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Grille trident on a 1978 Maserati Bora
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From Newspress

What's this, another Biturbo?

Bi-Turbo Blasts To Brighton

The unique Smart roadster-coupé V6 bi-turbo will exclusively lead the annual London to Brighton smart Rally on Saturday 27 September; the first time the car has been driven outside Germany.

The racy prototype, created by smart BRABUS gmbh, has two standard three-cylinder engines joined together to create a V6 bi-turbo engine, with 1,396 cc engine capacity and power output of 170 bhp and 220 Nm of torque. The car accelerates from 0-62 mph in less than 6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 137.5 mph.

From Huy in The Netherlands


Hereby I sent you some pictures of the car.



From Frank in Luxembourg

"Hi Enrico,

I hope you are doing fine. You can find attached a picture of the new Quattroporte. I took the picture at the Motor Show in Frankfurt this week.




"Thanks Frank.


From Jan in South Africa

"Dear Enrico,

As promised here are more photos of my Ghibli GT.

Kind Regards,


From Rossano of Reparto Corse

9th September 2003

"Dear Enrico,

Last Sunday, for the third year running the Alfieri Maserati Club 1914 and the Biturbo Club Italia attended a track meeting at the Autodromo Lombardore near Turin. The Autodromo Lombardore is a small track, around 1.1 km in length, where one only uses second and third gears. However, our enjoyment is guaranteed! Unfortunately, this year it lacked a little support with only 13 teams competing; five teams pulling out during the previous week.

Next year we are trying to book a bigger faster circuit like Barberino, owned by FIAT. After all taking drivers who have never driven at high speed on a race circuit before is DANGEROUS! Last year they placed cones to mark out the braking points, this year they did the same, every year they make improvements!

Naturally, we must also keep an eye on our costs. For example, to hire the exclusive use of the Muggello circuit for 5 hours on a Sunday morning they wanted €35,000 (around £25,000)!

For this year's rally, our Maseratis had exclusive use of the Lombardorecircuit for four hours. Initially we had a twenty minute free session to allow all drivers to familiarise themselves with the track and to put 'some heat into the tyres'. Then on a free track, each driver, in turn, did four quick laps during which time they had to put in their fastest lap, starting with the 18-valve class, then the 24-valve and finally the 8-cyl cars. Then after the timed session, the track was made available to each class in turn for another ten laps, (bearing in mind that after 10 laps the brake fluid in the Biturbos was overheating) theiturbo dopo 10 giri avevano l'olio dei freni surriscaldato), leaving at 10 second intervals. After that the track was free to any driver, regardless of class, wishing to continue enjoying themselves! After a fine lunch, prizes were later awarded to the driver posting the fastest lap time in each of the three classes.

Only 3 cars participated in the 18-valve class, of which one was carburatted. In the 24-valve class there were 7 cars and in the 8-cylinder class there were two 4200GTs and a 3200GT. With my 18-valve Biturbo Si, I managed a time of 51.30 secs, faster than the 24-valve cars bettered only by the 8 cylinder cars.

If you want to join us next year you would be most welcome, after all you have already met some of the other participants namely Antonio Scarpetta and Claudio Ivaldi.

Here are some photos of the event. Regards,



Driving along the Milano-Torino 'Superstrada'

Alfar's Biturbo SE and Rossano's Biturbo Si ready for the track session. "Don't worry Rossano, if you win your class, I'll take the photograph at the prize-giving."

Biturbos ready to take to the circuit

Maseratis; 2 x 4200 GTs, a 3200 GT and a 2.24 (2a serie)

Claudio on the track with his Ghibli

The Masers in the Parc Ferme after the track session

The President awards the trophy to the winner of the 24-valve class, his best lap time 51.50 secs

The winner of the 8-cylinder class with a 4200 GT, his best lap time 50.01 secs

And finally Rossano accepts his trophy as winner in the 18-valve class. Driving his Biturbo Si, Rossano set a new class record lap time of 51.30 secs.

From John in Australia

John was lucky enough to attend the recent sale at RM Auctions in Monterey in the USA and sent me these photos of the event. He was there for a very special reason, to see the sale of one particular Maserati from the Brener Collection. As you can see from the photos, he had a particular interest in the Maserati 5000 GT by Allemano, for John is the lucky owner of #103.038 which is at present undergoing a full restoration. John has promised to send me photos of the car during its progress to completion.


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