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Grille trident on the 2005 Maserati Quattroporte
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Autosport Designs in the USA

A 1966 4-litre Maserati Mistral #AM109/A*1842*

This 1966 MASERATI MISTRAL COUPE in aubergine with tan leather interior and tan carpeting, was fully restored by its former owner, is fitted with a ZF 5-speed manual gearbox, air-conditioning, a rare Webasto folding sunroof and chrome Borrani wire wheels.

The Mistral was introduced as a prototype at the Turin Motorshow of 1963, the Mistral was a further development of the 3500 GT, it entered production in 1964. Bodies were designed by Frua and built by Maggiora in all aluminium.

Mechanically this Mistral is powered by a 4.0-litre in-line six cylinder engine producing 255 horsepower at 5,500 rpm with Lucas mechanical fuel injection. Braking comes from four wheel discs.

Only 298 Mistrals were manufactured with 4.0-litre engines as opposed to 532 with the 3.7-litre unit.


This Mistral has been thoughtfully restored and has successfully completed several vintage road rallies/tours. It is a driver's car with style, sophistication, performance, handling and comfort. This is an excellent example of the final and most developed of Maserati's six cylinder GT cars. It is offered for well under the cost of restoration.

Further details at

From Jacques in France

"Bonjour à tous (Hello everybody),

A qui sont ces mains:

Who do these hands belong to:


Pour mes amis, vous reverrez certainement avec plaisir notre ami DONNA:

For my friends, you will certainly revere with pleasure our friend DONNA:


Mon moteur est bonne main. En plus il est beau:

My engine is in good hands. And what's more she is beautiful:


Enrico: hello, other pictures soon, wait.... L****** et H*****: c'est beau, hein ? Le reste de la voiture sera idem

Bises ou grandes amitiés pour les autres, au choix

Jacques." Enrico: hello, other pictures soon, wait.... L****** et H*****: It is beautiful, eh ? The rest of the car will be the same.

Kisses or great friendship for the rest of you, whichever you prefer.


From eBay in the USA

A rare 1975 4.9-litre Maserati Bora #AM117/49*894*

This white Bora with blue leather interior has 70,466 miles on the clock and is described as; "A vvery nice 1975 Maserati Bora. It is a California car and is smog exempt. The car was painted nearly 5 years ago and has been in storage ever since. It was taken out occasionally for exercise, to keep the engine in tune and the seals from drying out. The gas tank was drained and coated to prevent any residue from entering the carburetors while in hibernation.

The rear suspension bushings were replaced and the brake calipers serviced. The exhaust headers were replaced with the more desirable Euro spec headers and the cam timing was set to Euro specs to give the engine an extra 25hp.

This is a very tight and strong V8. The car will not overheat as the temperature will not move past 170 degrees. The center aluminum water pipes tend to corrode on these cars so they were replaced with larger diameter pipes made out of stainless steel. A compression test was done a couple of days ago and the pressure on all cylinders was 140-155 psi. The test was performed with the engine warm and the throttle open.

The transmission is excellent and makes no out-of-place noises or gear grinding. It shifts smoothly in all gears.

The Citroen hydraulic system works very well. There is a slight rattling noise coming from the hydraulic pump, when the engine is cold. The hydraulic switches function properly; the seats, pedal ram assembly, and headlight switch.

A new rare steering column switch was purchased by HMI and installed. All of the lights, switches, and instruments, including the clock(!), function. The A/C does not. The steering is tight and the brakes are in good operating condition.

The paint is in excellent condition. It does not have any scratches or dings. The rubber is very nice and the bumpers are like new. The interior is strictly original! The car even has the original gray carpet! Please notice that the driver-side bottom portion of the seat has a tear and will have to be redone.


From Barry in The UK

"Ciao Enrico.

I am an old Englishman who collects diecast model sports and racing cars from 1950-65.

I have quite a few Maserati models, including a Tipo 64 that I am building from a kit at the moment.

The reason for sending you this message is that I see you have a section on your amazing website with pictures of Maserati models.

I thought that maybe you might like to see a few of my models that I am sure you will have never seen before. This is because I buy models, then paint them myself in the colours of teams or drivers that you cannot normally buy:

Here is an example...


This purple car, chassis 2471 was owned by an American named Enus Wilson, who drove it at Sebring in 1962.

Then there is...


This is another American-owned car, chassis 2454, which was driven up to mid-1961 by a gentleman named Loyal Katskee.

And then, of course, there is this one....


The Centro-Sud car driven by Masten Gregory at Pescara in 1957.

Hope you like them.

Best regards and congratulations again on your website; magnifico!


From eBay in the UK

This assortment of 'Classic Maserati Car Parts' that included a what appears to be a very nice radiator grille went to a very lucky bidder for only GB £232.50.

From Alain in Belgium

"Hello "Enrico",

I'm a model builder from Belgium (Brussels) actually working on "Profil 24" 450S Costin Zagato from Le Mans 1957 and the 151/3 from Le Mans 1964.

My goal in scale model building is to give the most accurate and realistic look to my models.

In order to acheive these models I'm in search for any pictures of these cars and don't find that much !

So I was hoping to find through your outstanding huge site the references I need. In particular the interior of the cars (45Ss model is not that accurate, I think, regarding my literature !).

I'm wishing you the best for 2006, many thanks for your good work.

Best regards

Alain ."


"If anyone out there has any detailed photos of the Maserati Tipo 450S Costin Zagato from Le Mans 1957 or the Tipo 151/3 from Le Mans 1964, please send them to me so that I can pass them on to Alain.

Thank you,


From Gert in Belgium

"Hi Enrico,

Some photos of the European Motor Show Brussels 2006.

Gransport Spyder
Quattroporte Executive GT
Quattroporte Sport GT
Trofeo Gransport




The GranSport

Trofeo GranSport

Spyder GranSport


Quattroporte Sport GT

The Team Vitaphone MC12

Quattroporte Executive GT



From the UK

"I am pleased to say that TT Workshops can now offer some replacement components for the S-17 gearbox types both for 4 and 5 speed.

As you will know as Maserati owners you will be aware that spares for the ZF gearboxes in short supply. If you manage to find a complete box it is not always the answer as many of the boxes left out of cars are so because they have a problem, so be aware and get the box stripped and inspected before you buy.

TT Workshops can now offer a service to rebuild boxes with new Bulk Rings, Hubs, Selector rings and bearings. Ghibli, Sebring and BMW 507.

Contact James Harris managing Director

TT Workshops Ltd
Tel: (UK) 01373 823603

From the UK

"This photo of a Maserati Spyder SE (RHD Manual) was e-mailed to me as a 'Picture Message' from phone number +44 **********."


"Thank you,


From Gert in Belgium

"Hi Enrico,

Last weekend I went to the European Motorshow Brussel and Interclassics and Topmobiel ...

Do you want some photos?


From the Maserati Club in Switzerland


Dear Maserati friends,

Each year, the traditional Maserati International Rally is held in another European country. We are proud to host the 2006 edition in Switzerland again after St. Moritz 1984, Villars 1990 and Gstaad in 1997. The Swiss Maserati Club and the Organisation Committee would like to welcome all friends and owners of classic* Maseratis to this event as well as our guests and friends from the Maserati Swiss Trophy.

Please hold the days from the 14th to the 17th September 2006 in your agenda and book now!

Being in the heart of Europe and in one of the most scenic areas of the Continent, the event will bring top-class lodging, eating and driving in splendid company of old and new friends. Hosted at the world known venue of Interlaken close to the dramatic Bernese Oberland with the mountains of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau just around the corner. In short: The best Switzerland has to offer!

The Maserati International Rally 2006 will feature the traditional programme:

Arrival, get together and briefing on Thursday, rally with different specials through the Swiss countryside and the mountains of Bernese Oberland and the Entlebuch on Friday, sport event on the airfields of Interlaken including a mountain course followed by the gala evening with music and dance on Saturdayand award ceremonies and brunch with video and slide presentation of the event on Sunday morning.

The late summer time will hopefully allow us to benefit from nice weather conditions, not too hot for serious driving but nice enough to allow us to cross some of the mountain-passes that are adjacent to the venue.

The costs of Swiss Francs 1100.? per person for this event is in the range of those of previous years. However please bear in mind that quality has it?s price.

For reasons of logistics, participation is limited to around 120 cars. Bookings will be accepted on a ?first come ? first serve? basis and only on invitation through the official Maserati Clubs or the Maserati Swiss Trophy wherby classic Maseratis (up to 1984) will get priotity. You can find the booking procedure and conditions in this booklet or online at where you also get the latest information and updates of the Maserati International Rally 2006.

We are looking forward to see you all in Interlaken in September 2006.

Hanspeter Spalinger.

President Maserati Club Schweiz

* Swiss Club members are also accepted with their new Maserati cars.

From David in the UK

"Hi Henry,

What do you think of this car? Can you see what it was?



"Hi David,

Thank you very much for the photos. It looks like the 'plastic surgeons' in Thailand have conducted a 'Biturbo enhancement' operation!!!

They've certainly increased it's 'cleavage', but they don't seem to have improved its 'pulling power'!!



Recently sold on eBay in the USA

This nice looking 1968 4.2-litre Maserati Mexico #AM112*504, with a 5-speed manual gearbox, chrome wire wheels and 70,000 miles on the clock was recently sold on eBay for US $30,000.

Descrtibed as; "A rare opportunity to own a extraordinary example of a Maserati Mexico. Only 481 constructed between 1968 and 1972.

Chassis designed by Vignale, the body lines are truly contemporary, sleek and sexy.

This Maserati Mexico features:

4.2 Liter V8 engine which is rated to produce 260 bhp

Aluminum block (iron sleeves)

Dual overhead camshaft cast aluminum cylinder heads

4 x Weber twin barrel down draft carburettors

5 Speed ZF syncromesh gearbox

Salisbury Hypoid solid axle rear end

15" Borrani Knock Off Wire Wheels

Connolly Leather interior

Power Brakes 4-Wheel Disc Brakes

Power Windows and Air Conditioning

Photographed on Mt Tamalpais, Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area, California; Dec 4 2005

I've owned this wonderful car for 18 years; it was purchased from MIE in early 1988. It sold for over $18000 when new. I'm the 5th owner, (4 th in US); it was originally sold in Bologna, Italy, and imported by an airline pilot in 1974. It is a true “survivor” car. It was repainted once in the 1970's. It has been at Concorso Italiano several times over the years.

-I have 18 years of receipts for work on this car.

-It is absolutely, completely 100% rust free/straight, tight and rattle free, has never been in an accident; shows 70 thousand kilometers although the true mileage is more- the Speedo was inoperative when purchased.

-It runs perfectly, the engine is smooth and powerful, uses no oil at all, and doesn't smoke. This car is incredibly reliable and usable. The valves were adjusted but otherwise it has never required any major engine maintenance. It has a late Ghibli manifold (single thermostat) with excellent 42 DCNF carbs, Allison electronic ignition, and a Holley fuel pressure regulator with gauge installed. There is no smog pump, and it is smog exempt in California.

-The exhaust system has been redone.

-The paint is old but very presentable, has stone chips up front, and a few fine cracks and scratches here and there.

-The bumpers/headlight chrome surrounds/hood chrome trims are excellent; the window chrome surrounds have very fine pitting but are presentable, the door handles are pitted.

-The windshield has wiper haze and a small star crack on the passenger side (not in line of vision), which has been drilled/repaired to prevent spreading. All other glass excellent, it has light factory tinting all around.

-The interior is beautiful/all original except for repair to the bottom of driver's seat and recovered rear window shelf, and an excellent color -matched re-dye to front seat panels and console.

-The pleated original headliner is beautiful and perfect, wood is original/beautiful throughout. The carpet is original except driver/passenger underfoot carpet replaced, very pretty without any tears or fraying.

-modern RePa brand retractable reel 3-point seat belts installed in front.

-4 Wire wheels rebuilt with polished rims, stainless spokes; hubs are the large 52mm size, knockoffs have Borrani “raised hand” emblem engraved on them.

-Ball joints, tie rods replaced, front suspension is excellent and needs nothing.

-Koni shocks all around.

-Brakes rebuilt, with stainless steel pistons, power boosters work fine, new rubber lines installed.

-Rear axle/Salisbury differential completely rebuilt/excellent.

-Rear springs rebuilt, with modern Teflon buffers between the leaves to prevent squeaks.

-Gas tanks boiled out and coated. Vapor recovery system installed (from Alfa Romeo) to prevent gas fumes in the car.

-Transmission just gone through, seals/bearings replaced as needed, good synchros all gears, first gear is noisy but works fine. Spare transmission (apart) comes with car.

-Clutch/throwout bearing/pilot bearing just replaced.

-U joints just replaced and driveshaft balanced.

-Water pump rebuilt, pull cord replaced with heim jointed rigid coupler. Powerful twin American made Murray fans installed, with custom shroud, in place of originals. This car never, ever overheats.

-Air conditioning rebuilt, 6” York compressor replaced, new receiver/drier, new expansion valve, condenser relocated forward for better efficiency, compressor clutch rebuilt. All works fine.

-Every gauge and switch works, oil pressure gauge mechanicals replaced with reliable VDO mechanism (stock appearance), clock mechanicals replaced with quartz VDO mechanism (stock appearance). Rear window defroster works perfectly, power windows work fine. Factory switch/wiring for fog lights is present. Heater/defroster works fine, blower motor is 2 speeds.

Comes with complete set of manuals and parts books worth several hundred dollars.

This car can be driven and enjoyed exactly as it is, or if desired a high quality paint job would make it even prettier."


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