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From Maxime in France
A second Biturbo !


After my 2.24v., here is my second Biturbo: the 430.

I got it yesterday, so sorry for the quality of the pictures.

Anyway I expect a lot of work to make it shine and ride again.

Just to let you know that there is an article about the Maserati Karif ( toutes en français !! ) at

There are also 25 more articles about Maseratis ( toutes en français !! ) at this link

As many Biturbos as classics, such as the Ghibli and Indy, or 2.24v. ( mine ! ), Biturbo Si and Spyder Zagato.

If you could add this message on your newspage, that would be very nice.


Best regards,



Maxime's latest addition, the 430.



From DMC in Germany
DMC GranTurismo "Sovrano".

AUTOEVOLUTION: German luxury tuner DMC are always on top of the situation, releasing fresh designs and bold colour combinations.

On this occasion, they have turned their attention to Maserati’s two-door GranTurismo. The project is actually based on the MC Stradale version of the car that was unveiled at the Paris Auto Show last year, and we’re already familiar with the project as it was previewed on 'James List' last year, but the new Malta blue exterior works brilliantly to add extra colour and flair.

The company’s kit actually allows you to do one of two things, either upgrade your MC Stradale, if you’re cool enough to have one, or turn your regular GranTurismo into a MC Stradale, if you can’t stand the thought of not owning one.

At the front, the front bumper gives the GranTurismo an all new aggressive presentation, thanks to a new spoiler lip that also serves an aerodynamic use to increase downforce. Additional air inlets and outlets enable the new light-construction bonnet to keep the big V8 cool and crisp.

The dynamic appearance is also enhanced with the Wide Body side skirts. The trunk spoiler at the back and a whole new carbon fibre rear diffuser complete the sporty look.

However, there’s no bragging rights if you don’t bring extra power. The regular GT has 420 bhp, while the Stradale offers 450, but DMC can give you much, much more. The 4.7-litre has been supercharged and is now capable of pushing out 590 horsepower at 7,300 rpm and 472 NM or torque at 5,400 rpm.

If you require a more flamboyant interior, then you can select DMC’s “finest materials which have been processed in traditional top-quality craftsmanship.” We love the look of the carbon fibre buckets and those aluminium pedals.


The DMC GranTurismo "Sovrano" in Malta Blue.










Text by Autoevolution, all photos courtesy of DMC Exotic Car Tuning Ltd.

From Arjan in The Netherlands
Re: Quattroporte IV

"Hi Enrico,

Hope everything is fine with you.

Just made some nice tweeks to my Quattroporte IV the last month. I started with a steering wheel extension of 60 mm which is made by David Askew. Huge upgrade in terms of driving position. Well worth the roughly EURO 180. After that, I went to Franco (one of the Maserati specialists in Holland) where the anti-roll bars from the Ghibli Kit Sportivo were fitted to the Quattroporte. A more the satisfying upgrade. This is simply one or maybe the best thing you can do regarding to roadholding upgrade. (costs EURO 500) and the car is much more stable in corners, has a more thorough feeling to the tarmac, and is more calm while driving.

Last thing I did was the fitting of a set of ATS Apollo alloys in 17 inch (Modena Performance provided in earlier years special made sets in 18 inch but has run out of them). I sourced the 17 inch in Germany and have them fitted with Falken F452 tyres (really great quaity and ride). Attached some pics of my Quattroporte with 95,oo Km on the speedo. Interesting to know is that the first owner was an executive at the Maserati factory. My guess is that the Quattroporte has been used for the press launch and for that reason the car was checked thoroughly since I have no squeeks or rattles at all…

I really love the way my Maserati looks and drives.

Keep up the good work with your great site!




Arjan's Quattroporte IV


The 17-inch ATS Apollo alloys.

From Guy in Switzerland
Re: 1967 Ghibli Prototype

"Hello from Geneva,

Congratulations about your website ! It is probably the most extensive and complete website about Maserati.

A technical question about the 1966 Ghibli factory prototype. The one Guerrino Bertocchi test drove with motoring journalists Peter Coltrin and Paul Frère in early 1967.

I enclose a 1966 picture of this car. Of course you can post my query on your website.

The prototype colour looks a metallic copper and interior very light (cream, light grey or white ? with charcoal carpeting).

Rear treatment was different inside and outside (lights). Gearbox implantation was different on centre console as well.

According Peter Coltrin in 1967, Aurelio son of Guerrino Bertocchi, this very car was destined to be produced at the Geneva Motor Show in the Spring of 1967.

Was this Maserati Ghibli painted in "Rame metallizato" (metallic Copper) with white interior ? Do you know if this car still exists today ?

Has anyone heard or know anything about this car? Does the Maserati factory still own it ?

With kind regards.


Note the absence of door handles !

Note the original boot/trunk lid design !
           GHIA presents:

                         "GHIBLI" MASERATI
           For Maserati of Modena GHIA has designed and built a 2-seater Coupe on 4.7-liter Maserati chassis; a
real high performance automobile.

The line blends Maserati tradition and GHIA style. The grill, which characterizes the car, acts as a bum-
per and incorporates the parking lights. The double self-concealing headlights, are electrically operated.
Flashing the hedlights is possible, through the grill even when the headlamps are down.

On the side there are two air-intakes behind the wheel-housing. The fender is low and streamlined. The
design of the fender is resumed, behind the rear window, by a vent for the exit of the air from the pas-
senger compartment. This vent forms a shallow cavity where the gas tank caps are hidden by a cover.

The wide rear window panel incorporates the wires of an electrical defroster. The large trunk can be
reached from the interior as well as from the exterior. Behind the seats there are also two additional
luggage lockers. The interior has been endowed with all possible comforts: the steering column is adju-
stable; the seats have a very high adjustable back. Among the extras, a heater-air conditioner unit,
radio, electrically operated windows. The upholstery is in real leather.

Commercial production has already started.


Maserati 4.7-liter engine.

Length 4625 mm, width 1780 mm, height 1180 mm, wheelbase 2550 mm.

Max, speed 280 mh.

Copy of the original GHIA brochure for the 1967 Maserati Ghibli

U.S. advertisement for the new Maserati Ghibli

From People's Daily in China
MASERATI - A developing market !!

"According to Harald Wester, global CEO of Maserati SpA, the company delivered 5,777 new automobiles to customers worldwide in 2010. Chinese customers accounted for 400 of the sales, making the country the fourth-largest global market for the Italian automaker.

In the first quarter of this year, Maserati sold some 142 cars in China, double the number of purchases during the same period last year. It is expected that China will become Maserati's second-largest market by the end of 2011.

The four new dealerships that Maserati is about to open in China are all in second- or third-tier cities, namely Wuhan, Wenzhou, Tianjin and Xiamen."

From Maserati in Italy
TROFEO MASERATI - Sbirrazzuoli and Ardagna triumph at Donington

17-07-2011 - Donington - Cedric Sbirrazzuoli and Gaetano Ardagna came out on top in the two round five Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC races. This weekend the action took place at Donington Park, England.

For the Monaco driver, Race 1 was a lone experience that began in Saturday’s qualifying where he took a fine pole. Sbirrazzuoli, from Team AF Corse, led from start to finish, first keeping his rivals in check and then slowly turning the screw to finish 19 seconds up on David Baldi.

Things were exciting right from the start behind the AF Corse driver. Ardagna, Baldi, Piancastelli and Bakker were especially spectacular in their fight for the two remaining podium slots. The turning point came when Piancastelli and Ardagna clashed, forcing the Venezuelan into the pits. Baldi and Bakker made the most of it to finish behind the eventual winner; a result that meant that Baldi triumphed in the Trofeo category. Nicolò Piancastelli, fourth overall and third in the Trofeo category, was later hit with a post-race penalty by officials of 25 seconds and a 6 place relegation on the Race 2 starting grid for his collision with Ardagna. With the rain coming down and with debris scattered across the track, the race was suspended with a few minutes to spare. As 75% of the race time had been run, a full points quota was awarded.

Race 2 was gripping. Baldi started on pole but had to deal with a super-quick Ardagna who was looking to make up for the morning’s events. On the final curve on lap 11, the Venezuelan managed to edge past the overall leader and never looked back. Behind David Baldi came a superb Nicolò Piancastelli whose effort was helped when the safety car came on to allow a car that had spun to be removed. When the cars bunched up, Piancastelli was well set to make up a few places. After easing off the gas halfway through the race, the Romagna driver managed to lose Bakker once and for all with a series of fast laps. He even posted the race’s quickest lap of 1:37.430.

Over in the Team series, AF Corse repeated the morning’s success when Alessandro Chionna (tenth overall), held off Waszczinski (Konvex Motorsport) and Davide Durante (Swiss Team). Owen Mildenhall, the English journalist from Auto Express, also deserves a mention for two fine displays. Driving the N.18 Maserati, in Radio Monte Carlo colours, he finished fifth in both legs. The other journalist from England, Roberto Giordanelli, from Auto Italia, came home eighth and eleventh, respectively, in the two races.

After the Donington weekend, David Baldi has extended his lead in the general Trofeo classification over Ardagna and Piancastelli. Even so, everything is still to play for.

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (AF Corse): “It went well at Donington. I started on pole but didn’t have a chance to warm up the tyres and so eased off on the early laps because I didn’t want to make any errors and mess things up. On warm tyres, I pushed on and managed to build a lead over the others without any major problems. I am well pleased because we had a few problems on Friday but were able to sort them out yesterday”.

Gaetano Ardagna: “I am overjoyed with this win. It was a fantastic race and a tough fight, first with Bakker and then Baldi – who I eventually managed to overtake. I saw Piancastelli coming up fast towards the end and I was a bit worried. Luckily, I kept cool until the end. It is very satisfying, especially after this morning’s unfortunate accident that saw me finish at the back of the field”.

The sixth round of the Trofeo will be held in Valencia, Spain, on 4 September.

Driver interviews, photos, videos and in-depth articles on the Maserati single-make series are available on the Maserati Corse site ( ).

Copyright Mario Chiarappa

Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo: Cedric Sbirrazzuoli
Copyright Mario Chiarappa

Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo: Gaetano Ardagna

Copyright Mario Chiarappa

Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo: David Baldi
Copyright Mario Chiarappa

Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo: Cedric Sbirrazzuoli

THE PARTICIPANTS: The Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MCs in their splendid liveries

Mario Chiarappa

#3 - Nicolò Piancastelli (ITA)
Mario Chiarappa

#5 - Andreas Segler (GER)
Mario Chiarappa

#7 - Mathjis Bakker (NED)

Mario Chiarappa

#8 - Mark Kroes (NED)
Mario Chiarappa

#18 - Owen Mildenhall (UK)
Mario Chiarappa

#19 - Roberto Giordanelli (UK)

Mario Chiarappa

#23 - David Baldi (ITA)
Mario Chiarappa

#25 - Justino Riveroll (VEN)
Mario Chiarappa

#43 - Leonardo Maddalena (ITA)

Mario Chiarappa

#90 - Gaetano Ardagna (VEN)
Mario Chiarappa

#30 - Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (MON)
/ Alessandro Chionna (ITA)
Mario Chiarappa

#32 - Renato Benusiglio/ Mario Benusiglio (ITA)

Mario Chiarappa

#36 - Davide Durante/ Matteo Grassi (CH)

Mario Chiarappa

#37 - Daniel Waszczinski (BEL)

Race 1 - Trofeo

1. David Baldi 26:31.174
2. Mathjis Bakker 26:32.651
3. Mark Kroes 26:39.432

Race 1 – Team

1. Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (AF Corse) 26:11.497
2. Matteo Grassi (Swiss Team) 27:21.189
3. Renato Benusiglio (Team Benusiglio) 26:31.264

Race 2 - Trofeo

1. Gaetano Ardagna 40:48.125
2. David Baldi 40:49.054
3. Nicolò Piancastelli 40:49.503

Race 2 – Team

1. Alessandro Chionna (AF Corse) 41:57.864
2. Daniel Waszczinski (Konvex Racing Team) 42:21.071
3. Davide Durante (Swiss Team) 1 LAP (40:51.591)

Trofeo classification

1. David Baldi –102 points
2. Gaetano Ardagna – 88 points
3. Nicolò Piancastelli – 74 points

Team classification

1. AF Corse (Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna) - 130 points
2. Swiss Team (Durante/Grassi) – 62 points
3. Scuderia Jolly Club (Olivier Doeblin) – 48 points

Text and photo courtesy of the Maserati Media Center.

From Graham in the UK
Re: Ghibli II broken headlights !!


I think Jim and I have solved this mystery.

It is always the nearside headlight on RHD cars, Jim has gone through three and I know of several others. Offside lights have been available through Eurospares but until recently there have been no nearside ones left, because they keep getting broken. It can not be coincidence or bad driving that has caused Jim to go through three on one side but none on the other...............................

The problem is not the bonnet release mechanisim, it is either a fault with the lights or the cars. The lights have 3 brackets two on the front at the top one on the rear at the bottom.

When you fit the offside light all three brackets touch the car at the same time, and when fitted you are left with a 7-10mm gap or so above the light when the bonnet is shut. When you fit the nearside light the bottom/rear bracket touches first, and as you push the light into place it tilts/rotates upwards/backwards until the two front brackets touch the car. When you fit all the screws and close the bonnet there is a 7mm gap on the outside of the light, but the inside is very close if not touching the bonnet. When I close my bonnet gently you can here the metal scraping glass. You can see that a few hard slams of the bonnet eventually is going to hit the glass and crack it.

Now it is either the rear bracket welded to the car is too far forward, or the bracket on the light is too far backward, either way these two are touching too early. I did not fancy cutting into the chassis so I removed the bracket from the headlight, it is only held on by 4 rivets and are easy to drill out. Mine now fits perfectly giving a 7-10mm gap along the top of the light and no contact with the bonnet.

All you need to do is drill new holes into the plastic of the light and then re-rivet the bracket 10-15mm further forward. It maybe that you tape the bracket onto the light and then offer it into position, if the light almost sits on the bumper, play around with the brackets position until all 3 brackets touch at the same time.

This does not seem to be an issue on all cars, Jim's is chassis #400209 and mine is #400211, it could be that a batch of cars went out with the chassis bracket welded in the wrong place ? Although as Maserati had run out of lights it could be an issue on all RHD cars.

Meridian now have a supply of nearside lights, but as Jim has gone through 3 lights buying a new light is unlikely solve the problem.

I will send this to Ross at Meridian to see what he thinks.


From Volkan in Turkey
Re: Sigbjorn's Quattroporte 2.8-litre V6.

"Dear Enrico,

If you may allow sharing my experiences with Mr. Sigbjorn here they are;

Dear Sigbjorn,

I am an owner of a 1995 2.0 Quattroporte in Turkey, four years of ownership and would like to transfer my hard earned experiences with you;

This car needs special care and loving, regardless of the troubles you will experience . You have to live with her down sides and try to keep her in original shape as much as possible. There are some bad engineered parts of the car and some very interesting solutions that will make you smile.

I personally do not (never and ever) advise modifying the engine before you have the feeling that you have complete understanding and ability to reverse engineer the running gear and complementary systems of the car. She is fast enough for a daily driver and I found her very reliable if she even treated like an ordinary car. Biturbo engine has a short stroke design and it kills low-end torque. Your car has an advantage on having a 2.8 litre engine. I think the best possible thing unless you have a V8 configuration.

For modifying high rpm ranges your engine should be very healthy otherwise nasty things will occur or you won’t be rewarded with significant gains. So I advise an engine rebuild or let’s say a blueprint, under control of expert hands instead of chip tuning.

On the other hand, this car has no electronic control on the wheels, so, your suspension should work very well. I don’t know the state of the shocks but I managed to modify the ride of my car by just changing the oil in the electronic controlled shocks. They also need to be in operative condition. Believe me even this suspension things will keep you busy for a remarkable time.

Upgrading brakes might be an interesting idea, as I think in the same way. I will try to replace my discs with drilled V8 types and install red Maserati calipers with them. I will post the results of the project here. I am sure the looks with black paint will be very nice.

Your car looks in a good shape, if you should treat her as she deserves, she will reward you with some fine moments that’s what I feel after four years of Quattroporte IV ownership. I am very happy driving this car and will try to keep her healthy as much as I can. I like being the only one driving Quattroporte IV daily in my country.

Download and read carefully the Quattroporte IV technical manual and you will have a good understanding of the Maserati engine.

Best regards,

From Charles in the UK
Maserati Coupe Cambiocorsa

"Dear Enrico,

I have been a frequent visitor to your site for some time now, and thoght it was time to make a contribution.

I drive a 2007 Maserati Coupe Cambiocorsa, and attach a few photos of my beloved car !

It's a 2007 Maserati 4200 Coupe Cambiocorsa, and so far has covered only 26,500 miles.

Metallic black with full tan leather interior and dashboard.

It goes extremely well and I believe it to be one of the last registered before the GranTurismo (it is the only 57 plate that I have seen).

The car is in immaculate condition and is fitted with every concievable extra including: full electric memory seats - Seat heating - Full satellite navigation system and computer - Bluetooth - CD changer - Upgraded Maserati Hi-Fi speaker system - Auto air conditioning - Park distance control - Xenon headlamps - 18-inch wheels (completely unmarked) - Sport Button - MSC - Electromagnetic rear view mirror - Electric folding mirrors - Sun visor windscreen - Grey Maserati brake calipers with 'Maserati' logo, etc.













From Enrico in the UK

Walter Gualdrini
- Maserati Model Collector Extraordinaire !!

Walter Gualdrini is the owner of the largest, finest and most comprehensive collection of Maserati models in the world. He has written many articles on the subject for many of the leading Italian motoring magazines, and was a regular contributor to "Il Tridente", the magazine of the Registro Maserati.

In 1996, Walter, who today drives an immaculate Maserati Shamal, even wrote a book on the subject, entitled "Maserati Miniatures" ( now out of print ), it listed the 500 models in his collection at that time. As his collection continues to grow, collectively these cars record Maserati's racing and production history that dates back to 1926.

To emphasise the importance of Walter's model collection, one must consider that it contains virtually every constructor whose cars were powered by a Maserati engine. Many of these models are one-offs, and have been specially made or commissioned by Walter.

As I have often been asked, I posed the question to Walter: "Can you relate a small story of your passion ... ?" ( Mi puoi raccontare una piccola storia della tua passione ...." ..." ? ).

Here is his story !!

"Carissimo Enrico,

la cosa risale a quando avevo una decina d'anni ....A confronto con dei miei coetanei sulle nostre preferenze sullo sport, eravamo 5 o 6 che tenevamo per la Juventus ( mentre uno solo teneva per il Milan), nel ciclismo tenevamo per Coppi ( ed uno solo, sempre quello, teneva per Bartali ); quando si trattò di dire le nostre preferenze nell'automobilismo, io chiesi per primo, a quel ragazzo che preferiva il Milan e Bartali, quale Casa Automobilistica era la sua favorita ...Quando lui disse "Ferrari", io, che fino a quel momento non sapevo assolutamente nulla di automobilismo, dissi, solo per dispetto "Maserati" ( e tutti gli altri, meno il Ferrarista che aveva già fatto la sua dichiarazione, dissero "Maserati", come avevo fatto io ! ).

Da quel momento, in ogni caso, cominciai a seguire lo sport automobilistico e diventai un fan della Maserati, che proprio l'anno prima aveva vinto il mondiale con Fangio e, anche nei fumetti, diventai un accanito lettore delle avventure di Michel Vaillant ( che colleziono ancora adesso: album in lingua originale, modellini - quasi un centinaio - gadgets, oggettistica, e memorabilia in genere ).

Attualmente ho più di 2000 modelli di Maserati ( comprendendo fra queste anche le OSCA, le Citroen SM, le Cooper Maserati, Ligier Maserati, Lister Maserati, Jaguar Maserati, Talbot Maserati, Fiat Osca, Brabham Maserati, Chevy Maserati, WRE Maserati, Cegga Maserati, Emeryson Maserati, Tec Mec Maserati, Osca René Breuil, Thepénier Maserati ).

I modelli sono in tutte le scale (da 1/5 a 1/86) e di tutti i materiali ( metallo, plastica, vetro, oro, argento, legno, latta, gesso, gomma o altro ancora ); ne ho a pedali e a motore elettrico ( per bambini ), radio-comandate, filoguidate, da palo ( come per i modelli volanti di aerei ), con motore a benzina, a carica a chiavetta, a frizione ed anche una contenente una chiave USB ed una funzionante da mouse ....Ho pubblicato un libro nel 1996 ( che forse avrai visto ) contenente le foto della mia collezione (che a quel periodo contava 500 pezzi circa ) ed un repertorio generale mondiale di tutto quanto era stato prodotto fino a quell'anno, relativamente al modellismo Maserati.

Altri miei articoli sono poi apparsi su varie riviste di settore, e, per "Quattroruote", ho scritto e pubblicato una monografia in occasione del Concorso Mondiale di Modellismo Maserati che si tenne a Bologna, a Palazzo d'Accursio, nel 2001.

Naturalmente, il mio database Maserati è in continuo aggiornamento, anche per quanto riguarda il repertorio mondiale generale, che attualmente conta 2200 reperimenti circa ( ovviamente, quelli che mi mancano non sono 2200 - 2000 = 200 soltanto, ma molti di più, tenendo conto che per le auto da corsa di un certo modello ( con un determinato numero di catalogo ) esistono ( ed ho ) più versioni differenti, con numeri di gara e colori diversi; e lo stesso accade per le GT, come, ad esempio, per la 3200 GT, di cui ho un modellino per ciascuno dei colori che sono apparsi ( quindi, il tipo di vettura è sempre quello ma i modelli sono tanti per cui nel "repertorio generale" c'è una registrazione sola, mentre nel "repertorio personale" ci possono essere più di una decina di registrazioni.

Caso limite, la 250 F, prodotta da almeno una cinquantina di Ditte diverse ( quindi 50 registrazioni nel "generale" ) ma esistente con tantissime differenti livree, a seconda dei piloti e dei numeri di gara, oltre che per il colore ( quindi quasi 400 registrazioni nel "personale" ); la stessa cosa si ripete anche se in maniera meno clamorosa, per le 200 S, 300 S, 450 S, Birdcage ed altre ...

Spero di non essermi dilungato troppo ( ma è difficile spiegare tutto in poche parole ....).

A disposizione ben volentieri per qualsiasi altra precisazione tu desideri,

ciao, a presto



"Dear Enrico,

It all started when I was ten years old. In contrast to my peers on our sporting differences, there were 5 or 6 of us who supported Juventus, but only one who followed A.C. Milan. In cycling they supported Coppi, but only one, always the same one, collectivelyfollowed Bartali. When we spoke about our automobile preferences, I was the first to ask that boy who preferred Milan and Bartali, which car maker was his favourite. When he said "Ferrari", I, who until that moment knew absolutely nothing about cars, said, only to be different, "Maserati", and all the others, except the Ferrarista who had already made his choice, said "Maserati", just as I had !

From that moment, whenever I could, I began following motor sport and became a fan of Maserati, who the previous year ( I was born in 1948 ) had won the World Championship with Fangio, and even in comics, became an avid reader of the adventures of Michel Vaillant, that I collect even now: comics in their original language, models - almost a hundred - gadgets, gifts, and memorabilia in general.

Actually, I have over 2,000 Maserati models ( included within this collection are OSCA, the Citroen SM, the Cooper-Maserati, Ligier-Maserati, Lister-Maserati, Jaguar-Maserati, Talbot-Maserati, Fiat-OSCA, Brabham-Maserati, Chevrolet-Maserati, WRE-Maserati, Cegga-Maserati, Emeryson-Maserati, Tec Mec Maserati, Osca René Breuil and Thepénier Maserati ).

The models are all to scale ( from 1:5 to 1:86 ) and made of all kinds of materials; metal, resin, plastic, glass, gold, silver, wood, tin, plaster, rubber and many more. I have pedal and electric cars ( for children ), radio controlled, control line models, round the pole ( just like those flying aeroplane models ), with petrol driven engines, clockwork, friction, one containing a USB key, and even one that works as a computer mouse. In 1996, I published a book, that maybe you have seen, containing photos of my collection, that at that time contained around 500 pieces, and a comprehensive world directory of all the models that had been produced up until then, relative to Maserati models.

Also, my articles have appeared in many magazines of this genre, and, for "Quattroruote", I wrote and published a monograph on the occasion of "Modellismo Maserati", the first world concours for Maserati models, that was held in Bologna, at the Palazzo d'Accursio, in 2001.

Naturally, my Maserati database is continually changing, the same as regards to the general world directory, that actually lists around 2,200 references (of course, those that I am missing from the 2,200 listed ( 2,200 - 2,000 = 200 ), are not just the 200, but many more, taking into account that for a race car of a particular model (with a particular catalogue number) there are (and I have) many different versions, with different race numbers and colours, and the same goes for the GTs, like, for example, the 3200 GT, for which I have a model in each of the colours that have appeared, i.e. the model of car is always the same but there are so many models in the "general directory" that only one is recorded, whilst in my "personal directory" there may be more than a dozen listings.

An extreme case, the 250 F, with models produced by at least 50 different companies ( therefore 50 entries in the "general directory" ) but they come in many different liveries, depending on the drivers and the race numbers, as well as the colours ( so there are close to 400 entries in my "personal directory" ); the same can be said for, but in a less sensational manner, the 200 S, 300 S, 450 S, Tipo 60/61 "Birdcage" and others ...

I hope I haven't gone on for too long ( but it's difficult to explain in only a few words ....).

I'm more than happy to clarify any points you want.

Bye, see you soon,


Fellow Maserati model collectors and enthusiasts in need of advice or information are more than welcome to contact Walter at

From Walter in Italy
Maserati Shamal

"Dear Enrico,

How do you do ? I hope all right for You and your Family.

Here in attachment some picture of my Shamal ( that I looked in your website ).

Ciao, 'till next time,

Walter. P.S. I join also a picture of the yellow Ghibli Open Cup Evoluzione of my friend Foroni ( do you know ? ), and a picture received by Mario Audo Gianotti of Turin, with didascalia "Shamal Spider" ...

Hai mai visto o sentito parlare di questo modello ? ( Have you ever seen or heard of this model ? )"

Walter in his beloved Maserati Shamal - "Scuderia Ossoduro"

Walter with his lovely wife Luisella

Walter takes to the circuit at Varano

Walter and Masato Murakami of the Maserati Club of Japan
at the Fiorano circuit

Walter's beautifully turned-out Shamal with 1000 Miglia casco

Walter's Shamal on display at Concordia

Aldo Foroni's Ghibli Open Cup Evoluzione

The unique OPAC-Maserati Spyder ( For further details )
"Dear Walter,

We are very well thank you, as I hope you and your wife are too.

I hope to visit Italy some time in September and it would be lovely to meet up with you again.

Carola has fully recovered from her craniotomy, and is now anle to drive again.

Thank you very much for the photos, will it be okay to publish them ?

The "Shamal Spider" you speak of is in fact the OPAC-Maserati Spyder ( see ) and is currently for sale ( see ).

I just love that Ghibli Open Cup Evo of Aldo Foroni. I have met him on several occasions with Daniele Neri.

I'm sorry that I have not joined you on Facebook or any other such site as they always ask for too much personal information for a third party. I much prefer direct contact with my friends via email. Just like this.

I have just added the Minichamps 1:18 scale model of the Camoradi Tipo 61 "Birdcage" to my modest collection. I got it at the very reasonable price of EURO 77 (including postage from Germany ).

The excellent and detailed 1:18 scale Maserati "Birdcage" model by Minichamps





What has happened to the Marco Turco Memorial Meeting ?

All the best to you,

From Enrico in the UK
Top Gear's "FORZA ITALIA" supplement

I was delighted to find that this particular issue came with a supplement entitled "FORZA ITALIA" - Top Gear's Guide to the 150 Greatest Italian Cars of all Time.

Needless to say my first reaction was to check through expecting to see quite a few Maseratis, and I did, 13 in all!! Some I had expected, a couple of others surprised me.

As I scanned the 52 pages, the first Maserati I came across was on page 4, Pinifarina's recent Birdcage Concept, then the Maserati MC Stradale, the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT, the Maserati Merak, the Maserati Ghibli, on the next page the Maserati MC12, later the Maserati 250F ( at least they devoted a full page for this one! ), then the Maserati Bora, later the Maserati Mistral, the Maserati Indy, the Maserati Khamsin, and the Maserati A6G/54 Zagato Coupe.

But where was the Tipo 60/61 "Birdcage ? I quickly went back through the pages until I finally found it.

Why had I missed it, I hear you ask. SIMPLE !!

They had accompanied the text with a photo of an A6GCS !!

I have emailed the editor pointing out their error, but have yet to receive a reply.

"Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: FORZA ITALIA - Top Gear's Guide to the 150 Greatest Italian Cars of all Time.

In your list of the 150 greatest Italian cars of all time, you quite rightly included the Maserati Tipo 60/61 "Birdcage".

However, it was a pity that the accompanying photograph was NOT of a Tipo 60/61, but of a Tipo A6GCS produced some 6 years earlier.

Best regards,


Enrico's Maserati Pages -"
From Sigbjorn in Sweden
1996 Maserati Quattroporte V6 2.8


I have just bought a 1996 model Maserati Quattroporte 2.8 automatic, and have some questions I hope somebody can answer..

Here are some pictures of the car I bought..

1. I did look for chip tuning of the car and did find a place in Belgium or The Netherlands, but cant find the link again..

Does someone know this place or other places here in Northern Europe that have chips for this car ?

Has someone had any good experiences with this ?

2. Used parts... ? Where to look and find and prices?

I know Eurospares, David Askew.. eBay... is there others here in Europe or the U.S. maybe ?

I first looking for 17" Evo wheels. What is expected used price of those? And does someone have some ?

Or, I want bigger like 18", if someone knows some makes that fit and look good on the car ?

And, I want the Brembo brakes to...

And thinking in the future of changing the engine to 3.2 Evo or maybe 3200 GT engine and manual transmission. What will be expected prices on this ?

Does someone know where to look? Eurospares didn't have anything..


From Deborah in the UK
Maserati Biturbo Coupe 2.5

"Hi there.

I am hoping you can help me.

I'm currently restoring a Maserati 2.5 Biturbo Coupe that is the carburettor version, not the fuel injection model. I have a manual bought on eBay but the picture quality is not very good at all.

The main problem is for some reason it doesn't include anything about the cooling section or where any of the pipes go. Also there is no info where all the pipes go to and from underneath the inlet manifold which I'm desperately in need of ( along with the full cooling section ).

Have you any idea where I can find pictures of all this or any information ? I can't really afford the expense of a manual again.

Many thanks for all your help.


"Hi DJ,

What a pity you didn't take a closer look at my site.

You could have downloaded the Biturbo Workshop Manual for free from here:

Technical Data

The Engine

Clutch & Gearbox

Propshaft & Differential

Air Conditioning




Electrical System


Model Variants

Engine Parts

I have attached a couple of larger images for you.


Click on the image for a closer look !!

Click on the image for a closer look !!

Hope this helps,


From Douglas in the UK
Maserati Ghibli Cup


Can you please advise how to adjust the handbrake on my Ghibli Cup. Any diagrams would be useful.

Many thanks,


Hi Douglas,

Thank you for that.

You will need to remove the plastic cover (#10) and adjust the handbrake cable ( by tightening nut #6 and securing it with nut #7) from underneath the car, just under the handbrake lever.

If you have and there is no more slack, my advice would be to replace the handbrake cable.

It might be woth your while to check the brake shoes within the drums incoprated in the rear discs.

Attached are the relevant pages from the Ghibli Parts Manual.

Hope this helps,


Components of the Ghibli handbrake mechanism

Components of the Ghibli handbrake mechanism

Reply from Jim in Scotland

"Hey Henry,

Hope you and yours are well;

I saw Douglas’s request for info on Cup handbrakes and remembered I had a shot of the parts that need adjusted- with “crowstep” spanners as I recall from underneath the car.

It’s a bit tight! And I can’t imagine it being possible without ramps.

You may want to post this/send this to him...




From Logicical Gadgets in the UK
Wireless car mouse - Maserati GranTurismo

New from Logocal Gadgets comes this wireless computer mouse, in the shape of a Maserati GranTurismo. The mouse comes complete with a 2 year warranty on the following model: Maserati GranTurismo - Silver.

The car mouse is trademarked and licenced by the car manufacturer.





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