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From Jim in the UK

"Hi Enrico,

It’s Jim in Edinburgh here with the Silver Ghibli Cup. I hope you are well and wonder if you or anyone in our “family” can assist me with a Ghibli II piece of trivia.

If you open the boot of your Ghibli and lower your head to look at the underside of the parcel-shelf, behind the courtesy lights and carpet, you will see a nut welded to the metal roof of the boot.

The "NUTS" welded to Jim's parcel shelf

One of Jim's "NUTS" !!

There is one on each side slightly forward of the fuel tank, it is an M8 I think. Does anybody know what the intended original purpose of this hardware is?!



"Hi Jim,

I've checked my Ghibli M.Y.94, and there are no such "NUTS" welded to my parcel shelf.

I wonder if it was only fitted to the later models ? If anyone out there can shed some light on Jim's nuts, please email me.


P.S. I respectfully ask that you keep ALL answers clean!!"

"Hello Henry,

The area where Jim's nuts are is where you would expect to anchor a full harness racing seat belt perhaps?

The plates and welds do not look very neat, not done at the factory I guess?

The floor seat pan is generally the place, but I have seen many taken horizontally to the parcel shelf as well, especially on a 2-door car.


Reg in the UK."

From the Biturbo Club Italia in Italy

The Biturbo Club Italia have published several photos of their most recent meeting when several members, and their Maseratis of course, met up for a visit to the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia.

Normally, photography is not permitted inside the museum, but it appears that the B.C.I. were given special permission, and have taken some excellent photos of a number of classic marques that having participated in this classic race, and are presently on display. One car worth looking out for is the rather strange looking 1948 Preti Alfa Maserati Sport.

You may view the photos at

The Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia

A 1948 Preti Alfa Maserati Sport

Coupes and Spyders

GranTurismos and Quattroporte

Ghiblis and Shamal

The Biturbo engine, always a subject for discussion!!

Photos courtesy of the Biturbo Club Italia.

From Onno in Belgium

"Hello Enrico,

Have a look at this; my Ghibli had a full respray (after some extensive bodywork). All chrome has also been redone.

As you can see, we’re now ready for rebuilding it. Exciting times.





























From Maserati in Italy


The two-times Formula One World Champion Fernando Alonso, who won the 2010 season's first Formuna 1 Grand Prix for Scuderia Ferrari, has purchased a new Maserati GranCabrio.

The Spaniard has chosen a darker shade for the exterior of his GranCabrio, in combination with two-tone upholstery for the interior. Maserati confirmed in a statement. “Grigio Granito is the color of the body, while the interior has a combination of Pearl Beige and Bordeaux leather, matching a soft top of the same shade.”

Text and photo courtesy of Maserati

From Gulf Daily News in Bahrain

Fangio looks to revive Maserati 250F winning tradition

JUAN Manuel Fangio II, nephew of five-time Formula One world champion Juan Manuel Fangio, will take to the track at the wheel of a Maserati 250F as the world's biggest annual sporting series celebrates its 60th anniversary at the 2010 Formula One Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix from Friday.

As the first round of the 2010 season, Bahrain is hosting a landmark celebration with more than 20 title-winning cars and virtually every surviving world champion expected to attend.

Former sports car and IndyCar racer Fangio II will drive the evocative Maserati 250F in a spectacular cavalcade of title-winning cars that will form part of the on-track entertainment through the weekend.

In many minds, his uncle remains the greatest driver of all time, and Fangio II is delighted to represent 'the Maestro' in Bahrain.

"I imagine being him and looking back from his perspective I would say to myself how quick life goes by, and how strange it feels to endure as a defining contributor," he said. "I'm sure he would think what a privilege it is just to be remembered so fondly 60 years later."

Juan Manuel Fangio was the most successful driver of the 1950s, winning five world championships in the seven full seasons that he contested. Born in Argentina in 1911, he raced in the gruelling South American cross-country events and regional circuit races until his Formula One debut at the 1948 French Grand Prix.

Returning to Europe the following year Fangio won the San Remo, Pau, Roussillon, Marseille and Albi Grands Prix and in so doing earned a drive with the all-conquering Alfa Romeo team for the first season of the world championship in 1950.

After losing the inaugural title by just three points to his team leader 'Nino' Farina, Fangio claimed the honours in 1951 after fending off Alberto Ascari and the rising Ferrari team.

In 1952, a major accident early in the season left Fangio with a broken neck from which he made a long recovery, returning to form in 1954 when he became team leader for Mercedes-Benz and swept majestically to his next two world championship titles.

When Mercedes-Benz withdrew from the sport at the end of 1955, Fangio switched to an uncomfortable alliance with Ferrari. He won the world championship when his young team-mate and title rival Peter Collins voluntarily handed his car over at the deciding Italian Grand Prix after Fangio's own car failed.

For 1957, Fangio moved to Maserati and drove his greatest season in the 250F. Although 46 years of age he would often use the gruelling three-hour race format to his advantage, keeping pace with the younger men in the first hour then increasing the pressure relentlessly to the finish.

His final race victory in the 1957 German Grand Prix remains the greatest in the history of the sport when, having lost 48 seconds in the pits, he charged out and broke the lap record nine times to pass the leading Ferraris of Collins and Mike Hawthorn.

"I have never driven that quickly before in my life and I don't think I will ever be able to do it again," he said.

Fangio retired the following year and returned to Argentina, where he nurtured the talents of Juan Manuel Fangio II before passing away in 1995.

"I really feel that his true legacy is the commitment he demonstrated to live life in pursuit of your passion - no matter what," said Fangio II, who is looking forward to taking the wheel of the car his uncle made legendary. "I would say that the old cars are defining examples of art, while the new ones are pure precision."

Gulf Daily News

From Lorenzo in France

"Bonjour Enrico

Je te joins une photo de ma Ghibli AM 115*172* prise dans un embouteillage de Maserati !

Je vais faire restaurer la carrosserie et je souhaiterais retrouver la couleur d’origine.

Je te tiendrais au courant de la restauration de ma Ghibli !

Je te joins des photos de ma Mexico AM 112*730*, immatriculée en 1970 qui est en tres bon état mécanique mais nécessite une restauration carrosserie, ainsi que refaire les Borrani.

J’adore cette voiture élégante et efficace !

Penses tu venir au Mans Classic cet été ? Ce serait un grand plaisir de te voir.

Comme tous les deux ans le club Maserati France aura un emplacement, nous recevons des membres des clubs hollandais, anglais et l’ambiance est toujours tres agréable !

Bien amicalement


"Hi Enrico

I am sending you a photo of my Ghibli AM 115*172*, taken during a Maserati traffic jam!

I am about to restore the bodywork and would like to find out what the original colour code was.

I will keep you up-to-date with the restoration of my Ghibli !

I am sending you photos of my Mexico AM 112*730*, registered in 1970 which is is very good condition mechanically but needs a bodywork restoration, as well as a refurbishment of the Borranis.

I adore this car, elegant and practical !

Do you think you will be coming to the Le Mans Classic this year ? It will be a great pleasure to see you.

As during the past two years the club Maserati France will have a stand, we welcome members from the Dutch and English Clubs and the atmosphere is always very plesant !

Best wishes,






My Ghibli taken through the rear window of my Mexico.

From Johan in The Netherlands

"Hello Enrico,

I am the second owner of a totally original Italian Maserati Quattroporte, the car is in Holland with me now, and I like it.

But can you help me?

I have a little question about the construction of the rear seats, how are these rear seats originally fixed in the cars?

I took the rear seats out, but I noticed that some part is missing that ensures that the rear seats are fixed in their position.










From Philippe in Belgium

"Buongiorno Enrico,

Qualcune foto per l'amico Roger....

L'officina è a Overijse (non lontano da Bruxelles). Si chiama L'Officina, a Brusselsesteenweg, 345, 3090 Overijse.


"Good morning Enrico,

A few photos for our good friend Rogar....

The workshop is in Overijse ( not far from Brussels ). It's called L'Officina, at Brusselsesteenweg, 345, 3090 Overijse.






"Hi Henry,

Good to see these photos. Thanks to you and Phillippe.

Interesting to see the drilled out body parts; I'm just wondering if this goes some way to explaining the weight reduction which was claimed for the later SS. I have always puzzled over this and how the factory achieved it. I think I've seen somewhere a figure of a reduction of 170 kg. That's quite a lot.

Let's have a look at the non-SS and SS parts manuals (attached).

Interesting! They show more holes in the SS frame.

But could that explain 170kg difference, if indeed that is the figure? I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has a breakdown of the weight saving measures that were undertaken by the factory.



Merak manual non-SS frame

Merak manual SS frame

From Charles in the USA


Thanks to Charles' kind permission I am able to show you these photos of a rare De Tomaso Guara that is currently available for sale on

"Chassis number ZDT8940000A800011 - This is one of only 40 De Tomaso Guara Coupes in the world, and one only two in the USA. This is a rare opertunity to own one of these cars, as very few if any of these Guaras ever come up for sale.

The Guara is the last car built by De Tomaso. It was designed by Carlo Gaino, of Synthesis Design, who penned the Maserati Barchetta; in fact the Guara is engineered based on the Maserati race car.

It has race car suspension with very long double wishbones with inboard springs and shocks operated by pushrods. The suspensions were designed by a company which made the suspensions for the Williams F1 cars.

Other aspects of the car are state of the art. It's body is made of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar. The Chassis is a backbone type in aluminium; the backbone is honeycomb sandwich material which is light but rigid.

This car is powered by a Cobra 4.6-litre 32-valve V8. This is the first car produced with this engine the prior cars had a BMW 4.0-litre engine.

Despite the race car chassis design it is a very comfortable car; the driving position and ergonomics are excellant. On the road this mid-engined car runs like a race car with minimum body roll with strong grip and Gspot Brembo brakes which provide amazing braking power. With it's long wheelbase and short body and wide stance it is very stable in corners. The Guara is actually the best engineered De Tomaso in it's 40 year history.

This car was featured on Speed Channel's "Super Cars Exposed" and also on Whipnotics. There have been many magazine articles on this car over the years. As mentioned before this is a rare opportunity to own one of these unique and rare cars. It may be years before another comes up for sale.

This significant and rare Guara is now offered for sale...........De Tomaso's Last Trophy......

Some Technical Specifications:

2,500 lbs

4.6-litre 350 bhp engine

6-speed transaxle

13" Brembo brakes

0-60mph in 4.8 secs

Top speed: 168 mph"

Further details are available at






















From Enrico in the UK


Maserati 3500 GT

AM 101  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati 3500 GTI

AM 101  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Sebring 3500

AM 101/S  . . . . . .  (odd numbers only)

Maserati Sebring 3700

AM 101/10  . . . . . .  (odd numbers only)

Maserati Sebring 4000

AM 101/10  . . . . . .  (odd numbers only)

Maserati Spyder Vignale

AM 101  . . . . . .  (odd numbers only)

Maserati 5000GT

AM 103  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Quattroporte 4200

AM 107  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Quattroporte 4700

AM 107/47  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Mistral

AM 109  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Mistral Spyder

AM 109/S  . . . . . .  (odd numbers only)

Maserati Mexico 4200

AM 112  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Mexico 4700

AM 112/1  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Ghibli

AM 115  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Ghibli SS

AM 115/49  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Ghibli Spyder

AM 115/S  . . . . . .  (odd numbers only)

Maserati Ghibli Spyder SS

AM 115/S49  . . . . . .  (odd numbers only)

Maserati Indy 4200

AM 116  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Indy 4700

AM 116/47  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Indy 4900

AM 116/A49  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Indy 4900

AM 116/B49  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Bora 4700

AM 117  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)


AM 117  . . . . . .  (RHD odd numbers only)

Maserati Bora 4900

AM 117/49  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)


AM 117/49  . . . . . .  (RHD odd numbers only)

Maserati Merak

AM 122  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)


AM 122  . . . . . .  (RHD odd numbers only)

Maserati Merak SS

AM 122/A  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)


AM 122/A  . . . . . .  (RHD odd numbers only)

Maserati Quattroporte II

AM 123  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Merak 2000

AM 122/D  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Khamsin 4900

AM 120  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)


AM 129  . . . . . .  (RHD odd numbers only)

Maserati Kyalami 4200

AM 129  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)


AM 129  . . . . . .  (RHD odd numbers only)

Maserati Kyalami 4900

AM 129/49  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)


AM 129/49  . . . . . .  (RHD odd numbers only)

Maserati Quattroporte III 4200

AM 330  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Quattroporte III 4900

AM 330/49  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Quattroporte Royale

AM 330/49  . . . . . .  (even numbers only)

Maserati Biturbo 2-Door Coupe

ZAM331B00  . . . . . . 

Maserati Biturbo 4-Door Saloon

ZAM332B00  . . . . . . 

Maserati Biturbo Spyder

ZAM333B00  . . . . . . 

Maserati 228/228i Coupe

ZAM334B00  . . . . . . 

Maserati Karif Coupe

ZAM339B00  . . . . . . 

Maserati Shamal Coupe

ZAM339B00  . . . . . . 

Maserati Racing 2-Door Coupe

ZAM331B00  . . . . . . 

Maserati Ghibli Coupe

ZAM336B00  . . . . . . 

Maserati Quattroporte IV

ZAM334B00  . . . . . . 

Maserati 3200 GT Coupe

ZAMAA38  . . . . . . 




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