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MPH Models 1.43rd Scale, Resin Hand Built Models

MPH Talbot-Maserati, Le.Mans 57, No'. 23 Halford/Bondini - Price 330.00

The latest model to be released by master modeller Tim Dyke is of the stunning Talbot-Maserati (Dubonet) from Le Mans 1957. The car which was once described as "One of the most beautiful (and least successful - the prop having given way after a yard and a half) Le Mans cars of all time".

As always Tim has again come up with a rarely modelled, in this case pseudo 'Maserati' classic to be given the 'MPH' treatment. These individually hand built models will be produced in a strictly limited edition of No.25 only!

Tim's limited production line ready for delivery to the lucky owners

Anyone wishing to purchase one of these miniature marvels, should contact Tim direct at MPH Models, Hookgate Cottage, Hookgate, Market Drayton, Shropshire. TF9 4QD. Tel: 01630 672 903. You'll have to be quick though, they're usually pre-ordered!

I also have it on good authority that there is a bare bodied 'OSCA MT4 Vignale Coupé' from the Le Mans race of 1953 in the course of preparation, (an absolute gem of a little car) but that's some time off yet - Watch this space!


The Carol Shelby Tipo 61 'Birdcage' of Stephen Barnett, was recently adjudged the outright winner of the 'First Official International Competition and Census' of Maserati Models. The event, officially organised by Signora Pamela Guarnieri on behalf of Maserati, was held in the Sala Ercole of the Palazzo d'Accursio, in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy in from the 13th September to the 16th October this year.

Of the six categories of entry: 1) Mass Produced Models, 2) Artisan Models, 3) Kit Models, 4) Works of Art, 5) Dioramas, and 6) Special Models, to have been judged the outright winner from the many hundreds of models exhibited, is truly something!

Stephen's model, was awarded the prestigious Quattroruotine (Italian Car Magazine) Trophy. The trophy, (a large silver vase inscribed with a Maserati motif)was presented by Sig. Antonio Ghini - Director of Communications for of Forrari/Maserati - in front of an international audience, was accepted by Sig. Walter Gualdrini (who some of you may know already as Author of Miniature Maserati, lifelong devotee of the Marque, collector and renowned authority on the Marque in miniature) on Stephen's behalf.

May we at Tridente Modelli take this opportunity, on behalf of all Maseratista, to offer Steve our whole hearted congratulations, on this achievement!

For further information on the Maserati models of Stephen Barnett, Steve can he contacted on Tel/Fax: 0114 250 8848 or Email:

TRIDENTE MODELLI - UP-DATE (Autumn / Winter 2001)

ABC/Brianza 1:43rd Scale Resin Hand Built Model

ABC128        OSCA 250OGT Zagato 1988, Metallic Red, Built 130.20
Brk43128     OSCA 250OGT Zagato 1988, Kit 40.00

This is a model of the, so called 'OSCA' (Officine Specializzate per la Construzione di Autombili) prototype as featured in Auto Italia, Issue No. An elaborate concoction of Italian design flair hybridised with Japanese technology. The only bit that truly remains 'OSCA' is the badge on the bonnet - shades of 'BORA' on the boot of a Volkswagon - doesn't make it a Mas!

However, this is what 'FSW' said of the model "We unfortunately know very little about this very aggressive design study other than it is based on Subaru mechanical parts and I want one! (Calm down Mark you'll burst something!) The model is very well finished in an unusual metallic red with an excellent paint finish and carefully applied detailing. The front air intake looks a little odd but as we can find no picture of the real car we will have to give ABC the benefit of the doubt - after all it is a Zagato design!" (Mark obviously doesn't read Auto Italia!

Feeling 43 1:43rd Scale Resin & Metal Kit

FELM10    Maserati A6GCS 8 Cylinder Motor Kit 29.50

Obviously, following the acclaim and subsequent success that the A6GCS has received, (previously reviewed) 'Feeling' have now produced the engine as a model in it's own right. However, at 1:43rd scale it's a bit on the small side to be used as a individual display piece, although it can be. Better used in a pits or workshop diorama - me thinks!

Minicar 1:43rd Scale Resin Hand Built Model

MIC020    Maserati A6CS, Aluminium (bare bodied) 90.35

The car that was factory commission by Barbieri in 1946, 'FSW' comment: "Built for Guido Barbieri, this rather strange looking Maserati first saw the light of day in April 1946. Minicars have faithfully captured the lines of this six cylinder roadster though the panel engraving is a little exaggerated."

Original Miniatures 1:43rd Scale Resin Hand Built Model

ORM0SIM    Maserati A6GCS, Monthlery 1954, No.40 - Simone 93.20

Renaissance 1:43rd Scale Hand Built Models

REN4324BM      OSCA 1000S, Le Mans 1961, Red No.43 108.35
REN4332M42    OSCA 750S Aerodynamica, Le Mans 1956, Red No.42 115.45
REN4332M46    OSCA 750S Aerodynamica, Le Mans 1957, Red No.46 115.45

You either know your 'OSCA's or you don't - this is what 'FSW' have to say about the latest releases from Renaissance "Still with Le Mans, we have the beautifully built OSCAs. Renaissance have captured the shape and proportions of these pretty little cars superbly. There are one or two minor differences from our reference photos to the models with some small decals, but we think the photos are practice shots, so this is not unusual."

Southern Cross Miniatures 1:43rd Scale Resin Kit

scrOO3    Maserati 450S Zagato/Costin Coupé, Le Mans 1957, Red No.2 - Moss/Schell 49.95

Released only as a kit at this time. If you weren't fortunate enough to obtain an MPH Model's version of the Coupé (that made the Earth move) back in 1996, then this is the next best thing. If this model is anything like their previous endeavour the superb Tipo 61 'Birdcage' Streamliner of Gregory and Daigh which ran at Le Mans in 1960, it will make a simply stunning model! This is what the Experts have to say "With a body by Costin and Zagato this car was one of the most handsome coupés ever to run at Le Mans - and the noisiest until the screaming Mazdas came along. It has been modelled with great skill and seemingly infinite attention to detail by Southern Cross Models. This will be a fun build".

They then go on to say "A brilliant kit of one of the more unusual and - to our eyes - attractive cars to ever run at Le Mans. Southern Cross have captured the lines of this Costin design Zagato bodied Coup&ecute; superbly. The resin casting requires hardly any clean-up, the ancillary parts are well thought out and the instructions are excellent. This will be a very easy to build kit and will look fantastic when finished. We often moan about built models not being labelled but you'll have no excuses when this one is made, not only is there an etched plaque telling you who drove, but this also etched on the chassis! An object lesson in kit making and one which many could learn from. One of our 'Models of the Month'. (By the way the drivers were Moss/Schell and they retired with transmission failure after about 5 hours.)

Footnote - "This was one of the fastest, most exciting and noisiest cars I ever saw race at Le Mans" - BH (Brian Harvey - the boss!)

Tron Club 1:43rd Scale Metal & Resin Built

TRO34    Fiat 626 'Candele Maserati' 1939 146.00

Although somewhat expensive, it's a rare opportunity to acquire a pseudo 'Maserati' van, a superb vehicle for use in any pre-war diorama. Externally it's excellent painted in the familiar dark pre-war Maser red, with excellent 'Candele' (Spark Plug) decals, the interior however doesn't bare close scrutiny. This vehicle, was originally produced by Barnini some years ago (1991) and came with a trailer for transporting pre-war Grand Prix Masers.

Sadly, the trailer is no longer available from 'Tron', the towing hitch remains - so all is not lost. There is a single axle trailer kit which fits the bill available from 'MG' (model ref: MGM0094) at modest cost 19.00. Stick an inexpensive Brumm 8CFF (model ref:BRM111) on the trailer, put them both on an appropriate 'Heirlooms Crafts' 1:43rd scale Diorama Base (Ref:MS04) and with a bit of architectural licence, you instantly have a diorama of the Trossi's race winning car arriving at Tripoli in 38 (that's where the architectural licence comes in).


If your licence extends that far and your felling slightly aquatic, you could always use it with the 'Provence Moulage' (model ref: PM1217) Maserati Racing Boat, (KD World Champion 1959) coupled to their Racing Boat Trailer (model ref: PM1455) both of which are available in kit form at a modest 27.00 each. It looks the part, if slightly out of period.


Yet more to come

BBR 1:43rd Scale Hand Built Models

BBR143A    Maserati 320OGT Spyder 2001, Colour ?, built ?.
BBR143B    Maserati 320OGT Spyder 2001, Colour ?, built ?.
BBRI43C     Maserati 320OGT Spyder 2001, Colour ?, built ?.
BBRI44D     Maserati 320OGT Spyder 2001. Colour ?, built ?.

Release dates and prices are not yet known, possibly in time for Christmas or early in 2002. Watch this space!

Renaissance 1:43rd Scale Hand Built Models

REN4329            Maserati 25OF British/Argentine GP 54 - Moss/Fangio, kit ? REN4329M         Maserati 25OF Aintree 54 - Moss, built ?
REN4329MF       Maserati 25OF Belgian Grand Prix 54 - Fangio, built ?
REN4329B          Maserati 25OF Argentine Grand Prix 54 - Fangio, kit ?
REN4329BM       Maserati 25OF Argentine Grand Prix 54 - Fangio, built ?
REN4329C          Maserati 25OF British/Italian Grand Prix 54 - Moss, kit ?
REN4329CMG    Maserati 25OF British Grand Prix 54 - Moss, built ?
REN4329CMI     Maserati 25OF Italian Grand Prix 54 - Moss, built ?

It all looks a bit hit and miss to me, I thought a 25OF was driven by Fangio in the Argentine GP of 1957 not 54 as listed - Mercedes rings a bell for 54, but who am I to argue. I do hope this referencing and numbering is sorted and rationalised before the models are released - please! Be assured the models are better than their references!

Release dates and prices are not yet known, possibly early in 2002 and they won't be cheap looking at their OSCAs. Watch this space!


Denizen Miniatures 1:43rd Scale Unpainted Metal Figures

Den11O    Mechanic loosening/tightening knock-onjoff wheel hub 3.05.
Den111    Mechanic working under car 3.05.

Chub Pearson - Creator of the superb Denizen range of 1:43rd scale figures and accessories has just made two important additions to the range - he says "Iv'e just finished a couple more figures. They are of mechanics from the 'Golden Age' of grease stained overalls rather than corporate livery!"

'DEN 110' - is a Mechanic in overalls and cap, kneeling. doing-up (or un-doing) a knock-off wheel hub - suitable anywhere up to the early sixties when 'Knock-Offs' disappeared. The other figure 'Den 111' is a mechanic in overalls, unusually posed lying down, fishing around under the car.

The two chaps are seen here posed with other models from the Denizen range. The front jack is a prototype "To see if it was castable which will be a future release". (pity about the 'Shark Nose' though! is after all a Maserati feature)

Brumm - 1:43rd Scale Resin Builts

BM050    Maserati 250F, GP Argentina 57, No.2 - Fangio 16.99

Here we have yet another variation on Brumm's well established 25OF model (that makes 6 to date 8 if you count the special editions). This variation is modelled on the race winning car of Fangio.

Bang - 1:43rd Scale Resin & Metal Builts

BG7249    Maserati 450S, Red, Client/Road Version 21.95
BG7250    Maserati 450S, GP Svezia 57, Red No.7 - Behra 21.95
BG7251    Maserati 450S, Mille Miglia 57, Red No.57 - Moss/Jenkinson 21.95
BG7252    Maserati 450S, Sebring 57, Red No.19 - Famio/Behra 21.95
Bang, a company, who, for the past 10 years have been producing quality models at affordable prices, have recently released four Maseratis, all based on the 450S. Although painted a somewhat unusual shade of red, (slightly more orange than the usual) the models are generally well detailed, an excellent representation for the money. (Expect to see Onyx, Vitesse, Best and the others to follow)

Top Model Collection - 1:43rd Scale Resin & Metal Builts

TMC162    Maserati 6CS, Sassi-Superga 47, Red No-146 - Barbieri 19.25
TMC163    Maserati 6CS, Sassi-Superga 47, Red No.130 - Angiolini 19.25
TMC164    Maserati 6CS, 1947, Red, Client/Road Version 19.25
TMC171    Maserati 6CS, 1947, Aluminium No.164 - Barbicri 19.25
TMC172    Maserati GCS, 1947, Red, Client/Road Version 19.25

Strange to have two 6CS's listed as 'Street' versions, TMC 164 is available, however Iv'e yet to see either TMC171 the silver car of Barbieri, or TMC172 the other car listed as a 'Street' version!

Who else would but Top Model would have modellled the 6CS's it's hardly going to set the world on fire, (ugly little thing that it is) or for that matter those Blue 450S'ish Talbots? Following in these now well established Franco/Italian footsteps lets see if they'll have a go at the Ligier-Maseratis from Le Mans 73/74 and with a road version, fingers crossed - Good job boys!

Please Note: That listings, comments and observations attributed to the 'Experts' are from 'FSW' (4 Small Wheels) and have been reproduced with the kind permission of the publishers; Grand Prix Models, 3 Noke Lane Business Centre, St. Albans, Hertfordshire. AL2 3NY

'Off-the-Shelf' information comes courtesy of Richard Crmwton at Italian Miniatures, 39 Pencricket Lane, Oldbury, West Midlands. B68 8LX.

And now for something just that little bit different:

Stephen Barnett - Motor Racing Models

SBTOOI Maserati 450S, Le Mans 57, No.2 - Behra/Simon Price 1630.00

Defies description! This is what our Maser friendly expert, Mark Chitty at 'FSW' (Four Small Wheels) has to say about it:

"Stephen has come up with a great new subject for his latest exercise in fully detailed 1:43rd scale modelling - the exciting looking (and sounding) Le Mans mount of Behra and Simon. So fine is the detail that he has included in this stunning looking miniature, that all we are showing here is the engine bay. The complete car is on the front cover and on and on page 6. As with all of Stephen's models - seeing is believing.

They go on to say when reviewing the model in its entirety: "Driven by Behra and Simon this beautiful car only lasted three hours. That was sufficient time however to allow enough detailed photographs to he taken for Stephen Barnett to undertake one of his most complex tasks - to model the car complete with engine and boot detail and with close fitting lift off panels.

The result is totally stunning. This is indeed a modelling masterpiece. But lets apply the usual criteria - first of course is that it checked against race photos, it looks like the car - every detail is exact. Stephen has created a superb engine bay with an exactly scaled engine to which he has attached complete ignition wiring, cooling pipework, the battery and all the other ancillaries. And then there's the boot into which Stephen has fitted the fuel and oil tanks together with their piping - with opening filler caps with a spare wheel which is leather strapped, as it should be. The cockpit too, is exactly correct and even has a miniature Jean Behra's chequer banded helmet on the seat. Wherever you look in this masterpiece you just wonder at the beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. As we said this is a work of automotive modelling art - just beautiful!"

Rarely do the experts praise an individual model or it's creator so highly!

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