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Grille trident on a Maserati A6G/54 by Zagato
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Ben in Denmark

"Hello Enrico,

Again, great page, which I visit almost daily.

I remember on page 72 there is an add from Daniele in Italy, who has/had a Barchetta and Cup engine for sale. It states now that the Cup engine is sold, but do you have Daniele's contact information? A gentleman from the Danish Maserati Club is looking for an engine for his Ghibli. He is a professional Ferrari racer, but privately prefers Biturbo cars. He remembered that I had mentioned seeing this on your site and called me up today asking me, if I could get information on it.

Can you help me here? It is listed on page 72 of your site.



1991 Shamal - Black with grey interior and 18 inch Postert wheels
and 2004 Coupé Cambiocorsa - Black with beige interior and Vintage Package (the Coupé is a replacement for the 1997 Ghibli GT 2.8-litre - Tundra verde with beige interior)."


'Black is beautiful!' - Ben's Coupe and Shamal
From Yannick in France


You will find some pictures of my Ghibli 94 after some different works done on it.

Those latest months I changed:

- The left exhaust system.
- The front brake (which are from a Ghibli GT).
- All Turbo sleeves.
- The Fuel pipe and fuel filter.

Engine is new, less than 4500 Km. (the body car got only 32000 km).

As you can see in the pictures, the car is in an exceptional condition, looks like a new.

If somebody is interested to buy that fantastic new ghibli just give me a mail even if I actually don’t want to sell it, I am open to realistic proposal.














I am also selling a plenum cover which is completly new (as you can see on the picture).

It seems that, this plenum only fits with latest Ghibli engine (with ABS).

The number 228 is written on it.

Considering the great aspect of this plenum, I am selling it around 400 euros.








From Elliot S. in the USA


I read a posting on this site about wire wheels. I own a 1972 Ghibli SS #AM115/49*2370*. It is being restored and will be completed Winter 2006-2007. I live in New York City and I drive my car about 4,000-5,000 miles a year (12 months a year but not in the winter with water on the ground because salt is used to melt the snow here.)

My car came with 4 bolt Borrani wire wheels. They are servicable. I was quoted US $500 per wheel to rebuild and rechrome. I instead chose to buy a set of new Dayton bolt on wires. They have chrome rims and stainless spokes. I drive the car and the people at Dayton say chroming weakens the wires and I think the chrome wires are not guaranteed.

I purchased these wheels about 2 years ago and drove the car with them, no problems. I did purchase 16 inch diameter wheels that are 1/2 inch wider in the rear and I think the fronts are also wider.

The cost of these four wheels non-chrome today is probably less than $1,800. I think these wheels look much better. They have a much more open look due to the extra diameter and because the center hub is about 2 inches less in diameter.

The Borranis have a "Bolt circle" the same as mine, but the Borranis have an additional one inch wide piece of metal around the bolt circle, probably for strength. I notice no difference in ride and handling and I have 60 series contemporary tires fitted.

My car has a few minor updates for looks and drivability. I had a bare metal restoration done and it was quite rusty. I had both the ugly front and rear side marker lights removed. Under the hood I had an MSD electronic ignition to replace the original Maserati CD ignition and the plugs have not yet fouled even in city traffic. I cannot compare this to the original ignition because the original did not work when I purchased the car. The MSD only cost about $500 installed.

I also had the underhood accessories updated. I had a Japanese alternator put in as well as a rotary air conditioner compressor. And the greatest improvement, I now have a belt driven water pump on the car!!!!!

My car is taken care of by Vantage Motors in Stamford, Connecticut. If anyone wants additional details or possibly photos I will be happy to obtain them.


From Enrico in the UK


I was recently shown this in-house promotion video illustrating the production of the Maserati Barchetta back in 1992. I have taken these photos of the video for your enjoyment.

































From Robert in the UK

"Hi Enrico,

First can I congratulate you on a fantastic website, and thanks for all the effort you must have to put in to keep it running!

I bought a 3200GT from 2001 about 2 weeks ago, and am really enjoying it so far. I've had quite a few nice cars before, Alfa GTV3.0, Ferrari Dino GT4 and Porsche 911, but so far I think the Maserati is the nicest of all. Of course it is fast, but it alos seems very comfortable and refined. A pleasant surprise has been how positively everyone has reacted to it - many people pretend not to notice a Ferrari, but I keep seeing people pointing at the Maserati, and have already had some nice comments from people at petrol stations etc.

I am sure you've seen loads of pictures of 3200's but here are some pics of my very own pride and joy, if you would like to make use of any of my pictures you are most welcome!

I looked at the various pages on your site relating to the 3200, and saw a number of workshop manual pages - how do I get hold of a copy of the workshop manual - either paper or ideally electronic?

All the best,






From Gert in Belgium

"Hi Enrico,

Thought some of your visitors might be interested is this Maserati.

"Very special edition (sole example) - Fully tuned at 470 bhp! - Adjustable suspension and lowered springs - Special rear axle - Ghibli Cup engine - 6-speed manual transmission - Ghibli 16-inch alloy wheels, etc.!!"

All the best,


From Christian in Belgium


Here are the pics requested. That's all we have at the moment. Car should arrive somewhere between 16th and 20th August 2006. We will keep you advised. This is a very, very, special car!



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