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Grille trident on a Maserati 450S by Zagato
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
Tracing the history of a Maserati road car!

"Dear Maseratisti,

I am often asked to supply help in tracing the history of a particular Maserati.

The ONLY history that Maserati can supply is the following:

1 - Date of manufacture.

2 - Original exterior colour of paintwork, including the paint code.

3 - The colour and texture of the interior, including the leather batch code.

4 - Any optional extras fitted to the vehicle.

5 - Original owner, dealer or importer.

Maserati are always very helpful to owners of classic cars and will gladly give you the above information. As for the remaining history, unless the various owners have supplied Maserati with up-to-date information regarding ownership, there is very little they can do. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the factory to know the complete history of any car.

If you wish to know more about your car's ownership history, I suggest that you start by joining one of the many Maserati Clubs around the world. They often keep a track of their member's cars history, and they will surely help out if they can!


From Christophe in France

"Hi Enrico,

As I wrote it in my last e-mail, I've got a 2.0-litre Ghibli (November 1992 - 42,000 miles) of which I would like to sell a few parts. This car has always been parked in a garage and parts are in a very good condition and are stored in a workshop.

Here is the list of parts for sale with prices (open to negotiation):


Front hood/bonnet - EURO 850,00
Right-hand side or left-hand side doors - EURO 600,00 EACH

Front bumper including fog lights - EURO 350,00
4 Maserati-Koni electronic shock absorbers/dampers (2 front and 2 rear) - EURO 1.200,00

4 wheels 16" with Pirelli P Zero tyres (10% use) - EURO 800,00

Air/con radiator - EURO 200,00

Air/con compressor - EURO 350,00

LHD Front headlights (both right-hand and left-hand) - EURO 400,00

Right-hand door trim

Left-hand door trim

Front seats (electrically controlled)

Rear seats

Complete black leather interior; including electrically controlled
front seats, rear seats, door trims etc. - EURO 900,00
Maserati wood-rimmed teering wheel - EURO 300,00

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact Christophe at:



From Rossano in Italy

"Ciao Enrico,

ti annuncio le date del raduno 4į Memorial Marco Turci del Biturbo Club Italia per quest'anno.




"Hi Enrico,

Just to let you know about the provisional dates for the 4th Marco Turci Memorial Meeting of the Biturbo Club Italia for this year.




4th Memorial Marco Turci Meeting 2007

5-6-7 Ottobre 2007 Mantova/Modena/Fiorano/Mirandola


Friday 5th October 2007

Meet up in the morning in Mantova to visit the Nuvolari Museum, followed by a visit to the Gonzaghesche dwellings (Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo del Te) in the province of Mantova. In the afternoon we travel towards Modena stopping at San Benedetto to visit the Benedectine Abbey.

Saturday 6th October

Track Day at Fiorano; free laps in the morning followed by a regularity test in the afternoon.

Sunday 7th October 2007

A brief visit and guided tour of the Maserati factory to be followed by a parade in the Piazza Grande in Modena. Transfer to Mirandola for a display in the Piazza Costituente with a small autojumble that will include the sale of Maserati cars and Maserati automobilia.

The full inclusive price for this meeting, that will include all meals and accomodation for two nights, will be published as soon as the full programme is confirmed. I am told it will be only slightly more expensive than last year's event, which was very reasonable indeed!! I know, I was there!!!



2006 - Here are some of the Maseratis on display in the Piazza Costituente, Mirandola.



3200GTs and Coupés!!

Shamals and Ghiblis!!

Classic GTs!!



From Olaf in Germany

An early example of a Borrani wooden wheel??

The master wheelwright's workshop

What's this I see under that rubbish?

It's starting to look very familiar to me!!

I recognise that dashboard!

Those classic flowing lines, this is the work of...

... and there's no mistaking that chassis.

"Hi Henry,

Here are some photos that may be of interest to Maserati enthusiasts, a Maserati 3500GT by Touring discovered in a junk yard in Bucharest, Romania.



From Mauro in Italy

"Hi Enrico,

Iím Mauro from Modena, a friend of Davide.

As you know, my father and I are enthusiasts of the Quattroporte. We had two, one in silver and one in metallic brown.

Recently we bought another Quattroporte in green. After some research we discovered that the original colour was silver, so we decided to carry out a complete restoration.

I have attached some prior to and during the restoration.

Best regards,










From Maserati in Modena

22 January 2007


The first 70 Quattroporte Automatic have left Modena for the European markets.

Maserati dealerships in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, as well as those in Italy, will be the first to take delivery. Italian dealer representatives opted to personally take delivery of the vehicles from Modena.

A week from the presentation at the Detroit Motorshow, the new Quattroporte Automatic took pride of place at Modenaís prestigious Military Academy. The vehicles then wound their way through the streets of Modena to Piazza Grande where Chief Executive Roberto Ronchi symbolically handed over the keys of the cars to the European dealer representatives.

At the end of the ceremony, all 70 Quattroportes left Piazza Grande for their respective destinations.

In the UK, the Quattroporte Automatic will officially go on sale on February 14, 2007. Prices for the Quattroporte Automatic range will start at £77,000.






From John in Greece

"Hi Henry,

After sidelight I found to the street the Ghibli Cup No 22 and I took this photo.

Is it good for the database?

Regards John."


"Hi John,

Thank you for the photo. I believe that the chassis number of this Ghibli Cup is 361557.




Ghibli Cup No22 - #361557
From Marcel in The Netherlands

"Hello Enrico,

I noticed on page 107 that you listed the white Maserati Sebring at the Maastricht car show as a 3500 GTiS 'Sebring'. which is OK.

Maybe it is nice to know that this concerns a one-off prototype for the Maserati Sebring, built in 1962 by Vignale and displayed at the Torino Motorshow in 1961 and the Geneva Motor Show in 1962. From the outside the car looks like a series II, until you get closer and see that the rear lights and headlights are different from a series II, but similar. The air vents in the front fenders and the door are like a series 1. The door handles were not used on the Series I and Series II. A very nice car after all and it was for sale at the show and sold to the new owner. This must be the car shown on page 103 in the book "Maserati Road Cars" (The postwar production cars 1946-1976) by Richard Crump and Rob de la Rive Box.

The car has a plate under the bonnet of the of the famous French Maserati dealer Thepenier. Attached are a few extra pics of the car.

Kind regards,



"Hi Marcel,

Thank you for the photos. I believe this car is chassis number AM101*1335*, white with a green leather interior.











From Wilm in Germany

"Hello Enrico,

Do you have some pictures about the race car transporter from the year 1955/1956 in grey or painted in Scuderia Sud ? I am rebulding the transporter. Attached is a photo of the original.

I hope to hear from you, thank you in front.

Mit freundlichen GrŁŖen / Best regards,




Hi Wilm,

Thank you for your email. Today I received this photo from Andrea Brianza of a model of the 'Scuderia Centro Sud' race tranporter produced by ABC Brianza (model reference ABC 124).




From Jack in France


Following our recent contact about the MC12 we offered at Le Mans, I thought you might like to hear about the unique car that will be offered at Retromobile, Paris, on 17 February. I include a description and some photos, but basically it is a Khamsin Spyder, converted in period by the US concessionaire who was afraid that the lack of a convertible would damage the US market, and unique.

For further info on the sale please see

Hope all's well with you!

Best regards,








Year: 1975
Chassis No: AM120US*1030*
Engine No: 2021
Body No: 500127
Metallic blue with blue hood, blue leather interior.

Engine: eight cylinders in 90 degree V, 4,930cc, 320bhp at 5,500rpm; Gearbox: three speed automatic; Suspension: independent with coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar to front, coil springs and twin telescopic shock absorbers to rear; Brakes: hydraulically operated and assisted discs all round. Left hand drive.

Model History

Successor to the Indy and to the Ghibli before that, the Khamsin was at once more innovative in its design and more striking in its appearance. Handling was keen and precise thanks in part to the CitroŽn hydraulic system that assisted steering and brakes, and power was plentiful thanks to the throaty dry-sumped four-cam five litre V8. The deft touch of Marcel Gandiniís cutting-edge styling completed the package.

History of this car

Chassis 1030 began life as a standard coupe built to American specifications. It was sent to the West Coast concessionary in the U.S., who was concerned that the company no longer provided any convertible models, and whose solution was to create one himself. Much research has been conducted by the current owner into the origins of the Spyder, and yet the passage of time and the lack of records have left details such as who performed the conversion somewhat hazy. It has been suggested that it is the work of Richard Straman, but whether this is true or not it is clear that it was a thorough and professional job.

The car was shown by the concessionary to his clients but apparently failed to create enough interest to be followed up. It passed instead to a Motorcar Gallery of Fort Lauderdale, from where it was bought by a Dutchman and displayed at various shows around the globe before being put into storage.

Two years later it was from here that the car passed to the current owner in 1994, by which point the Spyder had covered a mere 7,700 miles. Some minor cosmetic work was necessary but mechanically it was in good working condition. Not afraid to use the car, the current owner soon discovered that the cabin became excessively hot, a problem traced to the exhaust system. An encounter with an inattentive driver at the traffic lights offered the opportunity to exchange this for one of European specification, as well as to revert to the more attractive European-style rear bumper and light arrangement.

Now with less than 11,200 miles showing on the odometer, when inspected the engine started readily, the hydraulic system pressurized readily, and the car drove correctly and easily. The bodywork appears to be free from corrosion, and the interior clearly used but free from damage. In all, this stylish and unique car appears to have been used when desired and maintained as necessary.

The Khamsin Spyder has been a highlight of shows and club meetings across the world, as well as starring on French TV channel M6. Now also equipped with a sympathetically-designed fibreglass hard-top, it would be a unique and usable addition to any Maserati collection.

For further information regarding the sale please see, or contact Jack Patrick on, or +33 (0)1 40 76 83 76.


At Christies Automobilia Auction to be held at Retromobile on Friday 16th February 2007, we find another rare lot that will surely be of great interest to the serious Maserati collector. This original purchase order and invoice for the Maserati 8CM #3010 (estimate EURO 600-800) bought in 1933 by the great French racing driver Philippe "Phi-Phi" Etancelin.


Maserati invoice dated 27 November 1933
Maserati Tipo 6CM #1547

Chassis 1547 was originally supplied in 1937 to Englishman Austin Bobson, who campaigned the car that numerous events season including Donington and Phoenix Park. 1547 passed on to another Englishman, Mr A. Baring, who campaigned the car from 1946until 1948 including meeting such as Goodwood, The British Grand Prix and the St. Helier, Jersey Road Races to name a few.

In 1950 the car entered possibly one of the greatest collections of all time: "The Harrah Collection" in America, where she was to reside for over 35 years. Returning to England in 1985 the car was bought by Peter Hammen. Entrusted to the leading Maserati expect Sean Danaher, 1547 was carefully re-commissioned for historic racing, during this time the car was found to be in remarkable original condition, retaining its original engine, gearbox, axle, suspension, frame, and body panels.

Bought by the current owner in 1998, 1547 has continued to be maintained by Sean Danaher and has been highly successful in Historic Racing in recent years, winning the Shell Historic Challenge three years in a row from 2000 and again 2006, in that year winning Monaco Historics, The Goodwood Revival, and at Pau to name a few.

1547 is regarded as possibly one of the most original 6CM's in existence, being one of only a handful of 6CM's to still run with its original crankcase. Supplied with a current set of FIA papers, and a Certificate of Authenticity from Maserati, this is a rare opportunity to purchase one of the most fabulous Grand Prix Maseratis, which has a continuous and unblemished history.

General Maserati 6CM History

The Maserati 6CM was a long stroke, undersquare design with 65mm bore and 75mm stroke giving 1,493cc displacement, the two two-valve heads are cast integrally with the cylinder bores, then bolted up to a lightweight Elektron crankcase casting with five main bearings for rigidity and reliability. The camshafts are driven by a gear train at the front of the engine. Also located at the front of the engine is the Roots supercharger, driven at engine speed off the nose of the crankshaft. The Memini carburettor is on the atmospheric side of the blower, which pushes a remarkable volume of air and fuel to the engine, operating at 1.2x atmospheric pressure, about 15.6psi boost. Power output was 155bhp when introduced in 1936 and climbed to an honest 175bhp, at 116.7 hp/litre.

The chassis is based upon established Maserati developments, based upon boxed longitudinal frame numbers, it includes the torsion-bar independent in Nuvolari's 8C-34 and the V8RI with Maserati-built friction shocks at the front of the torsion bars, the rear a conventional live axle suspended on semi-elliptical leaf springs reaching a highly satisfactory compromise among reliability, predictable handling and road holding Huge finned drum brakes harness the engine's power and the 6CM's 143 mph top speed, while Medardo Fantuzzi created for the 6CM one of the most beautiful, streamlined evocative bodies.

My grateful thanks to Gregor Fisken for granting me permission to publish these photos of a truly magnificent piece of Maserati motor racing history.













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