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Grille trident on a Maserati 250F #CM10
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From Mike Hofer and the mh-team in Italy

Text and photos courtesy of the mh-team


Friday afternoon's deluge must have caused a great deal of anxiety for those particpating in the 5th 'Trofeo Moving History'. Saturday morning, however, greeted participants from all over Italy with warm sunshine and a clear, but for the occasional cloud, blue sky; a perfect day. Organised for the third year running by the mh-team from Sassuolo, this event continues to go from strength to strength.

Following the departure at Imola the competing cars met up again at Riolo Terme, where in front of a warm and enthusiastic crowd, the first driving test, timed to one hundreth of a second, was fought out amongst the usual two suspects, Panari and Bossi. Bossi from Bergamo, the reigning champion, overcame the Modenese artist with his agile Abarth A-112 also thanks to an error at the target cup (the driver must squash a plastic cup by driving over it), that Bossi would repeat later that day. Right on the heels of the two favourites the competition was intense and comprised of a group from Modena, preceded in this test by Silvestri with his Triumph TR4A and Dalleolle in his Alfa Romeo, they were followed by Lissoni, Ferrari and one noisy Luppi in his Porsche.

In the second test Bosssi re-established his lead, ahead of an inspired Dissoni, he was followed by Dalleolle and Danilo Maccaferri from San Cesario, also driving an Alfa Romeo, while Panari finished in fifth place losing contact with the leader, who went on to win the third test staged under FIVA regulations, a useful rehearsal for the Scuderia Modena Historica team's forthcoming international rally, with Bossi sure to be one of its stars. In the third test the wonderful competition 1954 Lancia Aurelia B20GT driven by Vespa from Ancona, followed by Silvestri-Albertoni in their Triumph TR4A and Reffo from Vincenza with his Jaguar.

After a brief pause for lunch, again up to its usual high standard, and we continued on the second stage of the rally, longer and more demanding than the morning's events. Bossi continued his drive alone, as at the last moment he had to abandon his navigator. This time trial under FIVA rules saw Ferrari with his Lotus Elan Sprint in second position ahead of Panari, Silvestri and Dalleolle. Dissoni made a mistake in the first sector and fell back in the classification meanwhile Marchesini with the Siata Spring and the all-female crew of Carnevali-Paderno with the wonderful Maserati 3500GT continued to impress.

At Castrocaro it was the Maseratista Piergallini who toyed with Bossi and won the fifth special test. Maccaferri coming an excellent third ahead of Panari, Vespa and Dalleolle, whilst Tironi, decidedly suffering from the loss of his usual navigator, remained rooted at the centre of the classification. Panari, won the sixth test with an impressive average, but Bossi followed close behind with victory firmly in his pocket. Tironi was third with his best result of the day. Fourth came Ferrari ahead of Silvestri and Dalleolle with the powerful Volvo P544 of Orlandini, driven in spectacular fashion, in close attention. Once again Piergallini, who had only come for the ride, brought up the rear but surprisingly performed very well in the big, none to easy to handle, Maserati Quattroporte Evoluzione. The final stage to our destination, Santarcangelo, although very demanding from a driving point of view, was most rewarding taking us through the wonderful and panoramic countryside, repaying all our hard work.

In the splendid Piazza Manganelli the cars gathered once again in front of a curious and enthusiastic crowd who came to admire this fine collection of classic cars. whilst awaiting the final results, the mh-team offered welcome refreshments which went down very well with the hard working teams. The trophies were then presented to the winners who were greeted with generous applause from the gathering crowd.

Victory went to Bossi followed by Panari. In third place was Umberto Ferrari in his fabulous Lotus. In the two other categories Bossi captured the Newtimers class and Ferrari-Franchini the Historic classahead of Silvestri Albertoni in his Triumph TR4A and Dalleolle-Righi Grimaldi in an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, whilst victory in the third category, right on the heels of Panari and Ferrari with their Abarth A-112, were to the two young debutates, the skilful Tosi and Boschetti from San Marino, in their Audi TT.

In the general classification of the Scuderia Modena Historica, Bossi goes into the lead with 97.5 points followed by Panari with 90.7, third is Umberto Ferrari, then Dalleolle, Formilan and Maccaferri in that order.

Our next appointment is the fifth staging of the Trofeo Città di Sassuolo, Gran Premio delle Argille, on the 29th and 30th of May.


The Carnevali-Paderno Maserati 3500GT

Candini gets a final word of advice!

Giuseppe Candini's 3200GT

Mike Hofer's 400bhp Shamal

The Piergallini Quattroporte Evoluzione


The Orlandini-Pasini Volvo P544

The Vespa-Capponi Lancia Aurelia B-20 GT

Bossi's victorious Ghibli GT at a checkpoint


Giuseppe and Franca Candini, and the 3200GT, take a break!

The 3200GT makes its way through the narrow streets

The classics on parade in the Piazza Manganelli

Ferrari's fabulous Lotus Elan Sprint and an Austin Healey

The 3500GT takes to the hills

Mike's Shamal takes on another bend

Maserati leads Porsche

The gorgeous little Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

Lancia leads Alfa Romeo

The Orlandi-Pasini Volvo P544

The Luppi-Annovi Porsche 911S

The Marchesini-Marchesini Siata Spring 850

The all conquering Rossi with his trophies

The victors and their spoils!!
MasHotNews #176 from MCI

Courtesy of Maserati Club International


"Here is a rumor for Maserati Enthusiasts to chew on. Is another Italian masterpiece about to be sold to the German master engineering machine?

Autoweek is reporting Maserati could be sold to VW. There has been increased cooperation with the German car manufacturer in the last couple of years, starting with the Audi four-wheel drive technology rumored to be used for the Kubang, and continuing on with VW interest in using the Quattroporte platform for their Phaeton-sized vehicles.

The question is -- where would this fit in VW marketing strategy? They already own Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi, and have a close relationship with Porsche. All of these marques have a certain amount of cross-over to the Maserati target markets.

Do they make a market niche for the Quattroporte between the Bentley and the A8? Clearly the Quattroporte is a niche car that appeals to those customers looking for a driver's luxury car. It is much more performance-oriented than the Bentley, while more luxurious than the A8. But, is it a big enough market to interest a player like VW?

It does not sound like the Kubang project, rumored to be dead, would have a logical fit between the VW Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne. And where do the Coupe and Spyder, currently being re-designed with more Quattroporte elements, fit?

The other side of the equation is obviously Ferrari. The new Maseratis share more and more parts with Ferrari and there has been major investment made in the Maserati Marque. The Geneva introduction of the MC12 has been a huge success and represents a major commitment to the success of the Trident.

It is no secret that Fiat needs cash, but would this generate enough to make a difference? Right now there are more questions than answers. Italian sources say it will never happen. It is too early to tell if these rumors have any credibility, but it sure makes ya think................"

Kerry McMullen, President Maserati Club International.

Maserati to VW? Signs point to sale of Italian automaker By AUTOWEEK

Word is Volkswagen covets the Quattroporte platform for a future line of Phaeton-size vehicles.

No one is out-and-out saying 'no' when we ask and even we have to admit that all the signs are pointing to an eventual majority sale of Maserati to Volkswagen Group.

It's no secret VW wants the Quattroporte platform for future Phaeton-size vehicles. Nor that the 2006 Maserati Coupe and Spyder will have several Audi components on them, particularly when it comes to all on-board electronics and a version of quattro all-wheel drive. Maserati is also sharing Audi dealers in certain markets and benefiting from Audi client services and financing structures.

Ferrari-Maserati boss Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is now head of the ultra-powerful Italian union Confindustria -- a full-time job that keeps him away from Modena and Maranello. Between this and the fact that Maserati sales are falling well behind forecasts in all markets may signal a move to divest from Maserati in favor of VW leading the show.

A Modena source says, "This is not a surprise to hear and it's something that has definitely been talked about since we [VW and Maserati] started our technology swap." A Maranello contact adds, "It's feeling like it could happen at any time now. Nothing sure yet, but the signs are everywhere."

Could this be the sign of things to come? Oh my beloved Tridente!

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