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From Newspress in the UK

Rare footage of legendary Maserati 250F released to mark 60th anniversary of iconic Formula One racer.

Unique collection of 16 Maserati 250F racing cars go on display in special ‘Monza Paddock’.

Miniature vintage Maserati cinema created for Earls Court Motor Show exhibition.

GranCabrio MC and Ghibli Diesel on display.


Maserati is continuing its year-long centennial celebrations at the Goodwood Revival on 12th – 14th September. As well as marking 100 years at the pinnacle of automotive engineering, Maserati are also honouring the 60th anniversary of the legendary 250F Formula One racing car by releasing some rare film footage of the car in action ( ).


Sir Stirling Moss takes refreshment assisted by the Maserati 250F

Sir Stirling Moss at the wheel of the Maserati 250F

The luxury Italian brand which was first founded by the Maserati brothers in 1914 in Bologna will be showcasing some of its rarest and most beautiful models from its rich sportscar heritage at the Goodwood Revival.

From Maserati’s historic road car range, the 1961 3500 GT Vignale Spyder and 1969 Ghibli Tipo AM115 will be on display in the Earls Court Motor Show. Also on display alongside these historic Maseratis will be the current high performance GranCabrio MC and the new Ghibli premium sports saloon. As part of Maserati’s immersive display inside the exhibition hall a miniature vintage cinema will screen original footage from the marque’s motorsport hey days.

In the main paddock, the legendary Maserati 250Fs will take centre stage in a recreation of the 1954 pit lane from the famous Italian race circuit - Monza - which played host to the iconic race car. 16 examples of the car will be on display at the event including an ultra-rare V12 model. The 250F is no stranger to Goodwood, having been victorious at the race circuit in the 1950s. Sir Stirling Moss once hailed the 250F as the most beautiful looking and user-friendly Formula One car ever built.

On Sunday 14th September the fleet of 250Fs will compete alongside machines from Ferrari, Lotus, BRM, Lancia and Aston Martin in the Richmond Trophy for front-engined 2.5 litre Grand Prix cars built between 1954 and 1960. The cars will also take part in high-speed demonstrations on Friday 12th September.

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati UK

From Newspress in the UK

The 2014 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is set to mark Maserati’s centenary with a unique gathering of cars in conjunction with the Maserati Club. The club’s stand will host no less than 21 examples of the Italian marque with everything from the earliest model to the newest Ghibli set to feature.



Dan Nwaokolo, Event Director for the show said: “We’re really looking forward to helping Maserati mark their 100th birthday – they’ve produced some stunning cars in that time and I’m excited to see that so many of them will be with us for the show.”

The Maserati Club was formed in 1972 and is open to both owners of Maserati cars and bikes or just enthusiasts for the Marque. Originally driven by a desire to preserve those iconic early race-winning cars, the club has evolved to cater for all cars to bear the trident.

Examples of the marque on display include some real racing rarities, such as a Tipo 61 'Birdcage', a Cooper-Maserati and Nick Mason’s glorious 250F. The Pink Floyd drummer is a well-known petrolhead and is privileged enough to own some of the world’s most desirable cars, amongst which is his 250F.


Nick Mason at the wheel of his Maserati Tipo 250F

A Maserati Tipo 4CS driven by a Maserati Club member

The Grand Prix-winning 250F was launched in 1954, with just 26 examples built. It was driven by arguably the most legendary Formula One driver of all time, Argentinian Juan Manuel Fangio. Fangio, who would win five World Championships, drove the F to victory in its first two Grand Prixs and later the 1957 World title.

It had suffered since its time as an F1 car, leaving Europe for South America where, at some point, it’s 2.5-litre, straight six Maserati A6 engine had been replaced by a Chevrolet unit. The 250F has benefitted from a total restoration and is today in the same world-beating condition it would have been in in the 50s. It’s set to be one of the highlights at this year’s show and one not to be missed.

With such a rich racing heritage, it’s unsurprising that the stand will also feature the likes of a Tipo 200S (one of 28 made) and a Tipo 300S.

The 200S would win the San Marino Grand Prix and the Targa Florio in 1955, while Stirling Moss would pilot a 200S to victory in the 1956 Trofeo Supercortemaggiore. The 300S would also see success, winning at the Nurburgring in 1956.


A 1977 Maserati Khamsin

A rare 1974 Maserati Quattroporte II by Bertone

David Daw, one of the Maserati Stand organisers, said: “We’ve gathered the most diverse and wide ranging line-up for our celebrations, showcasing from the marque’s racing heritage right through to its supercars. Plus we still have some further surprises that will be revealed at the show.”

Another must-see at the show will be Roger Lucas’ 3500 GT Vignale Spyder. The Spyder was launched in 1960 and just 245 were made. It’s a little lower and longer than the coupe, the Spyder gained a new grille and taillights to differentiate it from the fixed-head coupe.

With such a variety of cars on display, the Maserati Club stand is sure to draw plenty of admirers over the show’s three days from the 14-16th November. Tickets are on sale now.

For more information and to book tickets, visit

From Dave in the USA

Whilst following a thread entitled "Dave Burnham is a BIG Biturbo fan" on the Biturbo Zentrum discussion group at, a very informative and knowledgeable forum for Maserati Biturbo Era owners, I became aware of a very particular Biturbo.

My site was started back in 1999, and I dedicated it to the Biturbo, for it was this model that prevented the Maserati marque from disappearing into oblivion. It was back in 1975 that De Tomaso stepped in, When no other Italian manufacturer was interested in saving the "House of the Trident", and the rest is history.

Every now and then one comes across a fellow Maserati enthusiast who is not only passionate about their Biturbo, but who is also mechanically skilled enough to turn their road car into a competitive race/track car.

Dave Burnham, who runs a specialist Citröen workshop in Delanson NY ( ), is such an enthusiast. His workshop is 98% Citröen but also receives a number of "Citröen Era" Maseratis in his shop. They also rebuild many of the 90 degree Maserati V6 engines from the Citröen SM and Merak, and has one that he uses in his winter ice racing car but that's a whole different thread.


Dave's Maserati V6 engined ice racing car !

But we're here to talk about his very special and quick Maserati Biturbo.

He bought the car in 1997 and has been using it mostly on the track since 1999, but it is still registered and road legal (sort of) in New York State.

Since 1999 he has raced it on the following tracks: Lime Rock Park in CT, Pocono (North, East, and South courses) in PA, Monticello Raceway in NY, Summit Point in West Virginia, Beaver Run in PA, Mosport in Canada, Waterford Hills in Michigan, The Hershey Hill climb in PA, many auto crosses and road rallies.

He admits that the car handled terribly from the factory and had terrible brakes but over the years has changed many things on it and now, in his own words, "It's really great !". He likes to tinker with it and keep making improvements; "Don't get me wrong these cars are just fine the way they are for the street, but trying to get the most you can out of them on the race track takes some changes."

Some of the things done to make it better and faster are:

Generic Koni double adjustable shocks made to fit.

300 lb/in front springs and 200 lb/in springs in the rear bought at a race car flea market.

Purpose made front and rear anti roll bars.

Removed a lot of the rubber out of the suspension.

Installed generic camber/caster plates at the top of the struts.

Replaced the caster rods that hold the lower control arms in place with heim joints.

Found a couple of sets of the 7" wide Biturbo wheels, and use Hankook 225 50 14 DOT race tires.

Made a front splitter.

Installed a rear wing I bought for $8 at a flea market.

Installed a race seat and roll cage.

Installed a much stronger clutch.

Installed an oil accumulator because the car would loose oil pressure in the turns on the track.

Fitted a Spearco air/air intercooler.

Installed a blow off valve.

Re-jetted the carburettor on a dyno. It now has 215 bhp at the rear wheels.

Raised the rear suspension mounting points (because when the car is lowered too much the arm point down and you loose forward traction).

Moved the battery to the trunk.

Installed a Torsen differential from a 1985 Biturbo.

Installed a differential oil cooler.

Took a lot of weight out of the car. It now weights 2,490 lbs with Dave in the car. He still considers it too heavy, and is working on further improvements.

Made a large tube exhaust system with no catalytic converter and a straight through Borla muffler.

Installed vented front brake discs from an Acura.

Made mounts for Brake Man racing brake calipers front and rear with racing brake pads.

Changed the air filter to individual K & N filters in a high pressure area in the bumper.

He has been working with this car for many years and it finally handles quite well, having adequate power from the stock engine, and his laps times are quite good now. In 1999 at Lime Rock he was doing 1 minute 14 second laps, now he can do 1 minute 3 second laps.

Anyone interested in coming to a track day with any kind of a car but especially a Biturbo should email Dave at

The next event he is attending is at New Jersey Motorsports Park on September 8th with NECC Motor sports. Check it out here:


Dave's Maserati Biturbo... full race trim !!

Made a front splitter

The front splitter installed on Dave's Biturbo

Installed a rear wing

Installed a race seat

The functional cockpit...

...and instrument panel with AccuTech instruments

Business like, no creature comforts here !!!

Installed a roll cage

The roll cage...

...side impact protection

Fitted a Spearco air/air intercooler

Installed a blow-off valve

Installed a blow-off valve...

...and an oil accumulator

The braided hoses...

...feeding the oil accumulator

The stronger standard clutch pressure plate from HR Clutch

The improved clutch discs from HR Clutch

Vented front brake discs from an Acura

Brake Man racing calipers front and rear with racing brake pads

Installed a differential oil cooler

Moved the battery to the trunk

Installed a Torsen differential from a 1985 Biturbo


Large tube exhaust system with no catalytic converter...

...and a straight through Borla muffler

300 lb/in front springs...

...and 200 lb/in springs in the rear

Generic Koni double adjustable shocks made to fit

Generic Koni double adjustable shocks made to fit

Purpose made front...

...and rear anti-roll bars

Installed generic camber/caster plates... the top of the struts

Left-side front suspension and brakes
showing the heim joint suspension... adjust and control caster
along with the larger anti-roll bar

The rear swing arm mounts have been raised
for better traction on acceleration

Metal clamp to hold the steering rack
replacing the standard rubber mounts

Large aluminium spacer mount replacing the standard rubber mount

My grateful thanks to Dave Burnham for allowing me to publish his photos.

From Gwen in Belgium

"Hi Enrico,

Thought our fellow Maseratisti might enjoy this film clip taken from BBC's Top Gear back in 1993, which shows a youngish Jeremy Clarkson driving a number of classic Maseratis and later praising a Maserati 222 4v !




Maseratis on Top Gear in 1993
From Julian in Australia

"Hi Enrico,

I thought and write to confirm that the Ghibli Registry is now open and running at

We are aiming to record the whereabouts of as many of these stunning cars as is possible.

Would you be able to publicise this on your website please ?

Thank you,


From Ken in the USA

"Ciao Enrico,

I am selling a Maserati Merak SS, but before it goes I thought you'd like to know something about it.

It's Merak SS #AM 122A*1234*, and according to MIE the King of Morocco, Hassan II was the original owner. Gold exterior/goldish interior, makes sense huh !

I must admit, it does need a lot of tender loving care !!

Please enjoy, and best wishes.


Ken in CT."


Maserati Merak SS...

...finished in Oro Longchamps metallizzato (gold metallic)...

...and goldish velour interior...

...chassis no. AM 122A*1234*

It's a 3.0-litre Maserati...

...Merak SS...

...but, where the hell is the V6 engine ?

Don't panic ! You'll be relieved to wnow that it's all here !!

Well, here's the engine number for a start...

..and don't exceed 4,000rpm for the first 1,500Kms.

The air filter box


The three twin-choke 44 DCNF Weber carburettors...

...complete with intake manifold

The distribution shaft, distributor, water pump cover...

...and rocker covers.

The cam box


The cylinder heads


Cylinder heads

Pistons and connecting rods

Carburettors, camshafts, distributor cap...

pistons, conrods and transaxle support cross-member.

The V6 engine block


The Citroen transverse gearbox...

...with inboard mounted disc brakes.

The bellhousing

Clutch pressure plate and flywheel

Header tank, starter motor and coolant thermostat housing

The cylinder head gasket set

Oil and water pump housing, distributor cap...

and spark plug leads.

Oil pan, spark plugs, assorted nuts and bolts...

...various brackets and miscellaneous items.

Layshaft from engine driving hydraulic pump with belts to:
alternator, air/con compressor and hydraulic accumulator.

Campagnolo alloy wheels
From Stuart in the UK

Hi Enrico,

Thank you. Yes I would love you to put my cars on your website. I will send some photos of the interiors tomorrow.

I had two Quattroporte V8 evoluzione, one in Grigio Touring and the other in Blu Nettuno, the blue one is in the garage having a wheel bearing done, but it's back tomorrow. The silver one I have recently sold to a friend of mine, who is a mechanic.

I also have a black 2007 Maserati GranSport LE that has only 4,150 miles on the clock, and still smells like new. I bought it from a dealer (Richard Grace at He's a dealer in Chester who often sells Maseratis, and has a soft spot for them. He is a great guy to deal with, and I would always go back to him 100% !!

I was really lucky to be at the right place at the right time. I'm hoping to drive through Italy soon.

Where are you based ?

Thanks for your time Enrico,



Stuart's Maserati GranSport LE...

...the pride of his collection !







For those of you wondering what the "LE" stands for it's "Limited Edition" with the following extras: full leather interior, driver's seat with memory, heated front seats, electrochromatic rear view mirror, rear parking sensors, Auditorium 200, CD changer, black external grilles, Xenon headlights plus headlight washers, coloured brake calipers, and 19-inch Trofeo alloys in Grigio Mercury.


Stuart's Quattroporte V8 evoluzione in Blu Nettuno

Stuart's Quattroporte V8 evoluzione in Grigio Touring

The interior of Stuart's Quattroporte V8 evoluzione in Blu Nettuno





From Dirk in Germany

Dear Enrico,

Attached some pictures from the last two weekends; Classic Days at Schloss Dyck and the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.

My Maserati is the Indy finished in rosso rubino. Feel free to publish them.




The "Jewels in the Park" display in the grounds of Schloss Dych

Dirk's fine Maserati Indy




Maserati A6 1500 by Pinin Farina

Maserati A6G 2000 Coupe by Pietro Frua


Maserati Tipo 4CM

Maserati Tipo 8CM

Maserati Tipo 8CM

Maserati 250F

Maserati 250F "Piccolo"

Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage"

Maserati Tipo 8CM

Maserati Tipo 26M


Maserati A5G/54 Zagato

Maserati A5G/54 Zagato

Maserati A5G/54 Zagato

Maserati A5G/54 Zagato

Maserati 3500 GT

Maserati Sebring 2a serie

Maserati 3500 GT Spyder Vignale

Classic Maseratis at the Nürburgring
From Google Alerts

A gentleman who transformed his Maserati to take on the appearance of a police car is charged with “impersonating an officer”.

Photo Erik Clark/ AP

The transformed Maserati GranTurismo !
From Peter in the UK

Dear Enrico,

Here are the photos that I want to share with you all !

They are all from the Silverstone “Classic” Meeting, at the end of July, on the MASERATI area.

Hope you enjoy them, they were taken on the Saturday of the weekend.

I had my old racing Helmet which I have had since 1958, along with a description, in the back window of my 4200 Coupe at the meeting.

Everyone admired it for its style, just like the one that Sir Stirling Moss wears; peak front, side leather ear pads and straps, in white to match my Abarth. Very happy memories indeed !!!




The magnificent artwork on the Maserati UK area illustrating 100 years of Maserati history

Peter's magnificent Maserati Coupe in perfect company.

Pride of place for Peter's classic crash helmet !!!

The Maserati Club UK area...

...for the more modern Maseratis

For the more modern Maseratis

For the classic Maseratis

Maserati Club members...

...enjoying the hospitality of Maserati UK

The Maserati Club UK area...

...for classic Maseratis

The Maserati Club UK area...

...for classic Maseratis

Maserati UK

Maserati UK

Maserati GranCabrio

Maserati GranCabrio

Maserati GranCabrio

Maserati Ghibli III

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale - Safety Car

Maserati MC12 ‘Goodwood Cent 100’

Maserati MC12 ‘Goodwood Cent 100’

Maserati MC12 ‘Goodwood Cent 100’

Maserati MC12 ‘Goodwood Cent 100’

Maserati MC12 ‘Goodwood Cent 100’

Maserati MC12 ‘Goodwood Cent 100’

Maserati MC12 ‘Goodwood Cent 100’

Maserati bicycle

Maserati motorcycles

Cameron Millar 250F #CM5

Cameron Millar 250F #CM5

Cameron Millar 250F #CM5

Cameron Millar 250F #CM5

Maserati 250S

Maserati 250S

Maserati 250S

Maserati 4CS

Maserati 4CS

Maserati 4CS

Maserati Tipo 26M

Maserati Tipo 26M

Maserati Tipo 26M

Maserati Tipo 26M

Dott. Ing. Alfieri Maserati with the Tipo 26M

Maserati 250F

Maserati 250F

Maserati 250F

Maserati 300S

Maserati 300S

Maserati 300S

Maserati 300S

Maserati 300S

Maserati 300S

Maserati 250F

Maserati 250F

Maserati 250F

Maserati 250F

Maserati 250F

Maserati 250F

OSCA Tipo Mt4 2AD

OSCA Tipo Mt4 2AD

Maserati 250S

Maserati Ghibli Open Cup

Not sure what this is ?

Could be a 450S replica ?

Not sure what this is ?

Could be another 450S replica ?
All photos courtesy of Peter Wood



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