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Trident badge on a 1934 Maserati 8CM
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Mehmet in Turkey

"Dear Enrico,

Today send packet, inside your book...

Best regards,



Mehmet's book containing articles from 'The Enthusiasts' Pages'.
From Rossano of Repartocorse

"Finalmente ho quasi finito di ristrutturare la mia Biturbo,come potete vedere dalle foto Ŕ leggermente cambiata,all'interno il color terra di siena ha lasciato il posto ad un pi¨ luminoso e meglio tenuto interno grigio,da notare che Ŕ stato sostituito pure il clima ad azionamento pneumatico con quello ad azionamento elettronico,ma la particolaritÓ viene dall'esterno,oltre agli specchietti del 224 la novitÓ maggiore viene dal paraurti anteriore che Ŕ stato sostituito con uno in vetroresina costruito artigianalmente. Come si pu˛ vedere dalle foto ora da sotto il paraurti posteriore spuntano pure i 4 scarichi.



"I have nearly finished the conversion work on my Biturbo Si. As you can see from the attached photos, it has been slightly changed. The well-worn 'Terra di Sienna' interior has been replaced by a newer grey interiorand the older pneumatically operated air conditioning system has been replaced by the later electronically operated system. I have now fitted exterior rear view mirrors from a 2.24v. and my front bumper has been replaced with one made in fibreglass by a local craftsman. As can be seen from the photos four exhaust tail pipes now emerge from under the rear bumper.



The new front bumper makes it an awesome looking beast!

Working fog lights! Photo taken after a 'fiasco di vino or due'!

The new front spoiler, side skirt and door mirror.

The grey interior - "Nice covers Rossano!"

The all new grey interior.

The later electronic control panel for the air-con.

The four tailpipes from the exhaust system of the 2.24v.

Twin chrome tailpipes by SORAM.
From Sheridon Davies in the UK

Sheridon Davies has spent his working life as a professional artist and graphic designer. His work can be seen at historic and classic racing festivals, motorsport exhibitions and galleries in the UK.

His paintings are intended as an homage to to the power and glory of historic Maseratis, to those who created machines of great beauty and presence and as a lasting testament to the drivers whose skill and courage breathed life into the cars. Each painting sets out to capture each individual line, every curve and swoop of each handbeaten panel, the way sunlight reflects off the paintwork and polished metal straight into your soul.

COMMISSION SERVICE The artist is happy to liaise with a client from first thoughts through to completion. He will work from photographs as long as they are clear and sharp. Email

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS Giclee prints are available on Maserati paintings. To request information phone +44 (0)114 2746856 or email To view more of the Artist's work visit









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