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Trident badge on a Maserati Tipo 8C 3000
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
When is a trident not a trident?

"When it looks like this!!!"

"You cannot be serious!!!"
From Roger in Switzerland

"Hi Enrico!

Your Maserati-Page is very very nice, I think the best one in the world!

Maserati, my favorite car-brand for all Name-Brand-Drivers!

Here some pictures of my Maserati Ghbili 2.0 24V "Green in Green". This is the original colour "verde bosco" (Forest Green).

The Ghibli is a very fast and dependable car, very good to drive long ranges in little time!

Now I'm searching for a Maserati Shamal a very good looking sports-car!

Greetings to You and all Maserati-Fans in the world......

By the way;

Last saturday I had a test drive with a Shamal!

It's a very fine and fast car with so much power I couldn't believe it at first! I think this car's a very underestimated and undervalued to buy at the moment!

Maybe you can use this information for you Maserati Page!

Last week I was talking to a guy who had good connections with Maserati in Modena and a Sales Director told him, that Maserati spa in fact ONLY built about 200 Shamals!

At first they predict of an amount of 329 or 360 ordered Shamals but in fact due to the problems at Maserati and the part in stock this number of cars never get fullfilled!

Based on that I get interested in the Shamal and as closer I had a look as better and interesting this fine car gets..... And for sure it's faster to drive than a 348 Ferrari which where built at around the same time in the 90's!

Greetings Roger."

Classics from the Seventies

Thanks to Ivan Ruiz of The Car Nut, I am able to publish these detailed photographs of three of the great Maseratis of the Seventies; the Bora, the Merak and the Khamsin.

These cars are currently for sale and further details can be found at

"Oh! If only I had the cash and a more understanding wife!!!"

A 1975 MERAK (US Specification)
A 1975 BORA (US Specification)

Note the glass code date

Note the wheel casting date
A 1977 KHAMSIN (US Specification)
From Gerold in Germany

"Dear Enrico,

first of all thank you for your great site! It is really superb to find so much variety on Maserati in one place!

Now here is something that I could not find out so far. Maybe it contributes also to some fruitful discussion?

I have a very nice white Khamsin (US Version) and some previous owner might have done something strange to the louvres. They carry the leftovers of white paint on a sort of greyish base. The white was obviously sprayed on poorly because someone did not want the car to look too assymetrical just one of the things that are cool about this car. The grey colour is a sort of anthracite and even shows a sort of metallic lustre as it features some silverish sprinkles. The finish is silky matt, certainly not glossy.

The paint might be faded black although the unexposed parts of the louvres show the same hue. Was that ever black? I have seen a lot of different combinations but don't know if any was original and I saw Dr. George Lipperts pictures of the satin aluminium louvres. Were they only painted like that? Does anyone know if they were also made of aluminium? I guess there were no rules as the cars were all custom ordered.

If anthracite was the real colour, was that also used for the fuel tank cap and the grid around it? Or was that black plastic? I think dark matt black would also look good on the louvres or shiny silver, either the steel could be polished and sealed or chrome-plated.

I'm looking forward to opinions and wish you and every reader all the best so far and happy Maserating!


From Ivan Ruiz in the USA


I've owned three US Khamsin and have two extra sets of louvres (don't ask why) ... for a total of 5 sets of louvres! Two sets of louvres were satin black, two sets were anthracite grey and one set unpainted aluminum.

Not sure what conclusion I would draw from this, except the factory did whatever they wanted!



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