home circuit. I won't be trying to add up the points but just enjoying the event with my friends".

Alessandro Chionna (AF Corse): "I was much calmer today after Cedric made sure of the title with yesterday's performance. It was tough making it to the finish because the tyres were really worn down. I tried for the category win but couldn't pull it off. I would like to congratulate Swiss Team for their win".

The final round in the 2011 Trofeo Maserati will be held on 2 October at Mugello.

Race 1 - Trofeo

1. Alessandro Pier Guidi 29 laps 51'27.820 *
2. Andrea Bertolini 29 laps 51'31.581 *
3. David Baldi 28 laps 50'46.286
4. Manuel Villa 28 laps 51'08.055
5. Andreas Segler 27 laps 50'42.975

Race 1 – Team

1. Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (AF Corse) 28 giri 50'26.216
2. Emanuele Smurra (Emanuele Smurra) 28 giri 50'49.412
3. Matteo Grassi (Swiss Team) 27 giri 50'14.998

* guest drivers who do not pick up any championship points

Race 2 - Trofeo

1. Alessandro Pier Guidi 28 laps 50’11.260 *
2. Nicolò Piancastelli 28 laps 50’38.711
3. Andrea Bertolini 28 laps 50'39.441 *
4. David Baldi 28 laps 50'52.829
5. Gaetano Ardagna 28 laps 51'04.522

Race 2 – Team

1. Davide Durante (Swiss Team) 28 giri 51'27.690
2. Alessandro Chionna (AF Corse) 28 giri 51'28.434
3. Olivier Doeblin (Scuderia Jolly Club) 27 giri 50'17.025

* guest drivers who do not pick up any championship points

Trofeo classification

1. David Baldi – 155 points
2. Nicolò Piancastelli – 121 points
3. Gaetano Ardagna – points 113.5

Team classification

1. AF Corse (Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna) - 189 p.
2. Swiss Team (Grassi/Durante) – p. 116.5
3. Scuderia Jolly Club (Olivier Doeblin) – 64.5 p.

Driver interviews, photos, videos and in-depth articles on Maserati’s single-make series are available on the Maserati Corse website (

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati Press Center

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David Baldi
Copyright Mario Chiarappa

David Baldi

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Alessandro Chionna
Copyright Mario Chiarappa

David Baldi

Copyright Mario Chiarappa

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli
Copyright Mario Chiarappa

Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC

From Team Shamals in Japan

"Dear Maseratisti,

Hosting this site has given me many, and I mean many very happy moments. Sadly on occasions, these happy moments are tinged with great sadness, and unfortunately this is one of those occasions.

My Team Shamals friends in Japan have informed me of the sad premature loss of their friend Eiji Takaku, aged only 40 years.

The late Eiji Takaku with his Maserati Ghibli II

Eiji passed away on October 5th 2011, after having fought a long battle against liver cancer.

Eiji was the proud owner of a Maserati Ghibli II, and one of the leaders of the Gandini Touring events, the 11th meeting being held on September 11th, just six months after the earthquake/tsunami attacked Japan.

The members of Team Shamals first met Eiji at a Maserati event in November 2006.

Eiji was a great supporter of the Marque, and his blog, "no maserati no life" kept Maserati enthusiasts up-to-date with Maserati happenings in Japan.

Our sincere condolences go out to Eiji's family and friends. May he rest in peace.

From Jacques in France

"Hi Enrico,

Look what I found:

I looked at this ad out of curiosity, and was surprised by the rear hatch which was different on the first models. Is this what was changed ?



When I received this email from Jacques, I immediately checked out the Hemmings web site.

With my advancing years, I felt a certain affinity with this ageing Ghibli. No, thankfully, I'm not living in a barn, suffering from neglect, or plagued by rust, but some parts are now missing, and most others are not in as good a condition as they once were.

If you think a Maserati restoration project is expensive, check out the cost of a hair transplant and a face lift !!



























From Newspress in the UK
MASERATI and SOLDINI to break Atlantic sailing records,

together with BSI and GENERALI

Maserati presents its race against time, teaming up with world-renowned sailor Giovanni Soldini in an attempt to break three important and historic North Atlantic sailing records.

FIAT chairman, John Elkann and the president of Yacht Club Italiano, Carlo Croce, introduce the challenge, where Soldini and his team of nine sailors will next year captain the Maserati yacht in an attempt to break the Cadiz-San Salvador (Bahamas), Miami-New York and New York-Lizard Point (UK) records.

Press Conference at the “Yacht Club Italiano YCI”...

Giovanni Soldini next to the Maserati GranCabrio

The three ocean course attempts will be monitored by the World Sailing Speed Record Council, the international body certifying the record times on the historic clipper routes.

“I am happy that two major companies have decided to approach the world of ocean sailing by supporting this important Italian enterprise," said Giovanni Soldini, who already has two circumnavigations and over 30 Atlantic crossings to his name.

“We intend to be the first Italian boat to set a record on an official WSSRC route and breaking the North Atlantic record has always been a lifelong dream of mine.”

From left to right, next to the Maserati GranCabrio:
John Elkann, President of FIAT;
Carlo Croce, President of YCI;
Yachtsman Giovanni Soldini;
Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati

From left to right next to the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale:
Yachtsman Giovanni Soldini;
Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati;
John Elkann, President of FIAT;
Carlo Croce, President of YCI

While the principal partner for the challenge is Maserati, whose name has been given to the boat, the challenge is co-sponsored by the Swiss bank BSI (Generali Group) and Generali itself. Maserati will fly the pennant of Yacht Club Italiano, which was founded in 1879 and is the oldest sailing club in the Mediterranean Sea. Vodafone Italia and Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A. will be official suppliers to the challenge, with Bulgari as the Official Time Keeper.

“Maserati is lending its name to a boat which represents the synthesis of nautical technology and with which Soldini and his crew will attempt to break major ocean records,” said Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati S.p.A.

“Giovanni Soldini aboard Maserati expresses the absolute symbiosis of values – passion, emotion, speed, adrenalin, innovation along with craftsmanship and an Italian identity – between the Trident marque and the great Italian yachtsman in a series of offshore challenges on a global scale.”

Maserati is lending its name to a racing yacht

Maserati is lending its name to a racing yacht

The Maserati CEO’s enthusiasm was reflected by the challenge’s other partners.

“Yacht Club Italiano is delighted to be partnering Giovanni Soldini and Maserati in this important challenge," declared Carlo Croce, president of Yacht Club Italiano.

Principal partner for the challenge is Maserati, the challenge being co-sponsored by the Swiss bank BSI (Generali Group) and Generali itself.
Maserati will fly the pennant of Yacht Club Italiano, the oldest sailing club in the Mediterranean. Vodafone Italia and Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A.
will be official suppliers to the challenge, with Bulgari as the Official Time Keeper.

Alfredo Gysi, CEO of BSI SA, the Gruppo Generali bank specialising in private wealth management, also expressed his pleasure in supporting the attempt.

“We are pleased to support, together with Maserati, Giovanni Soldini and his crew and recognise the great sporting value of their project,” he declared. “Tackling such a challenge requires great technical expertise, team spirit and aspiration to excellence: all values that are fully reflected in our group.”


With the Maserati yacht, the Trident marque is partnering Giovanni Soldini in this ambitious project. The confrontation with time, the emotions generated by speed, the adrenalin deriving from competition are of course all elements that have indelibly marked Maserati's almost hundred-year history. That history includes Maserati’s first land speed record set by Bakunin Borzacchini in 1929 to the victories at Indianapolis in 1939 and 1940, the two F1 World Championship titles of Juan Manuel Fangio in 1954 and 1957 and the FIA GT1 world title won by the Maserati MC12 in 2010.

However, Maserati, a company that has always made of innovation one of its strongest suits, is by no means new to speed records on water. As early as the 1930s, the Maserati brothers tested two paired 16-cylinder engines at sea and, in 1955, a Maserati engine conquered five powerboat world championships. For 12 consecutive years until 1969, Maserati’s eight-cylinder engines won 19 world, four European and 10 Italian titles in various categories.

Maserati’s present commitment to Giovanni Soldini therefore represents a kind of return to the future for the Trident marque.

With the support of and participation in this major Italian sporting and technological project, Maserati is confirming its role as a global ambassador for the excellence Italy is capable of expressing. Maserati’s excellence is displayed with passion every day in 65 countries around the world through successful products of the highest quality such as the Quattroporte, the GranTurismo and the GranCabrio, cars whose performance reflect on the road the performance expressed at sea by Giovanni Soldini and Maserati.


Founded in Lugano (Switzerland) in 1873, BSI SA is one of the oldest banks in Switzerland and specialises in private wealth management. Since 1998, it has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Generali Group, one of the major international insurance and finance institutions. BSI focuses on establishing and maintaining enduring and continuous relationships with its clients, offering efficient and high level global management services. The company is present on the principal international financial markets in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.


The Generali Group is one of the largest European insurance firms, the European market leader in the life insurance sector, with total premiums of over €73 million in 2010. With a staff numbering 85,000 around the world serving 70 million clients in over 60 different countries, the group occupies a leading position in Western Europe and has an increasingly significant presence on the Eastern European and Asian markets.


Maserati is a VOR 70 which took part in the 2008-2009 round-the-world race. An ultra-technological boat of over 20 metres, it makes a case to be the world's fastest mono-hull yacht thanks to a carbon-fibre mast more than 30 metres high, a canting keel, mobile water ballast tanks, forward canard fins, its extremely sleek waterlines and its structures in composite materials.

As Soldini explains: “After three months in dry dock, Maserati is 10% lighter and more powerful, with a greater self-righting capacity. We have worked to obtain a more stern-heavy configuration, thus making Maserati particularly well suited to sailing at higher speeds.”


Here is the schedule of records, featuring the approximate start dates. Dates are approximate as each voyage has to start with ideal meteorological conditions, therefore the go ahead will be given by a team of meteorologists at the last moment. If conditions are favourable, Giovanni Soldini and Maserati will also attempt to break the record for the longest distance covered by a mono-hull yacht in a 24-hour period.

January 2012: Cadiz-San Salvador (Bahamas) – 3,884 miles (no time reference to beat: absolute record held by Franck Cammas, trimaran Groupama, May 2007).

March 2012: Miami-New York – 947 miles (no time reference to beat: absolute record held by Frank Cammas, trimaran Groupama, June 2007).

April 2012: New York-Lizard Point (UK) – 2,925 miles (record to beat 6 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes, 39 seconds set by Robert Miller aboard the monohull Mary Cha IV, October 2003; average speed of 18.5 knots).

According to the schedule Maserati will be put into the water in November 2011. November and December 2011 will be devoted to fine-tuning the boat and selecting and training the crew.

All text and photos courtesy of Maserati




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