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Trident badge on a Maserati Tipo 8C 3000
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
John Zachary DeLorean Dies

"John Zachary DeLorean, the dashing former General Motors executive whose flamboyant lifestyle faded into obscurity after charges that he tried to use drug money to salvage his own fledgling DeLorean Motor Car Co, has died. He was 80.

Mr. DeLorean, who created the gull-winged car adapted as Michael J. Fox's time-travelling vehicle in the "Back to the Future" films of the 1980s, died Saturday at Overlook Hospital in Summit, of complications from a recent stroke, a funeral home spokesman said.

Mr. DeLorean divorced his wife, underwent cosmetic surgery, let his hair grow, dyed it to cover the gray, went on a diet, abandoned the button-down look for monogrammed shirts with plunging necklines and - most rebellious of all - drove a Maserati instead of a Corvette." (Newsfactor Network)

Maserati Day 2003!!

Just look what some of us missed out on in 2003!!!

From Ian in Thailand

"Hello Enrico,

I hope someone has knowledge which can help me.

I live in Thailand and have just bought a "Racing, Spyder model". The year perhaps 91, the space for year has not been filled in on the log book. The previous owner changed the engine to a Lexus 4-litre V8 after a serious engine failure, a shame I agree, but a complete engine impossible to obtain here and would have to be imported. I am currently making enquiries to try to find the original engine, but I don't hold out much hope. Anything imported, non Japanese is very expensive here, and even with the engine change I have had to pay around twice the amount you would pay for one in England.

A couple of problems, the speedo now doesn't work as nothing is driving it, I am told the Maserati speedo is electronic, the Lexus engine has a mechanical connection for a cable speedo, there is however no room to connect a cable and adapter as it is close up to the body, do you have any ideas, suggestions?

The other problem fairly minor, the boot struts no longer work, do you know of any off the shelf alternatives? Really needs to be something off a Japanese car, as any alternative from a European car would be just as difficult to get hold of here.

I have chassis number ZAM333B00 LA******. The log book is written in Thaiand it would appear the original engine number was AM 471 ******.

The model number in the book is Spyder NL 2.0. I have been unable to find a reference to this on any website, but the appearance is the same as the "Racing" model, there is however only the Maserati badge on the back as can be seen from the photographs.


I do not know anyone as yet in the circle of Maserati. I bought the car from a dealer here who promised to fix all, the struts he however fitted where not genuine parts and are obviously from a hatchback car with a heavy rear door, they are so strong it takes enormous effort to close the boot lid and the lid is help up above the level of the body, I have since removed them altogether.

I perhaps will know in a few days, the problem meanwhile is it takes two people to open the boot!

Thank you.

Best regards,


From Alex in Switzerland

"Dear Enrico,

I hope you're doing well

The Mexico is finished now and we have been enjoying it for the last week, thanks to a beautiful weather.

Here are the final pictures with interior/engine/exterior details. Best Regards,



ENRICO'S NOTE: Once again my deep appreciation to Alex of Bahman Cars in Switzerland for sharing these photos of the completed Mexico following restoration.

"Thank you Alex, the Mexico looks great, a real credit to all your hard work! Only wish I could afford to buy it!!


From Doug in Australia

"Hi Enrico,

many thanks for the time you put in to run such a great site. I am a Maserati enthusiast from Australia and have recently imported a 1995 Ghibli GT from Hong Kong.

I am in the process of getting it registered here and as part of this I need to get documentation proving which European Standards (ECE regulations or E-Marks) the car was designed to meet. I know that there is a document available to European Maserati owners called the European Certificate of Conformity that details all this sort of information as it is needed when a car's registration is moved from one country to another in Europe.

I was wondering if you or any other forum members would have a copy of one of these that they could send me for reference?

Best Regards,


From Michael in Holland

"Good afternoon,

Last year I bought a 1961 Vignale Spyder and recently a 1967 Mistral Spyder 4-litre. Both cars were delivered new to the USA.

I am looking for information about the history of both cars.

1. Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder, chassis and engine number AM*101*1319.

Delivered new to Mr. Marc Frederic, 918 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA. in red with matching hardtop, cream interior, 5-speed gearbox.

1968-1972 Owned by Frederick A Usher, USA.

2. Maserati Mistral Spyder, chassis, engine and head number AM 109.SA1*661*.

Delivered new to the USA in Bianco Polo with interior in red/bordeaux. The car is still in this colour combination. It has been converted to Weber carburettors at some point in time.

It was sold through Griffon Motors (USA) to Classic Cars International (London) in 1989.

I am looking for any information about these cars' history.

Kind regards,



"If there's anyone out there who can help Michael in his search, please let me know.

Thank you.


Interesting observation from Bob in the USA

"Hi Enrico,

I was wandering through your website and noticed this picture.

It looks like nothing unusual but then I spotted something I've seen once before but I can't seem to find a listing for it in the parts book.

It's in the upper left corner of the picture. It's a cover for the fuses and relays. Most cars I see don't have it. What do you know?

Bob S."

From Hironobu in Japan

"Dear Enrico,

How do you do? Long time passed since your last e-mail.

Your expectation is right. The relay cover was already fitted to my Ghibli Cup.

I think this is genuine part of Maserati, maybe an addition after 1997 Model. But I don't know the part number.


By the way, I have a problem.

It meaning that the moulding of the front-grille has come up, it does. Because, adhesive of moulding is broken by heat of radiator.

I have repaired use EPOXY type adhesive, but broken again. So challenge the SILICONE type adhesive (like a BUTYL SEALANT).

It reports the result afterwards.

See you next.



"If there's anyone out there who can identify this part and supply me with the part number, please let me know.

Thank you.


From Jacopo in Italy

"Caro Enrico,

voglio farti i complimenti per il sito, veramente bello e fatto bene, pieno di informazioni utili!

Sono un Alfista, ma adoro tutte le auto italiane, dalla Panda alla Enzo Ferrari. E le Maserati hanno un posto speciale.

Appena ne avrò la possibilità ne acquisterò una, mi sono fatto sfuggire una bellissima Biturbo Si Black Edition del 1988 ma alla prossima occasione non mancherò. C'è una Biturbo S rossa del 1986 qua vicino per un pugno di euro... Intanto sto leggendo tutte le pagine riguardanti la Biturbo, ma sono veramente tante, quante informazioni!

Di nuovo, i miei complimenti, e grazie per aver dato e continuare a dare così tanto spazio ad un pezzo di Storia Italiana come la Biturbo.



Dear Enrico,

I want to compliment you on the web site, very nice and well put together, full of useful informations!

I'm an Alfista, but I adore all Italian cars, from a Panda to the Enzo Ferrari. And Maseratis have a special place.

When I will have the opporyunity I will buy one, I missed a beautiful 1988 Biturbo Si 'Black Edition', but the next time I'll be ready! There's a red 1986 Biturbo S in a garage near here for a handful of euro... Meanwhile, I'm reading every page about the Biturbo, but there is so much to read, so much information!

Again, my congratulations, and thanks for giving and continuing to give so much room to a piece of Italian History like the Biturbo.



Coordinator For Prato, Tuscany
Responsible For International Relations Club AlfaSport


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