I Capolavori della Maserati
"An artist's journey through the Maserati roll of masterpieces"

Prints courtesy of Dr George Lipperts.

This is an exclusive gallery of coloured drawings by the renown Dutch motoring illustrator

Rens Biesma

Thanks to Dr. George Lipperts, a genuine Maserati enthusiast and collector, I am able to take you on a magical journey through the Maserati production years with some of the wonderful creations of the Maserati Carrozzieri  through the unique artistic talents of Rens Biesma.

SET A - Maserati Spyders (9 Prints)

An A6G 2000 Spyder by Frua - #2196

The A6G 2000 Spyder by Frua - The 1954 Paris Show Car

A 1954 A6G 2000 Spyder by Zagato

The 3500GT Spyder by Vignale

Through the years Maserati have always invited the top Italian 'Carrozzieri' to submit design open-top spyders. This September sees the official launch of the new 4.2-litre V8 Spyder at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new spyder, the work of Giorgetto Giugiaro of Ital Design, continues Maserati's long tradition of stylish open-top road cars.

To celebrate this event Maserati have sponsored a novel exhibition aptly entitled 'Modellismo Maserati'. Modellers, artists, sculptors, collectors and enthusiasts were invited to submit works with the 'open-top' theme - this included racing, sports and production road cars.

The Mistral Spyder by Frua

The Ghibli Spyder by Giugiaro

The Biturbo Spyder by Zagato

The Biturbo Spyder serie III by Zagato

The new Spyder by Giugiaro

This set of coloured drawings, which captures some of the 'works of art' created for Maserati by Italy's top designers and coachbuilders, will be exhibited at the Sala Ercole of the Palazzo d'Accursio, in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna  from the 13th September to the 16th October this year.

SET C - The Maserati 5000GT (9 Prints)

The 5000GT 'Sig. Belponer' by Allemano - #103.026

The 5000GT 'Sig. Gianni Agnelli' by Pininfarina - #103.008

The 5000GT 'Shah of Persia' by Touring - #103.002

The 5000GT 'Briggs Cunningham' by Michelotti - #103.016

The Maserati 5000 GT sports car was truly a car 'Fit for a King', for it was the Shah of Persia, now Iran, who instigated the concept of this true supercar.

When in 1958 the regulatory body of motor sport, the FIA, decided to reduce the maximum engine size for the World Sportscar Championship to 3000cc, Maserati, who had had a real championship contender in the 450S, were left with several 5-litre V8 engines on their hands.

The 5000GT 'Sig. Montanari' by Monterosa - #103.012

The 5000GT 'Fernando Innocenti' by Ghia - #103.018

The 5000GT 'Karim Aga Khan' by Pietro Frua - #103.060

The 5000GT 'Geneva Show car' by Touring - #103.010

The 5000GT 'Turin Show car' by Bertone - #104.004

In 1959 the Shah, a great Maserati enthusiast, commissioned a road going sports car with the 5-litre race engine. Maserati decided to mount the engine in a modified 3500GT chassis. This car became known as the 5000GT 'Shah of Persia' and gave rise to a limited production of 'custom made' 5000GTs.

The term 'custom made' can easily be applied to this model for no two cars were identical even if some of the differences were only minor. Some of the world's richest and most influential people wanted to own a 5000 GT most notably the Aga Khan, Italian industrialist Giovanni Agnelli and American multimillionaire sportsman Briggs Cunningham.

The most common, if you can call 22 out of a total production of 34 cars built between 1959 and 1965 common, 5000 GT was the car with coachwork by Allemano. Allemano's 5000 GT was conservative in design when compared with the other examples by Touring (3), Frua (3), Monterosa (2), Pinin Farina (1), Ghia (1), Michelotti (1) and Bertone (1) but still oozed class.


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