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From Jesse in the USA


I sent you a picture a few months ago of a Maserati being driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. Well recently I came across the whole story of this photo and thought you would be interested in it."


The great Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel of the Maserati V12 250F T2

"The story behind this picture comes from my friend who though his work as a mechanic came to know the gentlemen who took this photo. I photocopied the letter and attached it to this e-mail for you to read.

I hope you find it interesting I know I did.


Bob Pickard's story

From Maurizio in The UK

La Festa Mille Miglia 2009


"Dear Enrico,

The 2009 edition of the La Festa Mille Miglia, a Japanese historic car race based on the Italian Mille Miglia, took place in mid October. Maserati was represented by a lone car, a 150S ably driven by Hiroyuki Sasaki.

This year's course took the participants from Tokyo, through the Twin Ring Motegi race-track, to Yamagata prefecture in the North of Japan's main island (Honshu) and back to central Tokyo.

The overall winner was a 1925 Bugatti Brescia T22/13R, with the 150S arriving 62nd. Hopefully the Trident will be better represented next year.



The Maserati 150S with Hiroyuki Sasaki at the wheel

From Stephane in France

Very interesting Indy America


"Dear Sir,

I have discovered your site not a long time ago and I wanted to congratulate you for the huge work you have done. It's very usefull and of high interest for all Maserati fans.

I thought it would be of interest for you to get some pictures of a Indy I used to own in the late 80's (sold in 89) which had a particularity I never seen again on this model: the rear had four lights "à la Ferrari" instead of the rectangular ones. Have you ever seen this? By the way the interior was not white as the picture would show but made of fine Connolly cream leather....

To me the round lights gave a lot of charm and class to the rear of the car, a better look than the rectangular ones…

I have always regretted to having sold her and now I'm looking to have one again or a Bora (I would be glad to have your advice about buying a Bora or an Indy).

Best regards,



The attractive looking O.S.C.A. watch

The 17-jewel Swiss made classic lever movement



From Nuno in Portugal

FERRARI, MASERATI and OSCA Charity Parade meeting in Portugal


"Hi Enrico. Thanks a lot. If the "problem" grow, is there anything I can do. Change any rubber, .....?

I send in attach photos of “FERRARI, MASERATI and OSCA Charity Parade meeting” in Portugal. (In Algarve international circuit) and Classic event.

This meeting has a few Maseratis, but had two big personalities, Dott Alfieri Maserati and D Maria Teresa de Filippis.

D Maria Teresa de Filippis did 3 laps of circuit in that Maserati 422 in the picture.

On this event, we had the right to a lunch with these illustrious Maserati personalities.

One more time many thanks for your big help.

Best Regards,


Maria Teresa De Filippis in the Tipo 250F

Maserati Tipo 250F - #5220

Maserati Tipo 250F

Maserati Tipo A6GCM


The Maserati A6GCM/1954 - Interim 250F


Maserati 3200 GT

Maserati 422

Maserati Tipo 200S - #2408

Built 29/09/1956 (colore giallo con fascia verde).



Nuno follows Maria Teresa De Filippis in the 422


From in the USA

Very interesting O.S.C.A. watch for sale


A friend in Italy advised me of a very interesting watch for sale on eBay. I checked it out, and found it to be "a very rare 1955-1965 made antique manual (handwinding) wristwatch" with the bidding starting a US $80. I place placed a reasonable bid of US $125. The sale ended on the Sunday evening, whilst I was away for the day visiting my son and grandsonin Cambridge, so I missed the end of the sale.

It would appear that bidding had been very enthusiastic during the closing stages, as the watch sold to a healthy closing bid of US $411 !!

The attractive looking O.S.C.A. watch

The 17-jewel Swiss made classic lever movement




From Enrico in the UK




For a while now I have wanted to visit the Auto e Moto d'Epoca classic car show at Padova, and this year I decided to make the trip.

Living in the South West of England, my nearest airport is Bristol, and fortunately for me Ryanair fly direct from Bristol to Bergamo, which was ideal.

The flight arrived on time, and was greeted with an onboard fanfare ! Having passed through passport control, I waited by the baggage carousel for my suitcase to arrive. I waited and waited until I was the only passenger left in the baggage reclaim area - no fanfare here ! In fact as it turned out, I could have waited all night long, for it transpired that my suitcase, instead of joining me in Bergamo had decided on that day, that it would be a good idea to visit Budapest.

My nightmare got worse, for when I collected my hire car from Europcar, instead of the Lancia Ypsilon I had ordered, they handed me the keys to a Fiat Qubo, a monstrosity on four wheels in a vile bright metallic lime green.

On the Friday morning, I drove to the Fiera di Padova. There, whilst savouring my third cappuccino and brioche con la marmellata, I phoned Claudio Ivaldi of the Biturbo Club Italia for directions. He very kindly picked me up from the bar and drove me into the exhibitor's car park, handed me a complimentary ticket and we made our way to the Club stand situated in Padiglione 15. The club display consisted of three pristine examples, a superb low mileage 430, a 3200 GT and a stunning Ghibli GT.

The Ghibli GT on display was of particular interest as Claudio explained; it appears that the technicians at Maserati had decided that the rear of the Ghibli GT looked too bulky and commissioned Carrozzeria Campana to produce a boot lid with a slightly softer appearance. The result was a narrow belt line along the width of the boot lid, and it was fitted to this particular Ghibli. Production of the Ghibli ended shortly afterwards, and this car remains the sole example with this official modification.

Having phoned the airport several times without a reply, I decided to leave the show early, and make my way to a gentleman's outfitters in Salo to purchase a change of clothes. Having made my purchases, I again phoned the airport This time they answered, informing me that my suitcase had ended its grand tour of Europe, had arrived safely, and could be collected at the lost baggage dept.

Straght away, I made my way to Bergamo airport only to be told, in spite of showing my passport, that my air ticket complete with luggage stub was required. My pleas for some common sense to be shown having fallen on deaf ears, I left the airport suitcase-less and made my way back to Salo to retrieve my ticket. I then returned to the airport where I was finally reunited with my much travelled luggage. It was a very emotional moment I can tell you. Actually I was furious, not a good thing when suffering from hypertension. By the time I arrived back at the apartment, it was around 11:30pm.

The following morning I woke up too late to make it to the show in time to find a parking space close to the exhibition halls, so I decided not to go. That was my great regret, for it had been my intention to meet up with my many Italian friends, which had been the whole point of my trip. Sadly, it was not to be !



The stand of the Biturbo Club Italia

The stand of the Biturbo Club Italia

Claudio Ivaldi of the Biturbo Club Italia

The stand of the Biturbo Club Italia

The Maserati 3200 GT

Those wonderful "boomerang" rear light clusters

The one-off Ghibli GT


The Maserati 430 - best example I've seen!

The subtle belt-line running the width of the rear boot lid

The specially crafted speaker grilles ...

... on the rear parcel shelf of the Ghibli GT

Ferasin Automobili Vicenza, for over 50 years ...

... one of the most respected official Maserati dealers in Italy

From ABC Brianza in Italy

ABC Brianza in Italy are now taking orders for some exciting new 1:43 scale models in kit form from YOW, that include the much sought after and long-awaited model of the Maserati Shamal.

Another interesting 1:43 scale ready-built Maserati model from JOLLY, the rare Tipo 6CS/46 created for Guido Barbieri.

New 1:43 scale model of the Maserati Shamal from YOW

New 1:43 scale Maserati models in kit form from YOW

New 1:43 scale O.S.C.A. and Maserati models from JOLLY

From in the USA

Currently up for sale on eBay at US $26,900.00 is a 1969 Maserati Ghibli project car #AM115*734*.

"The car is equipped with a factory 5-speed ZFS5 325 transmission and bolt on Campagnolo wheels. As the pictures below clearly illustrate, this car is in need of a complete restoration. There is rust on the bottom of the doors, rockers and hood. This would be a great car for an experienced body shop! This is a matching number car.

The engine is complete and equipped with its factory DCNL Weber carburettors. The transmission was stored indoors and appears to be in excellent condition.

It is 98% complete and comes with an extra $12,000 worth of new parts to facilitate the restoration. The included parts are as follows: windshield rubber, shocks, new steering wheel, water pump, new rotors, new engine bearings, new exhaust system, new euro headers, valves, knock-offs for the wheels, new front end kit, ball joints, bushings, ignition wires and many more."

Intersted parties should contact Jacques at










































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