Midland Automobile Club present a

3 day Festival of Speed Hill Climbing

Shelsley Walsh 2003

Sponsored by Ferrari/Maserati Classic Parts,
Maranello Concessionaires Ltd.


Run by the Midland Automobile Club, Shelsley Walsh is the oldest motor sport event in the world still operating on its original course. Prince Bira, Sir Malcolm Campbell, Luigi Villoresi, Raymond Mays, Stirling Moss, Peter Collins and John Surtees are amongst the many drivers who have made their way 'Up the Hill'. Set in the heart of rural Worcestershire, England, Shelsley Walsh is only 15 minutes from the M5 motorway.


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Here I must confess that I have never been a great fan of hillclimbing and have previously visited the Prescott Hill Climb and that on only one occasion, so when I received a 'flyer' from Tony Willis of Maranello Concessionaires via the Maserati Club offering members a hospitality package for the reasonable sum of GB 35, I didn't exactly jumped at the opportunity. However, this was to be no ordinary meet for in the programme there was a special class for Ferraris and Maseratis along with the usual Pre-War cars, Shelsley Specials and some celebrity drivers. I decided to give hillclimbing another go, and I'm very glad I did!

Those who attended were able to view at close quarters not only Dean Butler's famous 'Lucy O'Reilly Schell' Tipo 8CTF, Sean Danahar's lovely Tipo 8CM 'Voiturette', Alan Minshaw's splendid Tipo 61 'Birdcage', John May's fabulous Tipo A6GCM and a host of other exciting classics of all ages. But the 'Classic' highlight of the day was the record breaking run by former hill-climb champion David Franklin in a Ferrari 212E who became the first driver to take a 'Classic' up the hill in under 30 seconds, his time being 29.70 secs.

On behalf of the members of the Maserati Club and the Ferrari Owner's Club who took advantage of this opportunity I would like to thank Tony Willis for organising the splendid day.

A reserved Ferrari Maserati parking area only fifty yards from the course made life a lot easier for the 'old men' like me! Morning coffee was available mid-morning and at mid-day over 75 members of both clubs, I'd like to see more Maserati members there next time, chatted over a silver service buffet lunch prepared in the hospitality marquee.

The advantage of venues like Shelsley Walsh is the easy access for spectators to the exotic machines in the paddock area. All in all it was a great day out and I look forward to next year's event! Make sure you join me.


SUPPORT SHELSLEY - The historic Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb is under threat, see how YOU can help!


The Shelsley Trust offers you the chance of purchasing the custody of part of this famous site - a square yard of the tarmac. CLICK HERE to get the printable application form.


The new Bond '007' Jaguar XK8 from 'Die Another Day'.


Tipo 250F #.





Tipo 61 #2453.



Tipo A6GCM #.

Tipo 8CM #3009.








The 'Jim Robbins Special'.


Allard Steyr.

The Start at Shelsley Walsh.

Dean Butler and the Mercer

Alan Minshaw's Maserati Tipo 61

Ferrari 206P


James Jones' Farley MkII


Dean Butler's 'Jim Robbins Special'

Simon Lees-Milne, editor of the Maserati
Club Newsletter, chats with Dean Butler

"A little louder! I can't hear a word!"

Tony Merricks' Ferrari 246

La Stemma del Tridente!

A Farley in trouble!

McLaren M6GT

Tony Merricks' Ferrari 246

Sean Danaher's Maserati 8CM

Sean Danaher's Maserati 8CM

Maserati A6GCM

John May's Maserati A6GCM

David Franklin in the Ferrari 212E

Gould GR37

Gould GR55KF

Gould Judd CV4

Bryn Williams' Ferrari 250GT

Ferrari 250GT

Tony Merrick's Ferrari 246

A 'Tridente' of classic Maseratis!

Dean Butler's Tipo 8CTF

Tipo 61 stopping power!

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