Maserati Club Stand
8 & 9th November 2003


Run by the Midland Automobile Club, Shelsley Walsh is the oldest motor sport event in the world still operating on its original course. Prince Bira, Sir Malcolm Campbell, Luigi Villoresi, Raymond Mays, Stirling Moss, Peter Collins and John Surtees are amongst the many drivers who have made their way 'Up the Hill'. Set in the heart of rural Worcestershire, England, Shelsley Walsh is only 15 minutes from the M5 motorway.


TIPO 300S Re-creation

6 cylinders in-line; 2991cc.; twin cam; twin plugs; twin magnetos.

Developing 310 bhp @ 6500 rpm.

5 speed Maserati transaxle gear box

3 x Weber 45 DCO3 carburettors

Drum brakes

Sheet aluminium body over a steel frame

Front suspension independent

Rear suspension transverse leaf springs

Top speed approx: 170 mph

Wheels front 5.50 x 16; rear 6.50 x 16

In production from 1955 to 1959 with a total of 27 cars built.

The 300S proved to be a popular and successful sports racing car, with many examples going to the USA. Briggs Cunningham and Parravano each had teams of three cars.

11 major long distance races were won by 300S between 1955-1957 driven by Jean Behra, Luigi Musso, Stirling Moss, Piero Taruffi & Harry Schell.

The example on display is a re-creation of Chassis #3057 built by Steve Hart with bodywork by Church Green Engineering.

Text courtesy of Simon Lees-Milne, Maserati Club.








TIPO A6G 54 by Pietro Frua

1955 A6G 54 Chassis #2114

Coachwork by FRUA

Twin overhead cam two litres straight six

160 bhp @ 6000 rpm

Triple Weber carburettors

Maximum speed 195/210 kph

In production from 1954 to 1957 marketed as the 2000 Gran Turismo designated the Tipo A6G54 only 60 cars were built. Coachbuilders Frua, Zagato and Allemano shared production in both Coupe and Spyder forms.

Text courtesy of Simon Lees-Milne, Maserati Club.






TIPO AM 101/10 Sebring

6 cylinders, in-line 3485 or 3694 or 4014cc

220 to 265 bhp @ 5500 rpm

Maximum speed 235 to 255 kph (138 mph)

5 speed manual

Servo disc brakes

Independent front suspension

Live axle, cantilevered semi-elliptical leaf springs rear

Kerb weight 1370 kg (3014 lbs)

In production from 1962 to 1968 with a total of 600 cars built.

Designed by Giovanni Michelotti on behalf of the coachbuilder Vignale, the Sebring represented an evolution of the 3500 GT.

The second series was introduced in 1965.

6 cylinders, in-line.

Text courtesy of Simon Lees-Milne, Maserati Club.






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