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So if you have any news about Maseratis or have anything owners and enthusiasts should know, send details to

Trident in the front grille of
the MC12 Versione Corse
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!

From Bob in the USA

"Good day,

Your Web page about the Maserati Mexico mentions a one-off by Pietro Frua, showing family resemblance to the Mistral.

I saw what I believe is this very car at a show in Houston, Texas. My photos are attached.

Your Web site contains a wealth of information and infectious enthusiasm. It is a delight!

Warmest Regards,











From David in the UK

"Hi Henry,

Scrolling through some of the pictures on your site, enviously studying these exotic, expensive machines, which are adored by Maseratisti around the world, I found none fitted with the earlier Hyundai roof rack. So I decided to track one down for you.

After a lengthy search, I found this one fitted to an extremely rare early 420i (see attached photo), strangely parked with other rare models, also fitted with roof racks of a similar design!




An early Maserati 420i fitted with the later Hyundai roof rack!
From Marcello in Italy

"Ciao Enrico,

Cosa ne pensi!




Giuseppe Candini at the wheel of his beautiful 3500GT Vignale Spyder

The photo was taken at the recent Maserati Club meeting in Italy, when the group visited the Military air base at Cervia. You can see the F-16 fighters in the background!

I had every intention of joining them but unfortunately my wife was taken ill and I was unable to join them C'est la vie!!

Omas designs for Maserati

A partnership between Bologna and Modena has resulted in the development of an exclusive range of co-branded writing instruments.

With a limited production of 1,914 examples, 1,200 of which are fountain pens and 714 roller-ball, Omas for Maserati celebrates the centenary of the founding of the Modenese company but, above all, the style of its one-off models.

Produced in sterling silver, the Omas for Maserati pens perfectly combine Omasí verve for craftsmanship with Maseratiís intrinsic elegance. The grille, one of Maseratiís classic symbols, is captured in the aerodynamic pen top. This draws its inspiration from the GranTurismo, the latest in the long line of innovative Maserati creations. The penís tapered, shiny clip could have been designed in a wind tunnel and the vents on the sides of the top sculpted from ice.

The harmonious shape is a true celebration of Italian creativity.

The Omas for Maserati Limited Edition is on sale at authorised Omas outlets. To find out where your nearest outlet is, write to





Text and photos courtesy of Maserati

From Giuseppe in Italy

"Hello Enrico,

I've a friend who told me you're .....

meglio in Italiano,

un mio caro amico mi ha riferito che tu sei un grande appassionato delle vetture Maserati. Le foto sono di una Maserati A6 CGS Spyder da Fantuzzi del 1953.

Dovrei averne delle altre, (Birdcage, etc). Appena possibile te le invio.

A great friend of mine has told me that you are a great fan of Maseratis. The photos are of a 1953 Maserati A6 GCS Spyder by Fantuzzi.

I should have some others, (Birdcage etc.). I will snd them to you as soon as possible.






From Jacques in France


MASERATI's pictures from AVIGNON:

Avignon Motor Festival - Actualitťs

A good show....I could dream near by the Ghibli Spyder, even if the black color is not the best one for this car. Don't you think so ?

Best regards,



Mistral Spyder on the stand of the Club Maserati France


Ghibli Spyder on the stand of the Club Maserati France


Moteur du Mistral Spyder







"Hi Jacques,

I wouldn't mind which colour a Ghibli Spyder it came in!

Best regards,


From Enrico in the UK

"Ciaso Maseratisti,

Thought you'd like to see the magnificent MC 12 Versione Corse on my Desktop.



A look of awsome power from the MC 12 Versione Corse

Maserati MC 12 Versione Corsa photo courtesy of Maserati Media Centre

From Yves in Luxembourg

"Dear Enrico,

I have spent a few hours reading your website and must confess, what a pleasure.

I realized I could as yet another Maserati enthusiast send you pictures I took at the Nuerburgring Classic Car event last year August where a special race was dedicated to one Maserati 250 F models. For any Maseratisti, this race was like an Italian opera, mind blowing. The sound of the engines, the sheer speed, the acceleration, a unique memorable event.

One fun anecdote: the weather was atrocious with dense fog on Friday, so the UK driver of car number 25 left the Nuerburgring back home on Friday night. But one should never give up: on saturday the weather was splendid with hot sunshine. The gentleman missed one of the best drives he could have had, his car stayed put in the pitlane. The Eifel region has a tough climate, but this was a British driver nevertheless......

Here are some pictures:

Fangio's winning car, a car from the US with lowered suspension.

I'll send more pictures in seperate mails, as I am limited on my server per mail.














From Ronald in Malta


I have a 1989 Biturbo with a newly fitted 2.5-litre engine.

I cannot use the carburettor that was fitted on it as it is missing too many parts including the throttle and choke control linkages.

I have a carburettor that was fitted on a 2.0-litre engine ( Biturbo also ) of 1989. Are the carbs interchangeable, or does the 2.5-litre take a larger carb?

As with the carb of the 2.0-litre engine, the 2.5 engine has a good start up to 3000 revs, then it slumps and nearly stalls whilst backfiring. It also takes a good few turns to start when cold as it is without a choke system.

Can you give me details of the carb type and jet needles for the 2.5-litre engine?

There is also a vibration in the clutch pedal when driving, whilst idling, the engine is quite smooth. Can you suggest a possible solution to these queries?

Thanks a lot. I love your website. As Biturbos are quite rare locally, it is an essential point of reference for me.

Thanks for the reply and drawings.

I am in Malta, south of Sicily. Together with some other Maserati drivers we are setting up a Maserati Club with links to the Sicily Maserati Club. Here are some photos of the Maseratis of some Maltese owners and of the Maserati sicily club when they came to Malta last summer and Maseratis taking part in the Mille Miglia whilst in Rome last year (2007).

I have had the Biturbo for nearly a year and have restored the bodywork and some parts of the interior. I am now looking to improve the engine that had been thrashed a bit by its previous owner.

Seeing that the carbs are pretty complicated, I would prefer to get a complete refurbished carb setup for the 2500 engine so as to just bolt it on and set it. There are no mechanics locally who are trained on Maserati engines but we have good mechanics who repair other Italian cars.

Again a great thanks for your help, your site is a pleasure to visit due to the intense feeling one gets of the people writing in and the whole set up that lives Maserati.






















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