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Grille trident on a Maserati 250F #CM10
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Gerhard in Switzerland

Gerhard has very kindly sent me more photos of his Quattroporte I 2a serie. Thank you Gerhard!!

"Hello Enrico,

Thank you very much, the book has arrived today and in perfect shape! I have attached some more photos of the rallye I took part in in 2001. It's the "Raid Suisse Paris" (you can have a look at, it's in English as well) which leads from Basel in Switzerland through the French countryside to Paris, includes good food and a bit of sightseeing (wine-cellars, castles, and the like). The Rallye is held in August this year, featured marque is ...Maserati. In 2001, featured marque was Porsche, with about 30 Porsche participating so, hopefully, this year will brim with Maseratis!



More photos of Gerhard's gorgeous Quattroporte.

A classic Maserati in classic surroundings - oozing 'Speed, Elegance and Class'.
From Gerhard in Switzerland

Gerhard has sent me this photo of his Quattroporte I 2a serie. Let's hope he sends us some more!!


Nice to see a photo of one on the road !!
From Tony in the UK

Owning a Maserati 430


"I've owned a 1989, 100,000 mile 430 for two years now. It's been to the South of France three times and covers around 8,000 miles per year. I haven't been brave enough to work out the real running costs, but, having owned a number of 'interesting' cars, I can say that the 430 is definitely one of the more reliable.

I have worked out the costs of improvements/repairs which I have done, and can say that IF you are CAREFUL about where you source your spares, the costs are reasonable - indeed comparable to any other older car. (eg. Maserati oil filter = GB £12.50, Vauxhall Carlton =GB £4.00: Timing Belt from A********* Maserati = GB £28.00, motor factor (same part no.) GB £13.00).

The electrics are very Italian but the mechanics are well engineered and easy to work on, by and large. The parts book is very useful and the web is an asset.

If it cost twice as much, it'd still be a lot of very quick car. The performance still takes my breath away at times; the comfort is good over long journeys and I reckon the fuel costs are worth the experience.


Maserati on rails

Over a five week period, a group of motoring journalists from all around the world, visited the new plant in Modena, and aquainted themselves with the prestigious new saloon from the Casa del Tridente. They then boarded a specially prepared Trenitalia Eurostar, sporting Maserati colours, to Florence where, on a circuit somewhere between Saint Gimignano and Siena, they road tested the new Quattroporte. All guests aboard the train were presented with a commemerative model of the Eurostar painted in this special livery.

- How long before they're up for sale on eBay ???


Ferrari-Maserati and Trenitalia in perfect harmony !!
From Howard in Australia

"Hi Enrico,

I have a 3500 GT and am trying to determine how many of these were produced in right-hand drive. I know of a least 2 that were imported into Australia.

As you will probably realise the engine is offset in the chassis to clear the steering box, and to have right-hand drive is a unique set up compared to the left-hand drive models.

Do you have access the numbers that were produced?

Hope you can help.

Yours sincerely,



Howard Ring's beautiful right-hand drive 3500 GT.
From Claudio in Italy

"Ciao Enrico, it's Claudio.

In the attached images are a few photographs taken on the Masertati stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

The chap in the photographs is my friend Simone who accompanied me. He works for FIAT Auto SpA and has tested the new Quattroporte.

Hope to see you at one of our meetings soon.

Ciao Claudio.

From Philippe in Belgium

"Hello Enrico,

Congratulation for your Maserati work. It's great!

I send to you the next cover "Menu dei Motori".



The 2004 issue of 'Menu dei Motori' which will be dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Maserati and available at the beginning of September.

From Steven in Belgium

"Hello Enrico,

I was a few days in France last February, and look what a beautiful Ghibli I saw in Pierrefonds !... Even more astonishing in that "décor", don't you think ? I send you another picture of the other side of that road too, so you can see the whole fairy tale scenery !

I hope you enjoy the picture.


Maserati unveils the way ahead at Geneva!!

At last we Maseratisti have been shown what lies ahead with the 'Casa del Tridente's unveiling of their new competition race car, the MC12 Competizione, and ultra high performance road car, the MC12 Stradale, at the Geneva Motor Show. Check out the official Maserati website at for more information. It's all very exciting stuff!!!!


MC12 Stradale

MC12 Competizione
From the Grand American Road Racing Association in the USA

I am grateful to Grand American Road Racing for their permission to publish these photos of the Scuderia Ferrari of Washington Maserati Light GT and the Risi Competizione Maserati Light GT taken during the practice sessions and the race at the Rolex 24 at Daytona two weeks ago.



26th (#30) Anthony Lazzaro, Hickory, N.C.; Ralf Kelleners, Germany; Matteo Bobbi, Italy, GT, Risi Competizione Maserati Light GT, 462.

37th (#33) Fabrizio De Simone Niquesa, Italy; Stephen Earle, Garden Ridge, Texas; Emil Assentato, Locust Valley, N.Y.; Nick Longhi, Valley Cottage, N.Y., GT, Scuderia Ferrari of Washington Maserati Light GT, 384.

More photos from Kai in Australia
From François in France


Vous avez eu la gentillesse de publier sur votre site un petit historique de la fabrication de notre re-construction de Birdcage, et nous constatons avec plaisir que la publication est toujours presente.

Cela nous fait tres plaisir et occasionne de nombreux contacts. L'un d'eux a ete fructueux avec le magazine francais "Sport-auto", qui a publie un reportage que je vous adresse en remerciement.

Bien a vous,



You were kind enough to publish the brief story of the construction of our replica Tipo 60 Birdcage on your site, and we are happy to see that the article still remains.

That pleases us and has given us many contacts. One of them has profitable with the French magazine "Sport-car", which published a report that I am sending to you in thanks.

All the best,

François CHASSAING."

From Giorgio in Italy

The ex-Eva Peron Maserati A6/1500 by Pinin Farina was displayed at the recent "Luxury & Yachts" exhibition in Verona (Italy). Sig Giorgio Ottelli has very kindly sent me these photographs of this important car which was on display at this prestigious event.


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