The Ghibli K.S.

This article first appeared in the April 1995 issue of
'IL TRIDENTE', the official magazine of the Club Maserati.

In 1995 the Ghibli range, after the successful launch of the Ghibli Model Year 94 at Geneva, was supplemented by two new versions: the K.S. (abbreviation for Kit Sportivo) and the 'Open Cup', both presented at the Bologna Motor Show.

Ghibli K.S. was developed by the addition of a special conversion to the series version in order to enhance still further its sporting characteristics, without sacrificing the traditional elegance, luxury and comfort of the Ghibli.

The Ghibli Kit Sportivo.

The Ghibli KS with its 2.0-litre 306 bhp engine, differed from the standard Ghibli by its three-piece alloy OZ Racing, 'Futura III' wheels (8x17" front and 9x17" rear), by its race-type suspension lowering the ride height by some 20 mm, new springs and sports shock-absorbers (also adjustable to four settings), heavier front anti-roll bar (20mm in diameter in place of the standard 14mm), heavier rear anti-roll bar (17mm in diameter in place of the standard 13mm) and finally its tyres (215/45 ZRI7 on the front wheels and 245/40 ZRI7 on the rear wheels).

The OZ Racing 'Futura III' wheel.

This sports preparation could be ordered at the time of purchase of a new car, in which case it was fitted at the factory, or could be purchased later and fitted on a car by a Maserati dealer, provided it was a Ghibli MY 94.

The components of the 'Kit Sportivo' are listed below.

Prices are in Italian Lire and are exclusive of VAT at 20%.

Part number  Description Quantity  Unit price  Total 
366603108  Front shock absorber (strut) 2 1.244.440  2.488.880
366603333  Front spring 2 110.561 221.122
366603357  Front anti-roll bar (20mm dia.) 1 243.485 243.485
366603358  Anti-vibration rubber mount (20mm dia.) 2 9.855 19.710
326656327  Buffer 2 10.126 20.252
367003109  Rear shock absorber (strut) 2 1.271.509 2.543.018
367003333  Rear spring 2 62.425 124.850
327020332  Anti-vibration rubber mount (17mm dia.) 2 19.517 39.034
367002387  Rear anti-roll bar (17mm dia.) 1 263.758 263.758
367000365  Rubber mount (17mm dia.) 4 24.706 98.824
372700368  Rubber cup 2 23.409 46.818
397050341  Washer 2 15.606 31.212
367002378   2 52.027 104.054
367203378  OZ Racing 'Futura III' wheel (front) 8J x 17" 2    
367203380  OZ Racing 'Futura III' wheel (rear) 9J x 17" 2    
367203362  Hub caps 4    
367203365  Hub cap screws 8    
367203117  Hub cap key 1    
367203308  Wheel nuts 20    
317250104  Tubeless tyre valve 4    

TOTAL ITL. **.***.***

The 17 inch OZ Racing 'Futura III' component alloy wheels
cost in the region of ITL. 6.500.000 plus Sales Tax at 20%.

Kit available from:
Carrozzeria Campana
Via Tito Livio, 60
41100 Modena

Tel: 0039-059-828079

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