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So if you have any news about Maseratis or have anything owners and enthusiasts should know, send details to

Trident in the front grille of
the MC12 Versione Corse
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Piero in Italy

"Hi Enrico,

Here is Piero from the South of Italy!

It's just a little strange that from Italia I'm asking you about the Maserati 5000 GY, but your site is full of text and images, I think you're really competent.

You can see in the attached files a built model of the 5000 GT bodied by Allemano: the shape seems to be almost right but the rear lights are exact?

You've catalogued 22 Allemano bodies, could it be one of these?

Sorry for my bad English...

All the best,



"Recently I purchased a Maserati Quattroporte by Politoys on eBay, that I am sending you photos of.

A very nice model (even though I normally collect only coupes and spiders), I hope that BBR will be selling one soon.

Regarding the Allemano, It shouldn't be too difficult to alter the rear lights, the front is another matter.

My friend, as soon as he buys a model by auction, throws it into a solvent and it comes up like new, better than the real thing!


From Eduardo in Spain

"Hi Enrico!

I hope everything is fine. This time I am sending you some pictures from the 'Club Tridente Corsa' meeting we had this week-end in Madrid. We had a beautiful day, beautiful cars, a nice driving and a nice lunch!


Eduardo - Club Tridente Corsa."

From Jacques in France


Some pictures of two classic Maseratis on display at the Avignon Motor Show, in Avignon, last weekend.

The 250S is a brand new "recreation" built by a carrozziere near AVIGNON (it is based on a 3500 GT chassis).

The "authentic" 3500 GT was the first to arrive in FRANCE. The difference with the others is the fact there is no the small window (cristallo voletto portiera).

Best regards,


From eBay in the UK

The colour of Money??

I spotted this unusual item on eBay the other week.

Described as a 1980's original Maserati colour chart for the Maserati Indy by Vignale, this was one of the seller's more unusual items that he came across while searching in his loft the other day.

This was a mint example of one of Maserati's colour charts that were never released to the public, and were kept by dealer to demonstrate the colour range to the customer.

On the back of every tab is the part number and colour name, for example: the red tab reads “Rosso Rubino” 3053.

Bidding started at only £10, but the three bidders placed 41 bids between them. The item finally sold for a staggering, wait for it, GB £520.00!!!! (that's about EURO 750,00!!!).


From Hrvoje in Croatia

"Dear Sir,

First of all congratulations for such a excellent site. Your site is in my favourite for over a year. I do hope that you could help me to find rear brake discs for Maserati 228.

Since I know that You already helped so many people, I hope that you'll be eable to help me also. In attachment I am sending You some photos of my beloved car.

Car No: ZAMAN1101LA340388.

Chassis No: ZAM334B00*JA100388*.

Rear brake disc part number: 347201351.

I would appreciate your answer soon.

Best regards,


From Maserati Corse in Zhuhai, China

Five Maserati MC12s line up in China

The international FIA GT championship will get underway tomorrow at the Chinese circuit of Zhuhai when the timed sessions take place. In 2004, Bertolini/Salo in the Maserati MC12 swept to victory at Zhuhai in 2004 ahead of the twin car driver by Herbert/DeSimone.

There will be five Maserati MC12 s lining up on the grid for the 2007 FIA GT. They will be fielded by Scuderia Playteam Sarafree, Vitaphone Racing Team and JMB Racing and have a large number of Italian drivers.

Playteam Sarafree
Triumphant in the 2006 Italian GT championship, the Playteam Sarafree race team will have outgoing champion and official Maserati test driver Andrea Bertolini leading its charge. He will be paired with runner-up Andrea Piccini. On paper the Italian duo look to be favourites and will be challenging for the title. Giambattista Giannoccaro (the current Italian champion) and Alessandro Pier Guidi, make up the other crew that, potentially, could prove to be a real force. Scuderia Playteam Sarafree will be using Pirelli tyres that have been fitted to the MC12 since its 2004 debut. It has since signed an agreement with Shell.

Copyright Maserati/Studio Mazzi

Bertolini - Piccini
Copyright Maserati/Studio Mazzi

Giannoccaro - Pier Guidi
All photos are the sole copyright of Maserati/Studio Mazzi

Andrea Bertolini

Andrea Piccini

Giambattista Giannoccaro

Alessandro Pier Guidi
Copyright Maserati/Studio Mazzi

Zhuhai Qualifying - Bertolini/Piccini
Copyright Maserati/Studio Mazzi

Zhuhai Qualifying - Giannoccaro/Pier Guidi

Vitaphone Racing Team
The Vitaphone Racing Team can boast two titles won in 2005 and 2006 and two consecutive wins in the last two 24 Hours of Spa. Also, Bertolini/Bartels last year scooped the Drivers' titles. Without a doubt Vitaphone is an expert and knowledgeable team and will want to stay at the top. This year's top driver is Michael Bartels. He will be flanked by Thomas Biagi , in his third year with the German outfit. The other car will see Miguel Ramos (who appeared in the 2006 Italian GT) and Christian Montanari sharing the drive. Though making his debut in this series, Montanari has experience in single-seaters.

Copyright Maserati/Studio Mazzi

Zhuhai Qualifying - Bartels/Biagi
Copyright Maserati/Studio Mazzi

Zhuhai Qualifying - Ramos/Montanari

JMB Racing
Making a welcome return to the GT1 class, having put out two MC12s in 2005. The JMB Racing team from Monaco will have Joe Macari (a driver with Trofeo Maserati experience behind him) and Ben Aucott representing them. The second MC12 will take the stage for the first time at Silverstone with Kutemann/Waaijenberg and will be out to win the Citation Cup reserved for 'gentleman drivers'.

Copyright Maserati/Studio Mazzi

Zhuhai Qualifying - Macari/Aucott

All the MC12s will have 25kg of ballast on board, as imposed by the FIA.

The 2007 regulations have been modified in order to reduce costs. The races will now last two and not three hours. Two pit stops and a driver change must be made during the course of each race; the teams may use a maximum of three engines for the year and only one type of braking unit is allowed, homologated for each model; there will be three sets of brake discs from a single supplier and only one gearbox ratio permitted. Finally, only three sets of dry tyres per car may be used by the teams during each event.

The race will start at 13.30 (78 laps or 335.4 km or a maximum of 120' ). In Italy it will be transmitted live on Sky Sports Extra (channel 204) at 7.25 on 25 March. The Nuvolari channel will transmit a highlights show during the week.

Pirelli, Shell, Audemars Piguet, PTC and Alcantara are partners of Maserati Corse.

From Jacques in France

"Bonjour à tous,

Le Salon de Genève. Toujours de très belles autos.

Si vous le voulez, je vous emmène faire un tour. Ceux qui y sont allés auront certainement du plaisir à y passer qq. minutes.

Désolé pour certains, mais je ne vous montrerai pas la nouvelle Twingo, ni les autres "inventions" confortant la "demande du marché" par des horreurs comme les Crossovers français (il était temps qu'ils se mettent à badger une grosse bulle japonaise !) et autres voitures "copié-collé" se ressemblant toutes et faisant rêver les Tamalou.

Mon choix sera plus élitiste et vous avez le droit de ne pas y souscrire.

Au fait, vous ne savez pas ce que c'est qu'un Tamalou ?


Le Tamalou est une race de plus en plus nombreuse et très active en France. Il faut avoir -au moins- soixante ans pour postuler à être Tamalou. Le Tamalou peut être célibataire, marié ou veuf ou les trois à la fois. Il a certainement été cocu dans sa vie ce qu' ignorent ses grands enfants. A part son patrimoine qui est souvent mal géré, il n'est pas productif.

Le Tamalou se retrouve souvent avec ses semblables à Lourdes, dans des concours de pêche, triche à la belote et visite annuellement la Foire de Nice. Les Tamalous de Lyon font exactement la même chose. Ceux de Dublin et de Francfort aussi, mais vont moins à la Foire de Nice.

Lorsque deux Tamalous (français) se rencontrent, ils parlent rapidement de leur santé en se racontant les derniers cancers, vasectomies et autres fuites intimes. Si un nouveau Tamalou s'invite dans leur clan, ils leur demandent d'entrée, comme un mot de passe: Et toi, t'as mal ou?

On se dirige directement sur le stand de ma marque préférée:

Pour y découvrir la plus belle, désirable et nouvelle: la Maserati GrandTurismo:"

"Hello everyone,

The Geneva Motor Show. Always some beautiful cars.

If you want to, I will take you on a brief tour. Those who have already been will most certainly be delighted to spend another few minutes there.

Distressing for some of you, but I will not show you the 'Twingo' news, nor the other "innovations" flooding the "demand of today's market" made up of horrors such as French 'Crossovers' (it is about time that they put an end to that large Japanese bubble!) and other "copycat" cars, that all look the same and making dream Tamalou.

My selections will be slightly more elitist, and you have the right not to subscribe to them.

By the way, you don't know what a Tamalou is?


A Tamalou is a type that a is increasing in numbers at a great rate and presently very active in France. It takes at least sixty years before you can assume to be a Tamalou. A Tamalou can be single, married or widowed, or all three at the same time. He was most certainly cuckold in his life, somthing that his grandchildren are probably unaware of. Besides that, his inheritance, which is often badly managed, is non-productive.

The Tamalou is often found along with his contemporaries at Lourdes, in fishing competitions, cheating at Belote (a popular 32-card trick-taking game played in France) and visits the Nice International Exhibition every year. The Tamalous of Lyon do exactly the same thing. As do those from Dublin and Frankfurt, but they frequent that at Nice less often.

When two French Tamalous meet, they immediately start talking about their health by discussing their latest illnesses, vasectomies and other intimate subjects. If a new Tamalou is invited to join their group, they ask of them, as a password: And you, are you ill or what?

Let us make our way directly to the stand of my preferred marque:

To find there, the most beautiful, desirable and new: Maserati GrandTurismo:


The Maserati stand at the Geneva Motor Show

La plus belle, désirable et nouvelle:
The very beautiful, desirable and new:

Maserati GrandTurismo
Maserati GranTurismo

En blanc, en gris ou autre. Magnifique.
In white, in grey or any other colour. Magnificent.

Les 3200GT vont être bradées....
The 3200GTs will be dropping in price....

Vous me suivez? Accrochez vous...
Are you still with me? Hang on...

Extraordinaire puissance 5, la Stola:
Extraordinary power 5, the Stola:

Based on a Brabus V12 biturbo powertrain-platform
with a 6.3 litre engine producing 750 bhp!

750 chevaux (qui est le minimum syndical pour ce genre d'exception) dans plus de 5m...
750bhp (the minimum the Unions will allow for this remarkable type) in over 5 metres

4 secondes et des brouettes de zéro à 100! Mieux que n'importe quelle Porsche. Tout en écoutant Wagner... Divin!

On reste dans la même surenchère de qualificatifs avec la C-Metisse de Citroën (vue à Paris au Mondial):



"On fait une petite pause...

We'll take a short break..."


Prêts? C'est dans le même genre...
Ready? It's in the same class...


La hanches de la Weismann
The hips of the Weisman GT

Celles là on peut les toucher sans risquer une beigne!
These you can touch without the risk of getting slapped!

Encore un petit coup de délire?
Another little coupoé to go wild about?

La Russo Baltique (italienne, comme la Stola):

The 'Russo Baltique' (Italian, just like the Stola)

Rien que la maquette.... Un peu plus sage car BMW Alpina is watching you....:
Nothing but the marking.... A slightly wiser car, the BMW Alpina, is watching you...:

Honda F1


On reste chez les Allemands:
We'll stay with the Germans:

The Porsche RS Spyder

AMG-Mercedes C-Class DTM

The Porsche GT3 RS

The Rinspeed eXasis

The Spyker C12 Zagato

The Pagani Zonda F

A 1947 Saab 'Ursaab'

The Saab Aero X Geneva 2006

The Aston Martin Vanquish S

The Peugeot 908 HDi FAP


The Corvette C6.R race car



Renault F1


Fiat Grande Punto Abarth S2000
The long legs are optionl!!

The Materia - Daihatsu's new supermini-MPV

I wonder if they realised that 'Materia'
means poison in some Italian dialects!!

BMW M3 Concept

The super budget Renault/Dacia Logan

Toyota Auris




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