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Grille trident on a Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder
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Congestion charging is not the answer to Britain's traffic problems and it probably never will be, says Autocar magazine.

While the population of Edinburgh is currently voting on whether to adopt congestion charging, and other cities are considering similar schemes, Autocar reveals that after two years of charging in London it has failed to meet its financial objectives. It has also failed to generate promised investment in public transport and damaged businesses within the charging zone.

Autocar news editor Hilton Holloway said: 'The truth is that London's congestion charging has proved exceptionally controversial and not only for the claimed complexity and inaccuracy of its operation. The reality of congestion charging has been one of missed targets, financial shortfalls, spin and broken promises.'

Transport for London forecast at the launch of the capital's scheme that annual income from congestion charging would raise £135m per year. The actual income is almost half of that forecast at £70m.

Meanwhile, this year £500m will be needed to prop up London's expanded bus service and businesses within the zone that are suffering:

* 37 per cent of businesses in the zone have let staff go*

* 84 per cent report that takings are down*

* 28 per cent are actively considering closing or moving*

Holloway said: 'London's Congestion Charge experiment proves that motorists will never to able to cross-subsidise public transport, and allowing motorists to drive closer to shopping areas can generate substantial income. If a road or area becomes too expensive, drivers will take their custom elsewhere. That's the great thing about personal mobility, as London's out-of-town shopping malls have found to their benefit.'

Figures provided by the London Chamber of Commerce*

POOR CONNECTIONS - News from Nick in the UK.

"Hi Enrico, Thought I'd drop you a quick note, having been reading your 'Cup' letters page.

I have exactly the same symptoms as the guy experiencing the problems with his heater. As soon as the weather got cold, the temperature control went a bit strange. Mostly far too cold, with no change in temperature when adjusting the target temperature, but would occasionally have a bit of a 'fit' and blow hot a for while before returning to 'teeth chatter' mode. I suspect the internal temperature sensor is faulty (poor connections) or the temperature actuator, but have not investigated this yet.

Regarding other electrical niggles, I have found a couple a fantastic products, one of which I have bought and am very impressed with the results. It is a contact enhancer/de-oxidizer called De-Oxit, which can also be combined with a product called Pro-Gold (which further enhances the connection). It has made a vast difference to idle stability, pick-up etc. Next step is to try it on everything else electrical on the car (including the temperature controls).

It claims to not only de-oxidize the contact surfaces, but also fill in all the surface imperfections on a typical contact with a conducting polymer coating. This reduces contact resistance to practically zero, but cleverly does not short out compact connectors because the coating only conducts when in the presence of an electric field (i.e. a metal connector).

Over time, due to the poor coating on the electrical connectors (modern cars use gold-gold or silver-silver for most connectors associated with engine control) oxidization increases the resistance of the connectors. This has the result of every signal the ECU gets being slightly out from where it should be. If you think about this effect being present on every current/voltage based signal (air temp, air pressure, throttle angle, lambda sensor.....etc) you can image why cars don't always run properly.

The product is made by Caig Laboratories in the States ( and can be bought from Probus Electronics +44 (0)20 8866 7272.

The is an alternative product called Stabilant-22 (try searching google), but I haven't found a UK source for this, it gets even better reviews than the De-Oxit and has been given not only VW part numbers, but also NATO and NASA part it can't be bad!

Apparently it will also make your Hi-Fi sound better!

Hope you find this useful.

Please let me know if you have any luck with the faulty temperature control question.



News from Fiat Auto, the new owners of Maserati


18 February 2005


Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Group CEO, is assuming the role of CEO, Fiat Auto, replacing Herbert Demel who is leaving the company.

"Todayís decision to take direct responsibility of Fiat Auto," said Sergio Marchionne, "is aimed at concentrating Fiat Groupís efforts on the recovery and re-launch of Fiat Auto.

"The agreement reached with General Motors saw Fiatís rights confirmed and represents a fundamental step in Fiat Autoís future.

"It is now possible to operate in total autonomy, without constraints but also without alibis. We must dedicate ourselves completely to the fundamentals of an automobile manufacturer: products, sales network and customer services.

"In Fiat Auto and Fiat SpA," continued Mr. Marchionne, "a profound cultural transformation is underway following a management reorganisation that has delivered a more agile and efficient structure. A structure based on accountability and speed of decision-making processes. This is bringing and will continue to bring greater cost-reduction and operational benefits, contributing to a recovery in the competitivity of our assets.

"Of all Fiat Group sectors, Fiat Auto must be the principal focus of our attention. Other sectors are working well and intensively in order to achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves. The first results are already tangible. In fact, all sectors closed 2004 with better than expected results. Group break-even for 2004 is achievable.

"I wish to thank Herbert Demel for the work he has carried out with ability and dedication. I wish him well for the future."

From Jean-Claude in France


Enrico, send me your E-mail concerning the touch-sensitive pad sticked on the front panel of the control box.

I have some spares re-manufactured recently by the original manufacturer ("Topflight Italia") who asked for a minimum of 30 pieces.

I live in the Paris area.

Unfortunately I start tomorrow (also ?????) for two weeks on holidays, in Austria (Tyrol). Perhaps it will be possible to you to recontact me a bit later?

Have a nice day.


PS: PJ 3 pics. The open control box, my previous "pad" and the new ones."


The open control box

My previous "pad"

The new ones

Another photo showing the part transparency
Don't panic! It's all for the best!

Maserati: transfer of ownership from Ferrari to Fiat

Turin, February 16, 2005

Fiat announces that the ownership of Maserati, currently wholly owned by Ferrari, will be transferred as soon as practicable to Fiat.

The move forsees that Alfa Romeo and Maserati will co-operate closely technically and commercially - particularly in important international markets.

Maserati will, however, continue its co-operation with Ferrari - especially in industrial, technical, engine and sales network terms - which has helped re-vitalise the marque.

"This is a significant step forward for both Maserati and Alfa Romeo. The synergies between the two marques will bring benefits to both and will allow us to strengthen our portfolio offering in the sports car market" said Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Chairman of Fiat and of Ferrari. "Maserati is now at a significant point in its development. In 2004 it achieved substantial sales growth to 4,600 cars and received tremendously positive international acclaim of its Quattroporte model."

"This move is essential to the future development of Alfa Romeo" said Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat. "We believe that as part of the re-launch of Fiat Auto, we need to devote great attention to the distinctiveness of our brands. The technical and commercial collaboration between Maserati and Alfa Romeo will give the latter the necessary impetus to re-establish itself as a leading contender in its segment and to expand its presence in international markets, as has occurred for Maserati."

From Steve in the USA


I am in Texas, USA and am looking for a really nice LHD Merak. Red or yellow preferrably. All years 75 or up considered.

Do you know of any in America?




AND Eddy in Belgium



I'm looking for a LHD Maserati Bora.

If you know a car for sale, please let me know.

Kind regards,


From Joe in ?


I would like to get a copy of Robert's Mexico service maual pdf. I have a 1969 Indy (series 1) euro edition and the manual was destroyed by the clowns who worked on it. (I think they sell for several hundred dollars in good condition!).

Much of the data should be the same or similar, Maserati didn't change anything, they didn't have to, often when the underlying parts did change.

A service tech at the old Grossman Motors in W. Nyack, NY, USA, called the Maserati the worlds most expensive kit car, my thirty years of experiance forces me to agree.

Many thanks,


From Jean Pierre in France


It's a very good site. I'm happy to share 2 photos of my Maserati 3500 Spyder Vignale nį 1355 in Modena for 90th anniversary.

And another day you can see my 3500 Touring and my Sebring 4000.

Now I want Mistral Spyder or Ghibli Spyder but.....................


Jean Pierre."

From Enrico in the UK

"Ciao Amici,

Thought you might like to see the beautiful enamel Maserati sign, based on the original design, a friend had made for me.

It measures 37½ inches by 24¼ inches, that's 95.5 centimetres by 62 centimeters to you young chaps!

Nice isn't it!!!


From Maurice in the USA

"Hello Henry,

Hope all is well with you.

I just was notified of the release of a Maserati 450S model with the Costin Coupe in 1:12 scale and thought you might like to know about it.

The highly detailed model is entirely made by hand and will only be available in 499 units. The retail price is a sensible $599.00 plus shipping. Attached are some photos of it.

Please let me know if you are interested and in how many units. These will go fast.



From Giuseppe in Switzerland

"Dear Enrico,

In the meanwhile I send you a few shots of my Ghibli GT (1996, 2.8-litre, 32,000km) in case you are updating your Enthusiasts Page.

Just for your guide, the manual for the Ghibli would be more important than the one for the 430, but take your time and let me know what the story is.

Take good care,



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