Maserati Club
3rd Annual Concours 2003

It's not often that you see another Maserati on the road; that's one of the things I like about a Maser, but when it's a white Mistral, it's an even rarer event. Thus my trip to the 2003 Maserati Club Annual Concours started on a high note. Unfortunately I was listening to the dulcet tones of Brook Benton at the time and was unable to hear the raucous burble exhaust note from Simon's straight six. To rectify this, I took off in 'hot pursuit' but alas Simon's right foot and a series of red lights around Coventry put paid to that, and by the time I eventually caught up with him, he was entering the hotel car park at a rather more leisurely pace!

For a change, bright sunshine greeted Maserati enthusiasts from all over the British Isles, and Germany, for the Maserati Club's 3rd Annual Concours D'Elegance that took place once again in the grounds of Stanford Hall near Lutterworth in Leicestershire on Sunday 31st May 2003.

This was the largest gathering seen at the Concours with 95 cars present. The splendid turnout was a credit to the organisers, of whom Andy Heywood deserves a special mention, and of course the members and enthusiasts who made the effort to turn up. I am sure all will agree that we had a very pleasant day! If you didn't or couldn't make it this year, you really should make the extra effort for next year. It's well worth it!


Simon Lees Milne adds the final touches to his Mistral

Julie Painter adorns Roger Epsztajn's Sebring with a rosette!

For members the task of preparing their cars for the 'ordeal by judges' was made much easier this year as the "chammying down" process took place only once!

At lunch well over a hundred members attended another splendid barbeque, thanks once again to organiser Simon Lees Milne, who year in, year out, always comes up with the goodies!


Stars of the show: The Tipo 8CTF and the Tipo 26T

Amongst the many stars present, two shone out in particular; Dean Butler's Tipo 8CTF #3030 and Anthony Hartley's Tipo 26T #2518. May I add my thanks to these two gentlemen for allowing so many motoring enthusiasts to enjoy and photograph these two fine machines.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Walter Baumer of the Deutscher Maserati Club who very kindly came over to view the proceedings and was 'encouraged' to act as one of the knowledgeable judges for the prestigous 'Master Class' category. Walter is the editor of Der Dreizack' (the trident), the German Club's excellent magazine. I was given a copy and was most impressed with its content; even though I couldn't understand a word of it! Over a drink, after the eve of Concours dinner, Walter and I shared an interesting conversation and I learned much from his in-depth knowledge on the subject of Maseratis. What a charming man! I shall look forward to meeting him again at the Maserati International at Spa, Belgium, in June!

Once again I had the honour of being asked to judge alongside Sig Roberto Giordanelli, a charming and knowledgeable young man, in the Biturbo class but due to absentees we were also asked to judge the FIAT era class. It certainly was a heavy workload and by the time we'd finished judging and added up the scores over lunch, I really didn't feel like taking another photograph.


Walter Baumer discusses the merits of this owner's 3500GT.

Lurking behind the Tipo 8CTF, Walter chats with Scot Crane.

On the evening prior to the Concours, the Club held their annual AGM which was followed by the Italian Theme dinner attended by 75 members.

For the concours, the cars were divided into six categories:

CLASS 1 - Orsi era: 3500 GT, Vignale Spyder, Sebring 1 and 2, Mistral Coupe and Spyder, Quattroporte and Ghibli (1966-68).

CLASS 2 - Seventies era: Indy, Ghibli (1969-73) and Spyder, Bora, Merak, Khamsin, Kyalami, Quattroporte III and Royale.

CLASS 3 - De Tomaso era: Biturbo, 222, 425, 430, Spyder, Karif, 228 and Shamal.

CLASS 4 - The Fiat era: Ghibli, Ghibli Cup and V6 Quattroporte.

CLASS 5 - Current era: 3200GT, Quattroporte V8 and Evolution, Coupe and Spyder.

CLASS 6 - The Masterclass: Open to previous class winners regardless of type.



Once again, Biturbos were well represtented at Stanford Hall.
Unfortunately as I was judging Classes 4 and 5, I was unable to photograph the engines of the other entrants whilst THEY were being judged.

Tipo 8CTF #3030

Tipo 8CTF

Tipo 8CTF

Tipo 8CTF

American owner, French drivers

Tipo 8CTF

Rear LH drum brake

Rear RH drum brake

Front RH drum brake

Front pedals and steering box

Cockpit instrument panel

Flywheel access panel

Lucy O'Reilly Schell

LH rear suspension

Maserati through and through!

Straight-eight cylinder

3-litre (2991.4 cc)

350-366 bhp @ 6300 rpm

Two Roots superchargers


Steering box

You can read more about Tipo 8CTF #3030 by clicking HERE!

Tipo 26T #2518

4-seater Tipo 26

Tipo 26 cockpit area

Precision instruments!

Note the adjustable recliner!

Unusual fanned tailpipe

LH rear supension

Nothing like a closer look!

Note the adjustablebrake cable

British wire wheel

British make




3500 GT

3500 GT

3500 GT

3500 GT wheel

3500 GT dashboard

Ghibli wheel

OSCA fresh from the 'M M'

Winner in Class 6

Sponsor's logos

Mille Miglia battle scars!

Mt4 cockpit

1100cc of 'Maserati' magic!

"Have you finished?"

OZ wheels from a Shamal

Maseratis on parade!


222 E



222 E



Zagato Spyder

Merak SS

Spyder Vignale - Winner Class 1


3500 GT

Ghibbli SS - Voted best in show!


Spyder Vignale


Khamsin - Winner Class 2

Quattroporte III

Ghibli - Winner Class 4


Mixed Grille!!!

Quattroporte III

Biturbo S

Biturbo S with early instrument binnacle

Note the intercoolers




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