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So if you have any news about Maseratis or have anything owners and enthusiasts should know, send details to

Grille trident on a 1934 Maserati 4CS 1500 MM
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Keigo in Japan.

"Dear Enrico,

Happy Holiday Season!

I hope you remember me. It's been sometime since we tried to get permission to put photos of the new Q-porte. I'm sorry that it didn't work out. The publishers left both of us out in the cold.

I would like to thank you again for your help arranging with Mr.Dave Smith regarding my late membership renewal. I get the club magazines, and enjoy reading what's going on there. And, of course, I enjoy your web-site. It's the BEST Maserati site!

Anyway, I have a little thing and would like to send it to you. It's a bit late for the Christmas but please send me your home address.



Keigo has very kindly sent me this commemorative pen for my collection. Thank you very much Keigo!

"The 'Giro del Giappone in Maserati' was an official Maserati PR tour similar to the "Canada 10000". Two 3200GTs drove through Japan from north to south in 12 days starting on June 20th, 2001. The whole trip was over 2600 miles.


From Matjaz in Slovenia.

Matjaz sends seasonal greetings to all fellow Maserati owners and enthusiasts.

From Bigass Motors in the USA.

Christian Versteeg in Holland spotted something very interesting on the net that he thought might be of interest to me. It appears that S Elliot in the USA witnessed the sad end to a Maserati Ghibli! My thanks for his permission to reproduce his photographs on these pages.


You can visit S Elliot's website at

From Marcello in Modena, Italy.

Giuseppe and Marcello Candini pose with 'Eldorado' outside their workshop in Modena. Eldorado can be seen at the Panini Museum.


From Federico in Italy.

"Caro Enrico,

Grazie per la tua e-mail e complimenti per il tuo italiano. Ora ti spedisco una foto della pubblicità che fanno in Italia della Ducati.....è la prima che sono riuscito a trovare ma se vuoi ne ho delle più belle, ma prima le devo scanerizzare.

La mia Maserati è una bellissima Biturbo modificata dell'82, infatti è appena entrata a far parte della categoria d'epoca e qui in Italia posso permettermi di pagare solo 100,00 euro di assicurazione all'anno. Inoltre, è tutta originale, ho cambiato il cofano anteriore mettendoci quello con la doppia presa d'aria, poi ha le "minigonne" lateralli e lo spoiler posteriore sempre Maserati.

Quindi ho fatto la modifica per poter usare la benzina verde (ho cambiato tutti i tubi), ho cambiato la betteria, i freni, la frizione, le gomme, le quattro marmitte (modifica che andava molto in italia 2+2), lo spoiler anteriore, ho ripreso tutta la carozzeria che è tornata come nuova e ho rifatto il tettuccio interno (sempre originale). Io abito molto vicino a dove si fabbricano le Maserati.



Dear Enrico,

Thank you for youe e-mail and my compliments on your Italian.

I attached for you an image of the advert used by Ducati here in Italy..... it's the first one I managed to find, but if you want more I have some better ones, but first I have to scan them.

My Maserati is a beautiful 1982 Biturbo modified with original Maserati parts. In fact it has just qualified for classic status and here in Italy; I can insure it for only Euro 100.00 p.a. I have changed the bonnet (fitting one with two air intakes from a Biturbo S), fitted side skirts and a new rear bumper using only original Maserati parts.

I have also modified the car for use with unleaded fuel (I changed all the fuel lines). I have changed the battery, the brakes, a new clutch, new tyres, fitted four exhaust pipes 2+2 (a conversion that was popular here in Italy) and a front spoiler. I have had the bodywork totally restored; it looks like new, and the interior has been re-trimmed to original specification.

I live very close to where Maseratis are made.



Federico has kindly sent me photos of his Maserati Rossa.


Federico and his Maser.

Federico's modified Biturbo.


Quite obviously Federico is not just interested in 'four wheels'!


Federico's Monster Ducati poster.


A Ducati 1000.


A Ducati 999 R.

You can see more Ducatis at

From Mirko in Switzerland.

Mirko has very kindly sent me this beautifully designed Winter print.


Artwork courtesy of Mirko Noser © 2002.

If you wish to see more of Mirko Noser's designs CLICK HERE!

From Tasos in Greece

Hi Enrico,

What happened to your site? It seems that it doesn't exist! Is everything OK?



Reply from Enrico:

"For some time now, on the odd occasion, visitors have experienced difficulties logging in to my site. This has been due to some technical problems with my provider at Freenetname.

For this reason I have published an identical site at"


You may now visit Enrico's Maserati Pages at



From Patrice in France

"Dear Enrico,

Congratulations on your website which is full of accurate and interesting informations.

I own a 1997 2-litre Ghibli GT, with 20.000 Km on the clock and have experienced no problems with it: except for the "CHECK ENGINE" warning light which I have seen light up once or twice, for no particular reason. Everything was OK and this warning light disappeared when I stopped the car and restarted the engine.

It seems to be quite "normal" with this car. The Italian garage, near Milano, where I bought the car was aware of this problem and told me that all Ghiblis were the same and to more or less to accept it.

I have attached two pictures of my car.

Thanks again for this fantastic site.

Best regards,


From Paolo in Italy

Paolo Tron has very kindly given me permission to publish these photographs of a box of ten Maserati spark plugs that he had for sale recently. UInfortunately they have now been sold, and I wasn't the buyer!

Paolo sells motoring memorabilia and you can see his collection at .


TOP-RIGHT-HAND CORNER: "Spark plugs for every type of internal combustion engine. Aeronautical . Automobile . Motorcycle . Agricultural . Industrial."

BOTTOM LEFT-HAND CORNER: "Our technical department is at your disposal to inform you which type of spark plug is best suited to your engine."


Maserati SpA, Viale Ciro Menotti 322, Modena, Italia.

I was on my way back to Azienda Agroalimentare HOMBRE, home to the Panini collection, to buy some of their excellent Parmesan cheese and had a little time to spare, so I popped over to take a look at the new building work being carried out the Maserati factory. It's very impressive!


Viale Ciro Menotti, home to Maserati SpA.

One of the large Tridents on the old building.

The new building rises above the old!

The new headquarters of Maserati SpA

Old and New: the sign of changing times at Maserati!

The large Maserati motif alongside the new headquarters.

The somewhat deserted car park early on a Saturday morning.

One of the new Maserati Coupés inside the Maserati compound.


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