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From Newspress in the UK

The 84th Geneva Motor Show will see two Maserati worldwide premieres. The first is the debut of the Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition, developed from the concept car presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of 2013. This elegant model will be produced in 100 units, one for each of the years of life of Maserati.

Maserati Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition

Maserati Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition

The second premiere is the much anticipated concept car that will give a nod to the style of Maseratis of the next 100 years.

Both unveilings will take place during the Maserati Press Conference at 9:00am on March 4, 2014.

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati.

From Philippe in Belgium

Philippe has findly informed me of a Maserati centenary tribute in the 27th February issue of the French motoring magazine "La Vie De L'Auto".

La Vie De L'Auto

The Maserati centenary tribute

A hundred years of a continuous miracle

From Enrico in the UK


Sig Claudio Ivaldi, secretary of the Maserati Club Italia, has very kindly sent me details of the Club events for this year, and I thought you would like to see the range of events organised by the Club.

It's certainly worth being a member of this Club.


2014 EVENTS CALENDER - Maserati Club Italia

23 March - San Martino del Lago (CR)

Annual General Meeting
Circuit Driving Ability Championship and Regularity Test Championship

5-6 April - Orvieto

Club Meeting and Regularity Test Championship

25-27 April - Milano AutoClassica

Guests of Maserati Classiche at the classic car show

2-4 May - Raid dell'Adriatico

Club Meeting and Regularity Test Championship

16-18 May – 3rd City of Amatrice Meeting

Club Meeting and Regularity Test Championship

7-8 June – “Nelle Terre dei Fratelli Maserati” (“In the land of the Maserati Brothers”)

Club Meeting, Circuit Driving Ability Championship and Regularity Test Championship

18-21 September – Maserati Centenary International Meeting

Official programme to be announced later in the year

5 October – Modena Autodrome

Circuit Driving Ability Championship and Regularity Test Championship

24-26 October - Fiera di Padova Classic Car Show

Club Stand at this classic car show and auto jumble

21-23 November - Il Tridente in Laguna (The Trident in the Venetian Lagoon)

Club Meeting in Venice

14 December - Modena

End of Year Lunch with prize giving ceremony

CLICK HERE would like to join the Maserati Club Italia.

"I am a member of the Maserati Club UK, so I think it only fair that I list their clalendar of events for 2014."

2014 EVENTS CALENDER - Maserati Club UK

26 January - 'Northern Lights' Winter Lunch

A New Year's Lunch at "The Mere" in Knutsford

24-27 April - The Cameron Millar Spring Meeting

The Cameron Millar Spring Meeting will take place over 3 days and 3 nights and will be based at the award winning luxury Ballathie House Hotel just north of Perth

3-5 May - Donington Historic Festival

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Maserati, Motor Racing Legends (MRL) and the Maserati Club UK are staging a historic Maserati race at this year’s Donington Historic Festival.

8 June - AGM and Concours 2014

The Maserati Club UK's Annual General Meeting and Concours D'Elegance will be held in the historic surroundings of the Prescott Hill Climb

25-27 July - Silverstone Classic 2014

The club have dedicated Track parade time on the Sunday at this Famous Silverstone Circuit, plus special club display area etc.

18-21 September – Maserati Centenary International Meeting

Official programme to be announced later in the year.

3-5 October – Autumn Meeting 2014

Mid Wales Motoring with the Maserati Club, promising some fabulous driving roads and wonderful scenery, excellent food and wine and, of course, the best of company.

November - Classic Car Show

The Club will be organising a stand at this prestigious classic car show. Dates to be announced.

December - Maserati Club Christmas Lunch

Date and venue to be announced later in the year.

Local Kent Gathering

A Monthly Local Meeting held on the first Monday of the Month

CLICK HERE would like to join the Maserati Club UK.

From Enrico in the UK

According to rumours circulating the the motoring press, Maserati will be unveiling a "GT Concept" at this year's Geneva Motor Show.

Its release coincides with Maserati boss Harald Wester's announcement last year that Maserati were considering producing a rival to Jaguar's F-Type and Porsche's 911 models.

It all makes sense, and should full-time production go ahead, it will be music to the ears of the workers at Viale Ciro Menotti !

Here's to the nest 100 years !!

From Jean-François in France

"Hello Enrico,

Following the report from Rétromobile sent to you by my friend Daniel, here is the Maserati Birdcage chassis #2452, and the very first production of "J-F B. models" in 1/43 scale, previously never modelled.

All 4 versions raced at Riverside USA:



Jim Connor #48 in 1960

Bill Krause #53 in 1961

Ken Miles #153 in 1962

Bob Harris #17 in 1963

The Birdcage models are carefully hand-built, taking care of details, such as the chassis tubes made in brass. They are packaged in a cristal box with an identification stripe attached to the base. Limited edition of 75 pieces per version.

A thorough historical research was carried out to ensure 100% accuracy, checking this with period photos taken from various angles. You may know that the three first Tipo 61s had a higher rear deck, and a cockpit with a short windshield.

These four "never seen before" models of the Birdcage are currently being presented for the first time at Retromobile motorshow in Paris, and the comments received from model collectors and Maserati fans alike, have been very enthusiastic.

Public price is € 220 each. Combined price for 4 versions is € 800.

The next project for "J-F B. models" will be the launching of other never modelled Maseratis: the two Birdcage sister cars which were also delivered in the USA: #2453 to E.D. Martin and #2454 to Loyal Katskee, and later sold on to Don Skogmo.

Followed by the Maserati 350S of Moss-Jenkinson at the Mille Miglia 1956, and the 300S sister cars, #3066 of Godia and #3067 of Mascarenhas, as seen brand new/ fresh from factory at the Grande Premio do Porto 1956.

For further detail please email me at

All the best,


From Philippe in Belgium

Philippe has very kindly sent me news of a 10 page article celebrating 100 years of Maserati in the March issue of the German magazine Classic Cars.












From Daniel in France

"Hi Enrico,

Just a quick email with photos of an original Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" engine displayed by Crosthwaite & Gardiner seen at Retromobile last week, and photos of J-FB Models (from my friend Jean-Francois Blachette).

Best wishes,


Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" engine...

...displayed by Crosthwaite & Gardiner

Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" models by J-FB Models





From Newspress in the UK

Maserati continues to celebrate its 100 years of history with a seven-page pictorial feature titled "Beyond the Swimsuit" in the introductory section of America's most anticipated magazine issue.

Heidi Klum with Ghibli SQ4

Heidi Klum with Ghibli SQ4

"We started our next 100 years of craftsmanship by kicking off 2014 with the launch of one of the best received Super Bowl commercials "Strike", featuring the all-new Maserati Ghibli, and extending the brand to another massive cultural icon, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50th Anniversary issue," said Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati S.p.A.

"I had a great time driving the new Maseratis for their photographic campaign shot by photographer Francesco Carrozzini," said Heidi Klum.

Italian Master Photographer, Francesco Carrozzini, shot the seven-page pictorial "Beyond the Swimsuit" which brings together 'day in the life' scenes that befit one of the world's most famous women. Heidi Klum, the Hollywood star with the glamorous Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition, the business woman with the Ghibli S Q4 and the thrill-seeker with the GranTurismo MC Stradale Trofeo Race Car.

Heidi Klum with Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition

This is a nod to a brand with proven tradition and one of the highest standards of quality in the industry, which has been hard at work engineering automobiles that will usher them into the next 100 years of innovation. Maserati is and will always remain an automobile manufacturer capable of striking against the status quo.

Powerful women have been a constant presence in the history of Maserati. Maria Teresa De Filippis was the first woman to compete in Formula 1, and did so in a Maserati 250F in the ‘50s, against champions such as Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss. In more recent years, supermodel Jodie Kidd and TV Presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson went on to win races in the Maserati Trofeo Championship. Off the race track, an increasing number of women can be found behind the wheel of a Maserati road car: in China for example, over 30% of new Quattroporte owners are women.

Heidi Klum with GranTurismo MC Stradale Trofeo race car

Heidi Klum with GranTurismo MC Stradale Trofeo race car

The print feature and digital extensions were produced on location in Los Angeles, California.

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati

From Newspress in the UK

Maserati has appointed Ridgeway to operate its newest dealership covering the Oxford territory. With this latest appointment, Maserati now has 19 dealers across the UK, with six new appointments in the last nine months to keep up with the marque’s ever increasing sales volumes.

Operating from their site in Cumnor Hill, on the outskirts of Oxford, this agreement will see the creation of a brand new dealership for Maserati. It will extend to a bespoke and fully compliant four car showroom and incorporate full workshop facilities. Whilst the new facility is being completed, the Maserati Ridgeway dealership will operate from a temporary showroom nearby.

Ridgeway's John O'Hanlon (Chief Executive) and David Newman.

Ridgeway's David Newman (Chairman) and John O'Hanlon.

John O’Hanlon, Ridgeway Chief Executive said, “This new relationship with Maserati, in their 100 year centenary, is the perfect fit for Ridgeway. Maserati’s new model announcements will result in significant growth in volume and build on the brand’s widening appeal. Ridgeway investment in a stand-alone showroom in Oxford will offer the very best Maserati experience.”

David Aldcroft, Maserati North Europe Network Development Manager said, “It is great news to have Ridgeway representing Maserati in the City of Oxford and we are delighted to have John O’Hanlon and the Ridgeway team on board. They bring a huge wealth of experience and knowledge of both the local area and the motor industry which will be invaluable to Maserati. Being an existing local operator will also be a massive help in establishing us within the area. We are all very excited for the future of our brand as we welcome our new cars and our new dealer, Ridgeway Maserati.”

From Jacob in The Netherlands
but "Vive la difference !!"

When Jacob sent me details of his 1992 Ghibli 1a serie for our "Ghibli II Register", he pointed out that he had modified his Ghibli by installing a 3.2-litre V8 engine from a Quattroporte V8 evoluzione.

I had always wanted to know more about this modification, so when a fellow Maseratista emailed me stating that he was considering such a conversion, I promptly contacted Jacob who very kindly sent me this account along with a few photos. It makes for very interesting reading:

"Hi Enrico,

I was the guy with the Ghibli V8. I sold the car last year. But feel free to ask any questions.

Best regards,


It was a very complex project and you have to be persistent. On the straight, the car was as fast as a 911 996 Turbo. It was/is faster than a Ghibli Cup, but on a circuit a Ghibli Cup was better equipped.

The engine will fit but only just.

My Ghibli was a rare automatic. The previous owner changed it to a manual by fitting an original 6-speed ZF gearbox. But he did not change the rear differential. So I changed it by using one from a 3200 GT. This worked very well, but one problem remained. The speedometer was never accurate.

The previous owner also changed the front suspension by using that from a Quattroporte IV, with the bigger wheels. This had one disadvantage. The electronic suspension control was disconnected, because he used the Quattroporte's. I changed the whole set-up by using a tailor-made suspension. with increased stiffness.

When the engine was installed, the intercoolers were too small for the V8, so these were changed by using the intercoolers from a Golf turbo diesel. They worked fine. If I remember correctly we used the original 3200 turbochargers.

We designed a tailor-made exhaust system. It was modified a number of times. If you use it on the road, you don't want to wake the neighbours every morning when you drive away.

A big problem was the engine management system. The Quattroporte IV version was never installed. In the end we installed a racing system from Kronenberg Motorsports (KMS). This is a Dutch specialist. The first version would not allow the car to run stationary. But I believe the 3rd or the 4th version did the job. The end result worked well, but it never became a "stable car". I used it as a daily driver, parked the car outside most of the time. But I visited my friend in the garage on many occasions.

In total I used 3 engines and I overhauled one too. The first engine was damaged because of a disconnected oil hose and loss of oil pressure. A fault caused during the installation. This engine was completely overhauled using tailor-made high performance parts, replacing all bearings and pistons etc. This engine kept using a lot of oil. So much oil that I decided to remove this engine and replace it.

I got a used engine from David Askew. But after a very short time I ruined that one. I remember well driving back one evening from Luxemburg to Belgium. At very high speed the engine blew-up in a big way !

The last engine was the newer version of the V8. This never gave me any problems. Please do keep in mind that the last cylinder has an increased risk of overheating. When you do long stints on a circuit, you can see the temperature going up. This problem was never on the highway (in Germany). A specific drive from Amsterdam to Hamburg I will never forget, I have had many great cars and I drive a lot. But the Ghibli was just unbelievable. It kept up with an M3 for 200kms on the German Autobahn easily. The big fun is that not many people recognize the car and to be honest the car does not look all that fast.

At first the car was difficult to handle. If I remember it produced 430 bhp at first with 720 Nm. We then tuned it down a little to 400 bhp. The acceleration is beyond anything. I am sure the new 911 Turbo or a Veyron will be faster, but it is seriously fast. People that sit next to you in the car, will be shocked and frightened when you hit the accelerator. I went to the Maserat club meeting a couple of years ago, with my Bora and Ghibli. If I remember, the Bora pulled up to 225 km/h from a standing start on the mile. The Ghibli came to 238 km/h. It was faster than all the other and much newer Maseratis that day. On the slalom the Ghibli turned in as 2nd.

At first the handling was difficult because the front suspension was soft. Any turn at high speed was a risk. With the tailor-made suspension this problem was gone. But the car needs a lot of attention steering. The slightest bump and you have to correct. Another thing was the braking. We installed brake enforcers on the rear wheels for better balance. The brakes were also from the Quattroporte. But if I were braking hard, the car would flip around. After the balancing, this was much better. But in the winter this car is best kept safely parked.

I was thinking of buying another Ghibli, but I have decided to delay such a new project.

I will try to find some photos, and will create a Dropbox.

Best regards,
















From Rin in The Netherlands

"Hi Enrico,

Please see attached some pictures of my Maserati 3200 GT. Car is on its way from Dubai to the Netherlands by boat.

Used to live in Dubai where I bought the car in 2009. Mileage is ca. 38,000 km only. The car is officially registered with Maserati and I have all 3 keys.

Now back in the Netherlands. At least for the time being.



Rin's Maserati 3200 GT






From Wayne in the USA


I thought I would share some pictures from West Virginia, USA.

I am attaching a picture of our newest Maserati Ghibli and one from our past.

Wayne - Mid-Atlantic Sports Cars."

Wayne's newest Maserati Ghibli

And one from our past !

From Maserati in the USA

Luxury automotive marque, Maserati, continues to celebrate the North American roll out of the all-new Ghibli with a 90-second broadcast spot titled “Strike” during the first quarter of America’s most anticipated football game.

“Maserati is embarking on its 100th year of craftsmanship with an important entry into the North American market,” said Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati SPA. “We’ve worked hard at designing and engineering the Ghibli and there is no better time to make an impactful introduction than while the entire country is watching.”

The Maserati Ghibli

Quvenzhane Wallis and the Maserati Ghibli

Maserati enters this new era backed by strong product and with ambitious sales goals driven by proven growth in the North American market, where the brand experienced triple digit gains in the past year. First unveiled to the U.S. in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Ghibli is Maserati’s first-ever mid-size four-door luxury sports saloon vehicle.

“We know luxury sports sedan buyers are met with a lot of options these days, but in this category, cars have become more and more uniform,” said Wester. “The Ghibli is the newest and most distinguished option in an all-too indistinguishable luxury sports sedan market.”

Maserati strikes with Super Bowl spot

The story of Maserati’s introduction to the North American market with the Ghibli is one of hard work, dedication, and an element of surprise. Maserati brings this story of passion and tenacity to life in its Super Bowl spot “Strike” featuring Academy Award-nominated actress Quvenzhane Wallis.



Directed by American filmmaker David Gordon Green and filmed on location in Los Angeles, “Strike” is a poetic nod to a brand with a proven tradition and one of the highest standards of quality in the industry, which has been hard at work engineering an automobile that will usher it into the next 100 years of innovation—an automobile with power and personality capable of striking against the status quo.

The broadcast spot, as well as print and digital extensions, was created in partnership with independent advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy, based in Portland, Oregon.




The world is full of giants.
They have always been here, lumbering in the schoolyards, limping through the alleys.
We had to learn how to deal with them, how to overcome them.
We were small but fast, remember ?
We were like a wind appearing out of nowhere.
We knew that being clever was more important than being the biggest kid in the neighbourhood.
As long as we keep our heads down, as long as we work hard,
trust what we feel in our guts, our hearts,
Then we’re ready.
We wait until they get sleepy,
wait until they get so big they can barely move,
and then walk out of the shadows,
quietly walk out of the dark—and "Strike".

The TV broadcast feature, Strike, can be viewed at or at YouTube at:

Text and photos courtesy of Maserati

From Salvtore in Italy

Hello Enrico,

I saw this clock for sale on eBay in Italy. It is a gold-plated alarm clock based on the design of the clock fitted to Biturbo cars.

They are asking for 700 euros.






Maserati alarm clock


From Marco in Italy


I'm from Italy and I own a Maserati watch, model Karif completely new and it has never been worn.

I saw your site regarding Maserati so I was wondering if you might be interested in purchasing it.

I never used it so maybe you might be interested in adding it to your collection.

Yours sincerely,


Maserati chronograph - Model: Karif

ETA Swiss Chronograph Valjoux movement


From Philippe in Belgium

Philippe has kindly sent me details of a new book from Haynes Publishing entitled MASERATI 250F 1954-1960 (All models), Owner's Workshop Manual, an insight into owning, racing and maintaining the double-world-championship-winning Formula 1 car.

A well written informative book, with many previously unpublished photos, at a most reasonable price.

I've just bought my copy via Amazon, and it cost me only GB £15.93p including postage (available to UK residents only).

MASERATI 250F 1954-1960 (All models)

Owner's Workshop Manual

From Philippe in Belgium

"Ciao Enrico,

The Maserati 3500 GT is featured in the February 2014 issue of the Italian classic car magazine Automobilismo D'EPOCA.



The February issue of Automobilismo D'EPOCA

From Albert in The Netherlands

"Hello Enrico,

This must be the very last but one Quattroporte IV, Cornes Serie Speciale 49/50 !

Built 09/2001, delivered 05/2002.

After the end of the Quattroporte production, on the special request of the then Japanese Maserati/Ferrari distributor Cornes, a very last batch of 50 numbered Quattroporte IV were produced and named the "Cornes Serie Speciale".

They were V6 and V8 Evoluzione models, all automatic and they were produced between April and September 2001.

In detail, they are different from the standard Evoluzione models.

In the place of the digital clock on the console there was the numbered badge and the famous gold plated analogue Lassale clock returned to its place on the dashboard, replacing the chrome trident.

Close to the windows in the rear doors, near the "C" pillar, there was a Maserati badge, and on the interior carpets, there is a "Cornes" inscription.

Presently on sale at



Maserati Quattroporte IV "Cornes Serie Speciale"

Only 50 V6 and V8 Evoluzione models produced !!!
















From Gareth in the UK

"Hi Henry,

I hope 2014 finds you well in this year of centenary celebrations of our beloved marque.

Just a quick email to mention that I have recently joined the Italian Auto Moto Club, the club that puts on the annual Bristol Festival.

I have taken it upon myself to organise an Oxfordshire monthly pub meet every third Thursday of the month commencing March 20th at Sturdy's Castle Inn in Tackley, Oxfordshire.

I was wondering if you would kindly put the details on your Enthusiasts' Page as I would love to see as many Maseratis there as possible. Details of the venue can be found at and details of the meeting can be found at or emails can be sent to me directly.

All welcome with Italian Cars and bikes.

Kind Regards,





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