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Trident on the front grille of the
GranSport Contemporary Classic
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!

From Coys at Autosport International 2008

Two interesting Maseratis, a 1971 Indy 4700 and a GranTurismo, will be coming up for auction at a sale by Coys to be held during Autosport International 2008.

This year, Autosport International - The Racing Car Show will once again be staged at the NEC Birmingham on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of January 2008.

The Coys sale at Autosport International will be held on Saturday 12th January at 3.00pm.

Lot No: 215


This lot has been re-scheduled for sale at "Coys at Lords", on Monday 3rd March 2008 at Lord‘s Cricket Ground, London.

1971 Maserati Indy
Registration no: GVG 202K
Chassis no.
Engine no.

Estimate: GB £16,000-20,000

Maserati Indy

During the 1960s Maserati gradually gave up the idea of motor racing and turned more to road cars, although these harked back to the marque's days of glory on the race tracks. Nowhere is this dichotomy better illustrated than in Maserati's V8 models. The engine was commissioned with the intention of winning the Indianapolis 500 but then the commissioner ran short of funds and withdrew from the project. Maserati could not allow a wonderful large-block 'quad-cam' engine to gather dust and so gave it gainful employment in the 450S sports-racer which almost won the 1957 World Sports Car Championship. The front-engined cars originating in the 1960s shared the same basic floorpan although crucial dimensions changed according to whether it was to support the lithe Ghibli or the corpulent Quattroporte.

By 1968 it was felt that the road car designs were rather plain so shortly after the exotic Ghibli the Indy was introduced, a striking gran turismo with four seater coachwork by Vignale. With servo-assisted disc brakes on all four wheels, monocoque construction, a 260bhp quadruple camshaft V8 engine and five speed gearbox this was, for its day, a thoroughly modern and potent motor car, capable of a claimed maximum speed of over 150mph. In 1970 a larger, 4.7 litre engine became an option, with improved performance and greater refinement.

Owned by the vendor since 1998, since when it has covered just 15,000 of the 76,000 recorded miles, this Indy 4.7 with manual transmission has been regularly maintained by marque specialist Autoshield Maserati. A Concours d'Elegance runner-up, its otherwise standard specification has been uprated with Tarox front disc brakes, electronic ignition, unleaded valve seats and rear seat belts. Finished in light metallic blue with black interior, and offered in good to excellent order, this fine Italian thoroughbred comes complete with its original radio, all bills since 1998 and a MoT test certificate valid until April 2008.

Lot No: 247

Maserati GranTurismo V8 Auto
Registration no:
Chassis no.
Engine no.

Estimate: GB £85,000-95,000

SOLD FOR GB £88,000


The Maserati Gran Turismo is the latest car to be produced from the legendary Maserati firm. Maserati is with out doubt one of the best names in the luxury car market and has been having formidable success with its current range of sports cars. Their latest offering the Gran Turismo was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2007 and has been receiving universal appraisal for its styling the performance ever since.

Powering the Gran Turismo is a 4.2 Litre V8 unit which has been sourced from Ferrari and has been uprated to produce 405bhp. This gives the Gran Turismo a top speed of 177mph and a 0 - 62 in 5.2 seconds. This really is a true modern day GT and is not only very fast but very comfortable for long distance driving.

The car offered here today has come from Jamie Oliver and is delivered to us in excellent condition throughout with matching black exterior and interior. The car is believed to have very low mileage, and has been very well maintained to date. This really is a fantastic opportunity for someone to obtain one of the most desirable and admired modern day Maseratis.

From Miguel in Portugal

"Dear Friend,

Just a note to wish you a very good 2008. All the best to you and your Dearest.



P.S. I send you some pictures of the Portuguese Barchetta that I have for sale, again. Here, in Estoril on a track day, surrounded by great cars."








"This Barchetta only covered 400 kms or so. It will be delivered with the cambelt, tensor and roller bearings and water pump job done.

All fluids will be changed and general inspection will also be carried out.

The car performs like a rocket! Its 400 kms were covered on very few road trips and some track days mainly by first owner Mr. Hipólito Pires - he was the official importer for Maserati until 1997 - although no racing attitude here, of course!!!

The car is lacking the front small carbon spoiler, but I'm trying to find one...

It was converted to stradale configuration in 2001, following Maserati directions.

It is homologated for road use anywhere, even in Italy!!

Interested parties can contact MontVale in Portugal at

From Mark in the USA

"Hello Enrico,

Thank-you for your email and enquiry. I've seen your Maserati site before...very nice!

Separately, yes, it's fine to use pictures of my 200 SI (#2401). I remember seeing it on your site when Dr. Zweifler owned the car. I believe you had the PDF file covering its history.

I'll send you some pictures taken in March of this year down at Phillips Island Race Track in Melbourne, Australia. I'll also send the racing history as I have it.

Here are some great detail shots of Maserati 200 SI #2401. It's a truly wonderful car to drive. Amazing balance and handling.

You cannot find a more original car and correct car. You can see every hammer mark in the metal. A no doubt preservation class winner.

It's matching numbers, original long nose body, huge racing history, etc., etc.

I have also attached pictures of Maserati 200 SI #2401, with engine and gearbox out for race refreshing at GPS Restorations in Italy. The mechanical rebuild was completed on the 31st February 2007.

Car is now completely race sorted. And is very, very fast and ready to go racing or touring.





























I'd like to thank Mark for allowing me to share these photos with you. I understand that #2401 is presently for sale, and interested parties should contact Mark Ketcham by visiting his web site at

On eBay in Italy

A model collector picked up a real bargain when they bid on this 1/43 scale model of a Scuderia Maserati Fiat 621 van.

His final bid was successful at only EURO 67,50! "Cheap as chips!"





From Enrico in the UK

Maserati enthusiasts may like to know that the excellent book "SM - Citroen's Maserati-engined Supercar" is now available through Dave Thomas Motoring Books at the special reduced price of only £15.95 plus postage.

The large format book with English text by Brian Long & Philippe Claverol contains 220 pages. It's an extremely well-illustrated look at this popular model with a rich variety of factory photos, technical details, advertising etc. Includes very good coverage of the SM's rally history, plus the special-bodied cars - 4 door, convertible and others.

This book retailed at £39.95 when first released, so I would get in quick as I expect them to go quickly!

From Enrico in the UK


As another new year bears down on us faster than a Vitaphone Racing MC12, I wonder how many of you have noticed the cessation of activity on the once excellent web site of Rossano Carrara. The site, mainly in Italian, although there was some English content, contained a wealth of information for the Biturbo owner, and its closure is a blow to us all! Rossano is a true Maserati enthusiast, and we often exchanged information on a variety of related subjects.

His web site was devoted to Maseratisti, especially owners of models from the Biturbo years, and was probably the most successful independent Maserati site in Italy, boasting a most enthusiastic and popular 'Forum'. Rossano, the owner of a well-sorted Biturbo Si, is blessed with much technical information which he selflessly passed on to others.

I had heard at the beginning of December that Rossano was closing down his site and phoned him to ask if this closure was only temporary. His reply was most disappointing. It was permanent! Brought about by an ever increasing workload combined with a measure of disillusionment; stemming from a feeling of a lacking in appreciation, from some Maserati enthusiasts, for his tireless efforts! I sensed that he was fed up at being taken for granted, even being used!

Rossano still has his Biturbo Si and has recently added a rare 1989 Innocenti Turbo De Tomaso to his collection.




You can see more of Rossano's splendid ...

... 1989 Innocenti Turbo De Tomaso at

A quick visit to will give you some idea of what the last six years have meant to Rossano. Let's all hope that he changes his mind in 2008!


"The End of an Era"; the web site as it stands today!
From Bart in The Netherlands

"Hello Enrico,

Further to the “Winter Ghibli” Seasons Greetings you asked for a few more pictures; Since I am enjoying your site and publications so much I decided to make my contribution and share some Maserati fun with your readers / visitors.


Bart's splendid Maserati Ghibli SS

A little background: I am 52 years old and was the co-founder and 2nd president of the Maserati Club Holland some decades ago. After 15 years of absence (because we went abroad) I am a member again now.

Since I was 13 years old I got the Maserati virus. A friend of my father drove a Sebring Series I that I was allowed to drive at that age (at least could not loose my permit!). It made quite an impression.

Since then I have had a Sebring Series II and a Vignale Spyder. When restoring the Vignale we visited the factory and our daughter, then only one and a half years old, made the production stop with her diamond blue eyes and white blonde hair. We also met Sig. Cozza at that time and the great, late, Sig. Silvio Catabriga. I sold my cars and flirted with an Aston Martin DB9 (Oh. oh, that gamble machine like pedal shift gearbox, it never does what you want!) My wife and daughter advised me to return it to the dealer and buy something I could get my hands dirty on... Our at that time 19-year-old daughter made me decide to first go for a Ghibli and then a Khamsin (next on the wish list). By now I think she was right; the Ghibli is an icon.

Imagine the Ghibli, we are talking 1972, one of the last produced ones: all-round ventilated disc brakes, power steering, air-conditioning, electric windows, heated rear window, loads of torque and still stunning looks! One remark: with our modern roads and the purpose the Ghibli was designed for (cruising), I do not have the slightest problem with the solid leaf sprung rear axle! In today’s traffic at 4,000 rpm running about 180 Km/h, GREAT! A real gentleman's car, I think I have at least the age for it now. By the way, the new polyurethane layers between the blades contribute a lot to the comfort. (see picture)

Here is a little photo history about my 1972 Ghibli SS, #AM115/49*2440*. Actually I have hundreds of pictures from the time I bought the car in England from a collector in May 2006 till now; just recently we completed the restoration. The first year we drove 11,000 km with the car and took her in different trips to Denmark, Italy and the Swiss International Rally. The appreciation of the Ghibli grew with every kilometer we drove, that sound, that power. A real long legged Gran Tourisimo!

When I bought her she had 33,000 km on the clock and was actually in pretty good shape. When I decided to restore her a few of my friends declared me nuts. However, it is not easy being a perfectionist! Plus, we want to use the car, so I wanted to have had every single bit in my hands. Also I want to be at peace when my daughter or wife take the car out for a spin and not having to worry about things going wrong ( say at least mechanically…). Our daughter loves to get that tail end out on an early Sunday morning when the streets are still damp and quiet...

Thanks to the continuous help and support of my friends (and links found on your web site!) we were able to finish the “project” in just 11 month time! She now runs great and feels like a new car. We cannot wait to take her on a long trip again.

"La leggenda continua",

Viva Maserati!



A Maserati Ghibli SS makes you feel warm ...

... even in those cold winter months!

Stripped in a gentleman's environment (look at that floor).

Body - paint stripped and sand blasted

Sills and floors renewed although she seemed in good shape...


Spray test on the boot/trunk lid

Body repainted - note the ventilation pipe above the body...

Rewiring the harness - all new connectors

New connectors and stickers:
in places where nobody looks again!

Cylinders bored and crankshaft polished

New pistons cast by Mahle: cheaper than the Borgo buckets!

Engine ready to be mounted!
We could have had it longer in the living room as a statue!

Gearbox overhauled by ZF

Seats re-upholstered

The door panels and hand grips were a pain!

Re-upholstery finished!

The two tailor-made suitcases replace those stupid cushions
thus AVOIDING any 3rd or 4th passengers!

Suitcases in place: Tridente is the front emblem heated to 200°C and pressed in wet leather.

We glued in the windows - makes the body more rigid

The bottom is as nice as the top; not always the case...

Our dear daughter/driver: Sanne with Sig. Cozza.

Modena July 2006: "Rhapsody in Blue."

"The last picture! Taken during the Swiss International. Take a real good look. You will notice that literally everybody in the picture is looking at the Ghibli: young and old, male and female. I probably pushed the accelerator a bit beyond the Swiss norms… It is an amazing observation when driving a Ghibli: the men are attracted by the sound and the women react on the shape and colour scheme.

In case you didn't get it yet: I kind of like old Maseratis!"


Switzerland July 2006:
"The Maserati Ghibli SS - "A genuine head-turner!"



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