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Trident logo casting on the
intake manifold of a Ghibli MY94
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Maserati A6 by Pinin Farina.

"Dear Sirs,

I have just received this important information:

The following car, the ex-Evita Peron - wife of the famous Argentinian President Juan Domingo Peron, will be on display from Febrary 7 to February 15 2004 at the "Luxury & Yachts Fair" at Verona (Italy). Don't miss this fantastic and unrepeatable occasion. The car on display is the exact car in the attached photo.


MASERATI Tipo A6 preserie only one built

Chassis n053 engine n053

Engine 6 cylnder - 3 Weber carburettors

Body in alloy made by Pinin Farina

Year production 1947

The A6 was first exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show in 1947. It was the first car show to the press and public after the Second World War. A very well know model.

Best regards,

Giorgio Ottelli."

Maseratis are back! Big Time!


For many years now Maserati enthusiasts have been starved of the one thing that their beloved Trident has always represented - Motor Racing.

From 1991 with the introduction of the Barchetta race series, which ended prematurely through lack of support, to 1995 with the Selenia Ghibli Open Cup series, again ended abruptly in 1996 by the 'powers that be', the poor old Maserati racing fan has been fed nothing more than a diet of Monomarque competition cars. It is largely thanks to the wealthy, and not so wealthy, enthusiastic owners that have raced their precious cars in the various historic events that we have been fortunate enough to witness the Trident racing in anger. But now with the company on the surest financial footing it has had for many a year, things have changed.

During an interview at the traditional unveiling of the new Formula 1 Ferrari for the 2001 season, Luca de Montezemolo was asked if Maserati would ever return to serious competitive motor racing. He replied quite simply, "Non in Formula Uno . . . ma sicuramente la Maserati tornera in pista" - "Not in Formula One . . . but to be sure Maserati will return to the track". A man of honour, he is about to keep his word!!!

Last year the highly successful Trofeo race series - was in reality the basis for the preparation of a new car capable of taking on the world's best.

Well folks the ending is over. 2004 sees a new dawn in the racing history of this great marque, for now Maserati is going to 'mix it' with the best of them. The all-new Trofeo Light is to take part in the GT class of the American Grand-Am championship and the all-new Maserati MCC will take part in selected FIA GT races in the up and coming championship in preparation for full assault on the 2005 FIA GT Championship.


The Maserati Trofeo Light has had its final shakedown in Europe, prior to making its competition debut in the Daytona 24 Hours (31st January - 1st February 2004,) the opening round of the American Grand-Am championship. This new racing car from the Trident marque will compete in all rounds of the series in the GT class, wearing the colours of Scuderia Maserati of Washington.

Sponsor for the SFoW Maserati Trofeo Light is Maserati of Washington, the authorized dealer for the D.C. area. Additional sponsors will be announced in the near future.

For the full report and more photos - try the Official Maserati website at

And there's more!

The new Maserati GT for the FIA GT


The new Maserati MCC during testing at the Fiorano circuit in Italy
The Maserati MC5/MCC

Yesterday at Fiorano saw the track debut of the Maserati that will take part in the FIA GT Championships. The car, which at the moment goes by the codename of the MCC project, will be unveiled at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show, along with the Trident marque's latest road going Granturismo car (MCS) on which it is closety based. The two versions were produced as the result of a synergy between the Maserati engineers an those from the Modena company's race department, under the technical direction of engineer Glorgio Ascanelli.

The race debut is scheduled for the second half of the 2004 FIA GT Championship, prior to taking part in the whole series the following year. The Maseratil team will line up two cars as an official presence, as permitted in the current regulations, whilst others will be raced in the hands of private teams. The MCC meets all the preparation requirements for homologation in the GT Supercar catepory and its development will be entrusted to Andrea Bertolini, the sports test driver for the Ferrari-Maserati Group.

The car has a carbon chassis,with a total weight of 1100 kg and features interesting aerodynamics. It features welded steel push-rod suspension and is fitted with Pirelli P-Zero tyres.

The engine is a 65° V-12 with a cubic capacity of 5998 cc, coupled to manual six speed sequential gearbox. This type of layout has been a trademark of Maserati's racing history. In fact, in 1956, it produced its first 12 cylinder (a 60 ° V) which made its Formula 1 debut the following year, fitted to the final version of the 250F. The engine, known as the Tipo 2 (2491 cc,) was an example of the very latest technology at the time. Ten years after it was built, this engine was still competitive, through various evolutions, all with a three litre capacity. In 1961, the Tipo 58 was fitted to the Birdcage Tipo 63, which competed in the Le Mans 24 Hours. The Tipo 9 and the Tipo 10 were both used in Cooper chassis respectively winning the 1966 Mexican Grand Prix with John Surtees and the 1967 South African Grand Prix with Pedro Rodriguez. Only the 1493 cc Tipo 8, which was developed in 1961, did not get past the experimental stage.

The MCS/MCC project came together in a very short space of time, with preliminary work beginning in May 2002. In September that year the road going car's styling buck was ready, while work on computer design was underway in January 2003, taking two months to complete. Last September saw two MCS prototypes take shape. One of them began road testing in November, while the other passed the crash tests in December. Halfway through 2004, 25 cars will have been built to meet the minimum requirement for racing homologation. The first competition car however was alread underway in November 2003 and currently, the Maserati Racing Department is working on the build of the second MCC chassis.

Motor Sport Press Office - Modena 13th January 2004.


The MCC, short for Maserati Corse Competizione, is undergoing a series of tests at the Fiorano circuit designed to fine tune the various components. More information on the full technical specification will be announced at its official launch at the Geneva Motor Show.

For full text and more photos - check out Official Maserati website at

Maserati at the Brussels Motor Show 2004

Gert has very kindly sent me these photos of the Maserati stand at this year's Brussels Motor Show. The photos were taken on 'VIP' day when the show is open to the Media and invited guests only.


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