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From Maserati in Italy


Simone Niccolai and Ashish Chordia

08/04/2011 - Maserati announces it will bring its uniquely Italian brand of high performance and custom-made exclusivity to the Indian car market this year.

The Modena-based luxury and sports car maker, in partnership with the successful Indian luxury retailer, the Shreyans Group, will open its first Indian showroom in Mumbai this year and plans are well advanced to open a second dealership in New Delhi in early 2012, with plans to cater to seven major Indian cities by 2015.

The Maserati India office will combine the experience in service, customer service and network management of Maserati professionals with the Indian market expertise of the Shreyans Group, which has established itself as a key player in India’s luxury market in many sectors, from cars to superbikes and fashion.

With the Indian economy recovering, the Indian car market posted 1.87 million sales in 2010 for an annual growth of 25 percent. Yet even that growth rate pales in comparison to the premium car sector, which grew by 70 percent last year.

The demand for the introduction of Maserati’s models - the Quattroporte flag-ship sedan, the GranTurismo coupe and the GranCabrio convertible - into India has been driven by a new generation of wealthy Indians.

Maserati predicts that its saloon range will absorb 80 percent of its buyers in India, with the remaining 20 percent choosing the GranTurismo coupe and the GranCabrio convertible.

Expectations are that customers in Mumbai and New Delhi will be India’s most enthusiastic, with New Delhi predicted to take 40 percent of Maserati’s entire Indian distribution and Mumbai 35 percent.

India will be the 63rd market for Maserati in the world.

Text and images courtesy of Maserati Media Center

From Matthias in Germany


"Dear Enrico,

It's been a while - how are you?

I've just read about Martin's Indy on page 211. Nice one! I agree with his opinion on dashboards, although it took me a while to appreciate the double cowl design of the early cars.

I was wondering whether you could help to get me in touch with Martin? I've attached a .pdf file with the owner's manual, by the way.

My Indy's life has been quite peaceful since the last update (page 175). I'm adding miles at a rate of 2,500 km a year which seems to be more than the average Indy owner might do. In order to keep it in good shape I still take regular servicing serious.

Last year the main focus was on the engine which seemed disappointing in terms of power and fuel consumption. The cause was not carburation but inproper valve timing. As the valve covers were off for a clearance check I decided to make sure that the timing was within specs. The numbers on the camshafts revealed that they are of the hotter type as found in Ghiblis and Boras. What was missing were the positioning marks. Damn!

However, with some help of a talented friend I managed to convert the degree numbers of the timing events into the relative positions of no. 1 and 5 piston so we could simply measure at which point the valves open and close. We found both exhaust camshafts to be retarded, 7° and 15° respectively. Putting things right is rather delicate so I was glad to leave this to the mechanic!

I swapped the early air cleaner unit for the later, rectangular version as changing the air cleaner element is much easier now (and there's even more induction roar!).

All fluids were changed again, all greasing points greased.

The ignition received an upgrade, now being fully electronic. The unresponsive water gauge turned out to be a stuck thermostat, caused by too low a water level, caused by a leaking radiator in conjunction with non working cooling fans... In short: it was worth the effort.

All this results in a very different character. The immediate, almost aggressive low down torque is gone. What's there instead is a much more progressive build up in power that seems the strongest at around 4,500 rpm. There is no point in revving past 5,000 rpm which doesn't quite correspond with roadtests of the era. But what an improvement nevertheless! Depressing the accelerator in 5th gear results in an effortless increase from 150 to 200 km/h. The fuel consumption now seems to be much better related to the performance, too, averaging between 13 and 18 mpg (16 - 21 l/100km).

For this season the brakes need some attention. Even though the rotors/discs look fine there isn't much stopping power left as they are badly glazed. With my car's total mileage being still below 60,000 km they may well be the original ones! New rotors are on their way, as are new pads. We'll see!

As promised, here is the "Libro di Uso e Manutenzione" ( Driver's Handbook ) for the Indy 4200, 4700 and 4900.

Thanks again for running your amazing website!

Best regards,


Matthias' beautifully presented Indy










· 13.45 – Drive around to Gurston Down Hillclimb

· 14.00 – Spring National Hillclimb events

· 15.45 – Assemble in the paddock for run up the hill ( timing subject to change )

· 17.00 – END OF EVENT

The organisers would like to thank the following organisation for their support and assistance:

Emblem Sports Cars ( Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini Specialists ) - 01202 722247

The Emblems Restaurant – 01722 714206

The British Automobile Racing Club at Gurston Down - 01722 780340

For more information on the Fovant Badges please visit the website at

* The cost of the three course lunch, entry to Gurston Down Hillclimb and run up the hill are all included in the price.

All drinks, gratuities and other refreshments are not included.

A vegetarian option will be on the menu.

You may download a Booking Form from HERE !

What next for Maserati ??

Maserati To Use Turbochargers
and 8-Speed Automatic Transmission In Future Cars

Maserati‘s new GranTurismo MC Stradale may well be using a new single-clutch automated manual gearbox in its home market of Europe, but North America will get a ZF-built 8-speed automatic.

The ZF unit is a precursor to Maserati’s further use of the gearbox, and frankly, North American consumers of the brand will likely not notice the difference. The transmission will also be utilized across a new range of products which will include an SUV and a meduium-sized four-door saloon to slot below the Quattroporte. Reports state that the cars will likely share parts with Chrysler vehicles, a common practice amongst premium brands owned by a conglomerate, but one that may not sit well with Maserati’s rarefied clientele. The next Maseratis will also follow the trend of turbocharging, which was a staple of the brand in earlier decades, and possibly a diesel engine for their Jeep Grand Cherokee-based SUV.

[Source: Car and Driver]

From Maurizio in Italy

"Dear Enrico,

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the Superstars championship is about to start again here in Italy. The Swiss Team will again field a Maserati Quattroporte driven by Andrea Chiesa, a totally overhauled car compared to last year's racer.

Given the MC12 won't participate in the FIA GT1 series this season, Maserati is providing technical support to the Switzerland-based team. The Quattroporter racer was unveiled Tuesday 22nd March at the Maserati factory in Modena and has already been showing strong pace in pre-season testing.

And you can download the full programme of events for 2011 from HERE !.




Swiss Team take the covers off the Maserati Quattroporte EVO

MODENA 23rd March 2011: On the eve of the group testing at Vallelunga, the Swiss Team has finally unveiled its latest version of the Maserati Quattroporte EVO which will compete in the 2011 season of Superstars. Despite the difficulties encountered in 2009 and 2010, the Swiss Team has decided to continue to focus on the Trident car, and is receiving the technical support from Maserati for its development.

Awaiting the official presentation

The 2011 Swiss Team Maserati Quattroporte Evo

The Maserati 4.7-litre engine

Mama Mia che potenza !!





The Swiss Team Maserati Quattroporte Evo

The Swiss Team Maserati GranTurismo Trofeo

For this reason, the historic home of Maserati, in Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena, was chosen for the official presentation of the team. A new collaboration that has made a very proud man of the team manager Guido Bonfiglio.

"Ours is a team based in Switzerland, but is composed of men who are from all over Europe with one single passion: to build race cars. This year we will be competing in Superstars with a completely new car, completely renovated, that has been designed by Ing. Angiulli and is really beautiful." he said.

"But I would also like to thank the guys who really have worked day and night to complete the car's preparation in time for today, but also because I believe that we have created a car that from a technical and aesthetic point of view, is beautiful, and that the future will tell if it also fast." he said.

the next comment comes from Maurice Leschiutta, technical director of Maserati Corse: "I want to clarify that the merits of this proposal goes to the Swiss team, his team and a friend as Angiulli Joseph, who has done a truly outstanding job. The role that Maserati Corse has played in this project has been behind the scenes. Our primary involvement has been to to give an approach to design work of the racing car, and to maintain relations with the bureaucracy FG Group, which organizes the league, and its technical bureau."

After a shakedown went on stage with a hybrid version in Frankfurt, the final version made its debut last Monday at Fiorano, putting together just 8 sessions with Andrea Bertolini at the wheel. In fact, the FIA GT1 champion participated in its development.

A development that had two key points to be followed: to align the engine power with those of its competitors and improved handling in corners. To achieve the first objective, they finally mounted the Maserati 4.7-litre engine, which went on to take the place of that on a used by Ferrari for 2010.

On our second objective we worked a great deal on weight reduction and improved roadholding, as owner-driver Andrea Chiesa explained: "We have worked a little on all fronts, but primarily on the weight reduction, as without doubt, this was our greatest handicap last season. The result, is looking very good, and from the primary testing carried out with the hybrid version at Frankfurt we have already seen that it has a far greater potential than last year. It is clear that the championship is very difficult and very hard. Now we await group testing at Vallelunga, where finally we will have a genuine comparison with the best of the Superstars, and understand exactly where we stand."

At the presentation of the team that will be committed to the Superstars, the Swiss Team but has also confirmed its participation in the Trofeo Maserati, the Trident monomarque series, with Lorenzo Case at the wheel.

Translated from an artricle by di Matteo Nugnes.

During group testing at Vallelunga, Andrea Chiesa completed around sixty laps, recording a best time of 1'40"488 during the morning session. Close behind was the Mercedes C63 AMG of Team Romeo Ferraris with drivers Max Pigoli (who only completed three laps), Andrea Dromedari and Michela Cerruti alternating. The latter put hersely into the limelight with a time of 1'41"588, but none of them took part for the afternoon session.

From Martin in Sweden

Hello Enrico,

I try to download the Maserati Indy Owner's Manual regarding your instructions from the Maserati homepage, but I was not able to find the link to download the Manual?

Do you know if they have changed there homepage?

Also any time if I try to enter the Owner's Area they ask me for an additional registration. I do this registration several times but any time I try to enter they ask me again?

Could you send me the Manuel as a .pdf file?

Thank you very much,


"Hi Martin,

It would appear that Maserati have now removed the free downloads from their site.

Maserati, just like Ferrari, have opened a Maserati Classiche department, together with a list of charges for services available to owners. One of these services will be selling copies of the Driver's Manuals.

I would love to see some photos and details of your Indy.



"Hi Enrico,

The other/later dashboard is completely uninteresting, whereas the double-pod is one of best car interiors ever designed!! Really cool!!!

Part space, part disco, part GT-car. What else can one ask for! :)

In my mind the Double-pod Indys should be more valuable than later/Americas...

You have a register for Indys? Or are you starting to build one?

Maybe they are?







From Newspress in the UK


The collaboration between Maserati and Damiani continues with the creation of a limited edition masterpiece: a successful partnership between two of the most prestigious Made in Italy luxury icons, celebrating Italian style and design with an exclusive key-ring.

The partnership between Damiani and the Modena-based automotive manufacturer originated at the end of 2009 from the common vision of luxury as the perfect match between innovation and craftsmanship, between the constant search for perfection and the ability to create new stylistic excellences. Today this partnership receives further strength thanks to the launch of the precious Masterpiece key-ring and the Circle collection, which will be officially unveiled during Baselworld 2011, the Basel world Watches and Jewellery exhibition (March 24th-31st).


The beautifully crafted Maserati key ring by Damiani

An exclusive limited edition of only eight examples

A jewel born from the craftsmanship of Damiani goldsmiths artisans: a beautiful key-ring in white 18kt gold with diamonds and sapphires pavé that will be produced in a limited edition of only eight pieces, the number of cylinders of Maserati V8 engines. The key-ring design features the Maserati logo: the unmistakable Trident in white gold stands out on the pavé composed by 232 blue sapphires and 66 conflict-free diamonds. On the back of the key-ring, the engraved Maserati ‘signature’ in a tribute to real lovers of Made in Italy luxury.


The silver Maserati key ring by Damiani

The silver Maserati necklace by Damiani

The silver Maserati cull links by Damiani

The Circle collection, first of a series of product lines created by Damiani for Maserati, proposes a range of accessories in silver entirely dedicated to men. Cufflinks, key-rings and necklaces are characterised by an essential and elegant design playing with the circular shape and with the Maserati Trident logo engraved on the front.

Damiani and Maserati: a stylistic union representing luxury and the Made in Italy tradition worldwide.

Images and text courtesy of Maserati

From Mario in Riyaddh


"Dear Enrico,

Your Maserati Pages are simply the best available on the net. As a owner of a 3200 GT I'm a regular reader. The car make in 2001 runs very well so far without major headaches.

I want to replace the spare plugs myself and went for NGK plugs. Could you please let me a copy of the relevant pages from your manual. I'd like to see how to remove the spark coils properly.

I tried to hook on to your web page directly but my browser somehow refused.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,


"Hi Mario,

Here is the relevant information from the 3200 GT Engine Workshop Manual.




A few photos of your Coupe would be nice.



"Hi Enrico,

I live in Germany, near Düsseldorf.

I'm currently in funny Riyaddh. You'll get some pics of my Maserati next week - big promise.

Back home I also try to hook up directly with your website.

Best regards,


"Hi Enrico,

I've attached a few pics of my Maserati. If you need I can send you some pics of better quality after my return to Germany.

Best regards,











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