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Grille trident on a Maserati A6G/2000 by Allemano
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Italy

President Vladimir Putin's wife, Lyudmila, went shopping, ate dinner with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and admired actor George Clooney's villa during a visit to Italy to promote a cultural exchange program between Russian and Italian children.

During Mrs. Putin's stay, Berlusconi, a lover of what the Italian press refers to as "entertaining diplomacy," put a luxury Maserati car at her disposal.

From Rene in The Netherlands

"Top Gear shows the Maserati MC12 is fastest car on their track, faster than the Ferrari Enzo! What an amazing car, the MC12.

Greetings from Rene in the Netherlands."

From Enrico

Maserati enthusiasts who watched Top Gear last night, (BBC 2 8:00pm Sunday 29th May 2005), will have seen presenter Jeremy Clarkson driving the Maserati MC12. The start of the programme was devoted to Maserati, with Clarkson enthusing over a Ghibli in the studio and later a driving a Tipo 250F round the track - thank God he didn't prang it! Then he took to the track in an MC12 and didn't seem too impressed even though he admitted that it was fast, very fast.

It may interest you to know that last week, I was contacted by a researcher from Top Gear, asking for photos of Maseratis of the Eighties. I told him I would send him some official Factory photos and added whether it was worth including the photos in the programme as it was highly unlikely that Clarkson would have anything nice to say about Biturbos; or any other modern Maserati for that matter. This in spite of the fact that there are many owners/enthusiasts out there who love them, and that properly maintained they are quite reliable.

Little did I know then that their idea of fun was to drop a skip from a great height onto a red Biturbo. Needless to say the poor old Biturbo met an untimely end!! It seems our TV license fees are being truly wasted (it's alright for you Rene, you don't have to pay it!).

The programme ended with a Maserati MC12, in the hands of racing driver Perry McCarthy (AKA 'Stig'), claiming the fastest time around their test track with a time of 1:18.9 secs, 0.1 of a second FASTER than the previously quickest recorded time by a Ferrari Enzo. It was good to see a professional like Perry McCarthy getting the best out of the car, unlike Clarkson who's style of driving makes me think that he may have had aspirations of a future in figure skating!

From AutoWeek in the USA

No Le Mans for MC12

Maserati’s MC12 supercar will never contest Le Mans. The Italian carmaker said it will definitely not produce the revised version of the car demanded by the organisers of the French enduro. Maserati claims it would be too expensive to narrow the car and reduce the rear overhang to conform to Le Mans rules. “We would love to go to Le Mans,” said Maserati competitions boss Claudio Berro, “but we would have to spend a lot of money to narrow it by just 66 millimeters (about 2.5 inches). It would not be cost-effective to do that.” Berro said the cost would be similar to developing a new car, adding Maserati would prefer to use its resources to enter the GT2 class. “GT racing is the right category for Maserati to be involved in for the foreseeable future. New cars are needed in the GT2 category and maybe we could build one,” he said. A Maserati GT2 car, Berro said, would be based around the Gran Sport model. That car is the basis of the marque’s one-make Trofeo series and the Super Light that has competed in Grand-Am in the United States and the domestic GT series in Italy.

Spa 24 Hour

Meanwhile, reigning Le Mans Endurance Series champion Jamie Davies will make his debut at the wheel of an MC12 in the Spa 24 Hour. The 30-year-old Davies signed to drive the second Vitaphone Racing entry in the sixth round of the FIA GT Championship at the end of July. Davies will share the car with its regular drivers, Fabio Babini and Thomas Biagi. Two-time Sebring winner Eric van de Poele has been brought in to share the other car with Michael Bartels and Timo Scheider.

From Reuters in the USA

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter)

A surprisingly faithful remake of the well-regarded 1974 prison pigskin movie, "The Longest Yard" trades Burt Reynolds for Adam Sandler and goes for the broader attack with generally pleasing results.

Sandler manages to get the smart-ass part down cold as Paul Crewe, a washed-up quarterback who was booted from the league for his part in a point-shaving scandal. After a drunken joyride in his demanding girlfriend's Bentley (it was a much cooler MASERATI in the original) escalates into a messy police pursuit, Crewe lands in a scary Texas prison.

From the Maserati Club France

The Maserati Club of France will be hosting the International Rally from 9th to 12th September 2005. Final details are just about completed and the schedule is as follows:

Friday 9th September - All participants will meet at the Hilton Hotel in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. At 10pm all Maseratis will parade through the streets of Paris passing many famous landmarks arriving at the glamorous Place de Vendome.

Saturday 10th - A scenic drive to Beaune taking in the glorious countryside, with a lunch stop at the famous Marc Meneau's 2nd restaurant in Vezelay. In the evening before dinner a visit to a wine cellar in Beaune is on the agenda; fabulous atmosphere and delicious wines, which they will ship home for you!

Sunday 11th - All day will be spent at Dijon race circuit. The factory say they will be bringing along 2 customer MC-12s. Sunday evening there is to be the gala dinner at the Chateau de Gilly.

Monday 12th - Check out of the hotel and the journey home can begin for those that want to. There will be an optional tour of the Hospice de Beaune, which comes highly recommended.

The cost of entry will be 1,000 EURO for a 2 person team in one car sharing accommodation and 700 EURO for a single participant. There will be an additional charge of 500 EURO for any extra passengers.

For further information, interested parties should contact:

Club Maserati France
105-107 rue Aristide Briand
F-92300 Levallois-Perret

Tel: (+33) 06 73 99 53 07

PLEASE NOTE: Places are limited to a total of 70 cars and please remember that whilst priority will be given to owners of classic Maseratis, that is cars from the pre Biturbo era, owners of later cars will be added to a waiting list.

A Jewel in the USA


Red with White leather interior and Black carpeting, fully restored from an original 39,000 miles example, 5-speed manual ZF transmission and Borrani wire wheels. This is a no expense spared full restoration to show quality of what must be considered one of the best Maserati 3500GTs available in the world. The body is original and was stripped to bare metal showing no sign of rust or previous body damage. This example was originally fitted with Lucas fuel injection but has been retrofitted with Weber carburation during its recent restoration. Many 3500GTs had been originally supplied from the factory with Webers when new. The original Lucas fuel injection is available and supplied.

The aluminum bodies are attractive, well built and superbly finished by Touring of Milan. This is a classic high performance Italian GT powered by a dual overhead camshaft, dual ignition, inline all alloy six-cylinder engine producing 260 horsepower from its 3.5 litre displacement engine, this lineage dates to the 250F Grand Prix cars and the 300S-350S sports-racers. This was the model that brought Maserati from a boutique builder of racing cars to a manufacturer of high performance, high quality production GT cars. Early cars had drum brakes described as "marginal”, this being a late example it has four wheel disc brakes and thus brakes straight, well and with great ease.

The Maserati 3500GT is a wonderful automobile that will allow entry to many wonderful vintage events. It is extremely user friendly and a wonderful, easy automobile to drive and enjoy. The example on offer here is absolutely exceptional in every way. This 3500GT has been restored by a fanatic, it is sorted and ready for a loving new home as its owner has moved on to his next project-restoration. It comes complete books and all restoration records and receipts.

If you're seriously interested in owning this magnificent Maserati then why not check it out on


I would like to thank Tom Papadopoulos of Autosport Designs Inc., Huntington Station, N.Y. for allowing me to publish these excellent photos.

From MCI, NW Region, in the USA


Join Maserati Club International, NW Region, for the inaugural 'Run For the Cave'. This is going to be a great event to enjoy our cars and spend time with fellow Maserati enthusiasts.

September 17th, 18th and 19th 2005 MCI will present a three day event hosted by Cave B Estate Winery ( and the Cave B Inn at Sagecliffe ( This three day event will include a hosted tour of some of the best and most scenic driving routes in Eastern Washington, with photo opportunities at points of interest along the Columbia River, including an exquisite lunch and wine tasting provided by St. Laurent Winery (


Cave B Estate Winery - a super premium winery situated on the spectacularly
beautiful cliffs above the Columbia River near Vantage, in Eastern Washington.

We will be departing from MIE on Friday, Sept 17, 2005, and heading for the brand new Cave B Winery and Resort (

There is limited space so sign up soon!

Click on the links for pdf versions of the following: Information / Application.

The 'Run for the Cave' is being jointly organized by Al and Beatrice Lancaster, Kerry and Carol McMullen, and Mike Latsis. You are welcome to call us or email if you would like more details.

"Looks like a great event at a reasonable price..." -

From the 2005 Cannes Film Festival


Italian elegance and innovation abound in Cannes this week and Sharon Stone has chosen a Maserati Quattroporte for all her official engagements at the film festival. Style, design and passion have brought Maserati’s flagship international acclaim with these qualities perfectly mirroring the personality of the American actress.

Sharon Stone joined Lapo Elkann for the amFAR Cinema Against AIDS Cannes Benefit at the Moulins de Mougins where they auctioned an Alfa Romeo Alfa GT as part of the $2 million raised for the charity on the night.

As well as the Quattroporte, Sharon Stone also has the use of the latest Fiat Croma, the innovative super station wagon that will makes its debut across Europe at the end of the month.


Carol Bouqet in Quattroporte at Cannes

Colin Firth in Quattroporte at Cannes

Dennis Hopper in Quattroporte at Cannes

Elodie Bouchet in Quattroporte at Cannes

Sharon Stone in Quattroporte at Cannes


...Me? I had to walk!!!

My boomerang may not be coming back!

...but this 2001 3200GT might be coming back if some passionate Maserati enthusiast has the will and the cash to do so...


...and if you're that enthusiast you can start by checking it out at

Looking for a 390 bhp Maserati V8 engine?

"I was told by the insurance company that the car was in a house that had a fresh water flood - They bought a new engine under the policy for $45,000.00 - This is the old engine - the a/c compressor is is still attached - THE ENGINE TURNS OVER FINE! - It is still in the box as you see in the pictures below and will be sold this way - BEAUTIFUL - See

From Gareth in England.


In reply to the question from Robert on page one of the 'Enthusiasts' Pages', I think the car he has was one of my 430s, it's a 430 SE, obviously with an SE bodykit.

I fully repainted the car as it had come from an eastern market and the paint had "Yellowed" but was amazingly rust free, I think it was from Hong Kong. It was also fitted with 228 wheels which have a different offset and looks very purposeful.

I have to say this was the best condition 430 I had owned. However, the last time I saw it a different bonnet had been fitted as the one original to the car had been "borrowed" for a 222.


From the USA

The Maseratis of the Back Yard

"If you just want to make tall grass short you can get a 3.5 or 4 [h.p.] and still get the job done," says George Thompson, vice president for communications at the Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, firm Briggs & Stratton, a major U.S. manufacturer of mower engines.

"A Kia will get you there, as will a Maserati," he says, comparing the cheap-to-exorbitant spectrum of cars to lawn mowers. "Obviously the Maserati has a lot more features on it. And a lot more horsepower."

From Dolphin Automotive in the USA

THE GOOD NEWS - "How do you describe a dream? You are about to view a fabulous car, every way you look at it, a real beauty, a 1974 Maserati Merak in absolutely stunning condition all around.

This is a well cared for vehicle and we have a ton of books and records for the new collector to have. The milage is genuine, the car is a diamond and it runs and drives excellent. The A/C is cold and we have the original smog pump if the car goes to California. The previous owner was 75 years old now and he did not want to let this car go. He saved every single piece of paper he had for the car including the books and manuals, maintenance records, newspaper articles, spec info, mechanics to call, blue prints of wire harness, key codes, paint codes, oil change records, every part that was changed is on record, it is almost weird how much info we have saved on this car.

It drives excellent and to be honest I think it clearly outperforms a Ferrari of the same time period. In fact it drives better, it sounds better, and it looks better. The car is a head turner and I think it has the potential to win at least second in the Italian Auto shows, if not first. Please come in and see the car before you bid, have it looked at or send a friend. You will not be let down. The paint looks to be all original but it is 31 years old so minor touch ups could have been done. There are no marks on the finish and the interior looks better than excellent."

THE BAD NEWS - If this car sounds like the business and you would like to own it, sorry, you're too late! This nice little Merak was recently snapped-up by a lucky new owner for only US $24,100.00 on eBay Motors, that's only GB £13,119.22p at today's exchange rate (17th May 2005).


I would like to thank Dolphin Automotive in Pompano, Florida for allowing me to publish these excellent photos.


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