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From Modena in Italy

16th August 2012: Franco Campana, youngest son of Onorio Campana, has sadly passed away, having lost his long battle against illness.

I would like to express my sincere condolences and send our thoughts and prayers to his family at this difficult time.

Many Maserati owners will have known Franco through their dealings with Carrozzeria Campana when searching for and purchasing spare parts for their cars.

From Enrico in the UK

Maserati have now introduced an extensive range of watches for ladies and gentlemen designed to suit all tastes, and most importantly all pockets with prices ranging from GB £68.30 to £603.96 !!


The Callandra Collection

The Callandra Collection

The Plancia Collection

The Plancia Collection

The Stile Collection

The Stile Collection

The Competizione Collection

The Competizione Collection

The Competizione Collection

The Tridente Collection

The Tridente Collection

The Tridente Collection

The Tridente Collection

The Passione Collection

The Passione Collection
From Enrico in the UK

Owners of the later Biturbo ers models are constantly informing me that they are unable to source the factory recommended Selenia Racing 10W/60 engine oil. Well here's an alternative fully synthetic engine oil that should be more easily sourced.


From Coys in Geramny

Three lots that may be of interest to the Maserati enthuiast will be coming up for sale a COYS sale at the Nurburgring on Saturday 11th Auguat 2012; a 4.7-litre Maserati Bora, a Maserati 125 Sport motorcycle, and a "450S Evocation".


Lot 116 - 1955 Maserati Moto 125 Sport

Estimate: €6,000 - €8,000
Registration Number: TBA
Chassis Number: 5483


From 1947 to 1960 Fabbrica Candele Acculumatori Maserati S.p.A was part of Adolfo Orsi's large industrial group of Companies , of which the Maserati Car company was a subsidiary. In the 1950's they bought the motorcycle maker Italmoto which gave them access to export market in South Africa, Europe and also North America. All the motorcycles used the well-known Maserati badge with the trident on it.

This delightful little 125 sport version on offer today, has been part of a very large Italian racing bike collection until very recently. Finished in stunning racing silver with white oval's, this piece of Italian race history is offered with a very realistic reserve.

Lot 123 - 1973 Maserati Bora

Estimate: €65,000 - €75,000
Registration Number: Swedish Registered
Chassis Number: AM117/47*278*


Maserati, as most people know was started in 1926 by three Maserati brothers, they enjoyed great pre-war racing success with their various designs. Cars like the Tipo 26, the 4CL and 6CM and finally the great 8C cars.

In the mid 60s competition was stiffening up- other manufactures began pushing the boundaries, Lamborghini introduced the mid-engined Miura which also caught Ferrari napping as neither they nor Maserati had a mid-engined car in their line-up. Other manufacturers like De Tomaso and Iso Rivolta had also entered the market which had forced Maserati to introduce their V8 engine into their new models the Ghibli and Indy and Mexico. By now Lamborghini were about to introduce the Countach and Ferrari the Boxer and Maseratis answer to this was the Bora which was Maseratis first non-competition mid-engined sports car.

The Bora on offer here today is a 4700 which was made late in the cars production life. Chassis 278 was imported from Italy to Sweden in 1976. According to the vendor it had its engine rebuilt in 1987 and has been in the ownership of a Swedish Maserati restorer the last 5 years. Chassis 278 was subject to a res-pray in 2002 back into its original yellow colour. These cars must be, arguably one of the best, and most iconic Maseratis produced post-war, don't miss an opportunity to own this one.

Lot 145 - 1967 Maserati 450 S Evocation

Estimate: €95,000 - €115,000
Registration Number: Italian Registered
Engine Number: AM 107*1280*


Maserati 450S built between 1956 and 1958 comprised of nine racing cars made by Maserati and used in FIA's endurance World Sportscar Championship. Their design started in 1954 by Alberto Bellentani and Guido Taddeucci who intended to use larger engines than those then used by Maserati. One was the 3 ½ litre to be used in the Maserati 350S, the other to be used in the 450S had a 4.478 litre short-stroke V8 engine with four Weber carburettors. The tubular chassis and body was designed by Valerio Colotti, and inherited much from the Maserati 300S, using De Dion and 5-speed ZF gearbox, and a suspension with double wishbones and coil springs.

The 450S was raced in the 1957 World Sports Car Championship where its principle rivals were Ferrari with its 290MM, 315S and 335S models, the Jaguar D Type and the Aston Martin DBR1.

According to the vendor this magical evocation of the legendary 450 S was built in the 60's and 70's by a Turinese Coachbuilder. It holds a 67' Maserati Quattroporte registration, and is offered with Italian papers. Built with a tubular frame we are informed the body is made of aluminium.

This lightweight body, mated to a Quattroporte engine (AM 107*1280*), produces a sound unmistakeably Italian, from its fitted side pipes in a suitably throaty manor. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy the thrills and fun of Maserati ownership, with 450 S looks, at a fraction of the price of the genuine toy! Not to be missed.

All text and images courtesy of Coys

From Maserati Corse in Italy

Paul Ricard Circuit - 22/07/2012

Renaud Kuppens, from Konvex Motorsport, has been crowned European Maserati Trofeo champion. The Belgian came out on top after the dust had settled on the fourth round, held at the French circuit of Paul Ricard.

Kuppens’ second spot in Race 1 was enough to see him across the line, and, even though he was forced to retire from Race 2, he still tops the Overall standings in the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series. This round sees the European stages come to an end; the scene now shifts to the United States and China.


Sharing the limelight with Kuppens were Sernagiotto and Andrea Dromedari, winners of Race 1 and 2, respectively.

Sernagiatto’s morning win was only in doubt towards the end when Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (AF Corse) very nearly caught him. Sbirrazzuoli’s victory bid was put to bed on lap 12 after he tried to get round Sernagiotto, who was slowing down to ease past Nicolucci, a back marker. Sbirrazzuoli and Nicolucci ended up clashing with the AF Corse driver coming off worse. The way was now clear for Renaud Kuppens and Alan Simoni to make second and third their one. Sernagiotto’s win fuelled his partner’s (Giuseppe Fascicolo) thoughts of taking the European title in Race 2. When Kuppens pulled out early on, things seemed to be going the Italian’s way but, in the end, he could do no better than finish fifth.


The second race of the day was more exciting with the win eventually being taken by Andrea Dromedari (Swiss Team). Chasing the podium slots for much of the race were Riccardo Ragazzi, Fabio Venier, Riccardo Romagnoli and Ange Barde (four-time winner of the European Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli). When the curtain came down it was Ragazzi and Venier who took the runners-up spots behind the Swiss Team driver. Barde, who had crossed the line second, was hit with a 45-second penalty that saw him relegated to 11th. The decision to slap him with the penalty came after he failed to complete a drive through for clashing with Romagnoli.

Konvex Motorsport’s Kuppens and Daniel Waszczinski now hold the lead in the Team series from Dromedari and Pigoli (Swiss Team). In the Trofeo, Simoni and Ragazzi head Sernagiotto/Fascicolo and Venier/Gardelli.



The two guest drivers in the Bowers & Wilkins VIP car had a varied time of it: Christian Gebhardt, the German journalist from Auto Sport magazine, retired from Race 1 on lap 14 when in seventh while his Japanese team mate, Shinichi Katsura from Genroq magazine, finished Race 2 in tenth.

The Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo that will appear in the United States was unveiled during the weekend. The car’s special livery celebrates the next round in Maserati’s single-make series, one programmed for 23 September at Infineon, in Sonoma. The grand finale will be held on 4 November in Shanghai, China. These two final events round off the series in a truly global way.


The Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo's special livery for the United States

Renaud Kuppens (Konvex Motorsport): “Obviously, I am very pleased at my success despite retiring from Race 2. I would have preferred to have celebrated by crossing the line after going at it with my rivals. Looking back over the season, I would have to say that things didn’t start out well: the wrong choice of tyres at Jarama saw me lose a few places; in round two, at Portimao, a win in the endurance event brought me back into the championship reckoning and at Imola a series of three solid results gave me the lead. Now I am looking to winning the world title. The competition will be tough but my objectives will not change. I would like to highlight how professional the set up is in the Maserati Trofeo. The level of organisation is like nothing else I have experienced in my career”.

Over the coming weeks Eurosport will transmit a 28-minute report of the weekend’s action. Images, results, interviews and all the standings can be found on the website.


1. Giorgio Sernagiotto/Giuseppe Fascicolo 41:21.279
2. Konvex Motorsport – Renaud Kuppens 41:26.781*
3. Alan Simoni/Riccardo Ragazzi 41:30.074


1. Swiss Team – Dromedari/Pigoli 41:38.958*
2. Ragazzi/Simoni 41:49.700
3. Venier/Gardelli 41:51.103

*in the Team series


1. Kuppens (Konvex Motorsport) – 121 points*
3. Fascicolo/Sernagiotto – 114 points
4. Simoni/Ragazzi – 111 points


1. Simoni/Ragazzi – 144 points
2. Fascicolo/Sernagiotto – 135 points
3. Venier/Gardelli – 97 points


1. Konvex Motorsport (Wasczinski/Kuppens) - 261 points
2. Swiss Team (Dromedari/Pigoli) – 148 points
3. AF Corse (Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna) – 122 points

Text and Photos courtesy of Maserati Media Center

From Amir in Lebanon

"Dear Enrico,

Congrats on your great Q&A website.

I will be chipping in very soon – I have a question of my own.

The window button in mine all of a sudden decided to stop functioning upward – it works on the push down but on the way up there is no nothing – the motor is fine I can hear it clicking.

How can I remove the button and check under it ?


Amir from Beirut, Lebanon."

"Hi Enrico,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

It actually worked, the back part oof the plastic button is gone - I used my index finger to push it back up.

I'll post pics for you tomorrow.

Thank you."


Amir with his Maserati 3200 GT


Off to a Maserati meeting


Following a pleasant drive through the coutryside...


...classic and modern Maseratis...

... arrive at their meeting in Beirut
From Wim in Belgium

"Hi Enrico You missed my colour in your colour code list. It is colour 231.865 “Blu Maserati” I am looking for the colour codes of the leather for the 3200 GT. Can you help me ? Many thanks for the links, they are great! In fact there is a major activity planned mid September when our club (Maseratisti Fiamminghi) is hosting the International Maserati Meeting. Check our website for more information: I also included some extra photos. As you can see, our garage is only divided by the living room by a glass window. It was such a shame hiding the cars away! Cordiali saluti, Wim."


Wim's stunning Maserati 3200 GT



Toujour, ma Maserati est chez moi !!

From Enrico in the UK

One has just bought the car of their dreams, a Maserati 3200 GT, and can't bear the thought of being apart from it for too long. What can one do ?

The commission: To design a garage for a young man, but wishes to have his workplace adjoining his parent's house, but because he loves his Maserati so much, he wishes to live with it. A garage of around 120 square metres where he can study, entertain and dine his girlfriend, watch movies in a home theatre, all this but with his beloved Maserati close at hand. Oh, I almost forgot, within the area reserved for the Maserati, six high pressure shower heads mounted in the ceiling for a car wash !!

Well judging by these photographs, from Alain Brugier, the solution would appear to be, commissioning brilliant Brazilian architect Brunete Fraccaroli, to design your live-in garage.

What more could any Maserati and its owner want !!


The Maserati 3200 GT enjoying the comforts of home !




A place to study

Note the shower heads in the ceiling

A place to entertain



A place to dine

Brunete Fraccaroli

You can see more of Brunete Fraccaroli's stunning designs at

From Onno in Belgium
FESTVAL OF SPEED - Goodwood 2012

"Hello Enrico,

Last weekend, we had a lovely roadtrip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Chichester, UK. A report, although in Dutch can be found here:

As you can see, we got sponsored by Audi, although I could not resist driving my 1970 Ghibli. The first long trip, after a 3 year restoration; some great driving, especially on the way back in France.

Loads of petrol, but loads of driving pleasure in return.

It ended quite abruptly with a failed alternator (broken belt) and some ignition problems. Nothing serious though.

At the festival, I got some technical help from 2 very friendly mechanics, who were working on an amazing 8CM. I took some pictures of it that I send via Wetransfer. Feel free to publish them on your site. What an animal, this 8CM. Also enclosed, is a picture of my Ghibli at the French coast (Dieppe).

Best regards,















Hello Onno,

Good to hear that you had a good time. Thank you for the photos of the Tipo 8CM.

I believe that car to be #3011. once owned by Whitney Straight of the USA and became known as 'The Whitney Straight Maserati'. There was a very good book about this Maserati written by the late great Denis Jenkinson. It's a very important car.

My friend Tom visited the event on the Sunday, hospitality package with BMW, he too said it was very good. Tom is a Jaguar/Aston Martin/BMW expert mechanic and has a garage near me.

He checks over my Ghibli for its annual MOT on Monday. It passed with flying colours !!

All the best,


From Ruud in The Netherlands

"Ciao Enrico,

Never knew you were collecting stamps!

I picked up these 2 pictures of Maserati 3500 GT stamps from eBay some time ago.

Best regards,



From Austria

From Liberia
From Newspress in the UK

Few will disagree that the Pinifarina designed Maserati Quattroporte is one of the most beautiful saloon cars in the world, and the numerous awards it has received confirms this.

However there are some owners who require that their Quattroporte should have a sportier and more aggresive look, and this is where CDC Performane come in.

Their "Project Quattroporte" combination of exterior, interior and performance modifications certainly fit the bill.



































You can download CDC Performace's detailed catalogue from here CDC Project Quattroporte.

From Ben in the USA

"Hello Enrico,

I have read that many Biturbo owners who live in warmer climates have experienced ptoblems in keeping the engine temperature down.

I live in Miami and did a lot of work to keep my '87 Biturbo Spyder from overheating, larger metal radiator with two larger fans, thermostat bypass, fuel cooler, supplemental relay are all parts detailed in the factory "Tropical Kit", Lenny of Auto Italia helped me with some of the parts.

Now my car can sit in traffic with the air conditioning on, and will never get even near to overheating!

I can send you a copy of the tropical kit parts and pix(lenny got me a new factory supplemental wiring harness with two relays and the new fuel cooler).

Here I have attached the dealer factory parts bulletin for the “Tropical Kit” in pdf file and photos of the work on my car.

As per the dealer parts list a banjo fitting is used to bypass the thermostat instead of ordering a thermostat housing or using the flat spot on the thermostat housing where the factory indicated I welded and tapped threads in the space of the vacuum switch on my thermostat housing, the hose from the banjo fitting goes to the radiator overflow hose via a “T” connector just before the hose reaches the overflow tank.

Here is the sequence and parts done on my '87 Spyder:

1. Removed the vacuum switch on the thermostat housing welded and tapped threads for a banjo fitting to by pass the thermostat and connect to the radiator overflow hose with a tee connector just before it reaches the overflow tank.

2. Removed the spring and center disc of the thermostat leaving only the outer disc to disturb coolant flow.

3. Installed larger metal radiator with updated larger factory fans.

4. Disconnected the A/C relay and jumped the harness for radiator and A/C fan relays near the temperature switch on the radiator so both fans will always function at the same time by temperature not one at a time for temperature and A/C individually and upped the relay mounted fuse from 15 to 20 amps using only the radiator temp relay.

5. Installed factory fuel cooler and sheathed the fuel lines running under the front valance next to the wiper motor with fibreglass fire proof heat sheilding to prevent vapor lock and improve fuel cooling.

6. Installed factory supplemental relay harness with two relays which is very simple and anyone can make their own relay harness with the installation instructions (.pdf file).

7. Replaced rubber radiator hoses with silicone and had my machine shop make me a radiator tube out of aluminum to avoid rust contaminating the coolant system.

8. I made a "Y" harness with three plugs to connect both fans to the radiator temperature switch so they are both activated by the radiator temp switch and powered through the radiator fan relay with a 20 amp fuse mounted on the radiator fan relay. The temp at which the fans start working is regulated by the temp sensor on the radiator so the fans will start at the same temp but with both fans working the radiator coolant temp is better regulated with two fans instead of one for the temp and the other for the A/C.

This is what is outlined in the factory delear tropical kit other than their fuel cooler I bought from Lenny the rest can be done by making a harness and adapting the existing thermostat housing.

If I forgot something or anyone has any questions I will try to help.


Text and images courtesy of Benjamin Trujillo.
























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