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Trident badge on a 1961 Maserati Tipo 63
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!

From Tasos in Greece.

Tasos is understandably very proud of his 1999 Ghibli GT and has recently adorned his car with a rather special key ring:
"Here is what I was telling you about last week. As you can see, it is a handmade key fob. I ordered it from a goldsmith nearby and he made it based on photographs I gave him including the car manual.


The key fob is made entirely in solid 14k gold, except the hand engraved trident which is in white-gold. I don't know if you can see the detail, but believe me, the photos are very poor compared with the real thing. Each side has different engraving. Anyhow, you have to admit that it is one of the most remarkable and beautiful non-official Maserati key fobs ever seen. For the record, it cost me 500 Euro.

From Bangkok in Thailand.

Teeradej from the Maserati Club of Thailand very kindly sent me these photos of the Club members enjoying themselves. Teeradej drives a 222.4v and would like to get hold of a Workshop Manual for his car on CD-rom. Can anyone help?


A Club member out on the Thailand Circuit.

Members await their turn on the track.

Members take on the slalom. So far, so good!!
From Tasos in Athens, Greece.

Tasos has recently taken delivery of a 1999 Ghibli GT in Metallic Verde Tundra (green).

I come from Athens-Greece and I am also a big enthusiast of Maserati. I visit your page almost everyday, which is full of information and very helpful. I kindly send you some photos of my three loves (Wife, Baby & Trident) from my child's recent Baptism celebration.

My car is a Ghibli GT, one of the last models made (first registered January 1999), that means that it was made in the Autumn of 1998! I bought it with only 17,500 Km on the clock and it is in excellent condition. The colour of the car is very deep green and not blue as shown in the photos. It is a strange and beautiful colour. It changes shades depending on weather conditions. One night a police patrol stopped me for a routine check and they wanted to give me a ticket because they were convinced that the car was painted black! (my registration form states green).

I bought the car 6 months ago and I've done only 3,500 Km since then and fortunately I haven't had any problems at all. My only complaint about this car is its clutch. Oh my God! It's really made for real men!!!

The only service centres you can go with this car in Greece are just two. One is the official dealer and the other one isn't official but they are professionals too, because these guys have worked in the official service centre about 6-7 years ago and when they left they opened their own workshop. Almost three months ago I went for the 10,000 km service and I chose the official centre for the reason of the guarantee. I trust the other guys too, but as you know very well if something goes wrong the first question will be "where did you go for the service" Am I correct? With such a car I strongly believe that you can't play with the guarantee, because even the smallest part is too expensive. Anyhow, until now the car has 21,000 Km on the clock and I wish everything will go well for the future.

P.S. Take a look at the photo of my baby daughter, Vasiliki, at the wheel of the car. If she's getting used to a Maserati at 12 months old, I can't imagine what she will want when she's 20 years old... xaxaxaxa!!!

Many regards to all of you and keep updating your very good site. I'm sure that there are a lot of people out there interested in this Marque.



Tasos with the three loves of his life.

Daddy, where are the keys?

The sumptuous leather interior of Tasos's Ghibli GT
From a sweet-smelling owner in England.

Odour (pronounced 'Eau de') Maserati.
From Theo in England.

Theo Kyriacou, a Maserati fan, very kindly sent me these photos he took of a Maserati Barchetta at the Auto Italia Track Day held at Donington Park on Sunday the 29th July this year. This event was a unique opportunity for owner/drivers to take their beloved cars on the Donington Grand Prix circuit for the day.


The Drummond Bone Barchetta at rest in the pits.

The Barchetta flat out down the straight at Donington.
'A Brief Encounter'

There are Maserati Owners.

There are Maserati Automobilia Collectors.

There are Maserati Enthusiasts.

There are Maserati Scholars.

There are even Maserati enthusiasts who set up their own web sites!

I have to confess that I fall into all these categories.

I often search the Net for books, brochures, parts and items of Maserati related memorobilia, but when I recently spotted THIS ITEM up for sale, I realised just how far some enthusiasts will go! And before you ask, I DIDN'T BUY THEM!!!

From Peter in Germany.

Leider kann ich nicht Englisch, aber trotzdem herzlichen glückwunsch zu deiner Homepage. vieleicht die beste seite überhaupt.
Ich sende dir ein Bild von meinem Maserati 222, Bj.1989 original 28000km. Bin ein grosser Fan.
Viele grüsse

For the benefit of the uneducated, like myself, who do not speak any German, I've put it through a translator courtesy of

Unfortunately I don't speak English, but nevertheless congratulations on your homepage, in my opinion the best page at all.
I attach a picture of my 1989 Maserati 222 which has now covered 28000km. I am a big fan.


Peter's Red Rocket!
From England.

The other day I came across this novelty item that now looks great in my garage.

Letters and badge are raised, click on plate for a larger image
It is made of pressed alloy and is crafted after the US style number plate.

It measures 12 ins (30.0 cm) x 6 ins (15.0 cm) and is priced at:

GB£10.00 or US$15.00 (plus postage and packaging).

If your interested CLICK HERE.
From Robert in England.

Robert is the proud owner of this 1989 430 but is curious about the body kit fitted to his car.
Does anyone out there know if it is a factory option or an aftermarket addition?

A reply from Gareth in England - 18th may 2005.

in reply to the question from Robert on page one of the 'Enthusiasts' Pages', I think the car he has was one of my 430s, it's a 430 SE, obviously with an SE bodykit.
I fully repainted the car as it had come from an eastern market and the paint had "Yellowed" but was amazingly rust free, I think it was from Hong Kong. It was also fitted with 228 wheels which have a different offset and looks very purposeful.
I have to say this was the best condition 430 I had owned. However, the last time I saw it a different bonnet had been fitted as the one original to the car had been "borrowed" for a 222.

From Theo in England.

Theo's red Biturbo Coupé, he's called 'Marvin', seen here in the historic surroundings of Brooklands 1999.

From Carrozzeria Perditempo in Italy.

Maseratisti, especially Ghibli II owners, might be interested in this new spyder conversion for the Ghibli II Coupé now available from Carrozzeria Perditempo, Brescia.

From Enrico here in the UK.

Thought you Maseratisti, especially Ghibli II owners, might like to see these nice drawings that appeared on a sales brochure for the 2-litre version on its launch in 1992.
Whilst one can argue that the original Ghibli design was a 'Classic', few can argue that the Ghibli II is also a rather nice looking car!

From Jarle in Norway.

Jarle kindly sent me these photos of his 1986 2.5 ES Biturbo.
This 'Maser' is obviously not afraid of the cold, in fact Jarle tells me she's pretty hot stuff!

From Richard in the South of France.

Richard kindly sent me these stunning photos of his 'Beastie'.
"She's a fiesty 2 litre 330bhp special because, as you can see from the plate she is from her home town, and you probably know that the 2-litre is king in Italy."

From Lynn and Norman in the UK.

Lynn and Norman kindly sent me this amusing story about a woman who phones her husband at work.

- Hello dear, I have a little problem with the car...

- With the car! Are you OK??

- Yes, Yes, I'm OK don't worry but I think there's a little water in the carburettor.

- Water in the carburettor?? My dear you scared me. Since when do you understand or know about car mechanics? Are you sure that's the problem?

- Well I'm not THAT sure but ...

Click here to see how much water is in her carburettor!
From John in the USA

John kindly sent me this photo of his baby. Yes you guessed it, the new arrival is this nice looking 'Biturbo Si'.

From the Mille Miglia 2000

Well I can't see a nicer car than ours. Can you?
From Takashi Fukuoka in Japan.

Whilst surfing the 'Maserati Net' I came accross Takashi Fukuoka's excellent site. Unfortunately for me Takashi's site is in Japanese, nevertheless I was able to 'understand' the photos. I contacted Takashi via e-mail and he kindly gave me details of the Nardi kit and I am grateful for his permission to use these photos.
Due to my ample frame and long legs, I found the driving awkward and this 'extra inch' has made all the difference. I have now extended the steering column of my Ghibli II by about one inch with a kit consisting of an extension hub and fixing screws. This kit is available through your Nardi steering wheel agent quoting 'Extension for Hub H. 22+3 Screws Set COD. 4302.00.00006'.

Unfortunately the socket screws supplied have the incorrect thread for the Maserati steering column so you will need to purchase six new longer (to compensate for the extension) socket screws. First DISCONNECT the negative terminal on the battery. Carefully remove the leather padding in the centre of the steering wheel and unplug the two small pins of the horn wiring loom (care must be taken not to damage the wiring loom for the car horn). Remove the steering wheel (B) by unscrewing the six allen socket screws. Use a drill to slightly widen the holes (A) on the new steering hub, just enough to allow the new socket screws to pass through.

Place the new hub between the steering column (C) and the steering wheel. Tighten the six socket screws and replace the padded centre. Reconnect the negative terminal on the battery and test the horn. Although this conversion has given me a little more leg room and a better driving position it does not maintain the distance (D) between the steering wheel and the indicator and wiper control stalks. I have long fingers so it is not a problem but a driver with small hands may encounter some difficulty reaching these controls whilst holding the steering wheel.

From Seymour in the United States

A lonely 'Spyder' about to take the plunge! This photograph was taken during a day trip Seymour took to the Florida keys in search of a really good Southern barbecue which he found at "Steve's Time Out Barbeque" in Islamorada, winner of the Florida State Barbeque Championship! Sounds great!


From Sunny (sorry I mean funny) England
The following article appeared in 'The Daily Telegraph' on Saturday 1st April 2000
The Maserati tandem - that's a fast one

The Historic Grand Prix Cars Association unveiled this ex-Fangio 1957 Maserati 250F with a unique elongated chassis and tandem seating at it's first test day of the year at Silverstone last week. It is said the car's creator, John Dabbs, was offered copies of the original drawings of the 250F during a routine visit to Maserati in Italy for spares recently - and he says that among them was the design for the two-seater. Its construction was apparently shelved.

At the Silverstone test day one driver, who does not deserve to be nameless but will remain so, described the car as amazingly well balanced and predictable despite the extra weight and longer wheelbase. Members of the HGPCA who were lucky enough to be offered a short ride during the test day described the ride as 'exciting'.


Surfers aquainted with an 'Olde English' custom will be aware that in England the first of April is also known as . . .

April Fools Day!
a day for all sorts of practical jokes.
From somewhere in England

I read a very amusing tale this week in a Motoring Magazine and thought I'd share it with you.

A young gentleman went to a car auction in search of a car for his mother. He was looking for something under £2,000 ($3,000). He left the auction having bought Lot 410. What was it? I hear you say.
Well his mother now owns a 1989 Maserati 430 Biturbo saloon. It would appear that the silver painted car had a little rust on the bottom of the doors (this must be a mistake surely!), the alloys were tarnished and there was no recent service history (where have I heard that before?). The car was overdue it's major service, you know the expensive one that includes changing the timing belt. Now I didn't mention it before because I wanted it to be a surprise but he only paid £1,800 ($2,700) for the car!
He had the car serviced by a Maserati specialist (not named) at a cost of £2,861 ($4,300) which included changing the cambelt, new head gaskets, an MoT, new rear brake discs/pads and a conversion to unleaded fuel. He also wisely wrote to the previous owner asking for full details of it's service history which he duly received.
He has now given his mother a Maserati which in 1989 cost £37,000 ($55,500) at a total cost to himself of about £5,000 ($7,500). It appears that the current market value for this car is from £9,500-£10,000 ($15,000). I think he did rather well.

So if you see a lady driving a Maserati 430 with an even bigger smile than normal it could be his mother!

Oh and about the door sills, well he's a metalworker so that wasn't a problem.


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