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From the Biturbo Club Italia

Hi Biturbisti,

The Biturbo Club Italia would like to invite Biturbo owners from all over Europe to their Biturbo 30th Anniversary Meeting in Modena to be held on the 23rd and 24th of June 2012.

The event programme will be announced within the next few days and all Biturbo owners are welcome to attend.

Cari Biturbistii,

si preavvisa che l'atteso raduno per celebrare i 30 anni della Maserati Biturbo si svolgerà a Modena il 23 e 24 Giugno 2012.

Nei prossimi tempi riceverete il programma con tutte le informazioni.

Il segretario BCI.

From Erik in The Netherlands

"Hi Enrico,

Hope you're doing fine...

I noticed that my friend Jacco got in touch with you. Like me he is a great lover of everything that has a Biturbo engine in it (provided it is a Maserati).

Recently I noticed that the former breaker's Righini in Emilia Romagna (who have now mainly switched to selling classic cars) are selling a Quattroporte II ( #AM123*020* ). As you know these are quite rare and I thought it was a miracle one came up for sale in the UK. However now an example has popped up that requires a modest restoration. Judging by the plates the car was brought in from Spain (Canary Islands to be more precise, I think).

Thought you might like to pay some attention to this on your site.


The Maserati Quattroporte II by Bertone












Further details may be found at

My sincere thanks to Sig Stancari for granting me permission to publish these photos.

It may interest you to know that only 12 examples of the Bertone Quattroporte II were produced.

 Chassis No.  Colour  Interior  Country of
 Date of
 AM123*002*  Blu
 AM123*004*  Bianco
 AM123*012*  Verde
 Saudi Arabia
 AM123*016*  Blu
 AM123*018*  Rosso Cordoba
 Dark red
 AM123*020*  Argento
 AM123*022*  Argento
 Saudi Arabia
 AM123*024*  Argento
 AM123*026*  Oro Longchamps
 Saudi Arabia
 AM123*032*  Rame
 Saudi Arabia
 AM123*034*  Argento
 AM123*038*  Bianco
 Saudi Arabia
From the Maserati Club België
Maserati Club België - Maseratisti Fiamminghi

This year, it falls upon the Belgium Maserati Club to play host to Maserati Club members from all over Europe. The Maserati Club België have announced details of their forthcoming Maserati Clubs' International Meeting, a meeting open only to members of official Maserati Clubs.

The meeting takes place on the 13-16 September 2012 and will be based at The Thermae Palace Hotel in Ostend.

The event programme is as follows:

Thursday, 13/09/2012

     15:00 - Arrival, check-in at The Thermae Palace Hotel in Ostend
     18:00 - Reception
     17:30 - Dinner at The Ostend Queen

Friday, 14/09/2012

     Day at the Zolder race circuit ( Helmet obligatory and max 96dBA )
     Dinner at the hotel

Saturday, 15/09/2012

     Concours d'elegance in Knokke
     Visit of the Filliers- distillery
     Gala-evening at the Thermae Palace Hotel

Sunday, 16/09/2012

     Breakfast at the Thermae Palace Hotel
     Fond farewells until members up again at next year's meeting in France.


2 people sharing:     Classic twin or double room, EURO 1,750.-
2 people sharing:     Classic sea view twin room, EURO 1,900.-
2 people sharing:     Palace sea view twin room, EURO 2,200.-
1 person:                Classic room, EURO 930.-
1 person:                Classic sea view room, EURO 1,080.-
1 person:                Palace sea view room, EURO 1,380.-

For further information, please contact



From Maserati In Italy

After the Bora, Merak and the MC12, 2015 could see the arrival of a new berlinetta, derived from the 458 Italia that will be named “GranSport”. So says Harald Wester, head of Maserati.

Not just the saloons and SUVs; from 2015 Maserati could see a return to the production of a mid-engined sports car. Harald Wester, managing director of Maserati, revealed in an interview with EVO magazine that it could be named after a model from the recent past. In the corridors of Viale Ciro Menotti, the future Modenese sports car, which will be conceptually close to the Ferrari 458 Italia, but at a lower price, would be known as the “GranSport”, after the sportier version of the Coupé that preceeded the current GranTurismo.

According to Wester, the new “GranSport” which could arrive as early as 2015, would be “light and powerful”, possibly with a carbon fibre chassis. If this ambitious project is not feasible, they could take advantage of, as is the case with the California and GranCabrio, a Ferrari-derived aluminium chassis. According to comments by Wester, it seems possible that Maserati could use the technology of the 458 Italia, with its 4.7-litre V8 and dual clutch transmission. It would be built at Modena, alongside the Alfa Romeo 4C, production of which should start in May 2013. It would be the fourth mid-engined Maserati, after the Bora, Merak of the Seventies, and the prematurely pensioned off MC12, which swept away with many titles in GT racing in the early years of this century.

Positioned with a price of around 150,000 EUROS and with a maximum production of 2,000 examples per year, the new Maserati GT should help them achieve their stated objective of 50,000 vehicles a year by 2015. The most substantial contribution, however, will come from the models built in the ex-Bertone plant at Grugliasco, along with the production of the Kubang SUV. Production of the GranTurismo, GranCabrio and the new Quattroporte, expected in early 2013, will remain in Modena.

From Frédéric in France

"Dear Enrico,

Just to let you know that I have now initiated a new Maserati Register at

This site gathers together my personnal archives of the French MASERATI Importer Jean THEPENIER from 1957 to 1985. I own the original documentation for the cars with the chassis numbers listed, and which have been carefully preserved all these years.

I can provide MASERATI Owners with an interesting and useful part of their car's history.

I am a MASERATI Enthusiast and the owner of a GHIBLI SS ( #115/49*2234* ).

Frédéric's Maserati Ghibli SS

If you have some photos of FRENCH Maseratis, I would be very happy to receive a copy in order to illustrate each car. Please send your photos to

Here is a car that has recently been added to my Register thanks to M. Philip Kantor. It will be auctioned at the next Bonhams sale, 'Les Grandes Marques à Monaco' in Monaco on 11 May 2012.


Maserati Ghibli Spyder #AM115/S*1017*





"The only Ghibli Spyder ( #AM115/S*1017* ) brought to France by the official French Maserati importer, Thépenier. A 4.7-litre European specification model from new, fitted with the desirable ZF five-speed manual gearbox, the car was delivered in March of that year finished in Celeste Chiaro (106 A 20) with black leather interior (PAC 1560), without a hardtop and was first owned and registered in August by Mr André Langlois.

Its second owner, Mr Michel Poncin, kept the Maserati from 1976 to 2012.

In 1979 the car underwent a complete mechanical refurbishment at Maserati Milano (Garage Basso). Showing 65,000 kilometres at that time, the odometer was zeroed and currently displays a total of 20,000, making the distance travelled from new circa 85,000 kilometres.

A measure of its enduring quality is the fact that the Maserati was invited to the prestigious Cartier ‘Style et Luxe’ Concours d’Élegance at the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed where it was much admired. French registered, the car is offered with sundry invoices relating to the late-1970s restoration.

An opportunity to acquire a rare and very desirable European Ghibli in its original colour scheme and ready to be enjoyed this summer."

Best regards,


From Daniele in Italy

"Ciao Enrico,

ti spedisco alcune foto di una Ghibli che proviene dal Reparto Esperienze della Maserati che all'epoca era diretto dall'Ing. Gamberini e da Ivano Cornia.

E' una delle Ghibli che sono servite per sviluppare le versioni Cup e Open Cup e veniva impiegata per uso stradale dai collaudatori della Maserati.

L'ho fatta vedere a Cornia che l'ha riconosciuta e la ricorda molto bene.

Il look è quello della Ghibli Open Cup '96, con i cerchi Tecnomagnesio da 18", le prese d'aria grandi sul cofano anteriore, il cofano posteriore con lo spoiler, pinze freni e dischi, intercoolers, ecc.

L'ebanisteria dell'interno è quella della versione Cup (ma i sedili posteriori sono in Alcantara ed è la prima volta che li vedo su una Ghibli).

In più punti modificata e rinforzata, la scocca è del 1992, nata di colore nero e successivamente riverniciata blu francia nel corso dei vari aggiornamenti ed elaborazioni alla quale è stata sottoposta dalla Casa Madre.

E' attualmente priva dei sedili anteriori e delle marmitte. Mancavano anche i paraurti ma ne avevo due e li ho appoggiati sulla vettura. Il motore è smontato dalla vettura ma è completo e funzionante.

Credo che questo sia l'embrione della Open Cup, essendo forse il telaio più datato sul quale la Maserati cominciò a sviluppare il progetto Open Cup.

A presto!



"Hi Enrico,

I am sending you a few photos of a Ghibli that originates from the Reparto Esperienze della Maserati, that at that time was managed by Ing. Gamberini and Ivano Cornia.

It is one of the Ghiblis that served to develop the Cup and Open Cup, and was employed for road use by the test drivers at Maserati.

I showed it to Cornia and he recognised it straight away and remembers it very well.

The "look" is that of the '96 Ghibli Open Cup, with the 18-inch Tecnomagnesio wheels, the large NACA vents on the engine bonnet, the rear boot with the spoiler, brake discs and calipers, intercoolers, etc.

The interior trim is that found in the Cup versions ( but the rear seats are finished in Alcantara, and it is the first time I have seen this in a Ghibli ).

In più punti modificata e rinforzata, the body/chassis is from 1992, originally finished in black and later resprayed in French blue during the course of the various upgrades and developments that were carried out by the factory.

It was effectively without its front seats and silencers. The front and rear bumpers were missing, but I had to so I fitted them to the car.

The engine is out of the car but is complete and functional.

I believe this to be the origin of the Open Cup, being the oldest body/chassis on which Maserati developed the Open Cup project.

See you soon !



Daniele's Ghibli













From Justin in the UK

Ciao Maseratisti,

I spotted this unusual Maserati Merak for sale.


1975 Maserati Merak by Saurer

All enquiries to

This is a unique motorcar, a very special 1975 Maserati Merak by Saurer. This car is well known, well documented and would be a worthwhile addition to any serious collection. Maserati followed-up its first mid-engined supercar - the Bora - with the similar Merak. Launched in 1972, the latter was intended as competition for Ferrari's top-selling Dino 246 and used a stretched version of the Maserati-built four-cam V6 that had debuted in the Citroen SM. The French firm owned Maserati at the time, so the Merak made use of the SM's transmission and power-operated, all-disc braking and, more controversially, Citroen's quirky instrumentation, though this applied to left-hand drive cars only, right-hand drive examples using the more conventional fascia of the Bora, which was later adopted for all variants.


Maserati Merak by Saurer #AM122*0272*


Derived from a V8 engine designed by the great Giulio Alfieri, Maserati's V6 was increased in capacity from the SM's 2,675cc to 2,965cc for the Merak and developed 190bhp, which was good enough for a top speed of around 240km/h (150mph). The unitary construction chassis, all-independent suspension and impeccable handling remained basically as the V8-engined Bora's, though to reduce costs the latter's tubular rear subframe was replaced by an extension of the all-steel monocoque. In addition, the Merak offered the convenience of '+2' seating in the rear and superior all-round vision thanks to its distinctive rear 'flying buttresses'.




Competition from Ferrari's new Dino V8 prompted the introduction of a more powerful version - the Merak SS with 220bhp engine and revised interior - for 1975, ZF transmission being adopted shortly thereafter. By this time Maserati had been sold to Alessandro De Tomaso, and in 1976 all the remaining Citroen components were phased out, the high-pressure hydraulic brakes being replaced with a conventional servo-assisted system. At De Tomaso's instigation a 2.0-litre version  the Merak 2000 GT  was introduced to take advantage of Italy's taxation rates for vehicles displacing less than 2,000cc. Widely recognised as one of the finest, if not the finest, of contemporary V6s, the Merak engine proved smooth, powerful and capable of delivering its urge over a surprisingly wide range for such a high performance engine.




Like any true thoroughbred, the Merak possessed handling commensurate with its breathtaking acceleration and 150mph maximum speed. 'Performance and handling are the raison d'etre of a mid-engined sportscar, and the Merak's astounding cornering power is a match for its straight-line punch,' observed Motor magazine. The most successful Maserati of its day, the Merak ceased production in 1983 after 1,832 had been built, the approximate split being 1,000 SSs, 200 2000 GTs and 600-or-so of the original version.




This is an Italian supplied LHD 1975 Merak finished in Silver with Red Leather interior. The car has been completely restored and is in a stunning condition. This car was modified in the Eighties by Carrosserie Saurer in Switzerland as their ideal Hot Merak! It has been described in the past a the Surini Speacial also. It was originally finished in White with Maserati Emblem rear lights but is now fitted with standard rear lenses. The car is fitted with incredibly rare Gotti Alloy Wheels and arrives with a fresh MOT and ready to show this summer. It is UK Registered and was imported to the UK by Ferrari Specialist Joe Macari.




This is an incredible car available for an incredible price. It was previously available at a significantly higher price so represents real value in todays market. With standard Meraks becoming more valuable every day, this presents a rare opportunity to purchase a real talking point!

From Preecha in Thailand
Maserati 430

"Hi Enrico,

Long time no see !

Recently, I have modified my Maserati 430. The photos and details of the modifications are included.




Preecha's Maserati 430 in the workshop


Modified and installed air inlet RHS intercooler

Modified and installed air inlet LHS intercooler

Maserati 2.8-litre 24v engine
installed with automatic transmission

Engine bay and modified radiator support as Ghibli

RHS engine bay as Ghibli with RHS air filter

LHS engine bay as Ghibli ABS installed and LHS air filter



Preecha's 430 "Black Knight"

Black Ghibli MY94 16-inch wheels

The car complete rear view

THe interior view with carbon fibre trim

Right-hand side air intake vent

Left-hand side air intake vent

The car complete front view

Installed front bumper with air intake vents under the bumper
From Martin in Austria

"Dear Enrico,

Last year in spring I discovered water in the oil of my Quattroporte. The car was taken to a workshop specializing in engine repairs of competition cars. The owner and chief mechanic promised to take care of the problem under the condition that I would agree he would have as much time as he needed because he often had to squeeze in urgent jobs for his racing customers. So it took almost a year until got my beloved Evo back.

The engine has been completely overhauled, all gaskets and bearings have been renewed, new piston rings have been fitted, new turbos installed. But no definite reason for the water in the oil was discovered - no cracked cylinder head, no faulty head gasket. The theory is that a gasket between a cylinder sleeve and the engine block might have been the reason.

Anyway, upon delivery of the car I checked the oil and thought I saw traces of water in the liquid - the mechanic denied this possibility but suggested I should change the oil again to make sure any remnants of the old oil-water mixture were flushed out.

So I took the car home on a trailer, renewed the MOT and drove home about 6km. The oil still looked suspicious to me.

Today I drained about 7 liters of a brownish watery liquid out of the engine. So the problem is still there, quite a catastrophe! I cannot imagine that only remnants of the old oil (e.g. in the oil cooler)can cause such a change in a fresh oil filling.

Do you know of similar cases ?
Can you imagine a reason outside the engine ?
Something that can be overlooked even if you take the engine apart ?

Some more information:

In a first workshop the oil pan was removed and the water system was pressurized - the mechanic there claimed water was dripping out of the engine block, he said the case was too complicated for him and recommended the other workshop.

There the system was pressurized again and no water or pressure loss could be detected, so an intermittent problem was assumed.

Hope you can help!




The V8 engine

Identification Tag

The whitish oil-water mixture

The oil/water mixture

The oil/water mixture

The coolant reservoir with a minimum of 500 cc water missing.

"I attach a few pictures.

When I got the car the expansion tank for the cooling liquid was max - now it is min. Even if I take a temperature difference of C 70 into account there is still a minimum of 500 cc missing, most likely more. There must be a massive connection from the water into the oil circulation (into the low pressure part, as there is no oil in the water).

I must tell you that before all this happened I had a starter problem. In order to renew the starter motor I removed the intake manifold and the water distribution pipes and disconnected a few tubes close to the bulkhead. I hope I reconnected them correctly - if I would have had made a mistake there the mechanic might have reproduced it assuming that what he found when dismantling the engine was correct.

Hope this helps!


From Daniel in Germany

"Dear Enrico,

By chance I have passed by the museum LOUWMAN last week:

It is a "must" for Maseratisti, here are some photos, if you like to put them onto your website ?

I am sorry but the quality of the photos is quite mediocre, but it gives a good idea. And not only Maserati, but Ferrari and Bugatti are very well represented as well.









Maserati Medici by Giugiaro

Maserati Medici by Giugiaro

Maserati Medici by Giugiaro


Maserati Medici by Giugiaro










From Ronald in Brazil

"Hi Enrico,

I’d like to know if you have the ECU pinout. The engine was running fine and after an ignition coil failure it does not start again.

The Check Engine light was turning on as usual and after some attempts to turn the engine on it does not blink anymore. I’d like to check if power is going to the ECU.

Thank you for your reply. I just need the ECU pinout/schematics. I’d like to check if power and signals are going to the ECU. The ECU is an IAW 4CM.C1.










"Hi Enrico,

Thank you very much for the information. We are a Workshop placed in São Paulo – Brazil. This is a costumer’s car. It has larger turbos and runs on Ethanol. I’ll get pictures from the exterior and send you tomorrow. Below follows some videos of the car.

This car has the stock engine. The turbos were changed per TD04 Mitsubishi Turbos, the stock exhaust manifolds were detailed and ceramic coated, as well as the high flow 4-inch turbo outlets and turbine housings. The exhaust is stainless 2"x 3¼" to 3". Now it has a front mount intercooler. High flow fuel pump, fuel lines and Bosch injectors for ethanol. The fuel tank was coated for the new fuel. Only the software had to be modified for calibration, keeping stock pressure sensors. The actual boost is 1 bar,making 600HP. After some track days we will raise the boost to 1.4 bar, as previously. There are some Maseratis in Brazil, despite the high price in our country.

The Trofeo Maserati existed for some years. Now the remaining cars run at regional series. One or two still racing at the national GT Championship, on the GT4 class. We have been working on a 2011 model that is racing at the GT4 class. I’ll send you some videos of the regional championship. Thanks a lot for your help. Tomorrow we will work on the inputs to the ECU to see what is going on. We don’t have a scanner to this car, only for newer models (OBDII). Where are you from? How much would cost an ECU in your country ? - the only one Trofeo Light as we know in Brazil.

Thanks a lot!



From Dougal in the UK
"Hi Enrico,

I have made the following videos about Maserati tyres. They are aimed at talking about what I believe to be the best tyres for these cars and I tried not to be too commercial. I can’t remember if I have sent them to you before.

Maserati Quattroporte Tipo 107

Maserati Indy

Maserati Mexico

Maserati 5000GT

Maserati Ghibli

I hope you can put them on your web site on the relevant pages, I am sure they would be a great help to the owners of these classic Maseratis.


Dougal - Longstone Tyres."
From Johann Stegny in Austria

"Maserati Modellisti,

Exciting new 1:43 scale Maserati models from Faenza 43 and BBR.







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